36 Rainbow Nails That Give A Whole New Meaning to Color 

Here are an array of rainbow-inspired manicures that we just can’t get enough of. Are you finding life a little dull lately? Do you feel like spicing things up a bit? Well, you’re in luck because this season is all about fun and colorful rainbow nails! 

The last few years have been difficult for most. As worldwide lockdowns became a reality for people across the globe, daily life felt monotonous and repetitive. There’s no wonder then that following the uplift of Covid restrictions, people desired a lifestyle of the exact opposite nature. And what was one of the outcomes of this? Rainbow nails!

What Are Rainbow Nails? 

Just as the name indicates, this nail trend incorporates all things color. If you’ve ever found yourself having difficulties choosing just one manicure shade then this trend might be for you. 

Now you may be thinking, okay, yeah, pink on your thumb, green on the next finger, blue on the next and so on. We are here to tell you that this nail trend has significantly evolved! Rainbow nails can now be found in a diverse and fun range of shapes and designs. If you’re unsure about this one check out the look on American model Gigi Hadid. If this doesn’t convince you we don’t know what will.

Credit: @nailsbymei

The LGBTQ+ community brought it into popular culture and models and influencers are making it go viral. No matter your aesthetic, you’re not going to want to miss out on the rainbow nail trend this season. 

Here are 35 ways you can sport the look:  

1. Girl Power Rainbow Nails 

Credit: ale.pazy

Show off your feminist side with these line art-inspired nails. If you can hang it up on your wall, then why not on your nails as well? This modern and minimalist design can also be complemented by adding rainbows on the base of one of your nails. 


2. Melting Rainbows Nails 

Credit: beautyatnumber4

If you’re not afraid of color then this rainbow nail might be for you. With its bright and diverse range of hues, this manicure will definitely be the center of attention. And the way the colors seamlessly melt into one another- just stunning.

3. Pink & Orange Rainbow Manicure 

Credit: yellowx3

Pink and orange have been everywhere this season and we are loving it. These gorgeous hues combined with a fun rainbow design provide the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. For the full picture, don’t forget to incorporate nail art such as suns and cute, little clouds. 

4. Marble Rainbow Nail Design 

Credit: sepide_nailll

Another great way to model the rainbow look is with a marble design. Marble is a truly timeless print, having its origins in Ancient Greece. To get the most out of the rainbow trend paint each nail in a different color. For an artistic flare, stop at the halfway point. This look is both fun and unique. 

5. Cotton Candy Rainbow Nails 

Credit: napaznokciach

Okay, these nails are giving cotton candy. As avid fair enthusiasts, this was a look we couldn’t resist. For a cute and soft rainbow nail, go for pastel pinks, purples, blues and yellows. To bring the look to the next level, add some 3-dimensional hearts.


6. Lollipop Nail Design 

Credit: louiseweston

If cotton candy isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps this manicure will speak to you. With their vibrant hues and glossy finish, these nails perfectly capture the appearance of your favorite childhood lollipop. 

7. Rainbow Love Nails 

Credit: berika108

Adding hearts and the word “love” has been an iconic move in the beauty industry for decades. By starting with a colorful base and then adding illustrations on top in black, you can create a cool and edgy contrast. 

8. Rainbow Swirl Manicure 

Credit: divinebeauty_bycait

Did you know that rainbows can come in all shapes and sizes? For an abstract feel, add small rainbows in a swirl-like formation arbitrarily on each of the nails. To complete the look add a glossy coating. This design is cute and simple.

9. Rainbow Striped Nails 

Credit: nailsinretrokitchen

Stripes can be another great way to show off your vibrant side. These rainbow nails are a modern alternative to the french tip trend that has been rapidly increasing in popularity as of late. Adding a white stripe to the opposite side of the rainbow can take the look even one step further. 

10. Gorgeous Gold Rainbow Nails 

Credit: jazzedandjelledbyjess

If you’re more about glamor, then rainbow nails with accents of gold is the look for you. This manicure uses bold and vibrant hues framed by a gold foil lining to give off the perfect combination of eccentric elegance. 


11.  Retro Rainbow Nails  

Credit: caitlinswatches

You can’t get much more retro than the “hazy rainbow” aesthetic of the ‘80s and ‘90s. This look is soft and dreamy with its subtle touches of color and sparkly finish. For a whimsical throwback feel, you’ve definitely got to try out this one.

12. A Fresh Finish Rainbow Manicure 

Credit: pro_beauty_era

Did you know that the reversed french nail is actually a thing? Well, this rainbow design doesn’t lie! Start off with a white coating for a clean and fresh base. To add a colorful element incorporate a rainbow at the bottom of each of your nails.

13.  Unicorn Nail Design 

Credit: ninisfabnails

If you’re known for being a little extra then why not have the nails to reflect that? These coffin-shaped nails have it all: rainbows, swirls and diamonds. Is there really such a thing as too much?

14. Colorful Zebra Nails 

Credit: mgd_kap

We all know the classic black and white zebra print. And although that is always a reliable choice, who can resist the idea of a rainbow zebra? With its swirls and polka dots, this design is a unique and creative take on the animal print. 

15. Rainbow Cow Nails 

Credit: peachinails

Just when you thought animal print couldn’t get any cooler, rainbow cow print-inspired nails make an appearance. Cow print has drawn a lot of attention in the fashion world recently so why not take the trend and put a colorful spin on it?


16. Cheetah Print-Inspired Manicure 

Credit: @linnetalba

Cheetah print in all the colors you can imagine? Yes, please. A classic cheetah print is spicy and bold. Add a little color and you have a manicure that will be sure to catch people’s eyes. 

