25 Amazing Undercut Bob Hair Styles For You To Try

An undercut bob is an awesome style choice if you want to have a bold cut with a classy yet fresh look. An undercut involves a shaved or incredibly short length of hair from the nape of the neck upwards, usually to around the ear. 

You can style this so many different ways, and the biggest draw is it looks put together with very little styling as well. Whilst a popular men’s style, women’s hairstyles are also embracing this fresh look and it’s not dropping in popularity any time soon!

An undercut bob looks the best as the shorter length of hair is easy to style and maintain whilst still giving you a feminine flair.

You can style this cut in more ways than a traditionally super short cut, and you can get all the freedom of short hair with the flexibility and style of a bob! 

Read on to find out what our top picks are for trendy undercut bob hairstyles for women. 

Undercut Bob Hairstyle

1. Edgy Side Swept Blonde Undercut Bob

This beautiful cool blonde-toned hairstyle is the perfect combination of edge and class. This is a deep side-swept fringe teamed with an asymmetric bob and deep side shave, giving you the option to go bold or to flip your hair over.

2. Blonde Asymmetric Swept Undercut Pixie

This cropped bob has an undercut that goes all the way from ear to ear. A pixie bob like this looks fantastic as it is but is elevated even further when combined with a freshly buzzed undercut.

3. Purple Rinse Side Shaved Bob

Who says purple rinses are just for greying hair? This gorgeous grey purple color is an ageless classic that works on just about anyone. This classic color is perfect when teamed with a small side and undercut and a nape-length bob. 

4. Messy Grey Toned Undercut Bob

A cropped undercut that’s short but not quite shaved is a great way to grow out a buzzed undercut. Team this with long textured layers to style as messy as you like!

5. Long Auburn Pixie With Shaved Side

This gorgeous auburn mullet is a combo of punk and classical. A small side shave and mini fringe is a great addition to a longer pixie mullet- a perfect idea to try when you are growing out an undercut whilst still looking classy and put together. 

6. Blonde Boy Cut With Undercut

Styled here by the iconic Scarlett Johanssen, the cut is perfect for embracing the androgynous elements of the pixie cut and can style it however you choose. This is a great cut for refreshing your style and trying out a new look. 

7. Polished Blonde Bob with Undercut and Sidecut

Nothing goes better with a bold undercut than a mini fringe. This angular combination is teamed with platinum blonde locks and mixes professional business energy with a hard punk rock edge.

8. Bold Purple Bob with Blunt Fringe

The beautiful Kelly Osbourne is always rocking the coolest cuts, and this one is no exception. Teaming her classic violet hair with a blunt nape-length bob, and flashing a cheeky undercut with small shaved side cut pieces.

A perfect style if you too are always looking to switch up your look and play around with styles. 

9. Grey and Silver Layered Bob With Undercut

This cool grey undercut is teamed with a classic bouffant layer cut. The cool silver and grey keep the style from looking dated and the undercut gives bounce and volume to the layered style. 

10. Patterned Undercut with Blunt Bob

Are you looking for a cut that you can disguise if needed? Perhaps for that important business meeting or dinner with the in-laws? This is the perfect sneaky cut!

A gorgeous brunette bob with a cheeky pop of an undercut and a small side cut. Paired with the classic blunt fringe, you can go from work to play in a flip of your hair. 

11. Braided Mohawk with Undercut

Want to go the other direction and fully embrace your undercut with no safety net? Try this magnificent pairing: bold wavey ginger locks are braided in a mohawk with a full circle undercut, all the way up to an inch above the ear. This is the perfect way to embrace your new look with panache. 

12. Cute Layered Pixie With Long Fringe

This super cute pixie lets you have it all. Whilst a short back style, you keep a long and face-framing fringe which gives you a lot of options as you grow out, a great step if you want to go pixie short before embracing the undercut bob. 

13. Stylized Asymmetric Bob with Detailed Undercut

This beautifully modern style lets you play around with waves and patterns. Keeping length around your jaw but cutting in a micro fringe with side shaved sections to add angles and definition to this cut. 

14. Long Bob with Shaved Sides And Undercut

This style has a micro fringe that stretches behind the ears with the help of bold shaved sides. This teamed with a freshly buzzed undercut means you can do a full updo to show off your unique do, or embrace your lengths and style as you like. 

15. Super Long Fringe with Choppy Layers and Undercut

This grey-toned platinum blonde makes the most of choppy textured layers. With a deep angular cut drawing the eye forward, you create volume and texture whilst still keeping flattering face-framing pieces. 

