21 Smiley Face Nail Art Designs

You must have heard of the saying ‘finding happiness in the little things’. Oh yes, it is a common saying that can be applied to nails. When it comes to nails, beautiful designs are available for every event – from classical manicures to epic nail designs, nail art has significantly evolved into masterpieces!

Venturing into unique nail designs is always recommended, and there is nothing more unusual with the smiley face nails. Colorful and filled with character, they are the perfect designs for summer.

CreatIng Smiley Face Nails

The first step to creating a smiley face using traditional nail polish is choosing a design. There are numerous smiley face options below to choose from. Next is to get the necessary tools depending on the design. 

Here are some of the essentials you might need: 

  • metal pushback tool
  • Cuticle nippers
  • Nail file 
  • Clippers 
  • Nail cleaning brush
  • Polish remover
  • Clear top coat
  • Primary nail polish
  • Stick on smiley faces, and 
  • Brush 

Start by removing all the old nail polish using acetone. Clean and file the nails to nails to ensure that the nail bed is excellent. Buff the surface after pushing back and curing all cuticles. Apply a cuticle cream before letting it set in for a few minutes. Wipe off the nail bed and ensure it is free from all oils before applying the nail polish. 

Apply a clear base coat if the nail bed had previously been damaged, protecting it from further damage. However, it is optional. It also ensures that other polish layers applied last longer while maintaining the new look. After drying, use a colored coat of your choice before letting it dry. 

Paint the smiley face using the metal dotting tool – the nail polish brush is too thick for detailed work. If any mistakes are made, use a nail polish remover, then try again. 

Move it carefully for a stick-on smiley face until the finished look looks great. If the results are satisfactory, seal with a top coat and let it dry before taking on other tasks. 

Are you wondering what kind of smiley face nails to wear? Here are some fantastic designs to choose from that are definitely going to be a hit. 

1. Sine In Smile Smiley Face Nail

Credit: lizzywade

Smiley faces can come in different colors. In this case, the Smiley face is in black and white. A nude base color matching the palms is applied before the shiny Smiley faces to make it pop. However, the design is simple and can be worn in a professional setting since it only applies to two fingers in each hand. Going for a stick-on box profile will make for a uniform look and an excellent finish.


2. Different Moods Smiley Face Nail

Credit: nailninjaminneapolis

Yellow Smiley face nail polish is an excellent choice for nail polish design. The design is carefully distributed on all nail designs. There are different sizes of smiley faces to make it stand out. The application of the nail polishes is on a natural nail bed. Stick on smiley faces are placed carefully, each hand matching the other.

3. Trippy Times Smiley Face Nail

Credit: gleauxologist

Extra big smiley faces for a trippy effect are an excellent option for nail designs. Clear nail polish is the primary color, starting with short, well-manicured nails. Start with stick-on yellow smiley faces carefully placed on each nail to cover the whole nail bed to achieve this look.

Add extra smiley faces to the existing smiles with a black nail pen. The designs do not have to be straight…some could even be upside down. Add the top coat only after it is completely dry.

4. Alternating Yellow Smiley Face Nail


Alternating yellow smiley faces consist of yellow and brown nail polish as a base color. To further break down the monotony of the brown, small smiley faces are on the tip of each brown nail making the design dotted with yellow. For a uniform box profile, finish by considering putting on short stick-on nails to help the finished look become attractive but also last longer. 

5. Purple Smiley Face Nail


The color purple is a standard smiley face nail polish option for people looking for a more casual look. Start with a simple coat of clear polish before applying a nude color. From similar stick-on picks, the chosen purple smiley faces stick ons of similar size. There are some stick-ons cut into two and are placed on the nail in which the other smiley face is set much higher. Replication is done on both hands for a more uniform yet formal look.

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6. Mini Smiles Smiley Face Nail

Credit: bykatiebeauty

Most smiley faces are usually proportionally sized to the size of each fingernail. However, the mini smiley faces are available to give something unique and different. It is easy to pack as many as possible into one fingernail with its small size. To avoid overcrowding the look, go with clear polish as the base color on well-manicured nails.

