40 Pretty Tree Braid Style Ideas That Every Girl Must Try 

Tree braids add volume and length to your beautiful, natural hair. It’s stylish and looks good with any outfit. Tree braids are best to use as hair extensions for stunning hairstyles.

Finding a new style for your long and sleek hair? A Tree Braid style can help! 

Tree Braid styles are braided hairstyles that can be worn in different ways. It is a great alternative for ladies who want their hair in an up-do but don’t want to use traditional braids. Tree braids are a style that is meant to keep you safe. 

They are also known as invisible braids! The idea is that you won’t be able to see the braids, and only the ends of the extensions that have been put in will show. 

If you want to braid your hair, this type is better than other types because they take less time to put in. As a bonus, you can style your hair as you want because the ends of your hair are left out!

How Do You Achieve Tree Braid Style?

The Tree Braid style is achieved by taking three sections of hair and braiding them together. Then, you create a technique with the other three sections of hair. You can use any type of human hair to achieve this look. Straight hair or wet and wavy hair are common choices. 

When starting the style, split your hair and use the cornrow braiding technique. The hair woven into the braid will not be braided in. It is left outside the braid to give it the appearance of strands of hair. 

Tie a knot in the braid when it reaches halfway or shorter to keep it from unraveling. Do this again all over the head, then spray with an oil sheen for shine at the end. Results will give you a braid that looks like a tree! 

Watch this video on how to achieve your Tree Braid Style on your hair: 

How Long Does It Take To Create Tree Braids? 

Tree braids are less time-consuming than box braids, taking only 2-4 hours. But, if you’re doing it yourself, the time may be longer, roughly 3-5 hours.

Can Tree Braids Cause Breakage?

While braiding is a protective hairstyle, it can cause damage or hair loss if done too tight. Braids that put too much tension on your hair might cause damage. They can produce stress around your edges. Especially if the beginning of the cornrow tugs too hard on your rims. 

This sort of hair loss could be permanent, leading to Alopecia. A hair disorder that causes patches of hair loss. If you want to achieve a perfect Tree Braid hairstyle, the key is to follow each step! Or hire a stylist who can do this style on your hair. 

Here’s a list of 40 Tree Braid styles on the internet that you can try. Pick from one of these looks for the best hair inspiration! 

40 Stylish Tree Braid Styles For Girls Of All Ages

1. Celebrity Tree Braid

Credit: brandiwynae

Who says you can’t be like Beyoncé? Or any celebrity in Hollywood? You can nail an artist’s look with this Celebrity Tree Braid style. Combine any blonde colors such as dark, honey, and platinum. You’ll get surprised by the results and attention you can have down the streets!  

2. BraidSchool Tree Braid

Credit: vlshairatx

The BraidSchool Tree Braid style is ideal for elementary and middle grades kids. It’s perfect to style, especially when your child has long hair! Wear this hairdo with a combination of box braids and protective tree braids. And you’ll love to see the results! 


3. Individual Tree Braid

Credit: brandiwynae

Who doesn’t want lovely and silky curls around their face? Keeping a thick hair on your face can be difficult, but not with the individual tree braid hairstyle! Use the side parting technique and angles to guide your curls off the forehead.

4. Fastest Tree Braid

Credit: eyecandybyamari

A quick, easy, and stylish look is sometimes what we all need. Fastest Tree Braid is a reliable hairdo option if you’re running out of late with your appointment. Don’t worry! You’ll still feel pretty with this look. 

5. Atlanta Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

Add extra style, volume, and texture to your hair with Atlanta Tree Braid. If you want to boost your confidence, this style is the key! You’re guaranteed to garner compliments when you wear this hairdo to a formal dinner! 

6. Protective Tree Braid

Credit: brandiwynae

Protective Tree Braid styles are one of the most popular. The term itself is used for Afro-textured hair. It is a hairstyle that tucks the hair away and keeps it free from manipulation. Have this hairdo style to achieve a perfect tree braid style while not messing with your hair!

7. Natural Tree Braid

Credit: empress_braidz

Natural tree braids are a timeless style that you can use to create a variety of hairstyles. During the day, long, sleek tresses can flow and move. This elegant, refined appearance is ideal for cocktail parties.

8. Mesquite Tree Braid

Credit: braidscastle

Mesquite Tree Braids are for the uniques! This hairdo has a silky and free-flowing texture that will go a long way with braiding. Whether you have short or long hairdos, tree braids will suit your style! 


9. Crochet Tree Braid

Credit: taytheperfectionist

The crochet Tree Braid style provides volume and depth to your beautiful tresses. All your best facial features are highlighted by a clean side part! The addition of layers throughout this hairstyle gives it a more dimensional appearance.

