43 Curly Ponytail Hairstyles

All ponytails (whether high or low) are perfect and practical – they all work to get the hair out of the way. Depending on how your hair is styled, you always give it the right touch to make it stand out. There is a range of levels in ponytail hairstyles with curly hair, and styling can take less than five minutes or up to an hour to find the perfect sleek.

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Getting tips and finding a way to put on curly ponytail bang hairstyles is the easy part. However, getting inspiration on which particular style to pick needs some visuals. Here are 43 amazing curly ponytail hairstyles to choose from. 

1. Wave Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: stylezbyniah

Go for a simple 14-inch curly ponytail hairstyle for a formal weekday look. The ponytail picked needs to look more like your natural hair to blend perfectly. Achieve simple loose curls to give it more character by sectioning two parts in the middle and curling them to fall gently on both sides of the face.


2. Simple Curvy Ponytail With Side Bang

Credit: hairlove_byko

Ponytails with side bangs are a great hairstyle to wear. When deciding which side to place the bang, ensure it falls on the side with less hair to help hide the imperfections. Stick with a single curly ponytail to avoid pulling the attention from the bangs.  

3.  High Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair


High ponytails with curvy butterfly bangs are the go-to style for a gentle look. Go for a simpler edges design to avoid making the hairstyle look chaotic. Start with straightened hair to make the curly ponytail and natural hair look indistinguishable.

4. Sleek Ponytail With Curly Hair


A sleek, curly ponytail is a super high ponytail centered more to the front of the head than the middle. The 22-inch wavy extension is recommended to help cover the back area and make it look more natural. Use double ponytails to help the finished look a fuller. With no bangs, dramatic winged edges will give it the right touch.

5. Bubble Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: hair_glow_beauty

A curvy bubble ponytail is a classic hairstyle and is effective for a night out. In equal sections, try and tie a hair tie or, better yet, a hook hairpin to have the bubble effect. However, for a more dramatic look, use colorful golden bands in each bubble section. With a straight fringed bang on either side, the hairstyle needs a little professionalism to achieve.


6. Tousled Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: trustylez_

The main aim of having tousled curl bang hairstyles is to make a rather serious look more easy-going. The look is best with an extension of around 10 inches to help boost volume. The curls work great when half curled to get a loose curl finish.

7. Barbie Ponytail With Curly Hair


The Barbie hairstyle is elegant and sophisticated. In this case, the curly ponytail extension should have medium-sized curls and fall independently of each other. Only the very short hairs on the edge will need to be elegantly curved. When placing gel or mousse, stick to a thin layer to keep the hair looking thick and voluptuous.

8. Halfup Halfdown Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: tishtresses_

The half-up, half-down is a great hairstyle intended to protect edges from a tight hold. The back is slightly more relaxed with the front edges laid down since the extensions fall on the back. To achieve this messy curly hairstyle, section the hair into two parts: the front part for the ponytail and the back with straight clip-in extensions.

9. Low Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: studio22____

One of the best ways to rock a ponytail with bangs is going for a low curtain black ponytail. The hair needs a substantial amount of gel to lay all run-away strands. To finish it off, get at least two loose tendrils for face-framing.

10. Low SlickPonytail With Curly Hair


Sometimes the simplest hairstyle is the easiest and most glamorous style to choose. In this case, when picking a ponytail with a simple front look, select one that has smaller and denser waves naturally. Sleeking the frontal part heavily with gel or mousse will help avoid hairs flying in the wind.


11. Whair Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: ms.entitled

A straight, sleek updo with a curly ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles. To get the glossy finish, start with spraying water evenly after brushing the hair in a tight bun before putting on the gel. Concentrate on baby hairs, leaving a considerable amount to act as side buns.

12. Red Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: ms.entitled

Red is the right color to experiment with when choosing curvy ponytail hairstyles. The color match stands out and is the same shade dye as the hair. The big voluptuous curls in different sections give the hairstyle a more sophisticated look.

