51 Medium Knotless Braids You Need To Up Your Hair Game

Knotless braids come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, but a stylish and trendy variation that seems to have most people enthralled is the knotless braids medium size. These cute protective styles are loved by stylists and women alike for their quick installation time and alluring size. They are also fast becoming the go-to style among women with curly, wavy, and coily hair textures since they keep the strands neatly tucked in and safe from damage while looking attractive and fashionable.

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Compared to other intricate braid styles, they might seem very basic. However, the great thing about medium knotless braids is that they can be braided in different ways, so the styling possibilities are endless. So whether you’re looking for a dramatic look or want something a bit more understated and cute, there is something for everyone. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours at the hair salon.

Ahead, we’ve compiled some of the most incredible medium knotless braids that will take your hairdo to the next level.

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1. Center Part Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbyharms

These medium knotless braids are made with a center part that allows the braids to flow down the length of the back and the sides of the face in a beautiful style that will attract the best compliments.

2. Brown Color Mix Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styles_by_tia_pretty

A great way to add some vibrance to your knotless braids is to incorporate a mix of deep brown and black braiding hair. Your braids will have two prominent hues that you can pair with a wide range of outfits. Don’t hesitate to sleek down your edges with gel to slay this look fully.

3. Waist Length Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: judee_coiffuw

If you’re a fan of long hair, then this style would be perfect for you. It features waist-length knotless braids neatly arranged in even parts that look flawless. When trying this style, be sure to curl the ends lightly.

4. Top Bun Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: rn_braidstz

The great thing about medium knotless braids is that the size allows you to add some volume to your hair when you decide to style it into a bun. The top bun of this look is the perfect style to try whenever you need a casual look that can also give the face a lift.

5. Goddess Style Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

There’s just something alluring about these goddess-style knotless braids. The addition of a loose curly weave at the base of each braid gives it an added touch of featheriness. The key to pulling off this look is to allow the braids to follow down the back to show off the curly weave and braid combo.

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6. Curly Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

When making your knotless braids, curl the entire length of the braids to add some definition and volume to your hairdo. Be sure to make clean and even parts when trying this style, as it’ll give the braids a uniform smoothness.

7. Simple Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

Are you looking for a simple and chic style you can rock to school that won’t take long to install? Try these simple medium knotless braids. The braids are also thick enough to be styled in numerous ways but are not overly large.

8. Red Velvet Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: juicyhair_andthings

These velvet red medium knotless braids are the perfect style to try if you want a vibrant and long hairdo. The deep shade of red pairs well with the black at the root of the hair, and it is also great if you’re not a fan of extremely bright red hair.

9. Ponytail Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

A high ponytail is a classic way to look put together and elegant whenever you need a low maintenance style, and this medium knotless braids version checks all those boxes. A few braids are wrapped around the rest of the hair to make a cute ponytail with a lovely braided hair band around the base.

10. Jet Black Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

Looking for a silky dark hairdo, you can wear in any season? Try these jet black knotless. They’re long enough to grace just below the shoulders and are sure to look amazing with the dark shade of your natural hair.

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11. Beaded Ends Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

When you make medium knotless braids with only your hair or minimal added hair, they tend to look very plain. A great way to curb that is by adding some colorful beads at the ends of the braids. The beads give the style a youthful look that would also be perfect for kids.

12. Full Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: rayking_total_beauty

Medium knotless braids don’t always have to be sparse. You’ll like this full knotless braids variation if you like volume and fullness when styling your mane. The braids are made with small hair parts at the root to give the style volume. Don’t hesitate to try this style in a really long length.

13. Boxy  Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: rayking_total_beauty

Add some dimension and creativity to your medium knotless braids by making even box-shaped parts. This style is a surefire way of attracting the right attention.

14.  Blonde Streak Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hwlbyneisha

Try incorporating a bold streak of color to your dark knotless braids by braiding a few strands with blonde braiding hair. This is a fun way to add some light color to your hairdo without going for a full dramatic look.

15. Half up-Half Down Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

This medium knotless braids version proves that you can never go wrong with a half up -half down look. It features a loose bun at the crown of the head made with half of the hair and the remaining hair at the back is left to flow elegantly. Be sure to hold your bun together with a colorful hair tie to match your outfit.

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16. Fade Bun Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbynekajames

If you’re looking to incorporate an edgy vibe into your hairdo, then opt for these fade-style medium knotless braids. Be sure to pull the braids into a crown bun to show off the low-cut hair on the sides.

17. Smooth Brown Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: justbraidsinfo

If you’re looking for a hairdo that smooths down your mane in an attractive way, you should give these brown medium knotless braids a try. It is a great way to rock the knotless braids trend in a natural-looking color that has some shine.

