27 Pink And Purple Hair Color Ideas For Inspiration

If you’re looking for a bolder look, or even just a subtle pop of color, pink and purple as hair colors may seem appealing – and pairing the two is even better. 

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27 Pink And Purple Hair Color Ideas For Inspiration

There are a huge array of color combinations within the pink and purple category alone, as a result of the different hues, lightness, and ways of combing the colors – for example, you could pair a pastel pink and purple ombre with a short, curly hairstyle, or a long, sleek and straight hairstyle and get completely different results and aesthetics.

No matter what your style is, there’s sure to be a way of combining these two colors that fully encompasses what you are looking for in a hairstyle. 

Why These Colors?

Pink and purple work together beautifully to contribute a pop of color to anything you might decide to add them to.

Because purple and pink are next together in the rainbow, they work naturally with each other to create beautiful gradients that can be achieved with little effort.

Simply altering the intensity or shade of each of these colors can result in a completely different aesthetic, meaning that there is still room to be unique within this. 

1. Short, Bold Purple To Pink 

Short, Bold Purple To Pink 

This statement combination of bright pink with a deep blue-toned purple will be even more of a statement on short, curled hair. This look makes it easy to leave the house without too much styling, whilst still making sure that your hair shows off your personality with a bright pop of color. 

To achieve the curled ends, you can use a curling wand and hairspray. This is sure to turn heads – but in a good way! 

This color blend would also look beautiful on the hair of different lengths, as well as paired with different styles. 

2. Short, Bold Pastel Purple And Pink On Blonde Hair

Short, Bold Pastel Purple And Pink On Blonde Hair

If you’re looking for a short, pastel vibe, this hair idea might be your thing. Hints of purple and pink can be distributed throughout cool silver locks to create this beautiful blend of color.

Pair with an asymmetric haircut and add a little volume to achieve this look – however, these colors still look beautiful on short hair of any style (or any length, really). 

If dyeing from home: To get pastel colors, you can mix your hair dye with some conditioner to make it lighter. Always make sure to do a patch test as advised, to avoid any allergic reactions. 

3. Long, Bold Pastel Purple And Pink On Blonde Hair

Long, Bold Pastel Purple And Pink On Blonde Hair

This is a longer version of the pastel short hair idea. Combining platinum blonde locks with strands of pastel pink, purple, and (maybe) blue can create a really nice, subtle pop of color that might be more up your alley.

With a bit of a wave and some volume, this look can really come to life.

Changing the aesthetic of this color combination is easy – add some loose curls or spritz with salt water for a soft, beachy vibe, or maybe add a couple of small plaits with a half-up half-down hairstyle for more of a festival Coachella style look.

This hair color would also look great with some tighter curls, as the colors blend together beautifully. 

4. Vibrant Blue And Purple On Long Hair

Vibrant Blue And Purple On Long Hair

Whilst this hairstyle incorporates more blue than pink, the gorgeous combination (and slight hints of pink as a result of the purple) might be enough to sway you.

Adding stronger pink tones to this look, and then spritzing with saltwater, curling, or styling in a loose braid would all look beautiful with this gorgeous hair color combination. 

The multicolored strands would look beautifully curled in a variety of ways, but you could also pull this look off with some super loose waves, or tied up with a hair tie if you’re looking for a low-effort (but equally stunning) look. 

5. Blonde Overlay With Purple, Blue, And Pink Underlay – Hidden Hairstyle

Blonde Overlay With Purple, Blue, And Pink Underlay - Hidden Hairstyle

This is a beautiful example of how you can dye your hair in layers – by sectioning your hair into halves, you can separate the top half and only dye the bottom – resulting in a gorgeous pop of color that only reveals itself when you choose to allow it. 

Mixing this with a variety of hairstyles – including simply tying your hair up, or even curling it can reveal this surprising color, allowing your hair to take on a fun twist and giving you extra room to experiment with your style. 

Whilst this example shows a grey color, you could do this look with any color acting as your “cover” color – including some bolder colors, as well as more natural tones. 

