35 Nail Designs With Lines to Make a Statement 

Looking for nails that are unique and compliment your style statement? Scroll through our picks of nail designs with lines and find your perfect match! 

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Are you thinking of glamming up your nails with line designs? Great choice! Line nail art looks elegant and fun while allowing you to explore your inner artist. We got the perfect curated list of the best line design manicures for you to choose from any of your aesthetic, nail lengths, and shape. 

1. Nude Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Florentinagnails

There are times we feel that our nails need some jazzing up from the whole nail art on nail paint routine. This nail art is precisely for those days because it’s so abstract, accessible, and not to mention– very funky! For example, you can make thin lines randomly on your nude nail or go for a nude base for a smoother look.


2. Purple Line Nail Designs With Line

Credit: Heil_Agna_Nails

For days when you want to feel lush and cute simultaneously, opt for these purple and white nails. First, go for a white base with purple lines on your thumb and pinky while going for a purple base and white lines for the index and middle finger. Then, make a subtle statement by breaking the pattern with a plain purple base on your ring finger. These nails look so subtle and classy that you can sport them at work, on dinner dates, or even on a fall vacay trip!

3. Semi Yellow Black Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Hamsamanicure1

Who would’ve thought a yellow nail paint could look soothing to the eye! This pastel yellow and white nail art looks so subtle and classy, but the black lines come with a spicy twist to the nails, making them look dramatic while still keeping the understated vibe intact. These nails come off as an ideal blend of classy and quirk, making this nail art perfect wear for days when you have work in the morning and a party or a spicy date at night! 

4. Curve Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Hamsamanicure1

Almond-shaped nails instantly class up any nail art, and this one is no exception. The nude base with black and white lines is an easy to achieve and versatile choice if you’re looking to have minimalistic yet chic nails. These nails are a look you can wear every day to flaunt your elegant and gorgeous self!

5. Black Heart In Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Annalisamappa

There’s something about black nail art on a nude base that has us gushing over it. It looks so unbelievably elegant and glamorous at the same time, and these oval nails with black lines adorned with hearts prove our theory right. You can either place your hearts on the black lines or between two perpendicular lines. These heart nails are the way to go if you’re all about cupid right now and want to flaunt it subtly.


6. Artistic Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Lilaaa0417

These candy-inspired nails are the perfect way to bring some quirk and fun into your look. These coffin-shaped nails with white and colored squares adorned with colorful crystals give a retro-chic vibe that takes us right back to the 00s. So if you have a fun weekend planned in your event calendar, these nails might be worth a shot!

7. Black Line Symbol Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Art.Department

These black geometrical lines on a nude base look classy and glam, making this pick an ideal choice if you’re looking for something minimal and elegant. In addition, these nails give off a tribal chic vibe and are super easy to achieve! And what’s better? They go with all your OOTDs and OOTNs, making it a versatile choice to transition from day to night seamlessly.

8. Silver White Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Marijam_Nokti

Are you looking for something frosty and magical? The silver snowflake art on a white base paired with peach nail color is a dreamy combination that will make you feel like you’re right in between winter wonderland. The ballerina nails add to the femininity and make the nails look graceful and trendy.

9. Red And White Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Velvetstudio.Nailss

Whether it’s the V-day fever or holiday prep, these nails will come to your aid with their glam and allure. The deep red with golden accents paired alongside red and white lines on a nude base looks plush, while the sparkly red nail paint adds a zest to make the nails look expensive and festive. We assure you, these are the nails you want to dance the night away with!

10. Black Line In White Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Borealnails_

We like to call these nails a spunky rendition of the classic french manicure. The baby pink base with an accented white tip looks refined, while the black lines break the rhythm and make it look groovy and artistic. These nails are perfect for working professionals because they’re distinctive yet polished. 


11. Silver Cross Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Marijam_Nokti

A washed-out pink base with white and silver makes such a gorgeous bridal concept nail art. The criss-cross lines made with white and silver on the ring fingers give the nails a fancy edge to otherwise plain and modest nail color. These nails are perfect for formal events where you want to put your best foot forward! 

12. Black Line And Dotted Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Han.Lspl

Tbh, Black is such an unfussy color. It makes such a sophisticated statement no matter how it’s used or what color it’s paired with. No wonder all our wardrobes are flooding with black clothes *phew.* The nude base with abstract black lines looks conventional, while the dots make all the difference by bringing a chic boho aura to the mix. 

13. White And Pink Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Nail.Room___

These nails have three words that come into mind: Girly, cute and quirky. The hot pink is a refreshing color to the otherwise sober beige and white. The polka dots and the hot pink lines took us right back to the 2010s when we were obsessed with these prints on our tops, dresses and everything! So if you’re in the mood for some cute nostalgia, you’ve found your pick.