10. Gorgeous Tree Braid

Credit: __the__chic_experience_llc

Combining silky curls with tree braids is a beautiful look. Your curls have a soft, free-flowing texture that you’ll love! Make stunning updos, or let your curls cascade down to your shoulders! 

11. Gwinnett Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

Sweep your tree braids to the side to make your hair look gorgeous! Gwinnett Tree Braid styles are a great way to show off a classy but simple look. Re-create this hairstyle during special events or reunions with friends! 

12. Boxing Tree Braid

Credit: rastacopanky

The boxing Tree Braids style is a beautiful combination of box and tree braids! If you’re looking for ways to explore a new hairstyle, this option can be significant. You can create this with your friends, mom, or little sisters! It’s perfect to wear for events like Coachella,  where Vanessa Hudgens has tried this!

13. Kanekalon Tree Braid

Credit: rastacopanky

Create a hairstyle that will never go out of style by adding long, wavy strands to your tree braids. To show off your fashion prowess, wear a beautiful dress and a pair of luscious hairpieces. Kanekalon tree braid style is your best hairdo for date night!

14. Beach Curl Tree Braid

Credit: jreneehairstudios

Are you planning to have fun at the beach? This Beach Curl Tree Braid style is what you need. It’s perfect to match your bikinis, one-piece, or summer wear! Re-create this hairstyle for a picture-ready look for the summer.

15. Bohemian Tree Braid

Credit: bignonsbraids

Wanna go Bohemian? It’s possible with this Bohemian Tree Braid Style! This hairstyle is ideal for those who adore thick, long hair and wish to experiment with braids. The medium-sized curls are fashioned to provide thickness. The lack of a defined part allows you to style the hair you choose.


16. Gogo Curl Tree Braid

Credit: aissatoujosette

Do you want to have a new admiring look? Keep moving with your step if you wear this Gogo Curl Braid Style. Your curl’s bounciness will ensure to make people smile! It’s good to style on holidays, office parties, or any special occasion! 

17. Wavy Tree Braid

Credit: fatimabraidingstudio

Planning to go wavy on a tree braid here? That’s not a problem! One of the adorable things about tree braids is that they allow you to play around with different hair types. If your hair has curl waves, this braiding style is right!

18. Alternative Protective Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

Curls that fall back from your face are beautiful and natural-looking. If you wish to achieve this style, Alternative Protective Tree Braids are the best way to enjoy it! These braids are placed on your natural or relaxed hair.

19. Sandy Springs Tree Braid

Credit: glammedbybam

If you enjoy vibrant colors, you must try this Sandy Springs Tree Braid Style. You can see how women with hair in these dark and lighter tones look lovely. Of course, you’ll also look amazing with your preferred shade! 

20. Brownish Tree Braid 

Credit: fastest_braider

Blondes and browns are excellent hues for invisible tree braids. If you’re unsure, you can refer to the illustration above. You can also replicate this look using hair extensions. Brown, red and blonde tones can work with women of any skin tone.

21. Gray Hair Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

The black color is out. Gray is in! If you’re fond of exploring new colors, a Gray Tree Braid can be an excellent match! It’s very sleek, stylish, and classy to look at. Gray hair colors can go anywhere from events to casual events! 


22. Wavy Spring Tree Braid

Credit: empress_braidz

You can style curls to add thickness. Even if your natural hair is short, you may now use extensions to give your locks a fuller appearance. A wavy spring tree braid style is something that you might need for your next wavy curls!

23. African Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

Are you looking for an African Tree Braid hairstyle? This hairdo is the key! Try as many hair colors as you like. 

Others would use bright hues to emphasize their Tree Braid hair volume. This hairstyle is lovely to wear on vacation — where you might visit Africa! 

24. Yeg Weaves Tree Braid

Credit: queenmercyhair

Yeg Weaves is the best choice if you’d like to explore more in colors! This can give you a whole new look in a few simple steps. Choose from light or bold hues that can brighten your hairstyle, such as blonde or red.

25. Spring Twists Tree Braid

Credit: albertine_couturehairsalon

A wavy hair texture is a tried-and-true approach to adding thickness and volume to any haircut. What’s great about the Spring Tree Braid style is that they are so full and soft! They resemble a lion’s mane, which can make you attractive. 

You don’t have to do anything with your hair. Let it be wild and free!

26. Acworth Tree Braid

Credit: shearbeautyandbarber1

Acworth Tree’s braid style is adorable, lively, and refined. If you still don’t have any choice for your hairdo, this could be a fantastic look! These braids work best for family dinners and social gatherings. You can be sexy and gorgeous with this style! 


