15 Amazing Low Ponytail Hairstyles For a Pinterest Inspired Summer Vacation

Back in the day women used to go for low ponytail hairstyles when they needed to hide their “third-day” hair and put them away in a presentable way. Come 2022 and now we have Pinterest blowing up with the most gorgeous low ponytail hairstyles that not only serve to be a good way to hide dirty hair but also are elegant trendsetters. 

The trick is to add subtle yet significant elements of differences to the classic boring low ponytail hairstyle to discover whole new breaths of fresh air. 

From slightly messy options to neat and slicked back looks in different lengths of hair, we can seek inspiration from a hundred personalities rocking the style straight from the red carpet. 

Now here are 15 unique styles of low ponytails for your Pinterest-inspired Summer vacation.

Before that, a few quick questions to help you get started.

What supplies do I need for a low ponytail hairstyle?

Since it is a low ponytail, there are fairly fewer supplies you’ll need to carry off a hairstyle as compared to a high pony. But it is always a good idea to gather everything around before you begin. You’ll need a few basic things including a hairband, a boar bristle brush, bobby pins to secure knots, a rattail comb to section off, and of course your favorite hair spray to keep hair disciplined.

How should I prep my hair?

An important thing to remember when styling a low ponytail is that we need the hair to be in place and not slip through our elastics and bobby pins. Freshly washed hair is thus not a good point to start styling. You can use a good texturizing spray to add some grip and volume. There are amazing hairsprays that help maintain the smooth and natural finish while at the same time giving you a good grip. Alternately you can start with second-day hair or third-day hair, but you may still need hairspray depending on your natural hair texture.

Can I style my curly hair in a low ponytail?

People typically feel that naturally curly hair already has a lot of volume and texture and that styling it in a low ponytail will take away its beauty. However, there are a lot of gorgeous styles that will specifically suit curly hair that you can seek inspiration from. All you need is a great hairspray to hold your curls and your pony in place, and some high-quality bobby pins to secure flyaways. Most importantly, you need to know how to tuck away your volume without damaging or diminishing the natural beauty of your curls. For that, you’ll need the help of a hair expert or a good hairstylist.

Can I style my braided hair in a low ponytail?

Yes, you absolutely can. An important thing to remember though is to prep your hair well before braiding so that your scalp stays healthy. Your braids should not be uncomfortable or painful to start with. With comfortable and neatly braided hair, no matter how much volume it has, you can do low ponytail hairstyles fairly easily.

Now that you know what things you need to begin with, here are 15 amazing Pinterest-inspired low ponytail hairstyles to try.

15 Lovely Low Ponytail Hairstyles to Try

1. Twisted Golden Low Ponytail With Flowers

Starting with a very elegant and Summery style, here we have gorgeous golden blonde hair twisted and gathered into a low ponytail. There are traditional braids along both sides converging into the low ponytail to add some personality. And of course, there are a few strands in front left open to frame the face. The highlight of the look though is the colorful hairpin with summer flowers. You can even try this as a wedding bridesmaid look. 

Credit: api.hair.makeup


2. Classic Short Low Ponytail With Waves

This one is more of a sophisticated and formal style with no accessories. Starting with blonde and brown highlighted medium-length hair styled in loose beachy waves, you need to gradually gather the strands in a loose low ponytail. Leave our very few neat strands in front just to make it put together and not have it too slicked back. The style, on the whole, is supposed to appear loose and easy. Don’t forget to finish with lots of hairspray to hold the waves in place.

Credit: aggeliki__andro

3. Messy Beachy Textured Low Ponytail

Here’s a lovely super casual style perfect for a girls’ day out or a beach picnic. This one is done on medium-length super light, almost platinum-colored wavy hair. First, you need to create loose and casual beachy waves with a curling wand – you don’t have to be too perfect with this as we’re going for unorganized curls. Then, all you need to do is gather your hair in a loose low ponytail and twist it inwards. Leave out some strands in front to complete the look.

Credit: natalie_newton_hair


4. Messy Low Bunch Ponytail

Yet another super messy low ponytail look here – this one is done on longer blonde hair. Once again, the idea is to keep the hair on top loose and messy while being careful not to make it frizzy. For this style, beautiful wavy hair is gathered and twisted into a low ponytail, secured with a hairband, and covered with a wider section of hair so as to create a “bunched up” look. Leave out some shorter strands of hair in front to frame the face.

Credit: elitchi_official

5. Smooth Black Slicked-back Low Ponytail

This one is a very sophisticated and “high fashion” style done on smooth black long hair. As this is a slicked-back style, it is fairly easy to do, however, you will need a lot of hairspray to secure flyaways in place. Simple comb back all your hair and gather it into a tight low ponytail at the back. You can also part your hair down the middle if that’s your cup of tea. To cover your elastic, take a wide section of hair from the middle and tie it around your knot to complete the look.

