20 Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Going strawberry blonde is a beautiful way to add warmth to any outfit.

These orange-red tresses are often super unique and customized to suit different styles, personalities, and occasions.

If you love the color red yet want to make it more natural, strawberry blonde is a brilliant option.

20 Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

There are many different hairstyles you can choose from that complement these warm tones well. For those that want an edgier look, strawberry blonde can be mixed with blonde highlights or experimented with to make it even more unusual.

However, if you’re searching for inspiration, you may find yourself confused by all the hair-do options available.

To help you make up your mind or simply show you some pretty styles, we’ve collected the best strawberry blonde looks we could find.

The article below contains a variety of looks to work well with different needs so that you can enjoy your hair.

1. Half and Half

Love strawberry blonde styles yet want something a bit alternative?

This half and half design is super eye-catching and edgy, allowing you to express your personality through it.

We adore that the lighter section is also strawberry blonde, which ties both sides together. 

Cutting the hair into a long bob ensures that this choppy style is impactful without overpowering. The wavy hair has a gorgeous lived-in look, suiting someone with a laid-back vibe.

The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can experiment by going darker or lighter depending on your preference, too!

2. Copper Balayage

How fun and powerful is this hair!?

We adore that the hairdresser has put in two bold blonder streaks at the front.

This effect elevates the look, following the e-girl trend that’s beloved by edgy alternative people. The blonde frames the face nicely, making it stand out and shimmer with movement.

The longer length is perfect for tying up out of the way, allowing you to work out, do chores, or boogie without it getting in your face.

The curls are a lovely touch to emphasize the color’s depth and create bounciness. This ensures that all the different tones can be fully appreciated and the hair doesn’t appear too flat.

3. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

How fun is this hairstyle?

The super carefree waves nod to the ‘70s shag style, making it perfect for a bohemian to rock.

The blonde at the bottom is an exciting take on traditional ombre, which adds interest and movement to the flowing tresses. 

Having the strawberry blonde darker at the roots allows any brown roots not to look too jarring.

This means that this hairstyle won’t need super high maintenance, and you can enjoy it long after you’ve left the salon!

The long bob style here is super popular because it’s relatively low maintenance, practical and soft around the face.

4. Bohemian Braid Half-Up Hairstyle

Looking for something that matches your Bohemian personality?

This strawberry blonde look with creamy highlights is super effortless, ideal for doing quickly on the go. The messy plait works well with the wavy texture because it’s loosely gathered from larger sections. 

The hairstylist has allowed the wearer to move about their day comfortably by not being very precise with the plait.

Unfortunately, this means that the hair will naturally mess up a bit, which creates an even more Bohemian look.

On the other hand, the half-up design works well to take some heavy strands of hair away from the face. So, the locks won’t get in the way when the person’s drinking!

5. Pinky Neat Waves

These neatly formed waves are an updated take on this classic style for those in love with old Hollywood glamour.

In addition, the hairdresser has added more pink tones than in traditional strawberry blonde looks. This warms the tresses up, even more, bringing a pretty extra element to the design.

This wavy hairstyle would suit someone who loves to look well put together, as the waves sit harmoniously with one another.

If you wanted a more 1920s style, you could ask your hairstylist to shorten the hair into a pixie cut. This will add edginess without losing the light-catching wavy quality. 

6. Luxury Balayage Wig

If you want to try out strawberry blonde but want to give your natural hair a break from dying it, why not go for a wig?

This luxurious rose gold and strawberry blonde one is made from 100% human hair and has a lace front. This allows you to try out the color without committing fully to changing your natural hair color, too! 

The straight hair can be easily styled if you want curls or waves. However, we love the sleek look that the current style has, as it’s super beautiful. The peachy tones add another innovative feature that is super attractive.

Why not rock this for a change!? You can always take it off if you find it doesn’t suit you. 

7. Fiery Blonde Spice Ombre

For all the fiery people out there, you can get a hairstyle that suits who you are inside!

The luscious red tones seamlessly blend into strawberry blonde then blonde, giving it a sun-kissed look. The long layers add to the fluffy interest, and we can imagine that this hairstyle would look stunning in the wind.

