45 Trendy Jumbo Box Braids To Inspire Your Next Look

Jumbo box braids are one of the most popular protective styles for black women for a reason. They are not only practical in terms of giving your hair a break, but can also offer numerous trendy styles that are nothing less than beautiful pieces of art. 

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Many celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya have recently taken over the Jumbo Box Braid trend and utilized these beautiful styles as their red carpet looks.


How Long Should Jumbo Box Braids Last?

Jumbo box braids can last up to 8 weeks if they are properly cared for and maintained. However, a general rule of thumb to ensure your hair is adequately protected and cared for is for fine hair 2 to 3 weeks, for medium hair 4 to 6 weeks, and for thick hair 6 to 8 weeks. 

What Size Box Braids Last Longest?

Thin braids can last up to three months without having to go back to the salon. In addition, because of the smaller parting sections, you have more access to your scalp, allowing you to wash and moisturize your hair more thoroughly.

Can Box Braids Make Your Hair Grow?

In reality, box braids cannot make your hair grow but can help the wearer retain hair length. Containing your hair in a tight style such as Jumbo Box Braids keeps them from the breakage that would normally occur during normal styling routines. 

The name box braid comes from their square shape and they can come in a variety of styles, colors and lengths. We’ve collected some of the coolest jumbo box braid styles below. 

Trendy Jumbo Box Braids Ideas

1. Extra-Long Jumbo Box Braids

It’s all in the details, and these box braids are banging. Simply part your braids into a triangle for a neat and clean look that stands out!

Credit: braidsambassador


2. Jumbo Knotless Long Jumbo Box Braids

The protective jumbo knotless long braid style uses a large section of hair and is not anchored to the scalp. With minimal hassle, a classic big box braid style can be easily maintained while also remaining stylish.

Credit: braidme._

3. Classy And Elegant Long Jumbo Box Braids

If you have always wanted to have long locks, jumbo box braiding is the best style to opt for! It helps retain natural hair growth and extensions can add even more length for a longer look and additional styling possibilities. 

Credit: calgary_afro_beauty

4. Hip-length Golden Box Braids Long Jumbo Box Braids

For this style, a feed-in-technique was used in small pieces to add in a golden color alongside natural hair texture and color. It adds a fun twist to the natural jumbo box braid style.

Credit: braids.byrose_

5. Extra Long Box Braids 

This Rapunzel length jumbo box braid style is unique and sure to turn heads. 

Credit: narahairbraiding 


6. Large-sized Long Jumbo Box Braids

Large knotless box braids are an excellent idea for women who want to have a look of fuller and thicker hair. You don’t need to opt for unexpected colors or different finishes to accomplish this by showcasing just a simple jumbo box braid. 

Credit: goddesshairbylay

7. Natural Color Long Jumbo Box Braids

Box braids are the natural hair trend that remains timeless and yet trendy. It can allow you to subtly enhance your look but also can be stylized in various ponytails and buns for special occasions. 

Credit: kayontheslay

8. Butt Length Long Jumbo Box Braids

The stunning jumbo box braid works for every occasion, presenting a feminine and chic style. In addition, it gives a captivating look when extra length is added. You’re sure to turn heads with this style. 

Credit: braids_byblessedhands

9. Pinky Long Jumbo Box Braids

These brick-patterned jumbo box braids are done in cotton candy pink, one of the trendiest hair color styles right now. It’s a great way to showcase your unique style or favorite color. 

Credit: hairbyluu8

10. Jumbo Knotless Curly Long Box Braids

For a stunning upgrade and a real attention-getter, add beads to the ends of your curly long jumbo box braids. 

Credit: hairbybethel


11. Thick Long Jumbo Box Braids

Thicker jumbo box braids are a beautiful and versatile way to showcase your natural hair color. It’s also way to give you a look of long, hick hair thanks to the addition of weaves or extensions. 

Credit: _cheznae

12. Curly End Jumbo Knotless Coi Braids 

Jumbo knotless Coi braids that feature a curl at the end are another way to add a little bit of style and personality to the traditional jumbo box braid. 

Credit: braidsby.mayah

13. Large Black Jumbo Box Braids

The simple, classy, and fashionable long jumbo box braids weaved from the scalp give a bold appeal. The knotless design looks chic and elegant in many styles. 

Credit: _hairtoenvy

14. Long Curly Jumbo Box Braids

This protective hairstyle offers a slightly different way to wear thick chunky braids. This simple down do featuring a thicker variant of braid is great at any length. 

Credit: _cheznae

15. Red Hair Curly Long Jumbo Box Braids

Long jumbo box braids can also give you a unique opportunity to experiment with color. These deep red braids with a face-framing middle part offer a stunning look year-round. 

Credit: diivabeautyy


16. Classy Long Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids can be worn in versatile ways. You can wear it parted in chunks as well as very tight parts between braids. The overall look can also use a middle or side part.

Credit: boxbraidsinspiracoes

17. Gold Extension Long Jumbo Box Braids

Add synthetic extensions in varying colors, such as the gold extensions here, into natural hair to achieve a long-lasting and unique look. 

Credit: immarpedro

18. Curly Twisted Long Jumbo Box Braids

The knotless braids that jumbo box braids are made of do have an optional curling twist that can give an eye-catching and versatile look. It’s a unique design sure to be noticed. 

Credit: braidsbymari__

19. Wine Red Long Jumbo Box Braids

These wine red box braids make the box braid style look fresh and unique. For deeper skin-toned beauties, this color complements the skin perfectly. Add other embellishments to give wine-hued braids a pop of extra color.

Credit: mzcoco_didthat

20. Red Knotless Long Jumbo Box Braids

Red knotless braids with dark roots give a new depth to the braided look. Overall, experimenting with colors gives customizable looks for any season or event you need a new hair-do for.