13. Swoop Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: ms.entitled

High ponytails centered more to the front of the head are perfect for making the head look fuller than it normally is. The use of a double ponytail draws more attention to the hairstyle. Style the baby hairs circular to cover areas with little to no inches for a unique finished look.

14. Natural Barrel Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: ms.entitled

There are two ways to achieve the natural curly ponytail hairstyle. Get a natural hair extension using clip-ins with a nice round motion to hold it in place. The second is adding a spiral sow in the middle that is then carefully joined to the natural hair. It is a simple, classy everyday look that works for the office and nightlife.

15. Bouffant Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: ms.entitled

The Bouffant curly ponytail with a bang hairstyle is all about giving the hairstyle an 80s look. When sectioning hair, consider the length of hair and size of the head. The smaller the head, the smaller the area sectioned. The curly ponytail boasts of a single curl or bumps at the end, making it stand out.


16. BlessedPonytail With Bangs Curly Hair


Stitch braids to the sides of the hair to give new curly ponytail options. With the texture, it’s easy to get all the pieces together, and the use of gel or mousse lessens. Blending the two styles makes natural beauty look flawlessly without a fuss.

17. Medium Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair


Medium curly ponytails in one motion need expertise since the hair needs to be curled in one side motion to get an identical look all around. The medium extension ponytail is perfect for the office and school as it does not stand out too much from how natural hair looks. Hair falling flawlessly on either side of the hair gives it a nice simple touch.

18. High Messy Ponytail With Curly Hair


Heavily curly ponytail styles are perfect for the summer. With the curls natural, retouch is done with conditioner before air drying by the end of the day to maintain the curls. Gel the hair extensively to ensure the glossy look is achievable throughout.

19. Long Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: hairbyasianmac

If you need a curly ponytail for a formal occasion, then adding a simple curl at the end is a nice idea. One-side nags add a little sophistication to the traditional look. Depending on the original curly pattern on the extension, it may need to be retouched daily or every three days. 

20. Wave Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: toni.hairstylist

To get this hairstyle right, start by sectioning off the middle part before combing it back towards the neck and placing it in a bun. Carefully use a curling iron to make waves. Go back to the middle section and curl it, combing it to align with the other curls.


21. Extended Ponytail With Curly Hair


Choosing a different colored curly ponytail is a sure way of turning some heads. It demands attention, but it’s perfect, especially if you have less hair or you want to hide imperfections. Gel the baby hairs together with the rest of the hair into a tight bun before installing the extension.

22. Versatility Ponytail With Curly Hair


The versatile curly ponytail hairstyle is a hairstyle that can hold well for more than a week without needing to spruce it up. To achieve this, have copious amounts of gel. When styling, ensures that the side bang is tacked behind the ear and reattached to the main hair section. This prevents drying out while hanging. Use a blow-dry to help dry the gel faster before attaching the curly extension.

23. Beautiful Low Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: bridal_hair_makeup_artist

Curtain bangs are cute everyday styles that work well when properly styled. When going for this look, start with a section of hair that is longer than the nose. The final look should be V-shaped. A low ponytail hairstyle will make for a simple and sophisticated everyday look.

24. Doll Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair


The doll’s curly ponytail is a look that demands to be seen. However, getting a 360 sew-in in pink is necessary to get this hairstyle. The good part is that the bobby pins will easily hold, and the hairstyle needs little maintenance all week round to make it look new.

25. Crimps Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: iamroxybennett

Dramatic baby hairs can be the styling needed to complete the curly ponytail hairstyle. Comb all hairs back, but leave a large portion of the edges out to manipulate into adorable styles using gel. Carefully use a small brush to make circular styles before brushing them to join the other hairs into the ponytail. With the right amount of gel every day, sprucing the hairstyle will take 5 minutes.


