25 Amazing Poetic-Justice Braids Styles To Inspire Your Next Look

Live your 90’s dreams with any of these iconic poetic-justice braids looks. Browse through 25 ways to remix this classic. Everybody loves a good throwback, but when you combine a pop icon, a trendy era, and stunning style, you get poetic-justice braids. Classically worn as super thick, super long box braids, this hairdo has undergone a style evolution ever since it first appeared in 1993 romantic drama film, “Poetic Justice”. 

The incomparable Janet Jackson introduced the world to the style that’s been a staple in the African-American community for decades. Well, the trend is back, and there’s a lot to try when considering how you’ll rock poetic-justice braids.  

What Do Poetic Justice Braids Mean? 

Poetic Justice braids get their name from the 1993 film of the same name starring Janet Jackson, Regina King, Tupac Shakur, and Maya Angelou. It is an important part of African American film culture, and Janet’s black, thick long braids paired with her poet’s beret was one of the most emulated styles of that time. 

Since then, poetic justice braids have gone on to symbolize youthfulness, artistry, self-discovery, and sometimes rebellion. It’s mostly worn by women of color and highlights an important moment of woman-centered storytelling in film.  

Here are some irresistible poetic justice braids we can’t get enough of. 

1. The Original 90’s Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: Pinterest

Black, neat and beautiful, the original poetic justice braids are still just as relevant today. They’re also just as versatile. Tie these back or do a side part for a more professional look. 

A jet black color works best if variety is what you’re aiming for. That way your hair can coordinate with any outfit you wear. 


2. Skunk Patch Poetic Justice Braids

Credit; Exotic_2_Extravagant

Now that we’ve paid homage to the OG, it’s time to get funky. Yes, that’s a pun on the name of this next hairdo. Skunk patches have been a major trend this year and there’s no reason why you can’t pull it off while embracing poetic justice braids. 

The options are limitless. For a louder look, try something wild like blue or even white if you’re trying to channel your inner Rogue from X-men. 

3. Xtra Long Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: Pinterest

If you’re feeling really daring, then double up on this style by going extra long. Bottom length poetic justice braids give off a sultry, bohemian vibe. Want to go longer? If so, you’re in a rare category of carefree people who would bravely walk down the street with braids down to their knees. 

You’ve got to be careful though. These braids are traditionally thick and therefore heavier. To trim the bulk, go knotless and create larger parts. Your natural hair shouldn’t have to suffer for beauty’s sake. 

4. Big & Bold Poetic Justice Braids


Hair always allows us to make a statement, so go big with these jumbo PJ braids. The great thing about this look is that you can spice it up with baby hairs or beads and jewels. It’s also the easiest one to DIY at home.

This will be one of the poetic justice braids styles that takes it easy on your scalp due to the large parts, so go for it! 

5. Diamond Part Poetic Justice Braids 

           Credit: @nisaraye black hair information

If you’re not new to the braids movement and have done all of the above before, why not try a new parting style? A diamond part shows that you really care about the smaller details and it gives a new pattern for roaming eyes to look at. 

This will take a little longer than the usual brick parting method because you have to pre-plan your parting, but the geometric look is worth the effort. 


6. Triangle Part Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: Hair Style Hub

If diamonds aren’t your best friend, then give the triangle part a try. It’s easier, and the spacing allows your braids to lay flatter on your head, which is great for when you’re sleeping. 

This method won’t take as long either. All you have to do is section a line then separate the hair in 45-degree angles alternating from left to right. Try it, it’s easier than it sounds.  

7. Sleek Bob Poetic Justice Braids


Like other styles on this list, you get a two-for-one 90’s throwback with this braided bob and the poetic justice look combined. 

If you’re not a fan of burning the ends like most braided bobs require, go ahead and try the rubber band method displayed above. It’s a convenient way to add a pop of color to your already eye-catching style.  

8. Artistic Part Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: Voice of Hair

For the more ambitious hair enthusiasts out there, have a crack at this puzzle piece parting method. This one will eat up most of your prep time because it requires clean lines. 

Once that part’s over though, you’ll have a truly unique base for your fabulous poetic justice braids. 

9. Curly Ended Poetic Justice Braids


Adding curls to any hairstyle adds a level of flirtiness and fun, and the same can be said for poetic justice braids. To achieve this look, you’ll need an extra pack of braiding hair that’s softer and looser in texture. 

This will be a hard one for any newbies looking to DIY this style, so a professional’s gifted hands might be better suited. 

10.  Big & Blonde Poetic Justice Braids

           Credit: @qthebraider

What’s more fun than poetic justice braids? Blonde, jumbo poetic justice braids, that’s what. Color can wake up any look but there’s something special about going blonde that always seems to work. 

Be sure to check out which blonde works best for your specific undertones and mix different variations for a universally appealing look. 


11. Strong Shaved Sides + Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: @rafaranco2

Poetic justice braids will never go out of style, so why not pair them with another timeless yet rebellious statement? Go ahead, shave your sides, or rock this look with an undercut. 

Depending on how intense you want your look to be, you can either shave off a large section or not. Add a little flair with some line art on the sides. 