18. Kid’s Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

If you’re looking for a cute style for kids that is fun and does not require much maintenance. This kid’s knotless braids are the perfect style to try. It features medium-sized knotless braids made with only natural hair and accessorized with a set of brightly colored beads at the ends.

19. Brown Highlights Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: key.styless

Adding the illusion of highlights into your braids is a great way to give the hair some cool pattern and dimension. This style uses light brown braiding hair to create the color sectioning, and it is a great look that is sure to look lovely on any skin tone.

20. Thick Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: steffdmont

Medium knotless braids come in many shapes and sizes, and if you’re a fan of thick braids, then these thick versions might just be the hairstyle you need. The braids frame the face beautifully and can be styled in many ways.

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21. Copper Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

Have fun with your medium knotless braids by opting for a copper red shade. The rich hue of the braids will create a lovely contrast with the black color at the base.

22. Double Bun Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hair out of your face while looking chic. Try this double bun look. It features two loosely held buns on both sides of the crown, with the rest of the hair allowed to fly free. Be sure to accentuate this style by adding glass beads.

23. Golden Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

Opt for a beautiful shade of gold when making your medium knotless braids. It is a great way to add a touch of drama to your hairdo. The key to pulling off this look is to go for a shade of gold that melds well with your skin tone, as you don’t want something too bright or too dark.

24. Multicolored Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

Looking to have fun with your knotless braid? Combine different shades of brown and copper to create a truly eye-catching blend of colors that is sure to look good with any outfit.

25. Square Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: braidedbynei

This is another great way to rock medium knotless braids in well-crafted part designs. The braids are made in square-shaped parts that give each section of hair a sharp edge that looks incredible.

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26. Two Color Sections  Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: laidbraidss

Separate the hair into two district sections by braiding both halves of the hair into two different colors. This style uses black on one side and a mix of gold and brown on the other half and it is a cute combo. Be sure to do a center part when trying this style so the color divide can be prominent.

27. Scanty Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: jordyyy.braids

Don’t want to spend hours getting your braids installed? Then try a scanty medium knotless braids style. The hair is parted in relatively large sections, so you have a minimal amount of braids.

28. Chunky Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: beautybynaii_

Another great way to spend less time in the salon chair is to opt for chunky knotless braids. They are made in medium sizes so they don’t look too large, and the best part about this style is that you only need to make about 10-12 braids.

29. Heart  Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: moebraids24

A great way to add some cool shapes to your braids is to hop on the heart braid trend. This style adds some personality to your knotless braids and will not be going out of fashion any time soon.

30. Brownie Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: laidbymila

Brown hair is a color that’s bound to look great on anyone, but even more so when you have a slightly deeper skin tone. These brownie medium knotless braids are the perfect look to go for if you need a style that will look great on any occasion.

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31. Platinum Blonde And Black Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: stylesbymaci

If you don’t want your knotless braids to be plain black, try opting for a platinum blonde and black mixture. The platinum-colored braids are made at the back and remain hidden until you decide to show off the bright color.

32. Shiny Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: nique_lynn

Add some sheen to your medium knotless braids by choosing a shiny style like this. Each braid is made with some hair mousse and sprayed afterward to give it a beautiful shine.

33. Gelled up Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hair_bysunflower

Want to accentuate the look of your knotless braids? Then make them in a cool mix of colors and sleek down your edges in prominent swoops and swirls using hair gel. The gelled-up baby hairs are a surefire way of adding a bit of drama to the look.

34. Elegant Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: _delikatehair

Want some classy and elegant that you can dress up or dress down while looking elegant? These elegant medium knotless braids are perfect for you. They’re sleek, black and are sure to make you look fashionable and graceful.

35. Pink-Brown Mix  Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: quin_styles

If you like bold and bright colors, you’ll love this pink-brown knotless medium braid combo. The bright pink and brown braids are parted in a side parting look to create a style that you can rock in the summer months.

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36. Peek A Boo Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: perfecteddby.m

Give your braids a peek-a-boo moment whenever they are viewed from the back by throwing in a few white braids at the nape of the hair. This style is a demure way to rock colored hair without going entirely white.

37. Curled Blonde Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: styledbydria_

Luscious curls and blonde hair is a combination that is sure to look amazing on anyone, and you can try the look by making your knotless medium braids in mixed shades of blonde. Then, curl the ends of the braids after they are installed.

38. Triangle Parts Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairbyasholly

Want your medium knotless braids to stand out from the crowd? Then opt for these triangle parts version. It’s a fun way to add some creativity to your braids. Be sure to accessorize with some colorful beads.