7. Colorful Smile Smiley Face Nail


Smiley face nail polishes are trendy and colorful in combination with other polishes. The fingernail chosen on both sides is similar when placing the smiley faces. Other mismatched yet matching on each hand nail designs include the star, all-seeing eye, moon, and others. Because of the different techniques, it takes some time to get it right. Application on a nude color base is perfect for rectifying and making the color pop once complete.

8. Positive Vibes Smiley Face Nail


Sometimes the most straightforward design is the most beautiful. In this look, thin clear nail polish is applied to the base of the medium-length nails. Using a metal dotting tool, the green polish makes smiley faces on all nail beds before finishing with a clear top coat. Although simple, the design is outstanding in that it shows positive vibes.

9. Golden Smile Smiley Face Nail


A golden smile look is achieved in several steps. A clear base is applied and dried before a pink nail polish is used on the natural nail bed. A metal dotting tool is dipped in black nail polish to get the preliminary design of the smiley face. Afterward, golden nail polish is carefully applied in thin strips to get the finished golden smile. Other nails have a black star design with a golden finish.

10. Light Smile Smiley Face Nail

Credit: kikinails___

Smiley face designs also come in different stick-on colors. In this case, keeping the nail bed simple will make the smiley faces stick out. The nails are well-trimmed short of ensuring the base is uniform. Different color stick-ons are unique and of similar size. Depending on the size of the nail bed, each has one and a half or two and a half stick-on designs, each of different colors. A clear top coat ensures the stick-ons do not peel after water contact.

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11. Choco Smile Smiley Face Nail

Credit: gossipandgloss

Blue and choco nail design is already outstanding on its own. In this case, each nail has a different design, with the pinkie finger going with a simple blue polish. The ring finger boasts of a grayish nude polish with a brown swirl, and the middle finger is brown and polka-dotted with dark brown. The index finger incorporates all colors in smiley faces with some on top of each other. Careful application will make sure that the design does not get bulky. The thumb has a blue polish with a brown swirl on it.

12. Smiling Is Everything Smiley Face Nail


Stick-on gives a little more space to work with since it’s raised and longer. The design incorporates different designs in which only the ring finger has smiley faces. Others include the googly eye, the infinity circle, and the love stick-ons. To avoid overwhelming the look, the base color is nude.

13. Different colors Pure smiles Smiley Face Nail

Credit: modaboutnails

Different color bases are used to achieve this look. Although both colors are blue, they cannot be different as one is baby blue while the other is dark blue. However, gel nail polish is used in this case to get the thick glossy finish. Application has to be careful as when curing, the stick on needs to be held down with the clear top polish. The yellow smiley faces are drawn to give the look a little more character on some nails.

14. Confused Smile Smiley Face Nail

Credit: nailed.beautyroom

The confused smiley face look is professionally done and best worn during summer or for colorful events. Each nail has a different color polish and a different nail design with medium-length nails. Although each is jammed into one look, the flawless design makes it stand out. Each nail gives a simple look when considered independently, with the combination making for a masterpiece.

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15. Happy Blossom Smiley Face Nail

Credit: nails_by_rach_w_

Blossom pink flowers are a happy nail design. Adding a bit of color is excellent, with the nail bed colored in a pink nail color to add to its overall character. The other nail colors have a mixture of swirls with yellow, blue, orange, and blue as their primary colors. Index fingers have a simple white and orange flower design, leaving the middle finger with a big smiley face.

16. Neon Smiley Face Nail

Credit: hailiernails

Neon nails can never go wrong. Neon-green nails stand out even in the dark. However, having different colored smiley faces make it excellent nightlife wear. The base color in the stick-on nail is colorless to ensure that the blend is not lost in the colors. Each nail has one or two smiley faces to add a bit of color.

17. Have A Happy Situation Smiley Face Nail

Credit: mrs._claws

The happy situation design is a fantastic teen choice option. Prepare the nail bed and choose different colors for the other nails to get the look. Instead of stick-on smiley faces, stick on yellow stickers and draw the smiley faces. The point is to have different smiles to show an overall happy situation. Depending on the location and size of a fingernail, some have one, one and a half, or two happy faces.

