41 Rubber band Hairstyles to Wear 

Hair is the messiest in the morning, and it can be an exhausting chore to manage it. Although it might not seem as important, a good first impression before the day starts is vital – sometimes, that simple ponytail will not work. 

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With some hairstyles too mature or too cheeky, styling your hair using rubber bands is a great look to pull off at least once a week without additional work. 

Rubber band hairstyles range from simple to a little eccentric, and it takes patience and interest to master them.

Ways of Styling Your Hair with Rubber Bands 

Using rubber bands to style your hair can be daunting, especially if you have no idea where to begin. Below are 41 unique hair- inspo goals ranging from kids’ summer hairstyles to office and evening wear for working women. 

1. Red and White Combination Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: __Styledbymesha_

The red and white rubber band hairstyle with braids is a protective hairstyle and can last a little longer. To carefully section off the hair’s front and crisscross it to secure it in place requires a little experience. The smaller box braids parting at the back with white and clear beads make it last longer as it can not unravel. 


2. Cornrow Connect with Rubber Band hairstyle

Credit: 19queen85

The Cornrow Connect hairstyle is a better option to manage smaller children’s hair without having to braid. It’s gentler on the scalp, and you can secure it easily by sectioning the hair one Cornrow at a time, starting from the front. Depending on the child’s age, a colorful rubber band gives a beautiful finished look.

3. Princess Daryana Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: My_Princess_Samara

The two-back rubber band sectioning is a simple 30-minute hairstyle. The divided sections are guided by the head’s shape and naturally fall into place. The colorful rubber bands at the bottom of each part are responsible for the butterfly effect style with a simple bubble at the finish.

4. Half Down Sew in Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: Getslayedbykayy

The half-down sew-in is a simple hairstyle that offers another option from the ponytail. The sides have a simple cornrow effect, while the middle is a crisscross style.  The hairstyle is best for teens and adults. The ends, although beautiful, are unsecured and do not need to be tagged on.


5. Pigtails Rubber Band Hairstyles With love Braids

Credit: So.Catute

The love braids are a popular hairstyle for kids and pre-teens.  Sectioning is done in 6 parts for the buildup of the love shape. Securing the rubber bands at the bottom of the braid accounts for an invisible loop finish, with the rest of the hair in pigtails. The middle rubber band hairstyle is easy to comb in place for an easy touchup and can be worn for longer.

6. Stitch Rubber Band Hairstyles with cornrows

Credit: Braids_By_Brittany_

The stitch braid rubber band hairstyle has a small love shape in the middle as the center falls beautifully on the face. The alternating stitch and cornrow ponytail hairstyles make for a simple protective hairstyle.

7. Real Quick Rubber Band Low Ponytail Hairstyle With Braids

Credit: So.Catute

The low ponytail rubber band hairstyle is an easy 10-minute hairstyle to try. Using rubber bands at the bottom of each section makes it easy to braid each part to its tip before carefully securing it at the back in a low ponytail. 

8. Pinkie Heart Rubber Band Hairstyles with a bow

Credit: Mi_Princesa_Samara

The pinkie heart rubber band hairstyle is a well-thought-out hairstyle that needs the expertise to section each hair at the ends for evenness. The secret is to start with a well-oiled or gelled-down middle section to make the love rubber band section pop up. Use pins to secure the love part in the middle. The bow will give the look more detail and hide the pins.


9. ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: Braidsambassador

The crisscross rubber band boho locs includes four criss-cross parts with a stitched braid dividing each part.  The rubber band sectioning is smaller, thus working as a protective style that holds out longer. A gel is used heavily to achieve the hairstyle, but the distressed locs at the end hold it in place and make it look cleaner. 

10. Cute Hairstyle with Loose Hair Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: My_Princess_Samara

The cute loose hairstyle is simple and needs only two small parts at its side to make the style work. Each section has three rubber band stages at the bottom for a clean and clear cut at the middle and end for color. To secure it laying it on the bigger side of the sectioning is easy. A pin is used to secure it at the bottom and out of sight.