By using a darker red at the roots, you can get away with not re-dying the hair frequently if you have brown or black hair.

The beauty of this design is that you can add more or fewer highlights to suit your style, so it’s super customizable.

So why not experiment with tones to find the look you want?

8. Dark Strawberry Blonde

We believe that this ginger mixture is ideal for those who love the deeper shades of strawberry blonde.

The dark orange-blonde tones work well to add depth to the look, ideal for naturally brown hair. This means that even if you let your roots grow out, they won’t be annoyingly highly noticeable. 

The waves are loose to give the beachiness that’s super popular. The layers soften the heaviness, stopping it from appearing too weighed down.

This hairstyle is like something straight out of a shampoo commercial! For more defined curls, use a small curling iron.

9. Beachy Waves

If you’re searching for a lived-in strawberry blonde hairstyle that reminds you of beach vacations, go for this one!

The hair gathers in a very natural way, as though it’s dried in the sun after someone went into the sea. To achieve this effect, we recommend using sea salt spray, which will give you a ruffled texture.

We love that blonder highlights have been added to the hair, bringing the oceanic vibe together.

This look would be ideal for someone with slightly unruly natural tresses, as the styled parts will blend well with the curly details.

If you want a super authentic take on beachy waves, nothing will beat heading to the sea and letting the natural minerals style your hair.

10. Bob With Blonde Highlights

The hairstylist has added blonde highlights for a twist on the traditional strawberry blonde color. This ensures more depth is given to the smooth hair to catch the light.

In addition, the designer has made the hair super chic, ideal for a professional environment by cutting the hair into a bob.

The darker under layer adds to the natural feel, as though the wearer has spent time outside enjoying themselves.

The darker streaks poking through are great at drawing attention to the highlights, too! The beauty of a bob is that they’re pretty easy to look after, and this long bob could be tied up.

11. Loose Curls

This elegant style would work well on a range of different occasions.

The gorgeous loose curls have a grown-up princess feel, which would be stunning for a date, prom, or party. We love that the hairdresser has styled two curls beside the face to soften the features.

The hairstylist has put volume into the ends by not taking the curls up to the scalp. This means there’s no inequality between the sections, and the hair isn’t poofy.

Loose curls have a well-maintained and natural look, ideal if you want to change up your straight hair.

12. Ginger and Strawberry Blonde Mix

This flirty style is perfect for anyone who likes their hair bold. We believe this hair-do would be a great one to do in Fall, as it picks up the colors of the orange leaves.

So why not take your new hair color outside to do an Instagram-worthy photoshoot with the changing foliage?

The pink highlights give this hair a flirty, super youthful twist and remind us of swirling strawberry ice cream. Mixing the pink with ginger grounds the colors so that the rosy hues don’t look too artificial.

We adore that the tresses have been curled to appreciate different tones when the model moves. 

13. Luxury Strawberry Blonde With Platinum Balayage

The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can buy this exact one if you love it!

This hair is a wig made from human hair, with a lace front, which comes in 13 by 4 inches (ca. 10 cm). The hair-do is attractive as the designer has put the platinum blonde to lighten the tresses.

As blonde is mixed in, this strawberry blonde would work well in seasons other than Fall, as it has a distinctly summery feel.

The highlights have an edgy quality, perfect for someone who likes to spice up traditional colors. The darker shades make the look even more eye-catching; you’ll be sure to be turning heads with this hair!

14. Pink Strawberry Blonde

Have you got thick hair and are itching to turn it strawberry blonde? If so, this style is such a brilliant choice!

The designer has added pink to the blonde tones and adds a punkier feel to the tresses.

The beauty of this long bob is that it works well if it’s slightly ruffled, so you can roll straight out of bed and look put together.

The waves are excellent at adding more weight to the hair and separated to add to the bohemian feel. This truly is an effortless-looking style, perfect for an alternative type who wants to bring a pop of color to their aesthetic.

The pink isn’t childish; it has a muted quality that would complement many clothes already in your wardrobe.

