41 Gorgeous Two Braid Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Every Occasion

The two-braid hairstyle is a hot trend right now, and for good reason! This edgy and versatile look is perfect for creating a stylized look that is trendy and beautiful. Also, due to the versatility of this look, everyone can craft a personalized version to meet their personality.

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Braids, also known as plaits, are patterns created in hair by combining two or more strands together.

What is a halo braid? 

A halo braid is created when two dutch braids are wrapped around your head and then pinned into place to create a halo effect.

What Are Lemonade Braids? 

Lemonade braids are created by combining the Fulani and Goddess braiding styles. 

Hop on board and find a two-braid hairstyle to rock this season and turn the heads of even the most stylish of those around you. Look below to find the two braids hairstyles meant to inspire you to try this trend.

Some of the interesting two braids hairstyles are: 

1. Smart Arrow Black Hairstyle

Credit: gelen_braids

The more intricate braids are one of the favorites to showcase in two-braid styles, which involve delicate weaving of the sections together to create an asymmetric effect making the style look unique. The style can also be created in different sizes and lengths to draw attention.


2. Classy Long Braids Hairstyle

Credit: hairbyjennnaaa

Dutch braids are also a versatile and trendy two-braid style that can be adapted for any hair type. It suits every style and creates a smooth and seamless look.

3. Freaky Knotless Hairstyle

Credit: hairstyles_camis

Contrasting braiding styles can be one of the best ways to let your creativity shine. This sleek and braided hairstyle with center parting and cords on the corner makes a fantastic and bold look. You can recreate the style with additions such as beads and wraps as well.

4. Violet Braid With Snake Beads Hairstyle

Credit: hairdresser_petra

Make your two-braid style pop with a hint of color such as the purple featured in the braided style below. You can also add clips such as these two snakes and the cross to add even more pop and personality to this style.


5. Ocean Blue Two Braids Hairstyle

Credit: sweetwendystylz

This fine-textured hair with colored extensions gives an unusual and eye-catching look. The oceanic blue color looks great for every occasion and adds an extra visual impact with different sections showcasing the unique hue. 

6. Cherry Red Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: taelourmade

Braids featuring this cherry red-colored hair are sure to turn heads. It adds natural hair with extensions to protect natural hair while also incorporating it into the overall design.

7. Elite Brown Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: sweetwendystylz

For this style, the braids and weaves go equally down each side of the head. Offering touches of gold wraps also helps with adding personality to the look for a classic and feminine feel.

8. Golden Cross Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsbydominique_

Starting a pair of braids right at the crown of your head helps you keep your bangs in check if you plan to wear them for exercise or activity. They’re an excellent solution for making sure your hair is out of your way without putting weight on the top of your head.


9. Flower Bun Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsambassador

A braided flower bun hairstyle is another great summertime option that also offers a beautiful, feminine feel. It is not heavy and gives you a stunning look with a creative braided hairstyle.

10. Blue Lines Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: copana_studio

This offers a fantastic look when you are looking to show of a unique look and your personal style. Featuring four braids weaved against your scalp is one of the most fashionable two-braid-inspired looks. Incorporating color, texture and size, this is sure to turn heads. 

11. Cornrows StichTwo Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsbyritzaaaaa

Goddess braids have a rich history as a part of a pantheon of African hair braiding. Braided close against the scalp, it can be used as an anchor for synthetic hairstyles. The thicker version of cornrows gives a contrasting look for this style.

12. V-shaped Broad Black Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: i.lov3ly

This black hair two braided look offers a classic but fun look when the braids begin at the very edge of the head, giving the braided style a V-shaped look.


13. Golden French Style Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: neybraids_

This sleek braided style offers a way to keep your hair out of your face, but having a stylized look at the same time. 

14. Unique Black Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: _mimislayshair

You can also start a little above your hairline to offer a softer look and more feminine feel as seen here. 

15. Dual Honey French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braids_by_nasongae

Another classic braid style is the dual honey French two braid hairstyle, and it is the most simple and chic way to style your hair in a two-braid style. Although a typical French braid is one larger braid, the dual French braid is having a moment and offers a fun twist on styling your hair on the go.

16. Elegant Lined French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: 420hair_

The beautiful intricate lined French braid is gorgeous and can offer a stylized up-do option or everyday look. You can add elegant jewelry to charm the overall look or make it a natural look by leaving them out. 


17. Blood Red French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: stylesbysweetstuff

Dramatically colored hair is very trendy, and braiding makes it easy to weave colored hair into natural hair to eliminate any damage to your natural hair. A pop-out of a bold color elevates the braids into a fresh and stylish look.

18. Pop of Pink Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsbybridget

You can use different colors to decorate your braids, locks, and twists, making them attractive and unique. These pink ombre braids give a modern look suitable for girls obsessed with the color pink or wanting a more dramatic look.

19. Creamy French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: fake_hair_studio

One of the surprising and extraordinary ways to enhance the braid style is to add color contrast to the hair color. Experimenting with braided hairstyles adds tons of visual interest. Also, with lots of versatility, braids grow out with less damage making a protective style.