6. Pastel Lilac Bold Hair Color

Pastel Lilac Bold Hair Color

You can achieve this pale purple look by mixing a little conditioner into your hair dye – you can find full instructions and tutorials to do this in order to meet your specific needs online.

Mixing conditioner in different ratios will allow you to make both lighter (with bigger quantities) and darker (with less conditioner) dye, to experiment with as you choose. 

Long hair can easily be made bold and interesting by covering with a color like this and maybe even mixing in hints of pink to get a true combination of the two colors. 

Color like this looks nice in all styles – curled, loosely waved, or even just straight and in a ponytail for a sleek look. 

You could choose to make this an ombre, by fading it into pink or another color for a satisfying twist. 

7. Short, Pink To Purple/Blue Hair Color (Bob) 

Both purple and pink can blend super well in long hair and short hair – you don’t need a lot of length to allow for a beautiful pop of pink against the purple. 

This color combination always looks beautiful when paired with statement hair cuts, so a cute bob like this, along with some bangs can complete the look quite nicely. 

This hairstyle could also be curled or given a bit of volume, allowing for a nice twist that will really bring out your gorgeous hair colors. 

8. Blonde To Purple/Pink Asymmetric Bob Hair Color And Style

Blonde To Purple/Pink Asymmetric Bob Hair Color And Style

This bob example is a more subtle style of hair color – however, it’s still effective if you’re looking for a pop of color.

By adding a little pink or purple (or both!) to the ends of a long, asymmetric bob like this, you can create a classy, yet youthful look whilst still giving yourself room to experiment with a variety of different hairstyles.

Curling this hairstyle a bit more, adding a little volume, or even incorporating a few braids and twists can all transform this look, allowing this color and style to stay refreshing. 

9. Pink To Lilac/Light Blue To Dark Blue Ombre Hair Color (Long-Hair) 

Pink To LilacLight Blue To Dark Blue Ombre Hair Color (Long-Hair) 

This beautiful hair idea really encompasses how bolder colors can work together in order to create a really gorgeous look. 

By adding an extra, in-between shade, you can combine pink and purple in an almost gradient, allowing for a satisfying color transition.

Combining this with a variety of different braids, degrees of volume, curliness, or even just putting it up with a hair tie can provide you with an endless array of beautiful ideas to go along with this unique look. 

10. Fun Pink, Purple And Blue Cotton Candy Long Hair Color 

Another example of how magic can happen is when you combine pink and purple with a bright blue such as the one in this style here. 

Choosing varying amounts of each color, as well as combining these shades with different lengths and hairstyles can really change how these colors are presented – but all of the possible options look great! 

Curling or loosely braiding this hair would work perfectly with these colors, but you can always put your hair up into a ponytail and still achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look without putting too much time into it.

11. Light Purple To Light Pink Ombre On Long Hair 

This purple into pink ombre looks gorgeous, especially when combined with long locks of hair. Although these colors work amazingly on straight hair, pairing them with a soft curl, or even a slightly tighter curl near the bottom can be really effective in creating a look sure to stun. 

As always, the possibilities with this hair color combination are broadened, the longer the hair is that you apply it to. You might choose to braid your hair, wear it up, or in a half-up half-down fashion. 

12. Hot Pink And Purple Sections On Long, Curled Hair

This is a beautiful example of a much bolder combination of purple and pink on longer hair.

These two colors can really pop against a darker natural hair color, and, depending on your placement of each color, can be incorporated into a curl or different hairstyle super effectively. 

Braiding this style or wearing it in pigtails can look particularly nice, but this style also works if you decide to pop it up in a messy bun or ponytail. 

13. Pink, Purple And Blue Stands Dip-Dye Long Hair Look

This hairstyle shows how you can use pink and purple strands in the lower sections of long blonde hair to create a beautiful, yet subtle pop of color that can work well even in kids’ hair. 