Credit: elitestyles101


21. Classic Bead Long Jumbo Box Braids

Another way to make a jumbo classic, long Jumbo box braid shine is with beads. Whether it’s just a few accented beads at the ends or varying colors, there’s almost no limit to the design possibilities. 

Credit: protectivestylesbylex

22. Hint Of Green Long Jumbo Box Braids

Seal the ends with green! Green is a trending hair color that adds a bit of personality to any long jumbo box braid style.

Credit: dedicated2beauty28

23. Knotless Love long jumbo box braids

Accessorizing your hair with hints of other natural colors adds a dose of glam to the hairstyle. For example, this chestnut brown accented by dark roots looks pretty with the longer box braid style.

Credit: gmsalonandspa

24. Massive Jumbo Box Braids

The beautiful example of massive jumbo box braids showcases how box braids can offer a fuller hairstyle look and feel.

Credit: braidsbyjalaina__

25. Slay In Blonde Long Jumbo Box Braids

These jumbo box braids with dark roots accented by the contrasting blonde color gives a memorable and stylish look all year round. 

Credit: oneleeystylez


26. Spiraling Long Jumbo Box Braids

The protective spiraling long jumbo box braid ends in a symmetric cut giving it a lob look and feel. The style comes in different versions as well. 

Credit: braidme._

27. Autumn Vibes Long Jumbo Box Braids

Can’t decide on one color? No problem! Create your own look by adding varying colors and accents such as shells to have a truly unique style that no one else can repeat. 

Credit: braided.by.shaleah

28. Bohemian Long Jumbo Box Braids 

These Bohemian Braids or Goddess braids offer a trendy and super stylish look. They combine the spiralized box braid with loose curls and loose pieces to give off a more bohemian feel and look. 

Credit: slayby_shayy

29. Box Braids With Curls

The elegant Bohemian box braid combined with soft curls or waves gives a softer and more ethereal feel to this traditional look. 

Credit: miashairbeauty

30. Simple Long Jumbo Box Braids

This traditional proactive style offers a clean-styled look with braids that are easy to wear, and they will suit everyone. 

Credit: braidsandmorehoustontx


31. Passion Twists Long Jumbo Box Braids

For passion twist braids, there are different styles where hair can be braided into cornrows and box braids, making this type unique and beautiful. You can also add beads to the end strands for a unique touch.

Credit: mollybbraiding

32. Long Box Twisted Jumbo Braids

This beautiful hair braiding technique gives a carefree look and is excellent for summer experimenting while you’re out on the go. There are simple ways you can keep long twisted braids unique. 

Credit: dolledupbyda

33. Philly Hair Golden Long Jumbo Box Braids

This box braiding with natural golden brown hair looks beautiful and sleek. It showcases the women’s natural tones and offers shimmering shades that are sure to get noticed.

Credit: narahairbraiding

34. Long And Strong Jumbo Box Braids

These glam black braided hair cords are finished off with a unique set of curls, which gives a super stylish and easy-to-wear look. 

Credit: narahairbraiding

35. Stitch Pony Long Jumbo Box Braids

This great protective style can be stylized in numerous ways, including a pony with stitch braiding. These unique patterns tied together while also incorporating free falling pieces provides a gorgeous look. 

Credit: angiehairstyles


36. Super Long Jumbo Box Braids

Take a look at this magnificent long hair braiding style. These gorgeous jumbo box braid locks look glorious and create a jaw-dropping look.

Credit: letstalkhair_ng

37. Wine Hued Long Jumbo Box Braids

This braiding complements the skin perfectly by giving an extra pop of color for deep-toned beauties. The gorgeous set of crochet box braids is a head turner with wine accents!

Credit: thenappyhood.co

38. Pop Of Red Long Jumbo Box Braids

Adding small hits of color can go a long way in creating a style that is truly unique to you. This subtle effect adds beauty to the style while also adding a little bit of glam. 

Credit: slayed.elegance

39. Jumbo Box Braids With Wraps

Another way you can make jumbo box braids unique to the person is by adding in color wraps to various braids. It adds a pop of color and pattern change to the look giving it a personalized feel.

Credit: her_hair_is_juicy

40. With Curls Long Jumbo Box Braids

This bold and gorgeous hairstyle is in demand for those looking for a more adventurous look. It showcases both box braids and curls to give it a bolder feel and more bohemian look.

Credit: letstalkhair_ng


41. Goldie Browne Half-up Bun Long Jumbo Box Braids

Get creative with your braids by stylizing them in unique ways such as this top knot. This style also offers a unique golden color with the classic top knot, giving it a modern feel.

Credit: goldiebrowne_hairspecialist

42. Two Side Bun Twisted Long Jumbo Box Braids

You can even style box braids into a half up-do with other braids falling loose for special events. This easy-to-wear hairstyle helps mix up your effortlessly stylish look. 

Credit: _hairtoenvy

43. Thick Jumbo Long Jumbo Box Braids

For adding dimension to any box braid style, add in hues of varying colors to the braids. This shows off the braid’s versatility and spices up the look easily.

Credit: thenappyhood.co

44. Simple Medium Jumbo Box Braids

This jumbo box braid style incorporates gold wraps to the long locks of braids. It is a great touch for special events or every day styles.

Credit: beauty_mirror1503

45. Ombre Shine Long Jumbo Box Braids

Jump on the ombre trend by incorporating it into this proactive hair style. The box shape of the braids themselves are also more heavily showcase when colors are varied.

Credit: cici_damali

Whether you are looking for a protective style to give your hair a styling break or looking for a trendy look that is also easy to maintain, box braids could be exactly what you’re looking for. They are also easily customizable to your unique style, whether it’s adding pops of color or ornaments such as beads, wraps or shells.


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