34 Irresistible Rose Gold Nail Looks

Showing you the best and most beautiful of rose gold nails. When we are deciding on a nail color and are wanting something fine and luxurious for most, gold and silver come to mind. However, if we dig a little deeper a third and more rare addition can be made. If you guessed rose gold, you’re right. Gold and silver are classic nail shades but rose gold possesses something a little more special due to its unique nature. 

Today, rose gold can be found in a vast array of products. Rose gold is no longer solely associated with jewelry, but also with goods such as laptops, phones, makeup, stationery products, home décor and yes, nail polish. 

When it comes to rose gold nails the possibilities are endless. You may be only able to conceive of the standard one-shade manicure but in this article, we are going to show you just how versatile this color can be. 

1. Rose Gold & Sparkly Nails 

Credit: Teainhand

To start, we thought we’d go with a classic nail that you can never go wrong with. When it comes to nails, sparkles will always be your friend and rose gold is no exception. This darker rose gold is rich and sultry and the additional white heart gives the overall look an added flirtatious feel.


2. A Subtle Statement Rose Gold Nails 

Credit: Kd.Nailsbeauty

Sometimes, just a touch of sparkle is enough to do the trick. For a glamorous yet understated manicure, try adding a rose gold shimmer to only two of your nails. This is perfect for those who want to try, but not look as though they’re trying too hard.

3. Valentine’s Rose Gold Nails 

Credit: Emily.Nailed_It

Another fun interpretation of the trend is this Valentine’s-inspired nail look. The single painted rose gold nail gives the perfect amount of pop and nothing says romance quite like sparkly hearts and kisses. 

4. Astrological Rose Gold Nails 

Credit: Sabio_Sage

“What’s your sign? I’m a Pisces”… okay, okay enough of Justin Bieber. If stargazing, horoscopes and constellations is your thing then you’re going to love this nail look. The rose gold nail art is fun and unique and the beige polish provides the ideal understated backdrop. 

5. Rose Gold & Pink Manicure 

Credit: Sadierose.Nails

Bring out your sweet side with this cute and glittery nail look. Rose gold can be very flattering when combined with other colors and we are loving this rose gold and blush pink duo. And the hearts and stripes are just what we needed for that top-tier finish. 


6. Simping Over Silver & Rose Gold Nails 

Credit: Cacciottisonia6

It isn’t just rose gold and pink that look great together, silver also makes a great accent color. This look is all about mixing and matching. Silver french tips, solid silver nails and rose gold designs create the perfect palette for any fit.

7. Rose Gold Ombré & French Tip Manicure 

Credit: Nailsby.Lc

For a unique experience, opt for an acrylic nail that utilizes both the french tip and ombré techniques. With its minimalist design and touch of sparkle, this rose gold manicure is subtle and elegant. 

8. Rose Gold Crush Nails 

Credit: Nailsbyemmatodd

Okay, we are seriously crushing on this manicure. If you’re planning on attending a party anytime soon then these rose gold sparkles are just what you need. And you can never have enough miniature hearts.

9. Crazy For Curves Rose Gold Manicure 

Credit: Missb8585

Minimalist nail art is having a moment and we aren’t complaining. Flattering curves and icons such as tiny hearts provide the perfect understated touch to any nail look. Oh and this rose gold and barbie pink combo is everything.

10. Retro Rose Gold Nails 

Credit: Chariyasbeautybar

Now, this color trio is to die for. Rose gold sparkles, white and baby pink are giving us just the right amount of bright and beautiful that we need for the upcoming summer months. And can we please talk about how stunning these designs are?


11. Rose Gold Marble Manicure 

Credit: Nailzbyfifiona

If you’re having trouble deciding on a nail design then marble is always a great choice. It’s a classic, creative and fun look that will bring any rose gold manicure to the next level. Pair it with a neutral base for the perfect contrast. 

12. Marble & More Rose Gold Nail Design 

Credit: Drnailsandbeauty

Or, for a greater statement, try pairing the marble print with other colors and textures such as rose gold sparkles and blush pink. This manicure is feminine and artistic.

13. Rose Gold Tiger Print Nails

Credit: Justimaginenails

If “too much” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary then this wild and eccentric acrylic nail is for you. I mean rose gold tiger print? Rhinestones, pearls and sparkles? If this doesn’t say I’m ready for anything then I don’t know what does.

14. Rose Gold Vintage Vibes Nails 

Credit: Inspirednailstudio

There is something about rose gold that just says “vintage”. The rose gold floral print captures this feeling perfectly as it hints at timeless textures and fabrics. The antiquity of this print is adorned interestingly by modern and youthful pink and purple sparkles. The diamonds finish off the look perfectly with their elegant and luxurious essence. 

15. Rose Gold Minimalist Nails

Credit: _Gelsbyemma

We mentioned before that the minimalist aesthetic has received significant attention in pop culture as of late. This manicure represents the trend perfectly. The subtle french tip and the ever so slight touch of rose gold at the base of the nails are simple but at the same time delicate and beautiful. 


16. A French Twist Rose Gold Manicure 

Credit: Miathelabel_

Or, if one french tip doesn’t suit your fancy, then perhaps two might do the trick. Like the previous manicure, this rose gold nail look is all about minimalism. Ensuring you keep your nails short is another great way to wear this aesthetic. 

17. Starlight Rose Gold Nails

Credit: Pinkcandystudio1

These glitter french tips are just what this mani needed to reinforce the neutral tones of the rose gold stars. The pale pink base also provides a simple and understated foundation for the look. 