11. Mixed Girl Rubber Band Hairstyles with Twists

Credit: Kamoralove33

Small kids do better with bigger sections of rubber bands as it’s easy, cute, and takes less time. This look sections the head in three parts, and the criss-cross hairstyle is easy to pull off. The hairstyle requires twisting the ends and doesn’t require the use of gel, making it long-lasting and mess-free.

12. Two Cornrow Rubber Band Hairstyles 

Credit: Themanestylist_

The two cornrow hairstyles are easy to do. Unfortunately, it does not last long due to its sides unraveling. The criss-cross offers an alternative as the four parts on each side are secured firmly at the bottom with colorful rubber bands before braiding it to its tip. They are joined to the main braid at the side before braiding normally.


13. Heart Braid Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: So.Catute

The heart braid rubber band hairstyle needs fine, straight hair for a cleaner look. Each part is simple and has a rubber band at the bottom before joining the next part. The style requires a little time to have the side section finished. The main love hairstyle has two main parts with twin ponytail bows, hiding and securing its ends.

14. Crisscross Medium Knotless Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Braidedbylonna

Knotless braids are popular since they are lighter and free the head from the beat of box braids. Pairing it with a rubber band crisscross hairstyle at the front cuts on time, and it’s easy on the edges. The more professional the look, the less colorful the rubber bands.

15. Bae Recreation Look Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Nomiibraids

The rubber band-themed hairstyle is a girly look that punctuates large stitch braids with the criss-cross hairstyle. A gel is necessary for the rubber bands and stitches the sections with a braided back to last longer. It’s easy to retouch the front.

16. Pink Balls Love Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: My_Princess_Samara

The pink balls love rubber band hairstyle is different as the parting part is the most important to create a love image. By sectioning it in three, it’s easy to start with the triangle part before the square with round edges to complete it. The hair needs to be heavily oiled or lightly gelled. The pink balls at the end make for beautiful pigtails accessories.


17. Medium Stitch and Rubber Band Hairstyle

Credit: Enhancedbydes

The medium-sized low ponytail stitch braid is a simple yet long-lasting hairstyle. Braids are added to each step. The hairstyle starts with a beautiful stitch cornrow before the braided cornrow to keep the edges safe. Using colorful bands will pop it, drawing attention to the love braided hairstyle at the sides.

18. Easy Pea In A Pod With Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: My_Princess_Samara

The pea in a pod rubber band hairstyle is punctuated with rubber bands and love beads. Working with its two side sections, each rubber band is alternated with the colorful love beads to match. Placement is done across the rest of the neatly combed area for the finished look.

19. Elastic Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: So.Catute

The loose love hairstyle with bands is a professional hairstyle for kids that needs precision to pull off. For added color, alternate the rubber band colors on the simple cornrow styles towards the sides to make way for a simple love section in the middle. A bow will secure the little hair sections in place.

20. No Braiding Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: Hairstyle_Little_Tijeritas

The hairstyle is a unique look that does not concentrate hair on the face area. It comprises two main sections, and each section is subdivided further into a four-part braiding style with no braiding. When putting the band, secure it down the root – it will look neater and last longer.


21. Criss-Cross Braided Buns with Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: Royald_Braidz

Stitch braids are more worn on adults or pre-teens than kids due to their long-lasting nature. With a mature look to it, criss-cross rubber band stylings down the middle make it more kid-friendly and colorful.

22. Natural Hair Freestyle Cornrow Styling with Rubber Band

Credit: Jljstyles

Cornrowing hairstyles are great for kids. Braiding it and adding beads at the end make the hairstyle kid-friendly. However, the uniqueness of the criss-cross hairstyle in the middle of cornrows makes it unique. Sticking to two complementary colors and one for the rubber band makes the style ideal for a professional look.

23. Colorful Unique Rubber Band Ponytail Hairstyle 

Credit: emerald_the_creative_gem

Ponytails don’t have to be boring for a summer day. Using different rainbow-colored rubber bands makes it easy to achieve a colorful look. By securing each using a pin towards the middle, the hairstyle is easy to accomplish in a ponytail. Since it’s high, it does not tag at the edges, making it low maintenance.