16. Curved Undercut With Short Bob and Side Swept Fringe

Ice blonde hair is a showstopper. Pair it with a volumizing cut like this is great for thicker hair that needs a bit of lift. 

17. Sharp Black Bob with Undercut

This hairstyle did not come to play. Bold and slick, this sleek black bob looks so sharp it’ll cut you if you give it a dirty look. If you want to embrace your boss-side, this style will show the world you mean business. 

18. Modern Layered Bob with Baby Bangs

Wispy baby bangs are all the rage and it’s not hard to see why. Giving a slightly more whimsical vibe than a blunt fringe (and easier to maintain), a cute wispy micro fringe will pair perfectly with this modern angular bowl cut. 

19 .Short Wavy Angular Bob 

A perfect example of how you can stylishly grow out an undercut bob. Here you see the benefits of beautiful curly hair with this cut! A classic angled bob gets texture from natural curls and some lift from a light undercut. 

20. Daring Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

A perfect style to enjoy before embracing the Undercut Bob, the short layered pixie is great with a little product to add definition and style. With the right styling, a short style like this can look both edgy and bold, and soft and classic. 

21. Long Bob with Hidden Patterned Undercut

One of the best things about getting an undercut is the patterns you can get cut into them! Most stylists will be able to do this for you, or you can find ones that specialize in detailed custom undercut patterns.

22. Cropped Bob with Split Dye and Deep Undercut

A beautiful way to incorporate symmetry into your hairstyle, try out a split dye color to highlight your bold new undercut. This modern yet retro cropped bob gives corporate takeover vibes whilst remaining punk and fresh. 

23. Rose Gold Cropped Wispy Bob With Blonde Undercut

The addition of wispy face-framing pieces makes this cut unique. Soften up the classic undercut with a stunning rose gold color and a mid-length bob with natural waves and girls for a feminine girly twist on an undercut bob. 

24. Face Framing Bob with Undercut and Mini Fringe

If you’re going for a bold undercut, embrace the classic partner for it- the micro fringe. This micro fringe is blunt and bold, paired with bleach blonde platinum shades and an ear-length bob. This style would look amazing curled and textured as well as poker straight. 

25. Asymmetrical Blonde Bob With Pixie Undercut and Shadow Root

If you’re looking for a way to blend in your growing undercut (it will grow back a lot quicker than you think!), a gorgeous shadow root might be the perfect thing.

By blending this beautiful blonde into this natural brunette color, you can enjoy your undercut as it grows. The texture is created with piece-y layers and a light curl to add volume to the classic undercut bob. 

Final Thoughts

An Undercut Bob is a fantastic way of having it all, an edgy and unique hairdo whilst also maintaining the freedom to play around with different styles and lengths.

It also makes it an easier transition if you eventually decide to grow out your hair, perfect if you’re a little apprehensive about getting an undercut!

An undercut bob is also the perfect way to grow out a pixie cut, making it an amazing choice as a transitional haircut that still looks intentional and stylish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a couple of helpful FAQs about Undercut Bob Hairstyles you might find interesting!

What Style Of Hair Looks Best With An Undercut?

Thick hair looks great with an undercut as you can get rid of some of the weight in your hair and let your scalp breathe for a change! If you have a bob, it can help you from getting the dreaded ‘triangle head’ look when your hair is frizzy or unstyled. 

For short hair, an undercut is great for being able to style and tie up your hair without worrying about wispy bits that can’t get into your pony or for letting your hair grow back healthier if you have damaged hair whilst still enjoying a bit of length. 

What To Do When You Want to Grow Out Your Undercut?

You might absolutely love your undercut, but even the most stalwart fans may eventually want to switch it up. What do you do when you’re bored of your undercut and want to give something else a try?

The best thing about an undercut with a bob is that you can grow it out with relative ease!

Hair naturally grows faster at the nape of your neck, so when you grow out your undercut it helps to have a cut that is already long at the front so you don’t have to trim it back or style it as often. 

Yeah, there’s no getting around it, sometimes pixies and undercuts go through some weird growing out phases, but it’s all part of the fun if you embrace it!

You can style it out with clips to tuck it out of the way, grow your bob slightly longer to blend away your growing undercut, or let it hang loose, embracing your punk mullet vibes. 

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Undercut?

Undercuts are fantastic for literally every hair texture.

They are the perfect style if you want a non-committal dip into the world of shaved heads but don’t want to take the plunge.

They are low maintenance and having less hair can be perfect if you struggle to dry your hair in the morning.

It takes some weight off so your hair will have more bounce and life to it. You can enjoy all the benefits of short hair whilst still having some hair to play around with when you want to switch up your style. 

Tanya Taylor