35 Wonderful Passion Braid Styles You Need to Try

New stylish and trendy passion braid styles that you will surely love. Get 30+ inspirational ideas for your unique hair look! 

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Are you tired of thinking about new hairstyles daily? And want something that looks decent and trendy. Don’t worry! We got you covered. We know hairstyle provides grace and decency to your personality, so we have jotted down 30+ inspirational passion braid styles to offer you a new and classy look. 

What Do Passion Braid Styles Mean?

A box-braided variation of passion twists that are created by the combination of curly pre-stretched water wave braiding hair and curly water wave hair is known as Passion Braids. They are commonly known as Knotless Butterfly Braids

The best part about passion braids is if you keep them with proper care and maintenance, they can last up to 8 weeks. They can even last for more than eight weeks but with little frizziness. 

How Much Damage (Cost) Does Passion Braid Give?

Passion Braid styles can cost up to $100 if you decide to do it yourself. Otherwise, it can cost up to $200, depending on your professional hairstylist. Let’s jump into the details of various passion braids.

Various Passion Braid Styles

1. Wiggly Passion Braid Style

Credit: kbrehairstyles

This style features the voluminous wiggly styled fashion braid, which gives your hair more volume and a classy look. This style isn’t as heavy as it looks in a picture. It provides you with a super fluffy and light-weighted feel. You can show off this unique and modern look by leaving your hair in an irregular (wiggly) fashion. 


2. Crazy Angel Passion Braid Style

Credit: _nicoleamour

Check out this crazy passion braid style. It includes a rough bun on your head, leaving some strands out to give you a unique style. This hairstyle will provide a killer and crazy look. You can have this look at any night parties where you just want to drive crazy with your friends.  

3. Golden Shades Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: crowned_by_layla

This style has some decent addition of golden shades as low lights in your hair to give them a beautiful grace. You can tie them up as box braid style, and you are good to go. You can have this style at any event, whether your business meeting or party. 

4. Cupola With Curls Passion Braid Style

Credit: passionbraidsja

This luxury and beautiful style can give you a graceful and decent look. You can style this up by making a small dome with your front hair and leaving behind all the strands untied. This style can be your go-to style for any grand event, for example, at a friend’s wedding or anywhere you like.

5. Sticky Sideways Passion Braid Styles

Credit: passionbraidsja

Make a statement with these beautiful sticky sideways. What a classy and trendy everyday look! You can just make everyone drop their jaws with this stunning look. This style could be easy to style and maintain for your everyday look. You just have to make two partitions of your hair and bring them sideways, and you are ready to go!


6. Silver Shades Passion Braid Styles

Credit: hairbymyaaa

These beautiful passion braids have some classy infusion of silver shades to make you look elegant and decent. This style can be your go-to look for formal events like business meetings or business parties. This look will provide your personality with a more professional and workaholic look. 

7. Gloomy Girl Passion Braid Style

Credit: 1badboho_

Want to be funky and classy at the same time? Don’t worry! We have an idea. Styling your passion braids with the colorful thin ribbons will give you a funky and relaxed look. You can grab this style for any night party or friends’ parties. Styling your hair with colorful accessories will make you look funkier and in the party mood. 

8. Massive Cord Passion Braid Style

Credit: hairbyricardo_ 

Wanted to look more passionate in your life? We have come up with this new massive cord passion braid style to give you all the passion in the world.  This style will provide you with the warmth and confidence to face the whole world bravely. 

9. Simple Passion Braid Styles

Credit: hairbymisheae

This simple and easy look will turn around heads for you. This style is easy and timely to make and maintain. You just need to part your hair into thick strands and tie these easy, thick, and fluffy passion braids. We are sure you would love styling your hair in this trendy and decent look. 

10. Ternion Knottless Passion Braid Styles

Credit: m.dsrt_

Check out these gorgeous and classy-looking ternion knotless passion braids. They make a tremendous flirty and magnificent look. To look beautiful and flirty, you need to section your hair and tie it in partitions. These are thick braids to give you a more bold and pretty look. 


11. Crazy Knottles Passion Braid Styles

Credits: lelah.stylezz

Check out this crazy thick passion braid look. These are beautiful thick braids that will provide you with a bold and intense look. The waves at the end of the hair will give you feminine touch. 

12. Nexus Curls With Knotless Passion Braid Styles

Credit: locsbylyss

Want to make a statement about your hair? Have a look at this brand-new look. The nexus-styled curls with the beautiful knotless passion braids will make everyone’s jaws drop. Combining these two beautiful styles will provide you with an elegant and gorgeous look.

13. Brisky Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: shellybraids

Want to look slaying at every party? Check out these beautiful, neatly slain passion braids. These are thick braids to provide you with a bold and confident look. It can be easily maintained and create a beautiful summer look for your hair. 

14. Massive Maroon Shades Passion Braid Styles

Credit: rizilhairgh

Love to style your hair in different colors? Have a look at these beautiful maroon-shaded passion braids. These low lights’ maroon-shaded passive braids will give you a stylish, unique, and modern look to make you stand out. These braids are classy, simple, and easy to maintain for your everyday look.

15. Blizzy Brown Passion Braid Styles

Credit: braided_by_kiaraj

Got bored of the same hair color? Have a look at these beautiful and stylish blizzarding brown-shaded passion braids. This shade perfectly suits the darker skin tones and gives you an elegant and different look. This passion braid style will make you look different and unique, leaving behind a WOW reaction.