26. Poofy Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: hair freak.co

If you want a curly ponytail for a lively event or occasion, go for the high poof hairstyle idea. Wrap around the sides of the hairs to get a poofy look when you can’t do a double ponytail. The final look will be considerably fuller. With the long curly extensions, it will be possible to sway and bounce with every movement.

27. Half Down Sewin Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair


The half-up sew-in comprises a sew-in right in the middle of the head to permanently hold in the extension. The secret to a flawless finish is ensuring that the natural hair has been prepared carefully and the hairstyle part sleeked in place. Stick with a simple single ponytail sew-in to avoid it being bigger and falling out of sync with natural hair.

28. Sleek HighPonytail With Curly Hair


Messy curls are a great everyday look and do not necessarily need maintenance to make the curls retain their form. By going with a complete updo, the focus is placed on the baby hairs, and the more, the better. The longer the curly ponytail extension, the better the final look.

29. Passioned Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair


Getting it right is vital when looking for great ponytail symmetry. By partitioning the sections right to leave enough hair for the extension, blending with natural hair becomes easier even with different colors. Ensure you use adequate mousse to leave all strands sleeked down.

30. Silky Ponytail With Curly Hair


The V hairstyle is one of the harder curly ponytail hairstyles to pull off. The blending of colors with natural hair needs a little bit more concentration. However, using a double ponytail will make it easier to get the final look sleek and lined correctly. The double ponytail ensures the focus is divided at the base for all pieces to fall into place accordingly.


31. Blonde Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair


Blonde curly ponytails are versatile hairstyles and can easily be worn by anyone. Adding a short side fringe in a full head sew-in will make a great hairstyle. Gel or mousse is not required, and the ponytail can be easily taken down.

32. Voluminous Ponytail With Curly Hair


The voluptuous curly hairstyle is possible by having a half-up extension with a simple lower sew-in. Take care to place the sew-in more inwards to avoid edges from sticking out. Use similar curl patterns to ensure uniformity. Style the edges to add a little bit of character.

33. French Ponytail With Curly Hair


Maintenance of the low curly ponytail hairstyle is easy with a flat iron. However, getting a curl pattern already falling into place with mousse is better to save time. The hairstyle holds longer by keeping it simple and combing all hairs away from the face.

34. Lovely Ponytail With Curly Hair


Easy does it with the lovely curly ponytail. Using a small comb, or even finger partition, make backward sectioning that does not get fully through the hair. Apply gel accordingly before drying it to ensure the edge design holds. 


35. Pop GlamPonytail With Curly Hair

Credit: hairfreak.co

Using the zigzag rubber band style at the sides of the high updo curly hairstyle is a great way to be unique. With the sections tightly held in place, gel maintenance is not required. To lessen the time it takes to spruce, stick it with a highly defined curl pattern.

36. PressPonytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: estyles329

The goal of the hairstyle is to have a super cute hairstyle that looks almost natural. Choose a hair extension the same length as natural hair as it’s mainly used to add volume to the hair. Brush all hairs in an updo before carefully sectioning a part in the middle to curl. Curl the rest of the hair extension with natural hair to attain the finished look.

37. BouncyPonytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: jess_styledit

The curly ponytail neither sits too high nor too low. Simple and elegant, the half-done curl patterns make it possible to wear outside on a windy day. You don’t have to worry about the undone patterns. Finishing the look with two tendrils right in the middle makes for a nice touch.

38. Puffy Curly Ponytail Hair


The only way to achieve this hairstyle with natural hair is by combing the long hairs towards the center. However, the middle and back should be tighter than the sides to get the poofy look. Leave some strands at the sides to complement the short bangs at the front.

39. Wavy And Curly Ponytail Hairstyle

Credit: keturahamanabeauty

The wavy and curly low ponytail hairstyle takes advantage of naturally wet waves on hair, starting with presently washed, gelled, and blow-dried hair. After it hardens, attach the 26-inch extension at the back—hairspray for a great glossy finish.

