Trendy Tribal Braid Trends That You Should Try

It is important to remember that although braided looks are currently on trend, the truth of the matter is that braids have been a vital part of style and also culture for thousands of years. This is a global fact. 

Additionally, when it comes to tracing back the history of braids, they originated amongst African tribes and they were a sign of a woman’s tribe. Braids were also a sign of status and also social standing. 

Trendy Tribal Braid Trends That You Should Try

These braids would have been adorned with silver coins, or they would have been adorned with bits of amber woven in amongst the braids.

These kinds of accessories will tend to be family heirlooms that have been passed down through family generations, which means that the braid hairstyles themselves will tend to be passed down through generations too.

How Has The Trend Progressed?

Here’s the thing, while there have been a whole lot of braid variations since this, tribal braids do remain one of the most common braid styles around the world.

The braid trends of today work hard to intertwine the beauty of historical braids along with modern trends. It is also important to note that braids serve an especially practical purpose because they are woven and then left in for extended periods of time. 

It is true that braids need a lot of care and also conditioning to ensure that they remain shiny and that they do not frizz.

This is an especially permanent hairstyle which ultimately gives your natural hair a well-earned break and it also adds length to your hair. It is also important to note that this hairstyle looks absolutely amazing too.

If you are especially keen to revamp your braid look, then we are here to help you. We have a whole host of braid styles depending on whether you are looking for something quick and easy, or whether you want a much more elaborate braid style.

You will definitely find something here that will suit your personal style. So, without further ado – let’s begin.

Long Tribal Braids: The Swirl Pattern Style

The long tribal braids are especially on-trend at the moment. They are the best option to go for if you are looking to add length to your hairstyle as well as STYLE.

The swirl pattern which is at the top of the head is especially funky and it can really give your braid style that unique look. In fact, you could even consider adding a bit of color to the ends of your braids

The Half Up, Half Down Style

This is a style which really helps you to adapt to the half up half down trend. This style is also super practical because it will keep your hair out of your face and it suits day-to-day wear as well as professional wear. 

This style uses a thicker weave and this is what really helps to give that much more volumized look. We recommend just pulling two of the braids back so to complete this look. This is a key example as to how braids can function like other hairstyles.

The Half Up Swirl Tribal Braids Look

This style is a combination of the first two styles and this is a style which uses fun accessories to add more personality to this look. These braids will be side parted and they will also be a mid-length.

This means that this hairstyle is especially ideal if you are wanting something which is especially low maintenance and this style of braid is perfect for everyday wear.

The Classic Tribal Braids With Colored Weave Style

Adding a colored weave into your braided style can really help to give your braid look more personality and originality.

Doing this can really help you to add interest to your braided look – and you will be pleased to know that these particular braids are especially easy to take care of. You will also find that these kinds of braids will give your scalp time to breathe.

Long Tribal Braids: The Classic Look

So, when it comes to braids it is all about versatility. When you have braids you can pretty much style your hair in any way that you want to.

By having the classic long tribal braids you will find that you are able to attempt a whole host of styles by using the braids. You will find that you can create the perfect half up hairstyle, or a ponytail or even a topknot.

Or you can just wear your hair down.

The Two Layer Tribal Braids Style

You can give your tribal braids an especially cool twist by creating this layered look. Here’s the thing, you will be planning to have these braids in for a long time so you might as well make the most of it and try to add some twists to your look.

You can do this by using a different weave at the start of your braids, and then you can finish off these braids with a pop of color or even with a natural color accent. This will help to give your braids a touch of flair.

Let’s Talk Gold Accents

Are you someone who enjoys a bit of glitz and glamour? Well, if the answer is yes then you should add some gold into your braided hairstyle as this will really add something to your look. 

By adding in gold to your braided look you will be adding some extra shine to your hair.

This will work especially well if you are someone who loves to wear gold jewelry because adding gold to your braids will have the same effect as if you were to pair gold earrings or necklaces to your outfit. 

By incorporating gold into your braids you will be able to add something extra to every outfit that you wear.

Fan Part Tribal Braids Look

You can try this style which incorporates the part as the main focus of the style. This is done through the fan design which works to draw attention to the face and this is the objective of any good hairstyle.

It is true that from the fan, the braids will form a curtain that really helps to frame the face.

