18 Pretty Pink And Purple Eye Makeup Ideas

Pink and purple are a pretty combination, so why not use them in makeup to accentuate your features? Eye makeup can really make specific iris colors pop, allowing you to magnify your beauty.

The great thing about makeup is that it’s a way to express your personality and get creative.

21 Pretty Pink And Purple Eye Makeup Ideas

Many eye makeup designs suit different shapes, temperaments, and occasions. For example, suppose you want to bring in the warm pinkness of typical princess aesthetics. In that case, eye makeup can help you feel like royalty.

On the other hand, if you prefer an edgier look, you can experiment with eyeshadow shapes, making the eyes appear more elongated than they really are.

Not sure where to start to get inspiration? We’ve made a gallery below with handy descriptions talking about each eyeshadow design to help. Whether you’re looking for a design to copy or simply love soaking in stunning artwork, read on!

1. Glittery Smoky Eyes

This gorgeously glittery eyeshadow really brings out the sparkly blue irises! We love that the purple and pink colors have been blended well to fade effortlessly into the surrounding makeup.

The artist has created a grungy look by taking the color and smudging it under the eyes. 

The artist has added a purple color to the waterline to make the cat-eyeliner seem even foxier. This waterline touch brings the whole scheme together!

In addition, the shading has been taken into the outer crease to accentuate this long, sleek black eyeliner. And to top it all off, the fake eyelashes are super fluttery.

2. Euphoria Inspired Starry Makeup

This celestial look is out of this world! Perfect for wearing to a rave because it picks up the light, the glittery stars are so fun. The cut-crease design is so funky, reminding us of ‘60s makeup trends.

In addition, this feature makes the eyes pop because it dramatizes the natural definition of the lid.

The makeup artist has taken the pink underneath, bringing more warmth to this relaxed style. The stars are arranged like tear tracks; it’s super edgy and stops the makeup from looking childish.

The highlighted browbone prevents the eyes from looking too overpowering in purple. The long lashes are the icing on the cake!

3. Holographic Cruelty-Free Glitter Eyeshadow

Glossy eyelids are super on-trend as they give a gorgeous dewy look popular in Korea and with K-Pop artists. This alternating pink and purple shadow is an arty take on thoroughly blending the colors together.

We adore that there’s no bold eyeliner used here, which ensures you can fully appreciate the purple and pink.

The winged shape works well with the imprecisely shaped brows, adding a carefree vibe. If you wanted to tone it down a bit, you could more thoroughly blend the colors together so that they merge seamlessly.

However, we like the dabbled look, which feels so arty.

4. Purple And Pink Smokey Halo Eye

These Halo Eyes are glowing; they could have been done with a highlighter! This look would be ideal for wearing to the club, as it would really make your eyes pop in the darkness.

The smooth blending makes the makeup highly glamorous, and the lighter browbone ensures the artwork pops.

The thick black lashes ground the blending, finishing the design super well. There are many different shades in this makeup, so the key is building up the powder so that it doesn’t become all one sludgy mess.

The hints of pink ensure it complements the surrounding rosy skin tones. 

5. Bold Avril Lavigne Style

Are you a pop-punk rocker? If so, you’ll probably be familiar with the Skater Boi singer, Avril Lavigne. Here, you can see Avril’s characteristic smokey grungy style through her eye makeup.

Pink and purple eyeshadow has been smudged into black so that it’s edgier.

Putting pink on the inner corner of the eye ensures that the shadow doesn’t look too heavy. This means that you can still see Avril’s gorgeous irises without them looking overpowered.

The pink matches her dusky pin lipstick and neon hair, too! This is a rocking way to turn these soft colors subtle into bold. 

6. Bold Elegance

The purple has been used by the makeup artist to softly make the piercing blue eyes stand out. The soft blending creates a romantic and whimsical vibe, which is perfect for a prom, bachelorette party, or wearing to a wedding.

The bold red lip contrasts the smoky purple eye nicely, adding to the classic glamour.

