41 Red Nail Designs You’ll Fall in Love With

Are you red-dy to fall in love with these nail designs? The versatility of the color red is vast and endless, and these 41 represent its range beautifully. Whether you want something sugary sweet, or dark and edgy, you’re sure to find your perfect set here.

In the vast world of colors and color combinations you can go for when you get your nails done, it’s only right for you to make your way back home to a shade of red every once in a while. The classic color is arguably the most popular shade to varnish your fingernails with, and those who have ever tried it out can attest to its appeal.

A color meant to be eye-catching and bright, even going the simple route and rocking a traditional red manicure can emit the energy of an intricately created design. However, the tables turn when you go for a more complex pattern- as an elaborate red pattern can look even more elevated than other nail looks.

What are red nail designs?

Simply put, red nail designs are basically when the color red is the focus of the nail look! Whether it’s the only color used, or it’s the shade that ties the look together, there’s no way you can use red in your nail look and have it go unnoticed.

The color of danger and blood, while also representing unbridled love and passion, there’s truly no ensemble that the color red can’t make better. Regardless of what kind of message you’re trying to send with your set of nails, there’s one thing you can count on: you will feel powerful.

If that kind of guaranteed confidence boost isn’t enough to send you flying out the door to your nail artist right now, maybe a quick scroll through these sinfully stunning red manicures will serve as the inspiration you need!

1. Powerpuff Red Nails

Credit: ivoilanails

If you’re looking for a set of nails that’ll have you leaving love with every single touch, this is definitely the nail look for you! The heart explosion accent nail reminds us fondly of the Powerpuff Girls intro that so many of us grew up with, adding that touch of nostalgia that will have people remembering your nail design as fondly as they do the good old days.


2. Heart On Your Sleeve Nails

Credit: monikammakeup

If you’re looking for a beginner nail design that still looks striking, trying your hand at dotting tool hearts is a great way to start. With red being the traditional color for heart designs, this set of nail art looks cohesive and balanced. 

Simply use a mini nail dotting tool (or toothpick!), dip it in your red varnish, place two dots next to each other, and then drag each one gently to form a point.

3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water Nails

Credit: nailswithmelissa_x

With a thin nail brush, nude and red polish, and some gold foil, you can have yourself a nail look worthy of a red carpet premiere! The star of this look is the stunning line of go foils, which act as a divider between an angled red tip and a nude base underneath.

4. Keep It Blooming Nails

Credit: nailedbyjazzie

For someone looking to turn heads, there are few styles on this list that are as striking as this set of nails! Featuring 3D flower decals, speckled with rhinestone centers, and nail piercings on the second finger- this isn’t a design for the wallflower, but it is one for the bell of the ball!

5. Staying Wavy Nails

Credit: e_artnails

If you’re looking for a stunning design that looks good on short nails, you can’t go wrong with playing with negative space. One of the best things about this design is the fact that it can be achieved by the nail novice! A paddle brush is the best tool for this design. There’s no rhyme or reason for the placement of the waves, so feel free to make as many or as few as your heart tells you!


6. Hearts On Fire Nails

Credit: nailsbykirstenchanel

For the royally inclined, we think that this nail set is your next go-to! Intricately designed, featuring different shades of red, and accented with a thin gold striper- there’s a deeply rooted sense of power in this nail design that will have you turning heads when you walk in the room.

7. Candy Striper Nails

Credit: coronita.nails

Though some people may associate the color red with power and pride, it’s also the main color of Christmas time! To celebrate accordingly, don the cheery color on your fingers, with each nail taking on its own wintertime theme! Snowflakes, candy canes, and sparkles galore- this look will have you feeling merry all winter long.

8. Red Red Wine Nails

Credit: the_nailhouse

It’s incredible what a glossy top coat and some meticulously placed jewels can achieve! The key to making this set of nails look more mature is by choosing a cool-toned, deep red shade. This is a look for the ultra-classy, someone looking to tap into that inner confidence we all want to emanate in our day-to-day endeavors!