If you’ve ever applied pink and purple chalk paint to your hair and wished that you could keep it, adding some pink and purple strands to your hair might be the perfect thing to do to achieve this. 

14. Pastel Pink, Purple And Dark Blue On Mid-Length Curled Hair 

This shows how hints of pink, purple and blue can be added to naturally brown hair, working together to contribute a beautiful pop of color that doesn’t clash with the brown tones within your hair. 

By curling the ends of your hair, or styling it into a loose wave, you can twist these strands of color together to create a beautiful blend of color, without even having to dye all of your hair. 

15. Half And Half Lilac And Pastel Pink On Long Hair 

Half And Half Lilac And Pastel Pink On Long Hair 

Simply dyeing each half of your hair a different color can create a bold, statement look that isn’t even hard to maintain and refresh. 

This style works beautifully on hair of any length, and looks amazing in hair of all styles – braided, curled, straight, up in a ponytail or in pigtails, it doesn’t matter. 

You can choose to use pastel pinks and purples, or you might choose bolder colors to really create a statement, stand-out look. Whatever suits you!

16. Pastel Purple With Hints Of Pink On Long Wavy Hair 

Pastel pinks and purples, such as this beautiful lilac, look gorgeous when covering a full length of hair, or as part of a subtle gradient.

You can choose to style these hair colors in a variety of ways, such as in loose twists or waves, or even in a braided hairstyle, such as a french braid. The possibilities are endless. 

17. Light Purple To Pastel Pink On Mid-Length, Wavy Hair 

This lilac to light pink ombre looks beautiful, especially on loosely styled, slightly curled locks. You can pair this hair color combination with a fringe to really achieve a bold look, without adding a ridiculous amount of color. 

This combination looks gorgeous on hair of many different lengths, including these medium-length locks. 

18. Pink, Purple, Teal, And Blue Mermaid Hair, Long Hairstyle 

Purple, Teal, And Blue Mermaid Hair, Long Hairstyle 

If you’re looking for mermaid hair, combining brighter shades of pink and purple with a gorgeous, vibrant blue and teal might be the way to go. 

This hair color combination will work flawlessly when paired with a soft wave, or loose curl. Messy up-dos are perfect with this one, and a messy bun will allow you to easily achieve a casual (yet beautiful) up-do in absolutely no time at all.

19. Pastel Purple, Blue And Pink Short Hairstyle

19. Pastel Purple, Blue And Pink Short Hairstyle

This is a great example of a bolder hair cut, paired with pastel pinks and purples. 

Sharper cuts like these work wonderfully with softer colors such as pastel purples and pinks, as the sharp, bold edges and soft, gentle colors provide a nice contrast with each other.

You could incorporate a variety of pastel colors outside of pink and purple, such as various shades of blue. 

20. Bold Purple, Pink, And Blue Long, Curled Hairstyle 

Bold Purple, Pink, And Blue Long, Curled Hairstyle 

If you’re after a long-haired, bold look, this style might be a good inspiration for you. Using more vivid, solid pinks and purples in small, interchanging sections can help to create a stand-out, confident, yet easy-to-style hairdo. 

You might choose to curl this, as the different colored strands will complement each other even better when incorporated into a twist. If you’re looking for a minimal effort hairstyle, you could just choose to pop it up with a hair tie. 

21. Cool Purple Hair Color

This style shows how you can use more of one color, and maybe choose to add hints of another to create a mesmerizing hair color. This example shows more of a lilac purple, but you can choose to add hints of pink, depending on your personal preference. 

This hair color option would look amazing curled, spritzed with a salt spray, or even styled into a messy bun – it’s really up to you.  

22. Purple And Blue On Short Hair 

If you like cooler tones, you might choose to go for this pretty mix of purple and blue – whilst pink isn’t featured in this hair color option, you might choose to add a little, at your discretion – hints of pink could look nice as slight highlights, especially if you enjoy the mermaid look. 