40. Fringe Ponytail With Bangs Curly Hair

Credit: hairfreak.co

The uniqueness of the hairstyle is it incorporates side tendrils with curtain bangs. The hairstyle is perfect for a night out over cocktails with the curly ponytail extension. To maintain the hairstyle, wearing rollers every night is advisable on the fringe. Curl the longer hairs and extensions only when they start loosening.


41. Bundles Ponytail With Curly Hair


There are two things to remember to achieve the bundle’s curly ponytail hairstyle. When combing the hairs in the middle to make the puff, it comes backward right at the center to make a puff before tightly holding the sides. Please ensure that the curls are done last to keep the foundation straight to avoid using gel.

42. Tiny Ponytail With Curly Hair


Diffusing hair right after washing makes natural curls pop up. However, if it’s impossible to get a diffuser, use a blow-dry on low heat and hold the hairs upwards to dry mostly, naturally. After the hair is completely dry, use a small brush to gel the baby hairs before securing all other hairs in a ponytail. Let some loose hairs help frame the face for a cute finish.

43. Relaxed Ponytail With Curly Hair

Credit: _dbreezyy

Relaxed hair is the easiest hair to get a sleek ponytail, as its foundation is already smooth. Using a little bit of mousse at the edges makes it easy to lay the hair down using a small comb tooth. Depending on the final look you are aiming for, a low ponytail goes better with thicker and well-defined curls. 


What Is A Ponytail Curly Hairstyle?

A ponytail with curly ends comprises tightly held hairs either at the top of the head or a little lower or to the side of the ears. The goal is to have no strands dangling past the ears except the extended end part. The ends are usually hair extensions of synthetic or human hair curled with a curler to give it a wave body finish.

Can Curly Ponytails Damage Your Hair?

Curly ponytail hairstyles can damage the hair if the hold is done too tightly. After firmly holding all strands in place, do a simple test of turning hard to both extreme sides to check ease of movement. If some hairs feel like they are pulling, it’s too tight and needs to be redone more loosely.

Why Go For Curly Ponytails Hairstyles?

Curly ponytail hairstyles are simple yet elegant hairstyles for wear. The styles save time, and the added curls at the end give your hair a little bit of added sass. Curly ponytail hairstyles also allow the natural hair to show off without worrying about the ends becoming dry and breaking off.

Can You Do It Yourself?

It’s possible to install the curvy ponytail hairstyle on yourself; it is very easy. Get the tools of the trade, such as a wide comb tooth, small comb tooth, and a small brush. Get a mousse or gel of your choice. Do not forget the curvy ponytail extension. 

When installing, start with previously stretched hair or blow-dried hair to avoid bumpy patches when sleek it down. Combine the hair to where the ponytail should be using the wide-tooth comb. Carefully put on gel or mousse on the hair, combing it into place with the small tooth comb. Use a small tie to hold the natural ponytail and brush the hairs sleek down using the small brush. 

Attach the curly ponytail extension, securing it to the hair using the hooks. Separate a small section of the hair and tie it around in a loop before securing it in place using a bobby pin. 

Essential Hair Tips To Remember 

Some tips are necessary to have a great curly ponytail with bangs regardless of the final look. 

  • Avoid wearing a ponytail hairstyle on the opposite side to where you intend it to be days before, as hair will naturally lay that way
  • Use mousse instead of gel on your hair to avoid frizz, especially if you have experienced it before
  • Opt for a double ponytail, with one placed slightly higher than the other for a fuller look 
  • Avoid over-gelling natural hair as the ponytail can slip off and make your look saggy

When placing in the bobby pin, do it inwards to ensure that it is carefully hidden inside the curly extension and out of sight. If your hairstyle has bangs, carefully comb the bangs in the desired style, and use a small brush to have beautiful baby hairs after gelling the edges. 

Lynn Pearson