39. Wooden Beads  Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: hairherout._

Accessorizing your braids with braids is a surefire way of making them look fun and youthful. But these medium knotless braids with wooden beads give you a tribal and stylish look that is sure to turn heads.

40. Deep Pink Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: liyahs.styles

Want a flashy and stylish hair you can wear to parties or festivals? Then you should give deep pink medium knotless braids a try. They’re vibrant and cute without being too overpowering and the best part is you can match them with your eye makeup.

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41. Midnight Blue Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: liyahs.styles

Another great shade of medium knotless braids to try is midnight blue. This style is great for those who want to play with color but are not fans of the really bright tones.

42. Heart Cornrows Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: raw_hair_vendors

Knotless braids don’t always have to look plain at the base. A great way to add some personality to your braids is to make heart-shaped cornrows at the base and then make the ends of the hair in the signature knotless braids manner. This style is definitely going to get you the best compliments.

43. Distressed knotless braids medium

Credit: kiahstyledyou

These distressed medium knotless braids feature lightly brushed out hairs on each braid, and they are a cute way to add a fluffy texture to your knotless braids.

44. Zig-Zag Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: stylesbyaicha

The zig-zag medium knotless braids are a cool and unique way to add eye-catching shapes and designs to your hairdo. Don’t hesitate to make them with a mix of colors like deep brown and black.

45.  Banded Parts Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: look.goodinc

Want to give your medium knotless braids a cool design at the base? Try parting the hair in sections and adding hair bands to create an intricate criss-cross design at the front then begin the knotless braids from the brown of the hair.

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46. Fulani Style Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: braidedbynicks

Fulani braids are a timeless way to rock a beautiful hairdo while giving some serious black girl magic. This Fulani braids and knotless braids combo is a trendy style gaining a cult following as it always looks amazing on anyone.

47. Simple Black Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: beyoutifulhairdrip

Are you looking for a style you can wear to work or school without requiring much effort or additional styling? Then, these simple medium knotless braids are perfect for you. They are cute and will look great with any outfit you choose to pair them with.

48. Ombre Knotless Braids Medium

Credit:  hairbyfumi

Ombre is always the way to go whenever you need a hairstyle with cool color dimensions and volume. Also, it is a great way to add some vibrance to your braids.

49. Jumbo Style knotless braids medium

Credit: tracy.bosc

Try these cute jumbo-style knotless braids if you want a style that won’t take long to install and will look good with any outfit.

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50 . Milky White And Black  Knotless Braids Medium

Credit: mercyjacobsbraids

If you’re looking to add some bright tones to your medium knotless braids, opt for a milky white shade of braiding hair and mix it with black.

51. Sleek and Sparse knotless Braids Medium

Credit: sugarlacewigs

These sleek and sparse medium Knotless braids are cute to try if you’re looking for a simple style while looking cute.


What Does Knotless Braids Medium Mean?

Knotless braids medium means that the braids are made in pretty big sizes without being too large or too small. They also don’t have the signature knot that box braids often have at the base of each braid.

How Long Do Medium Knotless Braids Last?

Medium Knotless braids typically last about four weeks. Unfortunately, since the braids are made in pretty big sizes and don’t have the signature knot at the root that helps keep other box braids tight, they tend to get frizzy at the roots after about a month. However, you can help them last longer by following a proper maintenance routine involving spritzing your hair with conditioning sprays and covering the hair with a silk scarf or bonnet before bed. 

How Many Packs Of Hair Should I Get For Medium Knotless Braids?

Medium knotless braids will require about 3-6 packs of braiding hair, depending on how long and full you want them to be. The added hair is key to creating the moderately large sizes of the braids, so be ready to use a generous amount of added hair to make this style. 

Are Medium Knotless Braids Better For Your Edges?

Medium Knotless braids don’t put much tension and strain on the hair and scalp as other braids do, so they are better for the edges. Also, since there is no pull and tight knot at the root, the hairs at the edges are protected from damage and don’t fall out. 

However, this can vary depending on the stylist making the braids. If the stylist makes the braids too tight, then there is still a tendency to cause damage to your edges. So it is essential to make sure you go to a stylist that is gentle with your hair strands.

The bottom line is that medium knotless braids are a trendy and cute protective style that is easy to install and doesn’t cause much damage to the hair strands. With various designs, shades, and cuts, the world of medium knotless braids is vast and filled with many options. The next time you need a hairstyle that will look incredible and effortlessly chic, be sure to try some of the medium knotless braids on this list.

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