24 Inspirational Ideas For Styling Goddess Faux Locs

Goddess Faux Locs are a fun protective hairstyle that gives off a bohemian vibe with their lived-in look. This hairstyle is characterized by embracing curls that fall from the locs. So, there’s an effortlessness to the hair. We love that there are so many different ways to style this hair, too.

Faux locs allow you to add volume and definition to your natural hair. However, this style takes longer to do than box braids, so it’s not made for the impatient. To create these goddess locs, you must first put lots of braids on your head. Then, you have to wrap hair around these, placing extra curls in them to add chic scruffiness. 

Faux Locs

Goddess Faux locs have added hair, typically curls on the tips to create a vacation-ready vibe. If you’re struggling to figure out how to style these majestic locs, choosing the wrong style can mean you’re stuck with horrible hair.

To simplify the hair search, we’ve made a list of the best inspiration for creating goddess faux locs below. The following article will help you style your hair to suit your personality, style, or occasion. Read on for gorgeous locs. 

1. Dark Messy Bun

Dark Messy Bun

This tousled hairstyle has characteristic curls popping from the locs to give it a laid-back look. The woven braids provide the bun even more volume, making the locs appear like a crown adorning the head. We adore that the bun has been loosely tied, adding the scruffiness and tumbling effect. 

The staggered braids are beautifully casually created, which aren’t too neat. The messiness stops the locs from appearing too well-defined and softens the whole design. We love that only a few curls have been pulled from the locs to soften the edges. 

2. Distressed Natural Faux Locs

These ombre locs have been distressed to bring texture to the hairstyle, making them look super realistic. The faux locs aren’t as smooth as the hair would be if it hadn’t been distressed, which would be perfect for someone searching for a casual look.

The lighter parts bring interest to the hairstyle, preventing the dark hair from appearing heavy and overpowering. The ombre also adds to the beachy vibe, giving the hair a sunkissed look. It’s as though the tips have been lightened from someone happily wandering on a tropical beach! 

3. Boho Black Locs

These bohemian locs are gorgeously tousled, cascading down and framing the face beautifully. The curling hair has a lovely DIY-ed look, which means you’ll look super arty if you want to show your creativity. This style would suit a carefree artist that loves wearing their hair down. 

The different width locs add an exciting twist to equally sized braids. This means that you can alter the locs’ size to suit the hair that you are working with. So, you can personalize the hairstyle to put your own spin on it. We can imagine it would be pretty easy to add in a few extra curls, too!

4. Black To Blonde Triangular Locs

Searching for something to bring out your coolness? These fluffy locs have got you covered! The hairdresser has sectioned the locs into triangles, giving a fabulous geometric look to the scalp. We adore that the different colors show through when you move throughout the day, which is so interesting!

The hairstylist has left some locs complete, which prevents the hair from looking too fluffy and adds a bohemian edge. The wonderfully curly blonde parts will catch the light beautifully. It’s a super creative idea to put the locs in block colors, too! The contrasting tones make each other pop.

5. Half Up Half Down Ombre

How classy are these locs!? We love how some curls have been scooped up onto the head to create a sophisticated hairstyle. The curls are like a gorgeous ombre crown sitting proudly on the scalp! Also, having some curls cascade down adds to the carefree bohemian style, making for a beautiful hairdo.

We love that the colors have been blended into one another so that there’s no harsh divide between the light and dark shades. In addition, the hairdresser has created a definition by keeping some dark locs pretty intact. This stops the hair from appearing like a poodle! 

6. Rosy Red Goddess Locs

These rosy locs are perfect for wearing over the festive period because they’re red. Christmas would be super fun with this hair, especially as they would catch the light of a roaring fire or fairy lights. The curls frame the locs nicely, adding a softness to this design.

The half-up locs are a brilliant way to reduce the hair’s weight so that you can comfortably party. The locs are separated well without being too defined, which gives a lived-in look that the goddess hairstyle is well-known for. In addition, the rosy red locs have a gorgeously pink tint so that they appear muted without being too bold. 

7. Burnt Orange 

These Goddess Locs bring warmth, complementing the skin colors well. The subtle extra curls aren’t overpowering and do not dominate the design. The squared sections were taken from the head to add definition to this laid-back hairstyle. The remaining black hair at the scalp allows the red hair to pop.

The little curls at the end elegantly tip the hairstyle, preventing the dreads from looking undefined. We can imagine that the curls would bounce lightly with movement, fluttering gently in the wind. 

8. Rainbow Hair

How cheerfully playful is this rainbow hairstyle? This beautiful faux goddess locs design has a fun mermaid feel to it. We can imagine that the woman has immerged from the sea, coming to rest her tail on a rock! What a fabulous candy-floss-inspired look. 