24. Rubber Band with Two Colored Box Braids

Credit: Kay3onthembraids

The hairstyle is divided into two parts. The front comprises four main sections, each in a criss-cross rubber band style. Each unit has a different color combination of blue and yellow, with all four having the same. Big box braids of two colors are at their back and are joined at the middle with a fruit transition.


25. Half and Half Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Braidgeek18

The half and half hairstyle is easy for those looking for longer-lasting wear.  For an added character, the sides have the covered love parting.  Braids are joined at the very end of each cross-section to transition fluidly.

26. Cornrow & Rubber Band Hairstyles with Puffy Braids

Credit: Kids.Hair.Space

The hairstyle is simply breathtaking as it considers three types of stylings. It is perfect for kids with sensitive front hairlines. Two cornrows are braided at the front, with each side having a jumbo braid. The middle and back sections have a multicolored rubber band hairstyle at the bottom of each section. Puffy braids or extensions secure the sections in place to last longer.

27. Kids Crown Adjusted Knotless Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Goddess.Handz

The hairstyle is perfect for summer and kids looking too deep in the ocean without stripping all oils from the hair. The same kind of rubber bands and beads at the end are used to match. The longer the hair, the more the beads to use. Avoid using beads at the front section – it weighs the hair follicles down.

28. Simple Natural Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: Lani_Loves1210

The hairstyle is simple as each parting is similar to jumbo sorting. Using a rubber band at the bottom of each makes sure the hair does not unravel. Connecting the strands through a zigzag motion makes it one masterpiece, with each part separated into puffy pigtails.


29. 30’ Ponytail with Crisscross Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Naturalqueenstylin

Black rubber band hairstyles make a simple hairstyle look high-end. The black rubber bands make for a cleaner partitioning without drawing attention from the hairstyle itself. Although the look is simple, each section needs to be brushed to look like the extension of the rest of the hair.

30. Comfortable and Fresh Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Braidsbox_And_More_By_Steph

The hairstyle is simple and comfortable since it does not tag the natural hairline. Use a zig-zag partition in the middle section for a little touch of sophistication. The first and second joint transition into a twist braid before being secured by a rubber band at the ends to avoid untwisting.

31. Half Braid with Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: So.Catute

The braid hairstyle is mainly bread for those who want it out of their face. Starting at the middle, a simple half braid to the middle of the head divides the head into two parts.  Subdivide the two areas into two additional sections, and use two different rubber bands to section off the two jumbo areas (each side having its color).

32. Ponytail Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: Theelovelystar31

The ponytail with rubber bands is a protective style you can wear for up to 2 weeks. With the front area stitch braided, the back part sectioning has predominantly two parts. Each smaller part is twisted in place as a whole to ensure there are no running hairs. The hair is braided in place in a ponytail.


33. Stitch Rubber Band with Pigtails Hairstyle

Credit: stylesbybriel

The stitch hairstyle is similar to stitch braided hairstyles, just without the braiding. Each stitch has a rubber band at the base before being added to the next section and gelled. With neatness important, the hair is punctuated by Fulani braid types falling on either side of the face accessories with multiple bead colors.

34. Multi-Colored Rubber Band Hairstyles with Twists

Credit: braidsnthings_bykenya

The multi-colored hairstyle is a great replacement for the braided ponytail. By sectioning each part smaller, it’s easy to grip the hair more and use rubber bands to hold it in place (without using any gel). The look alternates multiple colors before securing them with ball hairpin accessories at the top. 

35. Starter Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: Bookedandbusy_Hair

The starter rubber band hairstyle is easy and simple enough…all you need is to section the parts equally. Short hair is best suited for the style as joining towards the back makes it longer and flawless. Using at least two colors gives the hair its character.

36. Rubber Band Hairstyle with Two Stitch Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Hairbyk.___

The two stitch side by side hairstyle with a central and back rubber band hairstyle is different from the norm. The style boasts of a wide stitch braid style at the front. The rubber band sections start smaller, thus neater, and criss-cross beautifully into a braided ponytail braided to its tip.