The Single Braid Part With Silver Style

You will find that this is another cool way to style your part area, and this is because that single braid down the center has a different look other than the middle part tribal braids.

It is also important to mention that the fine silver wrap is a traditional style and also a current trend. This is a style which can be seen in the oldest tribal braids along with modern looks.

The Single Braid Part With Gold Style

In case you hadn’t guessed, this is the same part style as with the silver – only this time we will be using gold. This part style includes different adornments and it also shows the flexibility of the middle part tribal braids. 

Trendy Tribal Braid Trends That You Should Try (1)

So, here gold wrappings are used and you can even consider adding hair charms as fun accessories. Here’s the thing, it does not matter what you want to add to your braids.

You will be able to make your braid look personal to you and a great reflection of your own style.

The Long Gold Tribal Braids Look

Are you someone who especially enjoys long tribal braids? Well then this is the perfect style for you. These are especially luxurious braids which will stretch all the way down to the thigh area.

Trendy Tribal Braid Trends That You Should Try (2)

And, you will find that the pops of gold will really contribute to the effect of the braids. This style will really showcase your long hair and you will be able to keep it in this style for an especially long time.

The Side Part Tribal Braids Style

Now, these braids are especially cool due to their length. They are super long! What makes these braids even cooler is that they have an especially fun side part and this really helps to reflect the fade style. 

So, if you are enjoying the look of a fade but you are not ready to make the full commitment of shaving your head – then these braids will give you that very illusion.

There is nothing stopping you from adding color to these braids, you can intertwine color into the ends of these braids just to add some extra personality to your braided look.

The Zigzag Tribal Braids Look

Now, this braid look is an especially fun one because its central feature is a fun zigzag design.

This braid design could be said to be reminiscent of a zebra print look, and that is what makes this particular style of braid so different from any other tribal braid hairstyle. 

It is important to note that this is the perfect example of how you can use a part to be able to make your style especially unique, but you can do this by potentially leaving the braids natural.

So, in this situation the style will get another twist with the wrap. This is what will give you that half up style.

The Perfect Style For The Star Lover

If you are keen to find an especially distinctive look then this will be the braid style for you. A great way that you can do this is by using a shape in your part as this will make your braid look especially distinctive. 

In this case we have the star shape – and this really takes the middle part tribal braids to a whole new level. You can really accentuate the shape of the part by utilizing color, and the best color to use would be blonde.

This will make your part look especially star-like.

The Braided Knot Style

We are here to bust a huge braid-related myth: a lot of people will think that because you have braids you can’t style your hair. This is totally inaccurate. You absolutely can style your hair if you have braids. 

Trendy Tribal Braid Trends That You Should Try (3)

The braided knot is the perfect updo for any occasion. This kind of updo will be suitable for the gym or for work – or you will even be able to sport this hairstyle at a formal event. Yeah, you can wear this hairstyle wherever you want.

This braided look literally takes the tribal braid hairstyle to some new heights.

The Box Braids Look

This style of braid gets its name from the way that it is styled at the very root. It is true that box braids are one of the most popular tribal braid hairstyles, and this way of styling braids is especially cool and trendy.

These braids are perfect for anyone of any age, and you will also find that smoothing the fine hairs that are near the root will really help you to give this style your own personal touch.

The Natural Ends Ponytail Braided Look

If you find that you need to wear your hair up for the majority of the time then this style of braids will be perfect for you. The best way to achieve this style is to use the braids as a wrap for the rest of the hair.

You will find that this is an especially cool adaptation of the typical ponytail style. 

Choosing to expose your natural curls at the end of the ponytail braided look will give this look a much more natural touch and it will add to this being an especially stylish ponytail look.

The Long Box Braids With Beads Style

Adding beads to your long box braids is a classic accessory. This is because by adding beads you will give your box braid look more texture and also much more color.

So, here you will find that the long box braids will get this addition in the form of clear beads – this is especially true if you have incorporated color of any kind into your long box braids.

The Classy Box Braids Style

Here’s the thing, the simple long box braids are an especially classy and an especially sophisticated look, and long braids will be the perfect choice for you if you are wanting something much more versatile.

The classy box braids will be able to take on any kind of style – but the incorporation of the box parting will ultimately give this style much more flair.