14. Cherry Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Lesonglesdemomo

A dark cherry red is always a color you’ve got to have in your vanity to class up your nails. It is one of the few colors that seamlessly suit all skin tones and age groups. First, paint all your nails except the ring finger with a glossy cherry red nail polish to achieve these nails. Next, make fine lines with white nail paint on your bare ring fingernail (you can also choose to paint it with a nude nail color as a base). Next, grab the cherry nail polish again and make perpendicular lines beside the white lines. Easy to do, right? Plus, it looks so supreme and stellar!

15. Black Lines In Glitter Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Ellenadaniella

These long ballerina nails with a white base and black lines are the ideal combination we love! However, what’s making these nails stand out is also the silver glitter nail polish that looks so alluring and glamorous. These nails are a perfect pick for those who love conventional vibes with a pinch of drama. 


16. Halloween Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Yaeli_Salon

Halloween is truly the time we go crazy and eccentric with our nails. But, unfortunately, we sometimes go overboard and go for OTT nails that don’t fit any occasion after the 31st! So, we’re here to sort your dilemma out with the perfect Halloween nails to give you all the spooks in the most dazzling way possible. These black and white nails with spooky smiley faces and abstract lines look glam and subtle at the same time while still keeping the quirk intact! 

17. Crystal Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Katinaveleva

 You know some art pieces look so simple when you gaze from afar, but as you go close, they look more intricate and glamorous? These nails are just that. The red nail paint, in addition to the black and grey lines with gold crystals and grey accents, is the epitome of elegance and minimal luxury.

18. Black In Red Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Federica_Astrobeauty

There’s just something about half-painted nails that looks so trendy and cute. All you have to do to achieve these nails is to grab a red nail color and paint it from the top to mid of your nails, and then with black nail paint, make a single line beneath the red color, leaving a little space between the two. These nails are so appealing and give us a sporty girl vibe.

19. Simple Black Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Brigi.Nails

Are you someone who is always on the hunt for minimal nail art that will look unique but is as close to a classic nude as possible? Then these nails are the ones you’ve been looking for because they’re just the good ‘ol nude base nails with just a simple black line drawn vertically between the nails. It looks so vogue while still keeping the elegance and subtle aura intact.

20. Cross In Green Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Polished_Vicki

Sage green has crept into our hearts faster than any toxic relationship ever, and we aren’t complaining! It looks so soothing and aesthetic, especially when put on nails. It compliments all skin tones and nail shapes well, making it all the more lovable. Black is a shade that goes well with any color paired, and sage green isn’t an exception. These oval nails with black geometrical lines look so edgy and foxy. We’re sure you’re tempted to try this out, RN, just like we are! 


21. Line Stone Work Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Doranails_Barzsobeautyandbarzso.Beauty

These olive green nails with black lines are just the pick for someone who loves earthy tones and minimal nail art. However, if you’re looking for that extra zest of dimension and color, we suggest sticking some white crystals to the black lines. This will accentuate your nails and make them look more wholesome and graceful.

22. Winter Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Pajnails_

Do you love pink and are constantly looking for different ways to incorporate it into your looks? These square nails with a matte pink base on the middle and ring fingers and french tips on the rest look so graceful, while the intricate black plaid design paired with silver lines gives it a vibrant touch. However, what takes the cake for us in this nail art are the embossed leaves with a thick silver line beneath them. The nail art looks so elevated and delicate and is worth a try! 

23. Glitter Purple Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Nikol_Arvanith

These fabulous toned nails make a perfect winter companion with the purple glitter nail color paired with the classic black and white. The black lines on the white nail paint with purple in between them take the spotlight because of how unique and artsy it looks—definitely bookmarking this for NYE!

24. Black Line In Blue Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Beauty_Salon_.Esma1

Powder blue is one of the cutest colors to exist, and there’s no doubt about that. It looks so angelic and fits almost every aesthetic! However, these almond-shaped nails with powder blue tips and a black line across the nail look funky and eccentric. You wouldn’t think a blue and black combination could look that unique but the black painted on the bottom of the nail, rising into a line, makes all the difference! 

25. Baby Pink Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Cocoleharicot34

This nail art is the perfect opportunity to try it out and get obsessed! The hot pink with baby pink and beige lines looks vibrant and cute. We are particularly obsessed with pink, making this nail art so intriguing.


26. Golden Stem Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Nailsbymv_

Gold is a nail color we can’t ignore or shy away from because it adds a pinch of drama and aesthetic that no other color can give. The intricate black stems and leaves with a golden accent in between,  paired alongside white and golden nails, look dainty and delicate while still making a bold statement owing to the detailing and color scheme. 