37. Fishtail Ponytail Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids

Credit: So.Catute

The Fishtail rubber band looks similar to a fish. A simple curved hairstyle from the central part of the head towards one side. The middle section to work with is then divided into multiple sections, each with a different rubber band color to create a fish-like look.

38. Social Friday Braids Hairstyles with Rubber Band

Credit: naypayton

Colorful small box braids are beautiful and long-lasting. By sectioning the rubber band parts just as small, it’s easy to join the parts into the back with braids of the same size. Each part has different rubber band colors for great conversation starters.

39. Rubber Band Hairstyles with Braids for Short Hair

Credit: So.Catute

Your hair does not need to be long or in braids to pull off the Rubber Band look. Starting with a simple fishtail braid, leave the area of the rubber band clearly defined at its center. Section the fish-like part in the middle starting from the forehead area. Ensure that the parts are clear with different band colors. Connect each part directly to the ponytail with one strand into the next to avoid loosening and unraveling.

40. Side Rubber Band Hairstyles with Center Pigtails

Credit: My_Princess_Samara

Side colorful rubber band hairstyles are beautiful and colorful. Each section should be a third bigger than its previous one starting from the center. Each section should have bright colors dividing the parts. Section the remaining middle part in two parts, making a pig rail in each. Ensure no dangling hairs before finishing the look with butterfly accessories.


41. Flower Rubber Band Hairstyles

Credit: My_Princess_Samara

The flowery hairstyle is simple and flows to the back. The sections start from the middle and off to either side of the ear. Each section is then twisted after parting it in two ways, then joined to the next rubber band section. Each part is carefully secured with flowery pins, making the hairstyle look artistic.


Why Rubber Band Hairstyles?  

Rubber band hairstyles are deemed summer hairstyles due to their playful and colorful nature. Rubber bands can be used to create endless patterns by sectioning hair in parts making simple hairstyles look a little bit elaborate. 

With different hairstyles to choose from, rubber band-themed styles can never go out of style. 

When choosing a particular style, it’s vital to look at your facial structure, hair length, and type of style that will enhance your physical beauty. The choice will determine how long the style will hold, its overall protectiveness of hair follicles, and how long its maintenance will take. 

How Do You Put Rubber Bands in Your Hair? 

Largely, using rubber bands depends on the type of hair. Caucasians and Asians with straight hair (that does not detangle) need to oil their hair lightly before using rubber bands. Textured hair needs a little bit more steps. 

Detangle the hair before applying gel and brush it to lay it down before wearing the band. How

Is it Bad to Put a Rubber Band on Your Hair? 

Specific rubber bands are manufactured for hair and help wearers avoid hair breakage. Unlike the normal rubber bands, they are more elastic and have a silicone feeling (The normal ones have a rubbery feel). 

Unfortunately, rubber bands for hair can cause some damage without proper care. Rubber bands should only be placed in hair with oil, which is a little moist. Dry hair will manipulate easily and break. 

Do not wear rubber band hairstyles for too long as they will start coiling around the band and eventually lead to hair breakage when taking them down. 

How Do You Get Rubber Bands Out of Your Hair? 

You should never rush the process of getting rubber bands out of your hair. If you have worn a hairstyle for three days or less, start by spraying the hair with an oil base. This makes the elastic band slip from the hair easily when you lightly tag on it. 

However, if you have worn the hair for some time, carefully cutting the bands is safer to avoid breakage as tangling will have started. The longer the installation period, the moisture and oil the hair needs to be. To prevent cutting hair, seek professional assistance.   

Can you Put Rubber Bands in your Hair? 

The decision to put rubber bands in your hair by yourself is determined by various things. If the hairstyle is partial and covers the front part of the head, then it’s possible to do it yourself. 

If the hairstyle has some crossings and is smaller, a stylist can help you. If the hairstyle covers the whole head and is hard to reach, a professional stylist will be better.

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