41 Beautiful Knotless Box Braids Hairstyles To Rock On Any Occasion

Braids are an ever-evolving look with new techniques and styles, both old and modern coming up constantly, but of all these styles, a variation that seems to have a well-appreciated choke hold on everyone is knotless box braids hairstyles. These sleek box braids are like a trendy more contemporary sister to regular box braids, and it’s not hard to see why they are fast becoming a favorite among women with curly and kinky hair– they’re cute, manageable and protective for the hair.

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The great thing about knotless box braids is that the style allows you to rock the traditional box braids look without any added tension and thickness that often makes them look bulky and heavy. This knotless look gives the braids a functional flatness that allows them to be styled in myriad ways and makes them the best alternative to regular box braids.

We might even dare to say they are an upgrade. So, whether you’re looking for something dramatic and flashy or prefer a simple and demure look to your braids, the styling possibilities are endless with knotless box braids. So, there is guaranteed to be a style to suit everyone’s needs.

Ahead, we’ve compiled some of the best knotless braids hairstyles out there to satisfy all your medium knotless box braids desires. Be prepared; some of these will give you major hair envy.

1. Middle Part Knotless Box Braids 

Credit: ito_han32

These middle-parted knotless box braids are a polished way to draw attention to the center of the face. The style features medium-sized braids neatly arranged in a smooth pattern that will make your hair an eye-catching accessory. This style would be perfect for those looking to show off the length of their braids in an elegant manner for different occasions.

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2. Medium Knotless Box Braids

Credit: mahalas_touch

Getting knotless box braids often requires a big time commitment which can be discouraging. However, if you’re looking for a way to shorten your time in the salon, these medium knotless box braids are the perfect look to go for. The hair is parted into pretty large sections, so you end up with medium-sized braids without compromising on the sleekness and beauty.

3. Simple Mid-Back Knotless Box Braids

Credit: hairplay_byfee

These simple mid-back knotless box braids are a great way to rock long hair without any heaviness and strain on the scalp. The braids are full and long enough to cover the entire length of the hair and cover up any thinness you may have on your natural hair. This look is a cute and easy style that can be worn to work or school.

4. Mini Knotless Box Braids

Credit: fadefaceframer

There’s just something chic about these mini knotless box braids.  Everything about this look just screams fashion goddesses, from the small and even shape of each part to the subtle mix of gold and black braiding hair that compliments the natural color at the base. It is a cute style that is sure to turn heads.

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5. Blue And Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Credit: aristylesinc

Not sure how to rock knotless box braids with a splash of color? These blue and blonde knotless box braids are here to offer you some options to choose from. They are both extremely long and come in thick sizes that won’t go unnoticed, but one version features a mix of blue and black while the other look is a full blonde. Both looks are fun and would be perfect to wear during the summer festival season.

6. Long Chunky Knotless Box Braids

Credit: hairbytatih

These Chunky knotless box braids are a great way to add a unique volume and shape to the hair while also reducing your braiding time by half. The braids are made in an earthy brown hue that will look incredible on any skin tone. When trying this style, don’t hesitate to pull one side to the front and the other to the back as it helps frame the face and pull focus to the long length of the hair. 

7. Dark Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Credit: hairbymiyah_

The deep shade of blonde used for these dark blonde knotless box braids is an eye-catching color that will look amazing on anyone and would be perfect to wear in any season. This style also features an intricate criss-cross part design held together with hair bands in the front section. The combination of long box braids that start from the middle and the banded sections creates a perfect contrast that makes this style unique.

8. Golden Knotless Box Braids With Curls

Credit: ziistyled

Want to rock curls with your braids? Opt for these golden knotless box braids with loose curls that begin from the middle. This style adds a nice volume that curbs the typical flat look with knotless braids. Put the front section of hair in a small ponytail.

9. Micro Knotless Box Braids

Credit: sarolagos

These micro knotless box braids are a great way to make your braids look natural while displaying a stunning length that will make you look very put together. The perfectly even shaped and well-arranged hair parts are the main attraction of this style, so be sure to pay some extra calculated attention to the parting sections when trying this style.

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10. Waist Length Knotless Box Braids

Credit: braids_by_dolly

These waist-length knotless box braids are the perfect look to go for if you’re a fan of really long hair. This style draws attention to the sides of the face as the entire length of the hair is pulled back.