9. Stay Sharp Nails

Credit: am.glams

This look isn’t for the faint of heart! Taking the plunge and going for a long and sharp nail design may take some getting used to, but the pep in your step and the independent vibes you’ll leave behind you with each clack of your shoes are unforgettable. Plus, who can resist the look of a sharp diamond accent nail? Certainly not us!

10. Firetruck Red Nails

Credit: thenailroomattleborough

Someone break out the extinguisher because these nails are on FIRE! Unlike the cool-toned red manicure, opting for something with a warm orange tone is definitely the shade to go for in the summertime. Why? The almost citrus-looking shade pairs well with the tan skin you’ll have from spending every day under the sun’s rays!


11. Storybook Of Love Nails

Credit: superszponki

Though this look was meant for Valentine’s Day, there’s something so wearable and admirable about it that we think this look would be beautiful all year long. We’re not sure if it’s the encapsulated red glitter, the 3D white decals that give the look an almost baroque air, or the sliver of red that elevate the classic french tip- but we’re sure that this look will have us staring at our fingers all day long.

12. A Flowery Touch Nails

Credit: maginailtech

When you’re trying out nail art for the first time, thinking of doing a floral design can be a bit of a scary thought. It’s easy to think that flowers are a complex design, but there are so many ways to go about creating them- like this one that involves a slew of thin lines in corresponding colors! This is definitely a design with more of an artist’s finish but it’s beautiful nonetheless!

13. Love At First Sight Red Nails

Credit: meraki_nails_cardiff

This look can be achieved with foil stickers for a metallic look, or a metallic-based red polish. However, if you’re going for an eye-catching finish, make sure you seal the look in with a glossy top coat! The best base for this look ranges from clear to baby pink, but you can even go for a tan or brown base for some contrast!

14. Call Me Classic Nails

Credit: lauraturnerbeauty

Growing your nails out to long lengths can be a timely process, but you don’t have to sacrifice a cute design just because you have short nails in the meantime! There’s something about the traditional cherry red polish that looks gorgeous on all different kinds of nail lengths, especially short, square nails.

15. Traditional Tattoo Nails

Credit: wheelynailson

Embody the look of traditional tattoo designs but in a less permanent way! You can achieve this look with a super steady hand, or with the help of a patient nail artist. However, whichever way you go about replicating this look will leave you with a stunning finish. To keep things looking extra edgy, top things off with a matte top coat.


16. New Years Countdown

Credit: candy4nails

There’s something about the look of orange confetti nails that simulates the look of the champagne bubbles in your New Years glass! Paired with a red accent nail that boasts super cute firework designs, and a thumb that’s ready for the strike of midnight, these nails are ready for auld lang syne!

17. Sweet Like Candy Nails

Credit: alyshanailartist

Though some may be quick to assume that the colors pink and red should never be paired together, we question their beliefs when we see looks like this! These colors work so well together because they’re both in the same cool-toned color family. If you keep shades in the same warm tones or cool tones, then it doesn’t matter what designs you choose- you’ll look harmonious!

18. A Very Merry Christmas Nail

Credit: nailsbytracy83

You only need two colors to pull this look off, and it’ll have people talking about your look throughout December! To achieve this stunning winter-esque design, you’ll need a red polish, an opaque white, and your choice of dotting tools. Our biggest piece of advice would be to let your red base shade dry completely before placing white on top of it, or you’ll risk smearing the polish.

19. Shimmering Snow Nails

Credit: crystal_bond

Let’s be honest, a candy cane striped nail will never go out of style. Though we love the look of it, we have to admit that the real star of this nail design is the snowflake-capped french tip! You could do a plain red color for the base of your nails when you recreate this design, but we think that choosing a thinly milled red glitter gives it that Christmas time feel that’s perfect for the season.