12. Cool & Curly Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: blackbeautybombshells

Here’s an easier way to pull off the curly poetic justice braids look. Add in loose, curly braid extensions alongside the braided hair and cut them to size. Feeling creative? You can add different colors while installing the curly pieces. 

This look can also be achieved with longer hair, and you’ll see that if you keep scrolling. 

 13. Jumbo Goddess Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: @hairwaytoheaven246

Mixing jumbo braids with soft, loose curls always looks good. Turn your poetic justice braids into goddess braids. This shows how flexible the base style can be. 

This braid style is best when worn down, but it can be cute if you pull it into a bun and leave some of the curly pieces out for a messy look. 

14. Classic Cornrows With Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: @josie_hair

If you’re freaking out about how much pain this heavy hairstyle could cause, then go for a comfortable cornrow combo. Install the cornrows at the front, where your scalp is most sensitive. This can save your edges while offering a cute take on the trend. 

15. Big Twist Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: newnaturalhairstyles

If you want to keep the signature jumbo look but you’re itching to switch things up, then go for some large twist poetic justice braids. The install method leads to a sleek and shiny finish which is great if you want to add different colors throughout each braid. 

When installing twists, it’s best to start out with a three-strand braid at the roots so that the twisting motion doesn’t tug on your natural hair.  


16. Rainbow Ready Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: Pinterest

Feeling bold, confident, and excited? Then go for the rainbow look, which is flattering on everyone. There are so many options here, from traditional primary colors ombre to pastel and monochromatic rainbows. 

This look can be simple if you buy pre-mixed braids but if you want more control over the amount of color on your head, you’ll have to mix the colors yourself. 

17. Beaded Babe Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: africanfashion

Now, this is an ultimate 90’s look if there ever was one. Poetic justice braids mixed with beads gives you double the vintage look and double the head turns. Be careful though, because these braids are already on the heavier side. Adding beads could be considered a weight overload. 

To combat this, install your PJ braids using the knotless method. It’ll ease some of the strain on your scalp and neck. You can also rock shorter braids that won’t drag your edges down. 

18. Big Bun Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: style interest

This style works best if you’re trying to stretch your braids’ lasting power. Wrap them up in a large bun and accessorize with a scarf or colored scrunchie. 

With that said, you’ll have to tread carefully. Though cute, it can be pretty heavy to keep such a large bun on your head for the entire day. To ease the weight, try a half-up, half-down look that won’t turn your day into a balancing act. 

19. Knotless Poetic Justice Braids 

           Credit: Thathairglow

The knotless method is the savior of scalps everywhere, so they’re definitely needed when considering poetic justice braids. This takes away the bulkiness and strain and lets you style your braids as soon as they’re installed. 

Be sure to add the same amount of hair to each braid so that your entire head has an even weight and length distribution. 

20. Duo-Tone Poetic Justice Braids

Credit: @bluehairguru

Two colors are better than one when it comes to the duotone trend. If you’re looking to achieve this Cruella Deville-inspired look then choose whichever colors you feel compliment you best and go for it. 

While a middle part works well for this style. It would also be cool to see the duotone trend done with the front half of your hair carrying a different color from the back half. 


21. Marley Twist Textured Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: _Crownsbyvee

Three-strand braids may be the traditional method when it comes to the poetic justice style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new. Marley twists offer a different texture and look.

The texture mimics natural hair, which means they’ll blend beautifully with your own strands. They’re great for anyone who doesn’t want to strain their hair by straightening it before braiding.

22. Yarn Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: @iammuthonigitau

The biggest pro about using yarn as your braiding hair is that it’s light and affordable. You can find it at any craft store so you don’t have to worry about running out and rushing to the beauty supply shop. It’s also really light and airy. 

The biggest con is the weight you’ll feel if this hair ever gets wet. Since it’s yarn, it can take ages to dry. 

23. Loose & Light Poetic Justice Braids

                      Credit: allthingshair

Are your braids old? Do they need to be revived? If so, this is the perfect look. To achieve it, cut your braids to the desired length and undo them just until you reach the point where your natural hair starts. 

You can also do this if you’re tired of heavy braids and want a bouncy look. 

24.  Ombre Poetic Justice Braids

                                    Credit: Pinterest 

Ombre braids have been in style for years and with good reason. So if you’re looking to spice up your poetic justice braids, try an ombre look with complementary colors. 

No matter what color you choose, it will look good, but starting with a black base might be best for those who want to balance both their inner wild child and their more reserved side. 

25. Blingy  Bejeweled Poetic Justice Braids 

Credit: blackhairtribe

This tip can apply to any of the styles on this list as it’s more of an enhancement. Hair jewelry can be as creative as you want and you’re in charge of how blingy you look. 

Pro-tip, try to keep warm jewels in line with warm hair colors. Silver jewels work best with grays, blacks, and blues while gold works well with reds, browns, and blondes. 


What Are You Waiting For?

Would you try any of these styles? If you’re looking to DIY this trend, check out this step-by-step tutorial on YouTube. 

Tanya Taylor