11. Shiny Red Knotless Box Braids

Credit: braidsbyjazz__

You should try these shiny red knotless box braids if you want to switch things up a little when styling your mane. The hair is perfectly smooth down with gel at each section to give the braids a sleek shine. This style is a bold shade that will add a dramatic flair to your complete look.

12. Side Swept Knotless Box Braids

Credit: jojosbraids

The side-swept manner of these box braids creates a great style that will look good on anyone. For this look,  It is essential to ensure the braids are neatly parted and well-arranged, as the parting line at the base will be prominent once all the hair is pulled to one side of the face.

13. Side Heart Knotless Box Braids

Credit: hairbykdior_

Want your knotless box braids to stand out from the crowd?  Try adding a heart-shaped braid at the side of the front section. This style adds a creative elegance to your braids and will give them a distinct structure that will surely be attractive to anyone who sees it.  To up the ante of this look, use a mix of colors like brown and blonde.

14. Sparse Knotless Box Braids

Credit: gsvortexhair

These sparse knotless box braids take up less time and volume, making them the perfect style for those busy days where you need a quick and cute style that isn’t too full. The scanty nature of the look also adds a stunning and unique shape to each braid that is sure to attract the right attention.

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15. Braided Bun Knotless Box Braids

Credit: braidsbyni_ 

A well-done bun is a great way to give the face an instant lift while looking effortlessly put together, and this knotless box braids variation takes the traditional bun to the next level. It features a combo of copper red and black braids wrapped into a large donut-sized bun that sits prettily on the crown. This style is so beautiful and versatile that it can be paired with any outfit for multiple occasions.

16. Medium Knotless Box Braids With Beads

Credit: braidsgang

Love the volume and thinness of traditional box braids but don’t want to give in the seven-hour time commitment needed to get them done? Opt for these medium knotless box braids. They are well crafted in size that sits nicely between thin and chunky and are further elevated with the addition of wooden beads at the ends for tribal flair.

17. Brown And Black Knotless Box Braids

Credit: dynastythetech

These brown are black knotless box braids are the perfect way to add a bit of vibrance to the hair without being too flashy. The two colors meld well, making this style colorful yet understated. This is the look to choose if you want something you can wear on a casual day or to a party.

18. Deep Brown Knotless Box Braids

Credit: hairbychu_

If you don’t want to go for a shade of brown that is too light, then opt for a deep brown shade of knotless box braids. The color blends seamlessly with darker skin tones and gives the whole hairdo a natural look that will be stunning with any outfit.

19. Colorful Mix Knotless Box Braids

Credit: eishaas.styles

Another great way to incorporate brown and earthy tones into your braids is by opting for a colorful mix. This style features the natural black color at the base and a deep brown shade at the middle that flows into a bright mix of blonde tones by the ends. It is a great way to add color blocking to your box braids. Be sure to accessorize with hair cuffs to really slay this look.

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20. Pink Attraction Knotless Box Braids

Credit: isabellasbeauty15

Add an element of surprise to your knotless braids by including a generous amount of pink braids at the back section. When viewed from the back, this will add an exciting pop color to your braids that will surely make people do a double-take.

21. Half Side-Swept Knotless Box Braids

Credit: truebossbeauty_

These half-swept knotless box braids are a unique way to stand out from the sea of braided looks. The braids in the front section are elegantly pulled to one side of the face to display your best facial features, while the bottom half of the braids flow down the back.

22. Curly Ends Knotless Box Braids

Credit: stylist.onduty

The luscious curls at the ends of these knotless box braids give the style a more voluminous look that compliments the flatness at the base really well. This style is best created in long waist-length braids so that you’ll have more hair to work with when it comes time to curl the ends.

23. Smooth Wine Knotless Box Braids

Credit: touchedtierras

If you’d like to rock red hair but are not a fan of anything too flashy and loud, Then these wine knotless box braids are the perfect compromise. They are made in pretty large sizes that allow the parting design and black color at the base of each braid to be noticeable and complement the deep shade of red on the entire length of the hair.

24. Burgundy Knotless Box Braids

Credit: _kayslayed

This is another stunning way to rock red hair without going for a loud shade. These burgundy knotless box braids are cute and well crafted. They are made even better with the slicked down edges styled into minimal swoop shapes using hair gel or edge control for coiler hair textures.