The subtle pink hues have been gently smudged into the undereye, adding warmth that’s echoed by the earring choice. This look is ideal for someone who loves feeling romantic but doesn’t want to seem old-fashioned.

The pastel colors have an edginess that reminds us of something you’d see in a high-end magazine.

7. Creative E-girl Butterfly Liner

Searching for something alternative and cute to take inspiration from? This look has got you covered! While not to everyone’s taste, it takes a lot of skill, time, and confidence to pull this off.

The blended purple and pink eyeliner have a shell-like quality that could also be beautiful butterfly wings.

To add definition to the makeup, the artist has wrapped the eyeshadow with a line of the silver liner. This stops the sections from appearing blurred into one another.

In addition, the pink under the eye matches the generously rosy cheeks, bringing more cohesiveness to the scheme.

8. Black, Purple, And Pink Smokey Eye

Do you want to express your gothic style? This dramatic dark look packs a grungy punch! The black has been blended with pink and purple, which warms up the design to not look cold.

The cleanly blended shape is crucial to this design, which ensures the color doesn’t look messy.

The artist has taken eyeshadow under the eye to stop the top lid from becoming overly heavy. The result is making these brown eyes appear super sultry, perfect for a vampy night out or date.

If you embrace the dark aesthetic and are hesitant to stray from black, the subtle pink and purple are brilliant ways to tip your toe in the colored water.

9. Glowy Spring Makeup

For those that like their makeup to look rosy and fresh, we recommend trying this design out! The colors remind us of the beautiful apple blossom that comes out in spring, so you can express your love for flowers with this eyeshadow.

The shimmery texture reflects light in a soft yet stunning way.

The understated blending works excellently to accentuate the almond-shaped eyes. The subtle cat eyeliner also elongates the design, which is on-trend and popular with celebrities.

Finally, the hint of glitter elevates the look so that it’s got extra interest and wow-factor.

10. Bold Cateye Shimmer

This is such a showstopping piece of art! The purple glitter has an ethereal quality that reminds us of old Hollywood glamor.

The lighter pinks in the inner corner make the naturally darkened area brighter, so the model doesn’t look tired. The blue tones in the purple complement the stunning blue irises as well! 

The makeup artist has carefully color-matched the eyeshadows to reflect the skin tone, eye color, and client’s personality. This is a heavier makeup look. We recommend only giving it a go if you are more experienced than a beginner.

The impressive lashes top the whole look off and work well at framing little sections of eyeshadow. 

11. Neon Cut-Crease Highlighting

This shiny neon look has been created using powder pigment, which has been expertly blended to produce a range of tones. The smudged together pink and purple works well to accentuate the neon silver liner applied over the top.

This eyeshadow would be perfect for wearing to a rave, as the strobe lighting would bounce off all the sparkles.

The heavy black eyeliner is a bold contrast to the silver tones, making it even more noticeable. In addition, the makeup artist has applied a highlighter to the inner eye corners, which matches the cheekbone shimmer.

The overall effect is a creative twist on traditional 60’s cut-creases.

12. Ultraviolet Youthful Shadow

The shadow here is from the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette, a playful look suiting those with brown-toned skin.

The purple and pink colors have been applied in sections, making it easy for beginners to master. The peachy-pink shade complements the model’s skin color.

The cool-toned purple has been applied to the inner corners, which gives the model a fresh appearance. The soft blending is smoothly done, echoing the neatly laid edges nearby.

We recommend taking the darker purple color and applying it to the outer crease for more definition on the lid.

13. Pressed Glitter Goodness

How great would this be to wear at a Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party!? We love that the glitter reveals pinker tones when it catches the light.

This sparkly goodness is perfect for someone with a grungy style who wants to add some prettiness to their makeup.

The dark black eyeliner creates a sultry vibe while framing the color that’s been swept across the lid. The lighter pink glitter has been carefully added to the inner corner to ensure enough light and shade for the makeup to work.