27. Melting Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Creations. By.Dalicia

Want to show off your hip and spunky self? Then try these neon green with black drip lines and even a spider web! The easiest way to achieve these drip lines is to use a dotting tool or bobby pins. First, you have to take a good dip of nail paint and paint it on the bottom of your nail, and then pull the excess nail paint up with a dotting tool or bobby pin. Finish off with a top coat, and voila! These nails are perfect for an everyday life *you gotta live that extra life queen* or even Halloween when you’re looking to do something OTT. 

28. Black Edge Line Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Eeliza_Nails

This is arguably one of the most modish renditions of a french tip, and we love it! The nails look trendy and honestly on fleek with a nude base and a straight black tip. The geometrical nature of the tip makes it look all the more intriguing, and we have a cheat sheet on how to achieve this perfectly straight tip. Take some black nail paint and paint it on a flat steel surface. Dip the tip of your nail on the painted surface, and you’re good to go! Although, the primary key to achieving this tip is to have square-shaped nails, so ensure to file ‘em right before you get in with the art.

29. Positive Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Dj_Colorful_Nails

Are you looking to elevate your fall nails game? Go for this green and gold nail art. Stick in some gold foil on a nude base and let it set. Once done, make lines around, on top or in between the foil pieces with green nail paint. This nail art is chic and will suit people of all age groups. Of course, you have to switch up the nail shape to your liking, and you’re good to flaunt your blissful-looking nails!

30. Orange Cross Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Beautystudiostatus

These black lines with an angular yellow tip on a nude base nail color are soothing and simple. Honestly, we’re all looking for ways to go all we forget simplicity has its perks! Go for square-shaped nails with this nail art to make it look gentle, smooth and sublime. 


31. Burgundy On Christmas Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Nailsby.Evelinn

Try these sweater weather nails! They’re so stunning, and the lines are drawn to perfection. The matte red nail color with middle and ring finger donned in sweater plaid is welcome to embellish your nails. But of course, you can also trade in the ballerina nails in this one for square nails.

32. Burgundy And Silver Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Prestige_Kosmetik_Ried

These nails are the ideal example that shows that burgundy and silver are a fascinating and plush combination to exist. These nails with silver and burgundy lines look effortlessly tasteful and will make you instantaneously feel like a million bucks. However, it’s effortless to achieve! First, you have to paint your nail burgundy and stick tape, leaving mini geometric line spaces in between. Next, go over the nail with a silver nail paint with the tape still on and once the nail color dries, remove the tape. Finally, interchange the colors for the other nail, and you’re done! Is it just us, or can you imagine yourself sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket, reading a classic book with these nails on? 

33. Clear Blue Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Lis_Studios

These nails with the white and blue theme make us want to go for a Greece vacay RN. If you can’t go to Santorini, you might as well bring it to your nails so you can at least go to the Starbucks down the street in pretty nails *reality check, phew!* Coming to the point, the square nails with blue and golden lines looks so dreamy and innovative. Brb, booking a nail appointment right away! 

34. Neon Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: M.Sbeautystudio

Do you know what we think these nails resemble?  Beautiful stained glass art. To achieve these nails, you have to take a sky blue nail color, paint a triangle with it on your nails, alternating between the top and bottom corners, and paint your pinky fingers entirely in the chosen blue color. Next, line the triangle you made with neon colors of your choice and finish off the nail art by making criss-cross lines with black on your nails. Super easy to achieve and a perfect choice for beach days to look cute!

35. Sun Lines Nail Designs With Lines

Credit: Glossnails_Grandville

Can’t resist capturing aesthetic sunset pictures or gazing at every sunset that catches your eye? Get the sun on your nails with these pretty ballerina shaped nude nails with orange and yellow lines. The angular lines with a dark to light color scheme resemble a beautiful sunset while adding some vibrance and quirk to your nails! The key to achieving these nails is to play with the angles and placement of lines as it’ll make sure there’s no overcrowding of color, thus keeping it classy and unique. 



What Does Nail Designs With Lines Mean?

Nail designs with lines are a kind of manicure that involves making nail art using overlapping or parallel lines. This section of nail art is usually geometrical, but with the right vision– you can go as eccentric and extra as you wish! 

What are the tools required to do this nail art? 

You’ll need nail polish, a top coat, cuticle oil, and a thin nail brush to start. Then, if you’re looking to play around with nail shapes and lengths, you’ll need a nail filer, nail cutter, and a nail buffer. These tools will help you get the job done seamlessly. 

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