The sprinkle ice cream colors are super eye-catching, which is great for bold and extroverted people to wear. The blonde curls tie the whole look together, creating a cohesiveness to the color scheme. The blending of locs and curls makes the hairstyle look as though it’s been created naturally by letting the dreads unravel. 

9. Plaited Up-do 

If you’re looking for a short hair up-do, this hairstyle is a perfect twist on the faux goddess look. The plaited-up hair is super intricate. We love that the hair has been separated to create two bold black woven braids running up the sides of the head.

By making the curls lighter than the locs, there’s a fun separation that is a lovely contrast to the black dreads. We adore the cute little curls on either side of the face that have been given the ombre treatment, too. These tiny matching details are charming ways to carry the theme through to the outer edges. 

10. Super Long Locs

Are you searching for a festival-friendly hairdo? If so, this bohemian hairstyle is perfect for raving in the sunshine! The added hair cuffs bring interest and sparkle to the design, which will catch the light beautifully. In addition, these fluffy locs are ideal for protecting your hair without making it too defined.

The slightly lighter brown tresses stop the hair from looking dense and add warmth. In addition, the hair isn’t weighed down too much with metal by only using the hair cuffs sparingly. If you wanted to personalize this hairstyle, you could add different colored hair cuffs or rings to match your outfit. 

11. Warm Dappled Browns

These wavy locs are a heavier loc style than the typical goddess locs look with wispy curls. The well-defined curls would suit someone who wants a more structured faux goddess hairstyle. This means that if you’re going to go slightly bohemian in appearance but don’t want to go super messy, you can. 

The subtly different browns help to showcase each individual loc, as though the sun has changed its color with movement. The hair has been well treated so that it’s super shiny, catching the light rather than dulling it by being matte. If you like this style but want it to be more manageable, we recommend getting these dreads put in shorter.

12. Springy Light Locs

These light-brown locs have a fun ruffled effect as the hair has been wrapped loosely around base braids. The blonde tones brighten up the long and dense dreads, preventing them from appearing overpowering. There’s so much you could do with this much hair, too!

This style would lend itself to being put into a half-up messy bun or two large space buns. This hairdo is slightly more defined than others, with the curls flowing more freely. This means a less noticeable separation between the locs and the swirling parts.

13. Side-swept With Hair Cuffs

Why not push your goddess locs over to one side to create a windswept look? The side-part combined with the blonde highlights gives the hair a beachiness that could have been made from living in a tropical paradise. Keeping the dreads to one light color separates the hair, framing the face elegantly.

The golden hair cuffs add to the sunniness, which complements the blonde curls. These cuffs are an artistic way to indicate warmth, luxury, and a natural glow. The thinner curls balance the thick locs well, softening the tightly wrapped dreads.

Why not shave the side as well for an even edgier look? This would be ideal for those with a punk side!

14. Ponytail And Thread

Tired of your heavy faux goddess locs getting in the way? This ponytail solution is an elegant way to show off your cascading curls. By having the hair closest to the scalp wrapped around braids, the curls are well contained so that they’re not unruly.

If you wanted to add more laid-backness to the hairdo, you could put a few curls higher up so that they poke from the locs. 

A golden thread has been wrapped around a loc to further define the hairstyle to add to the bohemian vibe. The fluffiness is so joyful, which would spring well when you walk. The edges are expertly laid. So, they sweep away from the face, drawing you to the rest of the hairstyle. 

15. Long Bob Locs

For those that adore an ombre long bob, this hairstyle is ideal. The dark hair frames the face nicely, making the tones on their skin really pop. They’re glowing with this hair! The golden additions nestled into the hair are whimsical, making the person look like they’re an ethereal queen. 

Having the lighter tones towards the outside of the face gives a natural look. It’s as though their hair has been in the sun. The dark colors mean the roots seamlessly blend with the rest of the locs. 

16. Red Ombre

If you want to add some color to your goddess locs, these red curls might inspire you to do so. The dark locs frame the face and complement the dark eyes and eyelashes well. These red tones are ideal for someone looking to warm up your hairstyles, and if you put it up, the fun streaks will ripple through.

We can imagine that this would look great half-up or put into two loose braids. If you want to create more volume, you could put them in thinner locs. We love that little lighter curls are at the bottom to soften the defined dreads. Finally, you could put in hair jewels such as cuffs or rings to make it look more bohemian. 