20. Ruby Red Nails

Credit: nailsby_daaissy

If it’s boujee you want, it’s boujee you’ll get! The decals on this nail design are stunning, and fill up the space with the angled french tip in an innovative way. The best part of this nail design is that, while it looks complex, all you need is a pair of tweezers, some nail glue, and some differently sized nail jewels to bring a once classic mani to modern heights!


21. A Shimmering Undercurrent Nails

Credit: rockstarnailsaruba

Though a glittering french tip is always in style, you may find that changing the tide and swiping some glitter on the base of your nail gives you a whole brand new personality! For a complimenting glitter shade that is a little more understated than gold, a silver polish with warm-toned flecks can be just as fitting.

22. Hot Chili Nails

Credit: enhance_nailsandbeautyexmouth

High gloss and high shine make this traditional red mani so sought after. While this could look good on all lengths and shapes, the slight taper of the nails pictured gives this nail design such an elegant touch. It’s modern enough of a color to be wearable today but timeless enough to be worn by all age groups!

23. An Ornamental Touch Nails

Credit: paulie_littlebat

Can you say cute? We are absolutely in love with the little Christmas gnome who’s made a home on the left ring finger and think that he pairs beautifully with the look of the red ornament on the opposing hand. It just goes to show you that you don’t necessarily need candy canes and peppermint to design a successful Christmas manicure!

24. Let’s Go Disco Red Nails

Credit: rodri.beauty

Holographic nail sheets are the perfect way to bring some glow to your manicure! The best part about them is that they’re incredibly forgiving. You could be the worst at painting your nails, but the minute you smooth on a metallic red foil- no one can be the wiser.

25. Silky Satin Nails

Credit: mycloliva

With how lusciously smooth and velvety these nails look, it’s no wonder why we’re hoping you use them as inspiration for your next manicure! This is the best achieved gel polish, specifically with a velvet finish top coat, so make sure your nail artist has it on hand for the best results.


26. String Lights and Cold Nights Nails

Credit: emily_beautydesigns

There’s nothing that screams Christmas quite as much as some multicolored string lights! Luckily for nail artists, they’re super easy to replicate on your nails too- all you need is a striper and a dotting tool. To make things easier, find vibrant polishes that are super pigmented and opaque (we’re huge fans of neon colors for this look!).

27. The Night Before Christmas Nails

Credit: lasher.id

This is definitely a set of nails for someone who’s a little more patient with their nail art! Due to the intricacy of this design, we think this would be a fun nail look to practice on press-on nails, but depending on your level of confidence or ambidexterity, you can rock the gingerbread design from one nail, to all 10!

28. Keeping It Glitzy Nails

Credit: whatsnailbeauty

Among the most classic color combination in nail history are gold and red, and it’s clear to see why! We love this look because it’s minimal enough to be worn every single day, and can be dressed up or down depending on your wardrobe! Don’t forget the cute line of gold bead decals on the thumb for a balanced touch!

29. Wrapped In A Bow Christmas Nails

Credit: beautyblends_co

The unsung hero of this look has to be the flittery ornament on both ring fingers, which is so darn cute and easy to recreate that you’ll want to paint them on all of your nails! The candy cane stripes are super easy to recreate as well, while the snowflakes all depend on your skill set! For something simple, you can always draw some white x’s to represent some sparkle.

30. Feeling Hearty Nails

Credit: erickasnailss

Looking for layers? While this look doesn’t utilize a rich red nail varnish, it does leave you with a passionate touch through the use of shimmering heart-shaped confetti! Pair those with some corresponding jewels and a muted red striper, and you have yourself a look worthy of a double take!


31. A Floral Christmas Nails

Credit: erickasnailss

Mend together springtime florals and Christmas peppermints

32. Champagne Pop Nails

Credit: andreas_nails_beauty

From the shade of red to the bronzy gold, to the rectangular shape of this set of nails, there’s an air of elegance and class to this design that make it so stunning to look at. We love this look for the wintertime, especially if you’re not a fan of Christmas caricatures on your nail art, as it still looks festive in an understated way!