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25. Pop Of Blue Knotless Box Braids

Credit: caeslayz

Add a pop of blue to a few braids at the back of your knotless box braids if you’d like to give your hairdo a striking look from the back. This fun style would pair fantastically with dark and neutral-colored outfits like black or white. You can even add to the drama by including beads at the ends of each braid.

26. Golden Knotless Box Braids

Credit: alternativeehair

These golden knotless box braids have everything needed to exude a radiant and luxurious vibe. They feature rich golden plaits made with a subtle combination of different shades of blonde and gold braiding hair and are sure to look good on anyone no matter the occasion.

27. Long Knotless Box Braids With Glass Beads

Credit: thenicolebexperience

Long knotless box braids are already stunning on their own as they give one’s entire look a feminine elegance, but adding glass beads at the ends is a sure-fire way of upping your hair game.  The beads give the look a youthful and playful flair that would be perfect for any season.

28. Knotless Box Braids With Loose Curls

Credit: braidzbymeme

Accentuate the look of your knotless box braids by including loose curls at the ends. This style adds a flowy dimension and shape to braids and is perfect if you want something simple yet classy.

29. Jumbo Knotless Knotless Box Braids

Credit: _celestialstyles

These jumbo knotless box braids are a staple style to include in your to-do list for days when you need a sleek and simple braid style with some drama. 10-12 large braids flow down the length of the body and blend into loose ringlet curls at the ends. Don’t hesitate to go wild with the edge gel and create some dramatic swoops as you slick your edges.

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30. Goddess Knotless Box Braids

Credit: tinajestinaa

Went to add an ethereal vibe to your look while rocking a braids style with some volume and definition? These goddess style knotless box braids might just be your new favorite thing.  Each braid has loose curly hair woven in at the roots to give the braids a curly backdrop with an irresistible fullness.

31. Lower Back Knotless Box Braids

Credit: braidsbydae_az

Want a braid style with length you can show off? Try these back-length knotless box braids. They are flawlessly made in neatly structured parts, giving the look a striking pattern. This style is versatile enough to wear on different occasions.

32. Ombre Knotless Box Braids

Credit: touchedbytb_

Knotless braids are typically flat without much structure. However, a great way to add dimensions to your knotless box braids is to opt for an ombre version. The color sectioning gives the braids a beautiful structure and allows you to have fun combining colors. A great combo you can never go wrong with Is black and light brown.

33. Two-Toned Knotless Box Braids

Credit: studioclaudi_

Mixed shades might not be what comes to mind when you think of black hair, but these two-toned knotless box braids execute it flawlessly. Two shades of black braiding hair are used for separate sections of the braids, creating a very subtle color grading effect that looks amazing.

34. Light Copper Knotless Box Braids

Credit: braids_by_nasongae

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These light copper knotless box braids are a stunning way to rock a hairdo with a vivid color that is definitely going to earn you a few compliments. Be sure to pull the braids back when styling this look to allow your best facial features to take center stage.

35. Platinum Blonde Knotless Box Braids

Credit: pinkyunderground

If you ever need a dazzling and bold look you can wear in the summer or spring while exuding black girl magic; these platinum knotless box braids are the way to go. They are vibrant yet moderately toned down with a sprinkle of brown braiding hair added in the middle. This style would pair nicely with floral outfits, so don’t hesitate to rock it with a floral print dress or shirt.

36. Butterfly Knotless Box Braids

Credit: narahairbraiding

Butterfly braids are fast becoming a cult favorite, and with these knotless box braids variations, it’s not hard to see why. This style incorporates curly hair extension woven into each jumbo-sized braid to create a curly frame that adds to the volume and overall beauty of the look. This look style looks incredible on anyone, so don’t be afraid to try it.

37. Face Framing Knotless Box Braids

Credit: serenitystyledme

Pull your knotless box braids to the front to create a lovely frame that gives the illusion of tendrils of hair and accentuates the natural contours of the face.  This style instantly draws attention to cheekbones. It is also simple enough for kids but also possesses a certain elegance that’s perfect for grownups.

38. Half Bun Half Down Knotless Box Braids 

Credit: touchedxney

This half bun half down style is another great style for kids. It features two loosely held buns perfectly placed on the crown with the remaining hair at the back left to flow and graze just below the shoulders. Be sure to add bead accessories to add some fun to this cute style.

39. Black Mini Knotless Box Braids

Credit: __queenofmebihhh

These black mini braids are alluring yet simple. They feature long knee-length braids that are light enough to be pulled and styled in multiple ways. 