20. Pink Bouncy Boxed Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: glamhands7

This curly hair look starts with chunky box braids leading to a smaller, tapered braid on the ends with small curls. The addition of pink and blue cotton candy-colored extensions gives a girly look to the bouncy braids as well.


21. Peacock Blue French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: e.ritzy_hair

One of the best ways to enhance the French braiding style is to add pops of bold and contrasting color to the design. The color mixture for braids with geometric style makes every head unique, especially with pops of bold blue and pink.

22. Simple Braids with gold Cuffs Two Braids Hairstyles


These simple braids with gold cuffs can change your hairstyle if you want to dress it up for a special occasion. Braided hairstyles are a simple and elegant look for a night out on the town. Want to dress it up even more? Add some hair cuffs or other hair jewelry to personalize the look.

23. Grace Snake Layered Braid Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: koibraids

The intriguing snake braid style looks stylish while the front and back plaits makes this  style elegant. This creative look offers a unique take on the two-braid style with not only combing braiding options but also contrasting colors. 

24. Simple Blue Mixed Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: taishaircastle

A braided hairstyle is when you interlace three or more hair strands together to create a unique look. Adding a pop of oceanic ombre look makes the symmetric braided style have a fun and enhanced look and feel.


25. Rainbow Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: playbraids

Perhaps the most intricate of braids, this rainbow braiding style is one of the favorites for special occasions. This trendy braid involves delicately weaving thin sections of hair together with extensions to create a memorable and impressive effect.

26. Starlight Black Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: cenag

Two-braided hairstyles can also be tight and sleek as the one below, offering a classic and clean look.

27. Colored Heart French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: thetiltdcrownva

Two braids don’t have to be boring nor traditional. Just look at this heart-shaped braid style! The addition of different colors also gives this a unique styled look, making the braids tender, feminine and romantic.

28. Little Princess Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsbyolivia

Cool hair accessories always grab your attention and this sophisticated braiding design with dyed hair gives a lively look to the hair of your little one. 


29. Stunning Black French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: goddessbraidsbyiriscliville

Depending on your preference, choosing different styles lets you play with proportions, which can create an edgy look as braids start large and are tapered down into smaller sections. 

30. Perfect French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: klassy_braidz

Two braids can also help anyone embrace the natural texture of their hair while also adding structure with side braids. Yet, the braids do not need to be neat or straight to look great.

31. Smooth Brownie Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: olivia.makeup7

Long hair can be the most fun to braid and offers incredibly versatile options. Smooth hair can be made more appealing with the addition of braids, giving a pleasant contrast and unique appearance with a relaxed or tight look.

32. Red Mixed Cornrows Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: blwbeauty1111

This bold and exciting hairstyle is sure to get noticed with a cornrow braiding embracing longer hair. The feminine addition of pink extensions highlights the texture of the hair and offers a unique touch as well.


33. Silky Black Layered Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: blwbeauty1111

This braid style has a fresh, edgy look. The key to this style is ensuring your braids stay smooth and defined, so it’s essential to use a styling cream and maintain tension as you plait.

34. Butterfly Locks French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braids_by_bjett

Braids are a great way of experimenting, and to be more creative than the traditional three-strand plait you can move into a complex braid such as the one below. 

35. Bouncy Purpled Twisted Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: tre.nzarte

Make your two braid style outstanding with different colors. You can spice up your look by adding a vibrant and funky purple color to bring a punch of color to the hairstyle. You can also opt to dye your hair with a color giving a bolder look to the braiding style as well.

36. Front Twisted French Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: tamidleyhair_artistry

You can connect two-braid styles by offering a small third braid into the mix such as the one below. 


37. Caramel Browne Twisted Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: gotbraids_byz

These stitch braids below are similar to cornrows but have a bit difference in the braiding technique. The feed-in braids are used as a start, and to bring the stitch style, you need to use pinky fingers and nails to create sharp graphic lines in between, making it a youthful look.

38. Shining Bright Golden Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: _jayded_

This bright golden hair texture is thanks to playing around with different hairstyles and extensions. The hair parted with a deep curve gives a gorgeous look. Each section is braided around the head and joined together at the back. To style it, pulling off the curve of the comb gives a pleasing look.

39. Black Valentine FrenchTwo Braids Hairstyles

Credit: styledby_nonnie

If you love the idea of braids, a faux braid is an excellent way to create a contrasting look with side and top of head styles. Playing with proportions and dimensions can be incredibly flattering, drawing attention to the face. In addition, you can achieve the look with varying lengths and textures of hair.

40. Bouncy French with Cream Ended Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidssbyj

Tight braids are trending and look flattering. The tight braids’ edgy feel is thanks to being braided close to the head, including small pieces of hair woven at the side, creating a wispy look. In addition, the delicate and classic hairstyle makes for an easy styling option.


41. New Style Long Black Two Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsby_cash

Braids can be achieved on all hair textures and styles. It is much easier to braid straight hair and is a fantastic option for long hair to stand out. They are created in multiple ways. The protective styles take hours to create and can last for several weeks.

No matter what two-braid style you choose, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your personality and taste. Whether you add in color, wraps or smaller braids, you are sure to turn heads with a two-braid look.

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