In addition, the smudged black stops the glitter from looking too neat and perfect on the lid.

14. Glitter Eyeliner

This great liner is from The Drag Queen Closet, and it’s so eye catching. The makeup artist has ensured that the sparkle is well defined by framing the glitter in black.

The result is a super clean look, which takes considerable skill to not let the lines go wobbly! 

In addition, there’s a subtle cut crease that has been created by blending different pinks and purples together. The understated difference between the shades creates light and dark needed to develop a definition.

The darker purple added to the outer edge makes the eyes look so sensual, too! The heavy black lashes add to the mysterious glamor of the artistry.

15. Dewy Vibes

We adore the way the pinks have been blended right up to the model’s browbone. The gorgeous purple highlight really pops and complements the stunning whites of the eyes.

The darker purple adds to the goddess-level look, which is reflected on the cheekbones, too. The dark lashes work to tie the makeup in with the luscious cascading hair.

The warm tones on the eyelids are picked up in the lipgloss and blusher. We adore that the colors perfectly work with brown eyes. The sultry winged shape is subtle, giving the model an on-trend foxy look popular with A-list celebrities.

16. Glitter Grunge

Do you want to add more glitter into your makeup looks but worry that it will ruin your badass aesthetic? This gorgeous look proves that you don’t need to sacrifice your grunge spirit for some sparkle.

The chunky glitter adds to the edginess because, unlike finer glitter, there are tonnes of heavy textures.

The cleanly winged eyeshadow defines the blended area well. And, the lighter purple-pink shades match the vibrant hair that the model’s wearing. The subtle pink patches are echoed in the glossy lip applied. Heavy lashes add to the stunning vibe.

17. Foxy Elegance

Wow! How sultry is this look! The fluttery eyelashes have been added to give the model an even more foxy appearance. The heavily blended pinks and purples look lovely on the model’s skin tones, too.

The purple taken under the eye ensures that the whole look is cohesive. 

This is a brilliant way to highlight your sensual eyes, ideal for wearing on a first date with a potential lover. The rest of the makeup has been left understated, which ensures people notice the eyeshadows.

The inner corners are highlighted, and because they’re the lightest part of the face, they really make the pupils shine.

18. Cool Cutcrease

This glamorous look is giving us celestial vibes. The delicately applied eyeshadow arches gracefully above the eyes, producing a 60s inspired shape.

The winged cat-eyeliner adds to the Hollywood feel. The tightly blended pinky-purple color frames the pupils on the underside and near the brow bone.

The warm pink color is expertly matched to the glossy lips, ensuring the whole makeup scheme works well together.

We love that the headscarf has been matched to the pink tones, too! The golden highlight warms up the cool tones, preventing them from appearing too cold.


There you go! There’s so many gorgeous eye makeup looks in pink and purple for you to admire in this article. We hope you enjoyed taking in the glamorous, grungy looks and everything in between. Happy experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Easy Is It To Create A Pink And Purple Eye Makeup Look?

It depends on how detailed and elaborate you want your makeup to be. We recommend starting with the basics and following a video tutorial to ensure you’re doing the right thing if you’re a beginner.

If you’re more experienced, you’ll be able to skillfully apply eyeshadow to prevent fall-out.

There are several popular yet complicated eye makeup designs, which won’t be easy for newbies. Cat-eye blending, cut-creases, and applying detailed shading to the lid are complex for a rookie.

If you want to do these, practicing is vital. It will help if you’re naturally creative and have an arty background.

How Do I Create A Glamorous Pink And Purple Eye Makeup Design?

We recommend following a tutorial by an experienced makeup artist, which will show you step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Typically, many glamorous looks have cat-eyes, making the features seem sultry. 

How Do You Apply Pink And Purple Eyeshadow To Make Them Work Well Together?

In many cases, the critical thing to do is carefully blend the colors to avoid harsh lines. The exception is when you want to produce a clean cut-crease or are going for an arty, blocky style. If you’re stuck, watch a video tutorial on blending colors.

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