16. Jazzy Box Wrapped Passion Braid Styles

Credit: jazzmeeupp

Life is too short to have the same dull-colored hair every day. Let’s try out these colorful, funky, and stylish brown and golden shades to lift your hair game. The strong hair game will give you more confidence and passion in your personality. 

17. Fusion Fly Knotless Passion Braid Styles

Credit: stylez_by_zy 

Want to stand out and drop the jaws of your friends and family? Here we have an idea! These beautiful knotless passion braids are to lift your personality leaving behind everyone wondering about you. The infusion of silver shade is somehow making it look glam. The remaining game will be raised using these cute shiny butterflies to give you glam and gorgeous look.

18. Wavy Rope Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: tappedin.beauty

Love the multi-tone look? Have a look at these beautiful combinations of browns. You can have any tone of brown that will also look glamorous and stylish. Try these beautiful rope box passion braid styles with waves in the brown shade to give you a more feminine touch, and rock the world with your passion braid styles. 

19. Black Leaf Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: kheytoperfection

Are you fond of black beauty? Consider these beautiful black leaf box passion braids to style your hair differently. The use of natural black will give you a more accurate and straightforward look. These thick braids define the boldness of your personality.

20. Pretty Queen Passion Braid Styles

Credit: stylesbymani

Who doesn’t want to look like a queen? This simple and elegant style of passion braids gives you a royal look. The simpler you keep it, the more regal and luxurious you will look. These can be easily maintained, and great passion braids that will provide you with a pretty and royal look. 


21. White Strap With Passion Braid Styles

Credit: stylesbymani

The infusion of a beautiful white strap in your beautiful passion braids can completely change your hair game; This style will give you a highlighting and straightforward look. You can easily carry this look throughout the year to have a simple, trendy, and modern look. 

22. Bustling Brown Wrapped Passion Braid Styles

Credit: hotgxrlsalon

Adding colors to hair is always fun and can provide you with a different and elegant look every time. Look at these beautiful bustling brown shades infused in natural black passion braids. It will give your personality a stylish and straightforward look at the same time. 

23. Entwine Golden Passion Braid Styles

Credit: crownedbyegypt_

Here is an idea for the light tone faces. Having your hair dyed in golden color with these beautiful passion braids can give you a more devastating and elegant look. Infusing multi-shades of brown and golden gives you a chic look.

24. Cross Thread Passion Braid Styles

Credit: balumbe.a

Look at these beautiful cross-thread passion braids beautifully dyed in maroon color. This cross-thread will completely change your passionate braid look. The infusion of light-shaded golden can increase the glam of this look. You can also contrast any shade of gold with maroon to make your hair game stronger. 

25. Fuzzy Knotless Twin Passion Braid Styles

Credit: mjd_sedec_23

Want to look innocent and stylish at the same time? Don’t worry! We have a unique inspirational idea for you. These fuzzy knotless passion braids will add innocence to your personality and look so trendy and stylish at the same time. 


26. Frizzle Knotless Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: bossy_beauty237

Are you in love with passion braid styles? We have a brand new look for you. These beautiful knotless passion braids will give you a frizzling and chic look. It will make you look the whole package of trendy, stylish, and hot.

27. Classy Combo Passion Braid Styles

Credit: zaideeyh_

Combos are always loved. Look at this elegant combo of gold and brown to give you a classy and decent look. You can carry this look all over the year with effortless maintenance and care. 

28. Sparkle Rainbow Knotless Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: yeateeyellsbraids_

Want to make the hair game strong? Try out these brand-new sparkling and colorful box passion braids. It will give your personality an elegant and up-to-date look. The beautiful sparkling effect will definitely level up your hair game.

29. Bold Red Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: slayed_braids_by_t

Red is the color of love and affection. Styling yourself with these red box passion braids will give you a bold and affectionate look. Also, it will make you stand out from others.

30. Blue Box Passion Braid Styles

Credit: royalrisinghaircare

Look at these aesthetically beautiful box passion braids with the pop of elegant blue to give your personality a pop and make you unique.


31. Fantasy Passion Braid Styles

Credit: skylunaaa

Do you love living in a fantasy world? Here we have a style that suits your fantasized personality.  These beautiful thick passion braids that tie the sideways will make your character look gloomy and elegant.

32. Brownie Shades Passion Braid Styles

Credit: godsgift_twinscreation

Changing the color of your hair can indeed change your whole look. Look at these beautiful brown-shaded thick passion braids. It will give you a change, an attractive bold look.

33. Bling Spin Knotless Passion Braid Styles

Credit: hairbynicqua

These beautiful blingy spin knotless passion braids will gloom your personality differently. If you are fond of styling your hair in different styles, you must try this look.

34. Square Passion Braid Styles

Credit: louloun.hairdesign

These elegant and straightforward veri-peri shades will look classy and up-to-date as this is the year’s color. This style will make you look trendy and elegant. 

35. Half Moon Passion Braid Styles

Credit: ses_styling

Want to look glam and unique? This half-moon passion braid style will provide you with a trendy, intense, and unique look to make you stand out from others. 


What’s Your Favorite Style?

As you have come up with many inspirational ideas to level up your hair game, which style will you prefer? Every style we have jitted above will make you look trendy and classy no matter what. These can be your everyday go-to hairstyles, and you can also have these hairstyles for any party, picnic, or wedding. Do let us know which style inspires you the most?

Tanya Taylor