30 Gorgeous Scalp Braids Hairstyles to Try

Braiding is a skill that has been around for centuries; it’s no wonder why scalp braids have become so popular with today’s generation. They can be done with natural hair or extensions, in a myriad of colors and styles, on various hair lengths, and for any occasion!

Scalp braids can be an exciting way to change your look without being too radical. They’re becoming increasingly popular because they’re versatile enough to look great on people of all ages and hair types. They can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Plus, scalp braids are very easy to maintain if you like your hair looking neat. 

So even if you’re not confident about braiding your hair, these hairstyles may be just what you need to try!

What is a Scalp Braid?

Scalp braids are often called cornrows. The term scalp braid refers to a style that involves interwoven hair in a braided fashion very close to the scalp. In layman’s terms, it’s just a tightly-woven French braid. This technique can be used on natural hair or with extensions.

How Long Can You Leave Scalp Braids In?

Scalp braiding can be a great way of protecting your natural hair during a long vacation or if you want to wear a protective style for an extended period. However, you mustn’t leave your natural hair in scalp braids for too long, as they can cause damage to hair and scalp. 

Generally, stylists recommend keeping scalp braids for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Can You Wash Your Hair with Scalp Braids?

Washing scalp braids is essential for hair and scalp health. Unwashed braids can accumulate dirt, cause scalp problems, and even scalp infections. Unfortunately, many women find it difficult to wash their hair with braiding hairstyles for fear of getting frizz.

Here is how to properly wash your hair while sporting a beautiful head of gorgeous scalp braids.

30 Beautiful Scalp Braids Hairstyles 

Whether you’re going for a bold new look or want to add extra zing to your hair for a special occasion, scalp braids are all the rage. Let’s see which of these elaborate looks can become a part of your routine!

1. Heart Design Knotless Scalp Braids

Heart Design Knotless Scalp Braids

Credit: thebraidqueen

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity! It takes quite a bit of time and skill for an expert stylist to do a braided design like this, so you’ll probably want to find someone with experience if you wish your braid designs to be as pretty as these. It is a super cute way to spice up your look that will make you the center of attention wherever you go!

2. Criss Cross Scalp Braids

Criss Cross Scalp Braids

Credit: t.enhancements

The criss-cross braids are an excellent style for hair that is thin or fine. It’s perfect for enhancing volume as it has more parts than your typical scalp braid. Teenagers and kids will love to show off this creative hairstyle.

3. Snake Bend Scalp Braids

Credit: babaestylessalon

Snake braids are one of those braid styles that make people immediately look at you and ask, how did you do that?! This style works exceptionally well on shorter hair lengths. However, snake braids can be worn in so many different ways. For instance, you can have snake braids with a combination of other braid styles or cover only the front half of your head as in the picture.


4. Brizzy Box Scalp Braids

Credit: dr_brianakaye

An adaptable style that creates a head of soft waves and curls, Brizzy Box Braids are perfect for anyone with short hair looking for an effortless protective style. You can create this classic style on any hair texture: straight, wavy, or curly.

5. Sizzling Lines Knotless Scalp Braids

Credit: braiditup_ree

It is a modern and sophisticated style for someone who wants her hair to look great when it’s up or down. It is one of those styles that would probably look good on most face shapes and hairlines. The only thing that could change is the length which is easy to customize. 

6. Ridge Reverse Scalp Braids

Credit: precisionbraids901

The amount of hard work is evident in this hairstyle! These stitched reverse scalp braids add a dash of versatility to your overall look. It’s easier than it sounds, and you can make it even more stylish by twisting the braids into a bun. 


7. Cornrows with Rings Scalp Braids

Credit: ashantifatima.co

While cornrows can be done in various ways, adding accessory rings imparts extra detail and character. You’ll notice that each ring is scattered throughout the braids — even in the twisted bun, which gives your braids a unique look. We love how this hairstyle has turned out!

8. Knotless Brown Beaded Scalp Braids

Credit: ashantifatima.co

If you want your simple scalp braids to look a little fancier, go for this beaded style! These gorgeous beaded jumbo scalp braids turn dull hair into an elegant do. If that’s not enough to convince you, note how lightweight the hair looks.

9. Pretty Pink Ribbon Scalp Braids

Credit: pressedpinkkidssalon

Now, this is a perfect style for young girls! Neat cornrows tied into two braided space buns with pink ribbons will make your little one very happy. This hairstyle will look spectacular with pink, white, or baby blue ribbons. It is a perfect style for special occasions like weddings, school events, or birthdays. 


10. Zipper Pigtail Scalp Braids

Credit: braidsby_shahn

This zipper braid style is one of our favorite looks, and it’s perfect for medium-length hair. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic zipper braid, and it looks good on young girls and teenagers alike. Also, many celebrities are sporting these sideways scalp braids for a sporty yet classy look!

11. Side Leaf Scalp Braids

Credit: vaishakhi_haria

What a glamorous scalp braids hairstyle! It is an easy way to add style while keeping your hair neat and pulled back. The best part about side-leaf braids is that they look good on any hair length. You can do them with natural or straightened hair, and they’re perfect for every occasion! 

12. Mixed Goddess Scalp Braids

Credit: mrslucysharman

This hairstyle is excellent for women with long slim faces as it will soften their features and not make them look too angular. Divide your hair into three sections – braid a chunky cornrow in the middle, and two thin braids run at the sides. Leave the rest of your hair loose for a relaxed and fun look!