Once again, this hairstyle could be curled, spritzed with salt spray, or even styled into small, short, loose waves with sections pinned up at the back with bobby pins – depending on the amount of time you have, you might choose to search hair tutorials in order to get your desired look. 

23. Gray Hair With Color Throughout (Short/Mid-Length Hairstyle)

Gray Hair With Color Throughout (Short/Mid-Length Hairstyle)

If you’re looking for a pop of color to go with a gray dye, or if you have naturally graying hair and are looking for a unique twist, this is a beautiful way to go about it – just add hints of your favorite shades of purple and pink to the ends of your hair – you can choose to add more or less, based on your personal preference and style. 

Styling your hair with a couple of curls near the ends, or even just wearing it straight with a slight twist at the end would look really nice with these pops of color. 

24. Purple-Pink Ombre, Mid-Length To Long Hair Color 

If you prefer warmer tones to cool tones, but you’d prefer not to be too bold, these shades might be good options for you. By blending the purple roots into a complimentary warm pink shade, you can easily achieve the look you are going for. 

This simple hair color could be styled however you want – although it’s a good idea to consider your hair length and the amount of each color you would like present before applying any dye to your hair, if dyeing from home. 

25. Pink And Purple On Grey Long Hairstyle 

Pink And Purple On Grey Long Hairstyle 

By combining grey with purple and pink in a long hair style, you can really create a unique twist. Adding purple and pink to naturally graying hair can create a gorgeous, mesmerizing look.

This style in particular would look really nice curled, tousled with salt spray, or even styled into two loose ponytails. 

26. Warm Purple And Pink Ombre Medium To Long Hair Color 

This shows how you can use warmer shades of both pink and purple to create a fun look. Wearing colors like this will look nice in particular when your hair is curled, but it will still look stunning thrown up in a ponytail, or spritzed with a salt spray for a wavy beach look. 

You can experiment with colder and warmer tones in your colors based on your personal preference – you might choose to match this with your fashion style, or even follow the seasonal trends. 

27. Purple To Pink To Purple Gradient, Long Hair Color 

Purple to pink to purple gradients can create a gorgeously sleek and satisfying look, especially if you are trying to give your hair more of a volumized look.

Backcombing a little with some hair spray can also help to achieve a bouncy look with the combination of these hair colors. 

Long hair lengths will give you the room to really work with these gradients, and the vibrant colors can help if you’re looking for a bold, statement look. 

This style will look beautiful straight with slightly curled ends, styled inwards, however throwing it up, wearing it down and curled, or even with a half down-half up look will all work perfectly with this style of hair. 

Things To Think About

Shades Of Pink 

Depending on your personal style, the shade of the colors that you pick may be particularly important in bringing this to life.

Pastel pinks might work if you go for a more subtle look, whereas vivid, bold colors can work nicely for more of a bold look. 

If you’re trying for a slightly more natural look, dark purple might be perfect for you. 

Shades Of Purple

You can also choose between pastel purples and more solid purples, as well as warm and cool-toned purples, to compliment your chosen pink hair color. 

You may go for pastels overall, to really embrace the subtle look, or maybe a deeper purple with hints of pink – it’s up to you!

Any Additional Hair Colors

Whilst you might have your heart set on using purple and pink, considering other colors may take your hair vision to the next level.

If you enjoy the mermaid look, you might choose to incorporate blues and greens, and if you like intergalactic, galaxy-style hair, going a step further and using hints of some additional colors may work in your favor. 

Take the time to consider your overall vision for your hair – what type of statement are you trying to make, if any?

How can you use color to best draw out your personality and style? Hair color is a wonderful tool, and when used effectively, it can do wonders for your confidence and really allow your personality to shine through. 

Length Of Your Hair

Your hair length will greatly determine how your chosen colors and style work within the final result.

If you’re looking for a gradient, make sure that your hair length is long enough to achieve your desired look – although there are plenty of gorgeous pink and purple hair color styles for short hair, as much as there are longer hair. 

Hair Color Maintenance And Style

You should consider how you are most likely to wear your hair on a regular basis, and how this will look with your chosen hair color. Are you able to keep up with the required maintenance of your hair color?