18. Glossy Smiley Face Nail

Credit: tinadoesmynails

Rocking the oval shape is considered courageous – this nail design requires a lot of care. The glossy smiley face is exceptionally unique, with long nude nails that come with smiley faces, making it a great choice. You can either have stick-on or acrylics for a more professional look. Apply a nude nail polish before putting on the smiley faces. The smiley faces are random, and it is a personal choice that gets the most due to the length of the nail.

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19. Happy And Moody Smiley Face Nail

Credit: Holliday gets

Not all smiley faces need to be smiling, and the happy and moody smiley face nails depict precisely that. Each nail has a different polish to give the nail base a little colorful finish. The smiley faces are drawn with a black polish using a small dotting tool. The number of smiley faces depends on the nail size, with the smallest having the least and the thumb or middle finger having the most.

20. Pink Smiley Shades Smiley Face Nail

Credit: sararose.nails

The pink shades of smiley faces are a different contrast to the commonly known yellow ones. However, the distinction is only possible due to the white base nail polish used. With the different shades of pink smiley faces, the smiley faces are all painted black.

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21. Cherry Smile Smiley Face Nail


Bright-colored nail designs are often linked to fruits. With smiley faces linked to bananas or tomatoes, adding a cherry design will make for an excellent complimentary design. However, the design goes a step further and has a bridge design with the little finger having a polka dot design.

Numerous tools are used to achieve the finished look, and professionals can do it easier and help you cut the expenses of buying each independently.

Experimenting with different nail arts, such as smiley faces with stripes, flowers, and abstract art, is a creative way to have fun nails. You can also incorporate traditional looks to have more than simple smiley faces. Go all out and choose smiley faces that are misshaped and even of different moods to mimic human emotion. 

When selecting nail art, consider personal preferences and situations as a form of self-expression. The best part is that nail art allows expressing yourself in places with restricted dress codes, even in the smallest of ways.


What Is A Smiley Face Nail Design?

Smiley face nails are nail designs made out of characters depicting the face. These nail designs can be created to show different human emotions such as smiles, sadness, disgust, anger, and cringe. The smiley face masterpieces come in different colors, although yellow is the dominant color. These arts can be drawn on the nail using a metal dot nail or nail design of stick-on smiley faces nails.

How Long Do Smiley Face Nail Designs Last?

The smiley face nail design can last up to 6 weeks. Proper preparation is paramount to avoid chipping at the ends or, worse still, for the polish to lift and peel off. However, that depends on the everyday exposure of the hands. 

For instance, if your hands/nails are exposed to abrasives, you can expect the design to last for about two weeks. Abrasives and the likes will dissolve the polish. If the nail polishes start looking dull, remove them and apply a new set within 2-3 days. Typically, smiley nail art designs last for four weeks.

Which Nail Polish Should You Go For?

Nail polish comes in two different types—traditional nail polish and gel nail polish. Traditional nail polish can quickly air dry for an excellent glossy finish. Gel nail polish needs more steps like curing under UV light after application. When removing the gel polish, nails need to be soaked in acetone for at least 10 minutes before getting it off. Investing in UV lamps for home use is advisable to get DIY nails.

Top Nail Polish Tips You Need To Know   

  • After application, protect the nail polish by wearing rubber gloves when involved with an activity that will potentially chip it. When it is not possible to wear gloves, apply a top coat layer afterward to ensure it lasts longer
  • To speed up the drying process of traditional polish, hold your hands below cold water. However, wait for a few minutes to ensure it is already set to avoid making smudges and bending the nail polish surface
  •  Always apply cuticle oil or cream even when not doing your nails. It helps smoothen cuticles, helps nails grow by protecting them, and increases blood circulation
  •  Dip the nail polish brush into a remover to help wipe off mistakes and start a new one instead of using cotton wipes. It is easier and erases only parts that need removing
  • Always apply a thin layer of polish. The thicker the polish, the easier it is to peel. When applying different coats, wait until the previous one is completely dry. Use the three method strikes technique to avoid thick finishes
  • Store polish in cool temperatures to avoid discoloration and in a room far away from sunlight like a fridge
  • Never shake polish as it only circulates air bubbles which leave holes in the manicure leading to peeling of the polish
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