45 Gorgeous Half up Half Down Ponytails To Go For

Half up half down hairdos or half up half down ponytails will always be a good choice for your party moments! If you’re someone who likes to wear fierce looks and you prefer dramatic ponytails it’s your lucky day. Keep on reading and find your next perfect half-up half-down hairstyle while also figuring out how to style it and get the look on your own from the comfort of your home in the shortest time possible!

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What does Half up Half down Ponytail Mean?

A half-up half-down hairstyle is very popular and pretty. It is a look in which one half of your hair is tied high up and in a ponytail while the other half is left worn straight, wavy, or curly. This look is often a must-do hairstyle for your prom, birthday parties, clubbing, etc. When done the right way it is semi-formal and fashion-forward, perfect no matter your hair length or hair color.

Is half up half down ponytail pricey?

The price of a half-up half-down hairstyle will vary. The truth is that looks such as these come down to your hairstylist and their level of expertise, as well as the length of your hair. In most cases and with most hair stylists you’re looking for $60-$90. This covers the process of hair washing, drying, and styling. If you end up wanting some cool highlights, a haircut, or coloring you will be looking at higher prices.

How do you do a half up half down ponytail?

Interested in doing the look on your own and without spending a ton of money with your hairstylist? If that is the case you can always do the look on your own and from the comfort of your home. It all comes down to having the right tools and a bit of patience, as well as some time to spare. Items that you will be needing are: 

  • A hair clip 
  • Hair ties 
  • Hair straightener or curler based on the look that you’re aiming for 
  • Hairspray 
  • Styling cream 
  • Glitter (optional)

Figure out how to do it right here:

How do you make a half up half down ponytail look good?

Step 1: make sure that you wash your hair and blow-dry it. Working with clean and brushed-out hair is the best step that you can make for long-lasting and salon-like results.
Step 2: Section your hair and visualize the look. Most women prefer to wear their mid-portion and the front portion of the hair high up and in a ponytail while the back is left down.
Step 3: tie the ponytail in the front and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure that you use elastics that suit your natural hair color. Leave the left or your hair down.
Step 4: decorate your hair with glitter or hairspray if you want to attract looks and attention. Sprinkle it and brush it out.
Step 5: curl or straighten out your hair to complete the look. Let your hair straightener or curling iron properly warm up before you use them on your hair.
Step 6: spritz with a bit more or hairspray to prolong its longevity! You’ll be good to go and party on.

Top 45 Half Up Half Down Ponytail Ideas

1. Curly Half up Half down Ponytail

Credit: prodonnx

Women who have bright red or coral hair will like the attention by pairing up this look with a high ponytail and this half-up half-down hairdo. Secure it with some bobbi pins to get the prettiest outcome.

2. Half up half down weave Ponytail

Credit: tiffanythestylist314

Make sure that you use a ton of hairspray and hair cream to style these baby hairs and end up with a flawless silky smooth hairdo!


3. Curls on half up half down ponytail

Credit: kingcouture_hair

Curl your ends and combine this black curly smooth hairdo with a subtle ponytail. Women who have naturally thick and curly texture will enjoy this outcome the most.

4. Half up, Half Down Ponytail Quick weave

Credit: hairbyprettii_nia

This gorgeous weave will look sensual and is a must-have for women who want to attract a ton of attention. This hairstyle will look the best when done with a bit of your favorite curling cream.

5. Simple half up half down pony for Short hair

Credit: saucystrandz

Stylish and voluminous, this hairstyle will look amazing for your prom or a formal dance of some sort. If you’re a fan of loose stylish locks and you want elegance this look is all about it!

6. Stylish Half up half down pony on curls

Credit: kunmihair.accessories

Lay down the edges and make sure that this hairdo is your next pick for night-outs. Use some vaseline or jelly to maintain the edges.


7. Half up half down ponytail

Credit: dollhouseluxury

Pick up the front parts of your hair and style them with your favorite gel cream to style the curls evenly.

8. Layered Half up half down Pony With Highlights

Credit: glambyari18

Caramel highlights when paired along with this look will make it pop and attract a ton of attention!

9. Long hair half up half down pony

Credit: souvenir.styles

Silky smooth and shiny, this long hair with a high updo will look the best on women who are in their twenties.

10. Half up half down with blonde curls

Credit: suchatopic.co

If your hair is naturally quite thick and voluminous you will have no issues styling it in a half-up half-down voluminous way.


11. Short layered curls half up half down pony

Credit: dragonflyhairco

Smooth dark brown or almost black hair will look elegant and feminine. If you can handle the maintenance give it a go with this hairdo.

12. Fabulous feathered half up half down pony

Credit: geimycosmo

A feathered-up hairdo is easy to achieve as long as you have the right tooth comb.

13. Side Half up Half down ponytail with curling loose hair

Credit: savyy_chic

You can give it a go with this hairdo if you’re a fan of soft and smooth curls, along with high ponytails.

14. Half up half down Braids ponytail

Credit: marleyheadz

Decorate your half-up half-down hairdo with this braid detail. It will look party-perfect and casual at the same time.


15. Gorgeous weaving half up half down pony

Credit: lushlocksltd

Smooth brown hair and this curl pattern need to be brushed out before you get to its styling.

16. Wonderful half up half down ponytail

Credit: divastylesbytrish

Make sure that you lay down these edges and get rid of any frizz or flyaways.

17. Ash brown on curls with half up half down pony

Credit: mkluxurylooks

Subtle highlights will make your half-up half-down hairstyle a lot more noticeable.