Credit: keshona_nicole


6. Brownish Black Wavy Low Ponytail

Here’s a neater low ponytail hairstyle for those who love to keep things conventional and clean. This one is done on brownish-black medium-length hair. You can start with simple naturally wavy hair, or you can simply add some loose waves at the ends of your hair. Part your hair down the middle and gather your waves in a loose twisted low ponytail. Cover the elastic with a few strands of hair and you’re good to go.

Credit: mthairteam

7. Romantic Messy Low Ponytail With White Flowers

This is a very elegant and romantic low ponytail hairstyle that uses serene white flowers for a fresh look. The crown of the hair is left super messy to add bounce and volume, and the waves are gathered into a low twisted ponytail. To add volume, you can take random fairly wide sections of hair, twist them and bring them down into the pony. Be sure to pull out some strands neatly, pouf out the crown, and finally add white flowers down one side to complete the look.

Credit: michellebrown_bridalhairartist


8. Brown Twisted Low Ponytail

There is a special kind of beauty in twisted wavy hair. This is a hairstyle that uses thin sections of neatly twisted and tucked-in hair, gathered into a further twisted low ponytail. Brown and dark blonde highlights will add elegance to the look. Don’t forget to pull some asymmetric strands of hair in front to frame the face.

Credit: ponytailhairstyles

9. Cross Braided Low Ponytail

This one is for the braided hair beauties out there – a simple low ponytail hairstyle done in glossy black medium-length hair. Start with side-parted hair and section off thin parallel strands of hair to braid towards either side. Braid your hair all the way to the ends and then gather the braided strands into a low ponytail. To hide your elastic, take a few strands and cover the knot and you’re good to go.

Credit: simplesa_


10. Minimal Ultra-Short Low Ponytail 

Ponytail hairstyles aren’t just for women with long hair. Margot Robbie has clearly set the trend for ultra-short low ponies with this style. Start off with straight and smooth bobbed hair. Slick it back into a loose low ponytail with a pompous elastic and that is it.

Credit: brycescarlett

11. Elite Low Textured Ponytail With White Beads

Yet another low ponytail hairstyle that is all about the texture, this one uses carefully formed gorgeous twisted strands for volume. You need to pick out sections, twist them and cross-tuck them into a low ponytail to get the most gorgeous messy textured look. Add statement white beads randomly throughout the back of your hair for extra sophistication, but be sure not to overdo it.

Credit: hairstylesbyvioleta


12. Platinum Messy Low Ponytail

Platinum hair never fails to stand out. Here’s a gorgeous low ponytail hairstyle in stunning platinum color – a messy and super-casual look that is perfect for a beach vacay. You can loosely curl your hair for a perfectly beachy look, but it is not necessary if you have natural waves. Gather hair into a twisted low ponytail and pull out strands on top to add texture and volume. To cover your elastic, you can use several strands of hair to create a wider knot for a bunched-up look. 

Credit: morganhairco

13. Elegant Caramel Brown Three-Twist Low Ponytail

Here’s a more unique style that uses three separate twisted low ponytails for a single look. Starting with medium-length wavy caramel brown hair combed through neatly, the style needs three separately secured low ponytails flipped through. Then all you need to do is gather the three ponytails and secure them into a single ponytail. If you want you can cover the elastic with a thin section of hair too.

Credit: annierosette93


14. Textured Bouffant Ponytail

This is an excellent choice for everyone who loves 60s fashion. This low ponytail hairstyle uses a vintage-style bouffant element – back-comb your hair for extra texture and add lots of hairspray for grip. You can also use a plastic bump hair accessory to achieve an easy bouffant. Gather all your hair into a low ponytail and flip it through for a gorgeous look. Leave out some strands in front and gather them at the back to make it look more put together in front.

Credit: vy.pham.mua

15. Elegant Gold Low Ponytail With Flowers

Last but not least, this is yet another option for bridesmaids. An elegant low textured ponytail done on gorgeous golden wavy hair. Take several sections of hair down the back, twist them and gather them into a low pony. Add a braided section too from one of the sides. Secure into a low ponytail and cover the elastic with a braided section to get a complete sophisticated look. Don’t forget to add white flowers on top for the ultimate bridesmaid’s look.

Credit: magma_hair_designs



There you go – a handy go-to list of elegant low ponytail hairstyles that you can easily try at home. Some of these don’t even need extravagant accessories. You can complete the entire look with a clear elastic hairband. For the more sophisticated styles, you can go to a hairstylist so you can flaunt them with confidence at your friend’s wedding. 

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