The Funky Topknot Look

Do you want a fun and cool tribal braid hairstyle that is out of the ordinary? Well, this will be the perfect hairstyle for you. You can accessorize this hairstyle by adding beads, or by adding bling or you can experiment with different braid thickness.

This will ultimately make this hairstyle super fun and also really eclectic too. If you are looking for a new way to style your braids then you should definitely try this topknot look.

The Jumbo Tassel Braid Style

This braid style is especially unique and you can really unleash the queen you are with this look. This is an especially unique hairstyle, this jumbo tribal braid hairstyle has really amazing gold accents.

These are what really sets this style apart from any other braided hairstyle. The different ends of the braids will have a texture that is similar to a tassel, and this is a nod to the Ancient Egyptian hairstyle.

The Multi-Texture Topknot Look

Are you a fan of having multiple styles and multiple textures in your hairstyle? Well, this two layer tribal braid style is the best one for you. The way that this style works is that the braids in the top layer provide structure and also smoothness.

This is complemented by the natural hair underneath which adds a much softer backdrop. The purpose of this style being in a knot is to really help you add that extra element of interest to your look. 

Incorporating Wooden Beads Into Your Traditional Tribal Braids Look

If you are someone who is looking for a much more traditional style, this look will speak to the historical trend of finishing braids with some wooden beads.

It is true that beads will add texture, fun and also rhythm to your braided hairstyle look – and you have the freedom to choose whatever beads can fit your personal taste.

You can make this look whatever you want it to be and you can suit your own personal style and taste with the addition of wooden beads.

What About The Two-Tone Beaded Braids?

This style is another beaded braid style and this caters to short hair lovers. This style is a much shorter tribal braid hairstyle, but it incorporates two different colors that are woven into the braids.

This is a look which can show the versatility of the beads, especially if you pick beads that complement your hair color and complexion especially well.

Or, you could even pick your beads based on a particular outfit that you are wearing – they are a nod to tradition but they can also be a great way of boosting your confidence due to this.

The Middle Part Jumbo Braids Style

Let’s just take this down a notch… if you are looking for a style that is much more simple then you can opt for jumbo braids with that classic middle part.

This style is an especially clean and uncomplicated braid look – and this is easy to manage and to maintain. If you are looking to avoid fuss or if you are not a fan of complicated braid styling then this will be perfect for you.

The Middle Part Tribal Braids – All About The Z

This style is a simpler braid look but it does have that something extra with the z part in the middle. This will suit you especially if you work in a profession that does not permit beads and other adornments.

This cool part look will make you feel that little bit extra without getting completely in your way.

Can Long Braids Incorporate Hair Jewelry Too?

If you are a fan of longer braids, but you are unsure as to how to accessorize them by using hair accessories then fear not! This is something that you can definitely do. You can use hair rings or beads or other accessories to help frame your face.

And, this will also set your hairstyle apart from everyone else’s. Also, you can smooth the baby hairs at the root and also this will give another layer to your style.  

In Conclusion

Overall, incorporating braids into your day-to-day look does not have to be daunting, and it does not have to be something that you are too afraid to do.

Trying out braids can really benefit your natural hair, and it is also a style that is long lasting and low maintenance, as long as you prepare your hair well.

Here’s the thing, you might not find that all of the styles that we have suggested really suit you – and that is totally okay. You just need to go for the options which suit you the best and which will serve you the best.

You might be someone who is wanting to get in touch with your roots by trying out this traditional style, or you might be looking for something that is much more on trend with this style.

Either way you will find that there are a whole host of different tribal braid hairstyles that you can attempt. You might even find a braid style that you love – and then this can end up being passed down to future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Popular Tribal Braid Hairstyles?

It does not matter whether you are wearing your pyjamas, or whether you are wearing an evening gown, the tribal braid hairstyle suits everything. The most ‘on-trend’ styles of tribal braids right now are the box braids or the braided knot.

What Are The Best Braids For A 90s Style?

You will find that the braided buns are a festival favorite, so this will give ultimate 90s vibes. If you are looking to be more on trend then you can consider combining buns with double braids too.

What Are The Best Braids For Afro-Textured Hair?

It is important to note that classic box braids are one of the most iconic styles for someone who has afro-textured hair, and this is where all of your hair gets sectioned into squares and then worked into individual plaits in order to achieve this look.

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