18. Back half up half down waves ponytail

Credit: slayd_bylex

Style your bangs along with your hairdo to round up the look. Comb them out and enjoy this retro playful vibe.

19. Half up, half down sew in with custom color bundles

Credit: mkluxurylooks

This hairstyle is the perfect example of how you can wear your hair in a casual way for everyday wear.

20. Simple and stunning half up half down ponytail

Credit: touchedbytyb

Half-up half-down pony such as this one will take you less than 10 minutes to achieve!


21. Half up half down ponytail by three bundles of thick black hair

Credit: lushlocksltd

Soft curls such as these will look amazing and are easy to achieve with the right hairbrush and proper blow-drying technique.

22. Straight Half up half down pony with loose hair

Credit: quinceebooker

Half-up half-down ponytail such as this one will look great for the summer of 2022. Give it a go if you’re a fan of elegance and modern looks.

23. Short and sticky half up half down ponytail

Credit: lushlocksltd

Women who have naturally dark brown hair or black hair will achieve this final outcome with ease + their hair will look so smooth.

24. Wrapped colored half up half down pony

Credit: embellishby_dee

A red hairdo such as this one is a bold statement, perfect for women who like to stand out with a fierce attention-seeking color.


25.  Kids Curly half up half down ponytail

Credit: cosmocobb

Anyone who likes glamorous ideas and is a fan of fancy looks will see the beauty in this outcome.

26. Half curls on half up half down ponytail

Credit: embellishby_dee

Half curls are perfect for girls who don’t want a full-blown look but are more so into simpler looks that are easy to achieve.

27. Bun pony with half up half down ponytail

Credit: crownedbynay

If your hair is straight and sleek you’re going to achieve this look in a matter of minutes!

28. Side half up half down pony in long hair

Credit: royally_crowned

Wear your hair on the side if you’re a fan of intriguing and different ponytails. Perfect for women who have patience when it comes to styling their hair. Figure out how to get it right here:

29. Half up half down pony with Goddess box braids

Credit: kytas_touch

Big and gorgeous Afro curls will look amazing as you tie them up. Make sure that you use your favorite curling cream to achieve this outcome.


30. Half up half down natural ponytail with Jerry curls

Credit: kytas_touch

Secure your ponytail with an elastic that is durable so that your ponytail stays in place for the entire day or night.

31. Prettiest long straightened half up half down pony

Credit: girlfriendssalon

Long silky smooth hair can look good at all times, no matter the look that you go for. Spray your hair with hairspray that has powerful holding power so it doesn’t move during the day.

32. Waving with small curls half up half down ponytail

Credit: plait_pro

Curls and defined tight braids will take some time and patience to master. Make sure that you invest 30 minutes when creating this look.

33. Half up half down ponytail with slightly waves

Credit: hairjaz

Brush out your curls to achieve this soft volume. Women who are into elegance and prefer softer ponytails will like this outcome.

34. Detachable half up half down ponytail

Credit: debbyra_stylist

Go for a ponytail extension and try out this detachable look. If you don’t have long hair yourself this is a great trick to do for a quick and easy switch up.


35. Three bundles of curly hair half up half down pony

Credit: dontezdohair

Define your curls with a curling cream or with your favorite gel cream. Once defined secure the ponytail so it doesn’t move around.

36. Half up half down pony with a quick weave

Credit: head2toemag

If you prefer defined looks make sure that you use a hair straightener to define each strand. The end result is silky smooth and ideal for night-outs.

37. Spring wrapping half-up half down pony

Credit: tyeslays

The natural curly texture is tricky to style. Make sure that you use a wide brush to comb through each lock so it looks even and shiny, without being tangled or frizzy.

38. Fishtails braids with half up half down ponytail

Credit: shedoitall__bundles

Fishtail braids will look the best if done tight and small. Go for a criss-cross method and work one hair section at a time till you get the right results.


39. Cross braids with half up half down pony

Credit: thehair_goddess

Women who want a messy updo will like this ponytail. Give it a go with this look if you’re into stylish cuts that are playful and feminine.

40. Simple stylish halfup halfdown pony with slight waves

Credit: debbyra_stylist

Tie your bangs all the way in the back and you’re going to like this outcome. Use a hairbrush to keep your hair slicked all the way back for optimal results.

41. Halfup halfup down pony in brown curls with loose hair

Credit: aks_hair_and_beauty

Soft blonde hair and this updo will have to be maintained the right way. Make sure that your roots can blend with your blonde color so that the look is cohesive and stylish.

42. Natural ponytail with raw Indian hair Blend

Credit: kytas_touch

If your natural hair is thick and durable you can easily achieve this look without any additional tools. Comb it back and use a hairspray to set it in place.


43. Beautiful and modern half up half down ponytail

Credit: naturalbeautigang

Brush out your hair and only curl some strands. Make sure that your hair is soft and freshly washed to achieve this design.

44. Crochet half up half down ponytail

Credit: royally_crowned_

Don’t forget to add a bit of hydrating hair cream to this look. It will look the best on women who have wavy textures and want a quick and easy ponytail.

45. Weaving long half up half down ponytail

Credit: mmonaehairstudio

This ponytail will look good if you apply a bit of Vaseline to it. Sweep it in the back and secure it with an elastic for prolonged wear.


Half-up half-down hairstyles are always a safe bet to go for when it comes to parties or formal events. If you’re a fan of long, glamorous, and fashion-forward looks one of these 40+ options will suit you and it will look so good on you. Consult with your hairstylist before booking your next appointment.

Lynn Pearson