33. For The Hippie Nails

Credit: nail.wtf

A burnt-orange/red hybrid is the stunning shade on this set of nail art! Choose an accent nail (or two) to draw on some geometric shapes in this color, let it dry, and then with a gentle hand (or a nail stamp), cover the shape with a leaf design of your choice. For contrast and a more Earthy feel, top those accent nails with a matte coat.

34. Geometric Red Nails

Credit: fridaselkirk

Pairing a plum with a bright red may be an unconventional color combination, but they work so well together it would be a shame not to take a chance on them! If you’re not a fan of the purple tones, you can always go for a deep, cool-toned red paired with a bright, cool-toned red to achieve the look without potential clashing.

35. A Bit Of A Spark Nails

Credit: trach_mua

A classic red manicure is taken to brand new levels with a touch of gold and a couple of smartly placed decals. It goes to show you how simple it is to make extravagant-looking nail designs. Even better, you don’t need to be too skilled in nail art to recreate a look like this, too!


36. A Heart Shaped Space Nails

Credit: heidionails

Though this nail art will fool others into thinking you spent hours carefully outlining the shape of a heart on your nails, it can be achieved just as easily with a nail art brush and some polish remover! Simply paint your nails red, and use a brush to carve out the design. Be gentle and light-handed for the neatest results!

37. Chrysalis Nails

Credit: fabeautyartistry

We think this look encaptures the edgy feel of the color red beautifully. Firstly, the shade that this nail artist chose is so deep that it’s almost blood-red in sheen, so it pairs beautifully with the black tone they chose as well. The almost monarch, tortoiseshell type of design they used is traditionally soft, so this set of nails offers a beautiful contrast that toes the line between light and dark.

38. There’s No Place Like Home Nails

Credit: michelles.nailart

Channel your inner Dorothy and find your way home with this sweet nail design. To keep the sparkles on your accent nails from budging, use a strong strength top coat to stick the sparkles on, allow it to dry, and then seal them in place with another layer of that top coat. For added security, reapply this coat every 3 days.

39. Sweater Weather Nails

Credit: nailhustle

There are few things more Christmas-esque than the feel of a chunky knit sweater on your body. Translate that coziness onto your fingertips with this easy-to-recreate sweater nail art! The red and white colors make it perfect for the season, and while the design looks complex, all it takes is a couple of swipes of a thin striping tool.

40. Tree Of Love Nails

Credit: neat_nails.karolina

We are so in love with how beautiful this look is- and we’re even more in love with how easy it is to do it yourself! Consider this your perfect chance to practice those mini dotting tool hearts we mentioned earlier- and with them acting as the leaves on the tree on your middle finger, you’ll happily paint on as many as it takes to keep your tree of love looking abundant!


41. Sparkling Snowfall Nails

Credit: sigitakrasnova

Though the snowflakes on this nail design look incredibly intricate, you don’t have to spend hours recreating them! Buying gold snowflake nail stickers will take the weight off of your shoulders, and paired with a sparkly red base, there are layers of glitz in this look that make it perfect for the holiday season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does red nail polish stain fingers?

Due to the high intensity of the pigment in this polish, the chances of it staining your fingers are pretty likely! To avoid this, use a peel-away protective polish around the skin of the nail and make sure to be careful of each of your strokes.

Does red varnish stain nails?

If you’re doing a red gel or acrylic, the chances of your natural nail being stained are slim to none. This is because of the extra precautions and barriers placed on your natural nail before the red pigment is applied. 

However, things are different if you’re doing a traditional manicure. In these cases, a red polish will probably end up leaving your nails with a red or yellow tint after removal. This can be annoying, so to prevent it from happening, make sure to use two layers of a base coat to protect the color of your natural nail. 

How long does red polish last?

Depending on the opacity per layer on your nail, a gel or acrylic set of nails can last you about a month and a half with regular fills.

For traditional nail polish, you can expect a red manicure to last about 2 weeks before chipping. To extend its lifespan, use a high-quality top coat every 3 days, making sure to seal the tip of your nail in the process.

Brittney Scott