Different levels of hair color require different amounts and types of attention, so this should definitely be taken into account – and the length of your hair has a direct effect on the amount of time you spend doing this.

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s The Best Time To Dye My Hair?

Dyeing hair is usually best done on hair that has not been freshly washed, so if you can, try to wait a day or two after your last hair wash to dye your hair. 

You should make sure that you set aside an ample amount of time, in order to allow for preparation (sectioning your hair and mixing the dye, as well as prepping your hair dyeing space), application, time for your hair dye to develop, as well as time to wash the hair dye out of your hair and dry and style your hair as necessary. 

As a result, it’s probably best to make sure that you have at least a few hours spare to do this, especially if you have longer, thicker hair – the longer and thicker your hair, the long time you may need to spend applying your hair dye, as it is important to make sure that the hair dye is evenly and generously distributed through each strand. 

It is also important to set aside enough time (usually two to three days) to do a patch test, in order to ensure that you are not allergic to the hair dye. This step is important, and should not be skipped over, even if you have dyed your hair before. 

What Color Hair Is Best To Dye Over?

Whilst lighter hair colors, such as blonde, are much easier to dye over because you don’t need to go through as many steps, it is possible to dye over darker hair colors, such as brown. 

If you are dyeing your hair from home, hair dyes sometimes have a guide to what color you can expect depending on your original hair color, however, these aren’t always accurate, so be sure to make an educated decision when choosing which hair color to use. 

If you use a hair color that is not suitable for use on darker hair, you may find that your hair dye application results in more of a tint to your natural hair color, as opposed to the bright, vibrant hair color application that you may have originally been expecting. 

It’s a good idea to use a lightning product on hair that is too dark for vibrant dyes to take hold – although using too much of these products, or using them incorrectly, can result in your hair becoming quite damaged, so be careful to follow the instructions provided with your chosen product.

Once again, the longer and thicker your hair is, the longer this process will take – but also the harder it will be to get even results, so make sure to apply your lightening product thoroughly and correctly. 

What Length Hair Do Purple And Pink Dyes Look Best On?

If you’re considering dyeing your hair purple or pink (or both!), there is no reason that the length of your hair should hold you back. 

There is a huge range of hair color ideas, as well as hairstyles, out there, and these beautiful colors can work wonderfully on your hair, no matter what your hair length.

If you have shorter hair and you are dyeing your hair from home, you should carefully consider which areas you would like to be which color, and ensure that you have enough space to apply them how you want them.

Luckily, the dyeing process is much easier and faster the shorter your hair, so you should have a beautiful hair color in no time!

Longer hair will be harder to apply hair color to in an even fashion, so it is super important to ensure that you have either a mirror or someone to help you if you are dyeing your hair from home.

Make sure to section your hair as necessary, as this will help to ensure that you are applying the product evenly and correctly, as well as making sure that you don’t get overwhelmed in a mass of wet, dyed hair.

You should make sure to buy enough product when applying hair dye to longer hair too, as you may need more than you think.

It’s always best to have too much hair dye to hand, then it is to not have enough in these situations, as reversing hair color can be a lot harder than applying it when it goes wrong. 

How Can I Style My Purple And Pink Hair?

If you have recently dyed your hair purple and pink, you may be looking for different ideas on how to style it. Luckily, these beautiful colors will compliment a vast array of styles, and making them look nice should not prove to be too difficult. 

Blending these colors together into a curled hairstyle can look particularly nice, but if you would like to achieve the same look in less time, tousling your slightly damp hair with a bit of salt spray will help you to obtain some gorgeous beachy waves. 

Styling your hair into a half-up half-down hairstyle can also look really beautiful, as it can bring out the different shades in the different layers of your hair, depending on the style of hair color that you decided on. 

If you’re looking to save time, these hair colors also look gorgeous thrown up into a ponytail, into cute pigtails, or even worn in a messy bun or space buns! 

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