13. Twined Scalp Braids

Credit: stylesbyjojo._

Consider adding in some twined scalp braids if you’re looking for a fashionable way to spice up your hairdo. This cool take on standard twine uses thin braids to add a nice edgy feel. Twined is a unique braid technique that intertwines several hair strands to create intricate patterns, just like in this picture!

14. Wound Pigtail Scalp Braids

Credit: precisionbraids901

The name itself is pretty descriptive of what it looks like. Two thick goddess braids run at the sides, starting from the front and ending at the back in two braided pigtails. Six thin cornrows wound up into one single braid that gets braided into one of the pigtails.

15. Lovely Leaf Scalp Braids

Credit: hairxdime

Leaf scalp braids are one of those classic braid styles that never get old. Make your hair look magical by wearing these stylish leaf looks. They’re perfect for special occasions or even on a regular workday with your favorite outfit. 


16. Tied Up Simple and Neat Scalp Braids

Credit: iamlammyfae_

If you’re looking for an easy and quick scalp braids style, check out this school girl style braids. Tie all the braids at your crown using a cute elastic band. You can play or do any activity without the braids falling on your face!

17. Square Scalp Braids

Credit: theshaiieffect

The Square Braided style is a simple yet gorgeous way to wear hair. These braids have a square, box-like appearance, making them perfect for boys who want a sporty look. The square pattern is versatile and can be worn in long, medium, or even short lengths.

18. Thick Stitch Scalp Braids

Credit: precisionbraids901

Look at the gorgeous length and volume of these chunky stitch scalp braids! The style is easy to achieve and easy to maintain. When done right, these scalp braids look effortless and flattering.


19. Lemonade with Pink Beaded Scalp Braids

Credit: zelashairpalace

Just like your hair is a work of art, so is your baby girl’s hair. That’s why we often turn to hair accessories and braid patterns that are just as cute as sophisticated – like the one displayed here!

20. Fish Bone Cornrows Scalp braids

Credit: precisionbraids901

Fishbone scalp braids are protective, creative, and beautiful. It is a great summer hairstyle for young boys and girls. Plus, this hairstyle looks very trendy, giving kids an energetic look. Go and have some flare with this hairstyle!

21. Braided Buns with Stitch Scalp Braids

Credit: braidsby_ambermichelle

It’s a cute combination of different hairstyles that gives a playful and enthusiastic vibe. It makes you look so innocent yet oh-so-stylish without much effort. Also, it’s a perfect summer hairdo!


22. High Ponytail with Cornrow Scalp Braids

Credit: kinkichixsalon

A high ponytail gives you a chic, lively and sporty look by making you look taller and skinnier. And the best part, you don’t need an elastic band — just wrap some of the braids around your ponytail, and you are good to go!

23. Blue Cornrows Bun Scalp Braids

Credit: kosozapletator

This style is one of our favorites. Start by parting your hair into at least six sections. Then braid each section using blue extensions and work your way towards your crown area. Braid them together and wrap them into a bun when you are done. Have a fun date night in your new hairdo!

24. Zigzag Scalp Braids

Credit: naturallyroyalcrowns

In addition to being a pretty cool style, the zigzag pattern is a lot easier to create than it looks. A Zigzag braid is one of those hairstyles that speak a thousand words. It’s timeless. If you are searching for a braid style that requires less maintenance and effort yet has plenty of elegance, look no further than a zigzag braid!


25. Accessorized Pigtails Scalp Braids

Credit: da_braider

Colorful strings can turn any boring braid into a spectacular one. All you need is patience to weave a rainbow string into your scalp braid. Pigtails with bright strings will make girls look like princesses and feel confident at school or on a play date!

26. Dazzling Dutch Scalp Braids

Credit: anabestafricanhairbraiding

While regular Dutch braids are lovely, they can be pretty tame—especially if you want something that makes a statement. Consider taking your Dutch braiding skills to new heights with these dazzling Dutch scalp braids. The result is a stunning hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go!

27. Fulani Scalp Braids

Credit: outstandingbeautystudio

Check out these curly Fulani scalp braids if you’re looking for a natural look. This style features loose curls and can last for weeks. Perfect for long hair and those who want to try something new, these Fulani braids make for a gorgeous and uncomplicated hairdo.

28. Knotless Bob Scalp Braids

Credit:  _braidedbeauty

This knotless bob is perfect for women with short hair. It’s easy to maintain and looks super stylish. If you like to change your hairstyle often, then opt for these quick and chic scalp braids for your everyday wear. You won’t regret your choice!


29. Simple Sleek Scalp Braids

Credit: braidsbyduce

It is a relatively simple style, but it’s a great way to add elegance and sophistication to your look. With long and flowing length, these box braids are simply gorgeous. Choose a length that falls around your waist to flaunt off this braid style with grace.

30. Edgy One-Sided Scalp Braids

Edgy One-Sided Scalp Braids

Credit: themadisonmayyy

It goes well with naturally wavy hair featuring some side-swept scalp braids. It is a simple but edgy style that will let your hair be the main attraction at any event. Rock your partial up-do with the help of a few cute mini braids. It’s easy enough to do on yourself if you can’t find someone to do it for you.


Scalp braids are a popular and stylish way of beautifying your hair. With these various ideas and styles, you’ll surely come up with something that works for you! Try one of these new styles today if you’re looking for trendy and unique ways to braid your hair.

Lynn Pearson