27. Neat Protective Tree Braid

Credit: treebraidsbyz

Make your hair look neat and sophisticated with the neat protective tree braids. You can wear them with any clothes. Cool, simple waves can make your tree braids look beautiful!

28. Kennesaw Tree Braid

Credit: shearbeautyandbarber1

These wavy tresses are styled half up, half down for a fun and youthful look. The textured half updo is beautiful and comfortable to wear, giving you the best of both worlds! This hairdo is a must if you wish to have beauty and convenience. 

You can add some colors to your hair for a vibrant and more stylish look. 

29. Goldish Brown Wave Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

 Looking for a vibrant and celebrity look in one? The Goldish Brown wave tree braid style is the key! This hairstyle is a stunning show-stopper. The braids take on a kinky aspect due to the tightness and small size of the curls. 

Have a stylish thickness throughout your hair!

30. Stitch Tree Braid Style

Credit: albertine_couturehairsalon

Keep your hair neat, clean, and carefree with this Stitch Tree Braid hairdo. This look is the best for those in the office or who attend school. If you want a simple tree braid style, this option is great! 

31. Curly Wave Tree Braid 

Credit: vinelciaafricanhairbraiding

Curly waves flow down your back as you wear this stunning hairdo. A side part is created with tree braids to make an asymmetrical appearance, allowing a good look! Shine through with this curly wave tree braid!

32. Brownish Gwinnett Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

There are times when it’s fun to play around with different color hairstyles. Why not buy a box of colored hair and recreate this Brownish Gwinnett Tree Braid? The happy thing about dying your hair is deciding how many colors you want to apply. You can get streaks of color, Balayage, Ombre, or just one bright color.


33. Cornrow Tree Braids Styles

Credit: nefertiti.hair

Create a unique look with cornrow tree braids. Allow your incredible sense of style to show through with a beautiful hairstyle! Add a new touch by trying bright colors with your hair. Feel free to pick from red, pink, blue, or even blonde! 

34. Atlanta Gwinnett Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

Atlanta Gwinnett Tree Braids Styles are one of the best! This style is fashioned into these tree braids on top of your head. You can make a unique style if you like or intricate designs to match your personal style!

35. Fort Worth Tree Braid

Credit: dkbraids

Go for Fort Worth Tree Braids Styles for short invisible braids! This style will give you a unique and perfect look for a change! It’s so stunning that one can look on for a good hair day. 

36. Goldish Wave Curls Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

The long tree braids are done in tight, loose spirals. The black base has goldish hues, and a distinct side part adds a beautiful finishing touch. If you’d like a touch of gold, this style is perfect!

37. Permed Tree Braid

Credit: ivron_freelance

Permed Tree Braids are the best style for a new tree braid hairdo. But you must have long hair to copy this look. Most of the hair lies in a curly fashion, and this style is suitable for long and oval faces. 

The hair can be styled to keep this look intact without much hassle.

38. New Jersey Tree Braid

Credit: fastest_braider

If you’re living in New Jersey, you know this is. The New Jersey Tree Braid style is a trendy hairstyle! Teenagers also adore the hairstyles with these tree braids. You can tell how much fun your children have with these braids and how great they look. It’s ideal for school days and can also be worn for a special occasion.


39. Silver Lining Tree Braids Styles

Credit: strandsofbeautybraids

Your grandma can take some style too! The Silver Lining Tree Braid is a game-changer for the older ones. 

You can suggest this to your family members for a different look. Grandma can hit the dance floor with this retro look at any time. 

40. Duluth Tree Braid

Credit: fatimabraidingstudio

Duluth Tree braids are unique. They look natural, yet they look invisible! But you’ll only know the feeling when you experience it. Get all the features of this hairstyle once you try it with friends. The fun thing about this hairdo is that it will help you keep your hair strong.

Are Tree Braids Versatile? 

Tree braids are a style that can be worn in various ways. These styles are numerous, so there is something to suit everyone’s preferences. They can be curly, straight, in a bob, long, short, etc. 

You can also build updo hairstyles with the braids if desired; however, individual Tree braids will make updo looks easier.

How Long Do Tree Braids Last?

Tree braids can be worn up or down during workouts and even when swimming. With proper care, Tree braids can last up to six weeks. Most women take them down around the five- or six-week point. 

Hiring a professional stylist is best if you wish to get your Tree Braid removed. 


The tree braid is the most popular hairstyle for long hair. It is a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. The fun part about each style is that it can be worn with any outfit and look fantastic! 

Adding colors and highlights to your hairdo won’t be a problem! If you want to match your hair with a brighter color! Either way, you’ll look amazing with them. Explore more colors, highlights, and styles with Tree Braids! 

Tanya Taylor