15. Dark To Light

Love embracing your dark side?

How about trying out this dark to light ombre look?

The brown is perfect for someone with naturally dark roots on a budget, as you won’t have to keep going to the salon frequently.

In addition, this style is naturally lived-in, letting you leave it untouched by a hairdresser for a long time without it becoming ugly. 

We adore this alternative take on all strawberry blonde tresses if you have a strong goth side. The deep brown color is an edgy way to complement the warmer ginger.

In addition, the hairstylist has softened the hairstyle by dying the sections around the face, giving the colors a lovely contrast. 

16. Ginger Twist

A unique take on the Bohemian waves, this twisting design swoops the hair back elegantly by using the hair to cover the hair tie or secure the twist itself.

This effortless design blends well, without an ugly hair tie taking away from the style. 

The blonde highlights add interest and depth, too. This means that you won’t feel bored gazing at these waving tresses.

If you wanted to make the hairstyle even more intricate, you could take smaller sections and twist those above the larger ones. This mid-length is super manageable to style in multiple different ways.

17. Voluminous Little Curls

These gorgeous curls are so majestic!

I love that this is such a voluminous look, as you can style it in ponytails, braids, or space buns. The space buns work super well, as the curly and thick texture adds intricate, swirling definition.

Also, by pulling out a few curly strands, the hairdresser softens the look so that the hair doesn’t look harshly swept back.

This cute look is wonderfully youthful, perfect for wearing to a festival and keeping enough hair out of your face to dance.

The dark ginger tones blend well into the blonder parts to add interest so that the thick hair doesn’t look blocky. The strawberry blonde works so well with the model’s skin tone, too!

18. Natural Curly Hair

How magnificent is this hair!?

The long tresses must bounce beautifully when the model moves. We adore the way the light catches the curls and makes it seem like they’re shimmering with gold.

The thick texture cascades from the head in darker strawberry blond complements the subject’s eyes well. 

The untied nature of this hairstyle gives it a carefree and Bohemian vibe. This hairstyle would suit a hippie or someone who loves celebrating their natural curls.

If you want to take out some of the thickness, we recommend adding more layers to thin it out a bit. 

19. Short Afro

This shorter length is like a strawberry blonde halo around the model’s head. We love the thickness and how the tones ripple throughout the little curls.

Having it, shorter reduces the heat kept in by the hair than having a longer Afro. So, it’s ideal for wearing in summer! 

The layers have been expertly shaped to create a rounded effect, accentuating the elegant neck and shoulders. This is a fun, party hair-do that would be stunning if worn to any special event.

In addition, the darker tones would work well to blend with natural black hair that pokes out at the roots a while after dyeing. 

20. Strawberry Blonde Up-do

For an up-do Afro, the hairstylist here has secured the back section to lift the curls and position them on top of the head.

The curls take a punk-inspired look, which would be ideal for keeping the back of your neck cool in summer. 

This is an excellent option if you want to display your beautiful Afro without it getting in the way of your face. The strawberry blonde highlights look like they’ve been kissed by the sun.

This is because the light works its way through the swirls. As a result, the fluffiness has a soft quality.


And there you have it!

There’s so much strawberry blonde hairstyle inspiration for you to choose from. We hope you enjoyed looking through these and finding a hair-do that works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strawberry Blonde Red Or Blonde?

This type of hair is part of the red hair group. It’s a super light type of red hair and can be adapted to include pinks, mahogany, Irish red, and copper.

This colored hair can consist of highlights to give it more depth, or you could create an ombre effect to put a twist on it. 

Can I Go Strawberry Blonde?

Yes, you can. There are many different shades of strawberry blonde to choose from.

As the name suggests, this hair color is typically red and blonde tones mixed together. To tailor your color, you can introduce golden highlights depending on your skin tone. 

Is Strawberry Blonde Easy To Maintain?

It’s easy to look after. Strawberry blonde is much easier to keep looking brilliant than blonde or ginger.

This is because you don’t need to tone it or re-dye it. If you wash it regularly, you will lose some vibrancy, yet this adds more depth to the tones.

Lynn Pearson