17. Red And Brown Ombre Thick Locs

These 18-inch long faux loc dreadlocks are completely stunning and a festive hairstyle to rock at Christmas. The red blends seamlessly with the brown, creating a hippie and bohemian vibe. And, if you love this exact style, you can buy these handmade dreadlocks! 

The subtle curls at the end break up the healthy dreadlocks, too. The advantage to buying these dreadlocks is that you can cut them to suit you. If you take them to an experienced hairdresser, they will be able to style them in any way you want! The dark sections will merge easily into black-colored roots.

18. Hippie Chic

Need a festival look that is practical and cute? These goddess locs are on point for any rave! The separating hair so that two long pieces of hair flow down the face, the hairdresser has created a  90s look. The crisscrossing threads wrapped around the dreads add a hippie vibe.

The half-up curls create a glamorous swirling frame around the face, taking annoying wispy bits away from getting stuck on the lip gloss. This looser faux goddess locs look is suitable for anyone who doesn’t want precise dreads. We like the quirky cuff that’s added to the front loc, too! 

19. Elevated Elegance 

Heavy locs dragging you down? Why not tie them up into a messy up-do like this one!? The curls soften the facial features, cascading romantically from the dreads. The tied-up messy bun brings effortless sophistication and looks pretty easy to do as well! 

We believe this would be a gorgeous hairstyle for wearing to Prom, as it will display your boho style while looking chic. The perfect balance! We recommend releasing some more curls from the dreads if you want even more softness. The icing on the cake is the well-laid edges that sweep gently across the forehead. This adds to the wavy vibe!

20. Grey And Blonde Ombre In Space Buns

How cute is this hairstyle? We love that the space buns elevate the look to make it more put together. The blonde tips remind us of a sandy beach or sun-bleached hair, too! The grey-brown color is unusual and perfect for someone tired of rocking plain dreads. 

The space buns aren’t so big that they look heavy, which we believe is critical for making this style work. Also, having the locs kinky makes them seamlessly blend into the curly ends. This hairdo is genuinely mesmerizing, and if you wear them, you truly will feel like a goddess. Shake those tresses and smile! 

21. Messy Faux Locs In Blonde

These are 18 inches long, which have been pre-looped so that they’re ready for crochet interlocking. The blonde color is a beautiful choice for summer. The sandy color is sure to turn heads when you’re traveling! The crimped ends give the hair a lived-in look that goddess locs are well known for, too. 

Why not mix and match those who fancy lightening up their dreads but don’t want to go totally blonde? We recommend adding a few blonde dreads with slightly darker colors for a more subtle look. However, this bright blonde is super sunny and sure to bring a smile to so many people’s faces. 

22. Braided Swept Back Locs 

Want a more defined style than classic locs? These braids are a fabulous option as they’re a lot nested than dreads and allow you to carefully style them. We adore the side parting here, which means you can create a side fringe with the braids. There’s so much you can do with these faux goddess locks!

To give yourself this style, simply take a front section of braids, wrap it around the back and secure it in place. Super simple! The ombre curls make the hair look like it’s naturally lightened in sunlight. In addition, the hair cuff shows that you can accessorize your braids to complement your outfit. 

23. Super Long Red Ombre

For an eye-catching hairstyle, why not go for these 36-inch long locs with curly tips? The braids can be crocheted to be attached, allowing you to securely fit them on. The red-colored ends are a unique feature that blends out the dreads to not appear harsh. 

And, if you love these particular locs, you can buy them! They come pre-looped and are a lovely soft texture, which you’ll adore after getting them attached. As an additional bonus, this hair is flame retardant, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally catching on fire while cooking. 

24. Purple French Deep Boho Locs

These gorgeous purple tones are super subtle yet well-defined! We love that the curls gently unravel from the dreads, providing ample volume to the wearer.

Also, purple mixed in with darker tones allows it to blend seamlessly with black roots. And, these locs are super affordable, too, so you can get this fun look on a budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Goddess Locs Take?

If you have shoulder-length hair, it will take approximately 4-5 hours to put them in. However, if you have even longer hair, waist-length locs will require you to set aside 7-8 hours. If this waiting time discourages you, rest assured that the finished product is gorgeous and well worth it.

Do Goddess Locs Damage Your Hair? 

If they’re too heavy, goddess locs can cause your hair to break. This is because the weight creates tension that tugs at the root. To prevent this from happening, work closely with your hairdresser to determine which locs are right for you.

What Hair Do You Use For Goddess Locs?

If your locs look natural, use kanekalon or marley hair. These are synthetic fibers that closely resemble natural hair. Yarn locks are typically used for this hairstyle because they’re super lightweight and provide a smooth finish. But, of course, the best option is human hair extensions.

Lynn Pearson