18. Rose Gold Heart Nails 

Credit: Anetaujwary

A long, acrylic nail is the perfect shape for this fun and glittery manicure. Rose gold sparkles are simply a must when it comes to a flirty and romantic nail and the peek-a-boo heart complements the overall aesthetic wonderfully. 

19. Rose Gold Sweet As Sugar Manicure 

Credit: Made_By_Rachel_Burns

Speaking of hearts, why not try the look with a reversed french tip? For an element of glitz and glam make sure to use a sparkly polish. To elevate the look even further, try a subtle marble effect on one of the nails.

20. Rose Gold Petals Nails 

Credit: Ana.Karen.Nails

“Roses are red, violets are blue, this nail is gorg, and so are you!”. Okay, too much? For real though, we can’t get enough of this gorgeous and glamorous french tip. It’s romantic and timeless, just like rose gold.


21. A Touch Of Rose Gold Nails 

Credit: The.Nail.Garden.Est2020

Who said the rose gold on a rose gold nail had to be the focal point? This pink mani is stunning and the subtlety of the rose gold captured by the heart is the perfect touch. Summer is coming and this nail will be a must for the warmer months.

22. Rose Gold Love Nails 

Credit: Alejapieknakielce

Rose gold originates partially from gold so it’s not surprising that the two colors compliment each other so well. For a simple and elegant look apply a sparkly french tip to two of the nails. Then, for that element of “amour” add the word “love” and a matching stripe to the remaining nails.

23. Pink Paradise Nails 

Credit: Nail_Studio_Garden_Retreat

Can you ever have too much pink in your life? We don’t think so. With its hints of rose gold and blush pink, this mani is a pink-lovers paradise. The heart is just a bonus. 

24. Rose Gold Diamond Nail Design 

Credit: Nailsxkasy

Depending on how it’s produced, rose gold can come in many different shades. This particular variant is more copper-based and therefore provides a more neutral palette for the manicure. With the accent design being diamonds, this creates the perfect balance.  

25. Rose Gold & Rhinestone Nails 

Credit: Paznokcieoliwki

French tips are great for when you don’t want something too over the top. But if you feel like your french manicure could use a little pizzazz then a simple set of rhinestones along the base of your nails is just what you need. 


26. Rotating Rose Gold Nails

Credit: Creative.Glamour

Rotating between a french tip and a fully polished sparkly nail can be a fun and creative way to give you that bit of change you’ve been looking for. Using different types of glitter and applying a glossy top coat will make it that much better.

27. Black & Rose Gold Manicure 

Credit: Gemma_C_Labellenails

We know that rose gold and gold look great together but we are loving the rose gold and black duo. Black is a great way to make any look edgy and this design is so cool.

28. Lady Boss Nails 

Credit: Da.Nailsmx

If the center stage is where you feel comfortable then this is the nail look for you. Nothing says confidence like long nails, sparkles and elaborate designs in rhinestones. 

29. Rose Gold Metallic Nails 

Credit: Pankowskaaewelina

For another throwback try these ‘80s-inspired metallic nails. This decade was all about bold colors and cool textures and this ultra-bright rose gold is giving just that. And why not go all the way and add some gems?

30. Delicate Rose Gold Striped Nails

Credit: Tundinails.Szeged

In contrast, these nails are the height of effortless chic. If you’ve seen the “it girl” aesthetic on social media and want to achieve that “I didn’t even try” look then throwing a rose gold stripe here and there (strategically of course- but we don’t want people to know that) is the way to go.


31. Diva Nails 

Credit: Nailfienellie

We couldn’t do an article on rose gold nails without incorporating a hot pink-inspired look. Not only is hot pink an iconic shade of the ‘80s but it’s also an it color this season. Channel your inner diva and get this bold and sparkly look now.

32. Rose Gold Swirl Nail Design 

Credit: Nails.Tokajirenata

Another way to create that “wow factor” with rose gold nails is by adding a swirl pattern. Finish off the look with diamonds and sparkles and you’ll be turning heads in no time. 

33. Subtle Rose Gold Swirl Nails 

Credit: Bhogannailedit

If the bright pink hues of the previous manicure were too much for you, then tone down your rose gold mani with a lighter and more neutral shade. Add only a few diamonds and swirls to give your ootd the perfect touch of glamour. 

34. Minnie Mouse Manicure 

Credit: Your_Nail_Inspire

Okay, our inner child is screaming right now. Rose gold sparkles and baby pink nails are the perfect pairing for this fun and youthful nail look. And if you tell us that Minnie Mouse illustration isn’t adorable, you’re lying. Whether you’re planning a trip to Disney or simply love retro cartoons then you’re not going to want to miss out on these nails. 



What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a blend of gold, copper and silver. Silver is used to provide the overall finish with a shine and copper is what gives rose gold its reddish hue. If you’ve ever seen rose gold you’ll notice its color is subtle but also romantic and elegant. This is likely why it has so significantly grown in popularity over the last couple of centuries.

Where Does Rose Gold Come From?

Rose gold was first used in 19th century Russia by a jeweler named Carl Faberge. The new and luxurious color began gaining popularity and was soon being worn by the upper class across the globe. This was especially prevalent during the 1920s in America when women lavished themselves with rose gold as a symbol of their status. 

You can also thank the well-known jewelry brand Cartier for the rising popularity of rose gold as they too played a significant role in their production of rose gold pieces. 

Rose gold is a timeless and luxurious color that will never go out of style. Although it possesses a reddish hue, the neutral undertones allow it to be styled in an innumerable amount of ways. Whether you’re wearing your rose gold nails with a simple gloss finish or you decide to go all the way with diamond embellishments, this nail look will never let you down. 

Brittney Scott