17. French Tip Rainbow Nails 

Credit: jazzedandjelledbyjess

You can never go wrong with a classic french tip. The french tip has been around for decades and will likely never go out of style. Try out the design by adding an array of bright and bold colors to the tips of your nails. For some extra glam, opt for a sparkly finish.

18. A Classic Spin On Rainbow Nails 

Credit: glitterellas_nail_bar

If you want to change up the classic rainbow nail look but don’t want to go too overboard, then adding a rainbow design to one of your nails will give your manicure the perfect lift. 

19. Rainbow Gummy Bear Nails 

Credits: glam.remedies

If you’re active on social media then you’re likely familiar with the videos depicting every kind of manicure you can imagine. And although we don’t know how we feel about onions and shrimp being made into nails, we are loving these gummy bears: a colorful and “sweet” spin on the rainbow trend.

20. Falling For Florals Rainbow Nail Design 

Credit: glam.remedies

Summer is approaching and we can’t get enough of floral print this season. These french tip rainbow nails are simply adorable and the added touch of daisies is perfect for picnic lunches and afternoons at the beach. 


21. Classic Rainbow Manicure 

Credit: bincinails

If you like to stick to the basics then opting for a classic rainbow nail is definitely in your element. These hues remind us of easter pastels and will give your manicure a soft, opaque appearance while maintaining a fun and colorful presence.

22. Nostalgic Rainbow Nails 

Credit: ellielouisenails

Rainbows, stars and sparkles aren’t only for the cover of your childhood notebooks. In fact, they also look great on your nails! If you’re feeling nostalgic, then these might be the nails for you. 

23. Sugar-Coated Rainbow Manicure 

Credit: ashleyjeannails

If color is your middle name then you will love these bold and vibrant rainbow nails. Sugarcoat them with a layer of sparkles if you’re really feeling adventurous. 

24. Rainbows, Hearts &… Feet Nails 

Credit: nailsbycoco2021

This nail art has us audibly saying “aww”. Hearts and rainbows will always be a timeless duo but we are simply dying for these tiny footprints.

25. Tie-Dye & Glam Rainbow Nail Design 

Credit: victoriousnails_shop

Tie-dye and diamonds- now I bet that’s a combination you didn’t see coming. If your outfit needs a little bit of help to bring up the wow factor, then these nails will definitely do the job.  


26. Edgy Rainbow Nails 

Credit: thenailwhisperer

If you want to make a statement but your aesthetic is more edgy, then going for a rainbow nail with a black base and hearts is perfect for you. This look is giving fearless- but in a cute way.

27. The “It Girl” Rainbow Nails 

Credit: kaellyilene

The “it girl” aesthetic has been trending all over TikTok and Instagram as of late and this rainbow manicure is definitely serving this kind of energy. The soft and delicate clouds are effortless and trendy: exactly what the it girl is all about. 

28. Classic Tie-Dye Nails 

Credit: meganvnails

In the late ‘60s, tie-dye became a fashion sensation. As we become progressively more nostalgic and go for anything with that retro vibe, the tie-dye trend also becomes more popular. If you’re in the mood for something psychedelic, then this throwback manicure is for you. 

29. Minimalist Rainbow Manicure 

Credit: @chasingdaisies

We’ve seen it in home décor and now we’re seeing it in nail designs. The minimalist look is here to stay. To achieve this aesthetic try adding an element of color by painting small, rainbow polka dots around the exterior of your nails. For a touch of elegance switch out the color for a couple of sparkly silver dots. 

30. Go For Gold Rainbow Nail Art 

Credit: nailsthatmatch

You can never go wrong with a touch of glamor. Add gold polish to a couple of your nails to give the rainbows a pop. After all, there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. 


31. Lucky Charms-Inspired Rainbow Nails

Credit: greystonenailbar

Speaking of pots of gold and rainbows, it wouldn’t be an article on rainbow nails if we didn’t incorporate a Lucky Charms-inspired manicure. This cereal is as colorful as it is delicious and this nail interpretation is spot on. 

32. All-In-One Rainbow Manicure 

Credit: kyliesklaws

If you came to slay then this manicure will not disappoint. Rainbows, pearls, sparkles and diamonds: this nail look is not for the faint of heart. But if you can pull it off, it will be unforgettable.

33. A Subtle Rainbow Statement 

Credit: thenailroomchats

For a more understated but classic look go for a french tip. These rainbow nails are perfect for those of you who want a bit of color but prefer a delicate and refined approach.

34. Serious About Rainbow Sparkle Nails 

Credit: circuscatvintage

Have you been missing a little sparkle in your life lately? If the answer is yes, then we are here to help! Take the classic french tip nail a step further by adding a sparkly polish to the base of your nails. Glitter and rainbows- what more could you want? 

35. Rainbow Polka Dot Manicure 

Credit: @thetrendspotter 

Another great way to integrate the rainbow nail trend in a subtle manner is with polka dots. This cute and colorful design is fun and charming. 


36. Rainbow Cartoon Art Nails 

Credit: lornalewisnails

Cartoon nail art is trending and we aren’t complaining. This rainbow manicure incorporates a variety of fun and classic illustrations such as clouds, swirls, cubes and zebra print. If you can’t decide on one design, why not have them all?

A fresh manicure can make any fit go from a flop to fabulous. If you find yourself leaning more toward a “soft” or “it” girl aesthetic then be sure to stick to a minimalist design such as small clouds or polka dots. In contrast, if you’re all about the glitz and glam then opt for a manicure with sparkles and diamonds. No matter what you choose, rainbow nails are a trend you’re not going to want to miss. 

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