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40. Deep Purple Theme Knotless Box Braids

Credit: deehairblog

These deep purple knotless box braids are the perfect way to pull off a deep yet colorful shade. It features tiny braids elegantly pulled to the side to allow the signature box parts to take center stage.

41. Full Red Knotless box braids

Credit: zaly_hair_braiding 

This style will be the perfect look to try if you’re brave enough to dye your hair completely red. It features bright red knotless box braids with the natural hair dyed a matching shade of red to create a completely vibrant look that is sure to turn heads.


What Are Knotless Box Braids Hairstyles?

Knotless box braids hairstyles are knotless braids made from three-strand plaits parted into squares or box-shaped. The braids are installed using a feed-in technique where each braid is started with one’s real hair before the braiding hair extension is added further down the hair shaft. This technique allows the braids to lie flat on the scalp without any knot formed at the root of the hair and gives them a knotless look, as the name implies.

Do Knotless Box Braids Last Longer Than Regular Box Braids?

The knot at the base of other braid styles like box braids typically helps keep them firm and tight for longer. However, knotless box braids are knotless, as the name suggests, so they are not as tight and firm at the roots as regular box braids and, as such, get frizzy quickly and don’t last as long.

How Long Does It Take To Get Knotless Box Braids Done?

Knotless box braids can take 4-6 hours to be installed. However, your time in the braiding chair varies depending on your preferred length, size, style, and overall natural hair thickness.  Ultimately, the longer you want the braids to be, the more time it’ll take.

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Are Knotless Box Braids Better For Your Hair?

Knotless box braids are better for the hair than other popular braiding styles. They are made without the signature knot common with other box braids styles, which prevents them from putting any strain on the hair that could cause damage. With knotless box braids, the hair doesn’t experience unnecessary breakage, so it is better for your edges and the overall health of your hair in the long run.

It is critical to remember that knotless box braids are just like any other protective style, and without adequate care and maintenance, you risk causing damage to the hair. So, when your knotless box braids are installed, maintaining a hair care routine to keep your braids refreshed and moisturized is key to preventing hair problems. You can do this by regularly spritzing the hair with moisturizing hair milk or leave-in conditioner and oiling the scalp. Also, ensure you don’t leave your braids in for too long, as that can cause a lot of breakage.

How Do You Refresh Knotless Box Braids

One of the major downsides to knotless box braids is that they develop frizz pretty quickly, and if you hope to get good wear out of your braids, it can be annoying when they start to look old and frizzy by the third week. The good news though, is that you can refresh your knotless box braids by following the basic steps below:

Step 1

Apply some dry shampoo to your palms and gently rub it on the scalp. Ensure you focus on the parting lines in between the braids, as the goal here is to clean the scalp, not the braids themselves.

Step 2

Spray a leave-in conditioner spritz all over the hair, and gently pat down to help the product absorb better.

Step 3

Apply any hair oil of your choice on the scalp in between the parting lines.

Step 4

Using an edge brush, apply hair gel to the natural hair at the base of each braid in the front section. Wait a few minutes for the braids to dry and set.

Step 5

Pour a generous amount of hair mousse on your hands, then gently rub it all over the full length of all your braids.  Do this carefully to help smooth down any flyaways.

Step 6

To keep your edges nice and laid, apply some edge gel to the baby hairs around the hairline and slick it down with an edge brush.

Step 7

Finally, Tie a silk scarf tightly on your hair and wait about 10 minutes to allow all the product to set into the hair. Then, slowly remove the scarf. Your knotless box braids should look fresh and good as new.

How much do knotless box braids cost?

The price for knotless box braids varies based on your location and how complex the style you want to get done is. However, they will typically cost you anywhere between $100- $500. It is also important to note that some stylists overcharge and bill customers at ridiculous prices that would honestly make you think twice before getting knotless box braids again. So before you choose a stylist in your city, try to contact two or three different places to compare the prices. Basically, if someone is charging you over $500 dollars for knotless box braids, girl run.

The main takeaway here is that knotless box braids hairstyles are trendy, protective, and come in various looks and designs. They can be styled to fit any occasion or outfit based on your style preferences and will continue to be a go-to style among women with curly hair textures. So if you need a fashionable hairstyle you can sport on any occasion, don’t hesitate to hop on this chic braid trend and choose from the knotless box braids on this list.

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