Fabulous Half Up Half Down Braids Hairstyles For Any Season

Braids are a fantastic hairstyle that women and girls of all ages can wear. There are so many different braids that you’ll never have to try monotonous hairstyles with your hair again. Try a braided half up-do and see what we mean!

This technique can be applied to long, medium, or short hair, depending on the look you’re going for and how much time you have to put into your hair every morning. Half up half down braids and hairstyles are impressive yet straightforward. These looks are worth adding to your styling repertoire, no matter what your hair length, texture, or color may be. There’s more to this style than meets the eye!

What Is Half Up Half Down Hair?

Half up half down hair is simply a style where your hair is in two sections: one section is pulled back and styled into a braid or ponytail, while another section (the lower half) of your hair is left down without any styling.

Is Half Up half Down An Updo?

Half up half down is a variation of the classic updo hairstyle. It incorporates soft curls along with a half updo so you can be classy and carefree at the same time. Half up half down hairstyles are trendy for weddings because of their semi-formal and romantic vibe.

How Do You Do Half Up Half Down Braids?

With braids, there are hundreds of possibilities of how to style them. The type of hair or braid you have and your taste and preference will also play a role in picking out different styles. 

Check out this video tutorial for four quick and simple half up half down braided hairstyles you can wear on different occasions.

Perfect Half Up Half Down Braids 

We’ve got some stunning inspiration if you’re looking for a new hairdo to spice up your life. These styles can be achieved with a little bit of hair spray and bobby pins. Happy styling!

1. Fishtail Crown Half Up Half Down Braid

Credit: lilyslocks_hairdubai

Fishtail braids are unique, but making them look casual and relaxed can be a bit tricky. The French fishtail half up half down braid is one of our favorite simple styles. If you have wavy hair, you’ll love it!



2. Waterfall Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: claireguybridal

Braided hairstyles are in fashion, so try a waterfall braid half-updo to give your hair a more laid-back, bohemian vibe. It’s an effortless look that makes it seem like you didn’t spend hours on your hair.

3. Short Bob Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: charisse.holliday

This cute braided hairstyle will flatter any face and bring volume to straight hair. Perfect for any season, this style brings texture and oomph factor to otherwise dull hair!

4. Feed-In Braids Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Credit: interlacingperfections

This style is excellent for fine hair that needs a beautiful protective style! Tie a bun on your crown with the front braids and secure it with some bobby pins—the braids at the bottom half flow down the shoulders for a perfect protective hairstyle.


5. EasyHalf Up Half Down Braids With Flowers

Credit: natashachanelhair

Which girl doesn’t like to wear her hair half-up and half-down? It’s a great option if you have an off-the-shoulder dress or shirt that you want to showcase. Also, it’s a perfect hairstyle for bridesmaids!

6. Half Up Half Down Fishtail Braid  With Messy Curls

Credit: beyondthebrushi

Fishtail braids are all about versatility and creativity. This hairstyle is excellent for women with short to medium-length hair, and it works well with wavy, straight, or curly hair types. This style is so adaptive that you can wear it on any occasion.

7. Casual Cornrows Bun Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: thamybraidsstore

Cornrows are classic scalp braids that look gorgeous with a half-up half-down bun. To take these beautiful braids up a notch, accessorize them with multicolor rings. You can effortlessly rock this style in medium or long hair.

8. Knotted French half Up Half Down Braid

Credit: 500milcoisas

This hairstyle is chic, easy to do, and super versatile. You simply need to pull hair into a loose French and secure it with a knot to create it. You can also pull some strands loose around your face to soften things even more.


9. Half Up Half Down Lace And Bubble Braids

Credit: crazebeeutiful_mua

It is a fantastic hairstyle for school girls. After seeing it, the first thing that comes to your mind will be, How can I get such a cool style for my little girl?! It’s not a complex style to recreate, and it looks great on young and adults alike!

10. Cornrows And Box Braids Ponytail Half Updo

Credit: laid2impress

This lovely style starts with cornrows combined with standard box braids. Once they’re complete, pull them back into a high half ponytail and wrap a couple of braids around it to finish the look!

11. Half Up Half Down Side Braid with Loose Curls

Credit: styledby_sc

Long, loose curls are beautiful and chic. But sometimes, you don’t want your hair to be only about free flowing hair. So why not try a half-up half-down style?! Put your hair up in a side braid, but with enough free-flowing locks, so it doesn’t take attention away from your natural waves.

12. Half Up Half Down Minimal Scalp Braids With Long Curls

Credit: hairbytara_c

It’s a classic half-up half-down style, but with a twist. Two cornrow braids are tied up in a cute little ponytail to add volume and texture to your hair, essential for hairstyles like these. 


13. Half French Braid With Pearls

Credit: lovelivesherebridal

French braids are a great option if you’re in a hurry and want to pull your hair up with minimal fuss. The style is classic and elegant, and it’s relatively easy to achieve on any length of hair. Adorn your braid with some pearls for an instant upgrade to this simple do!

14. Boho Bridal Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: sweetvjewelry

Boho-chic hairstyles are all about relaxed hair that looks effortless. This style takes just a few minutes to create but will look so elegant and pretty, and your friends will ask you what salon you got it done at!

15. Half Up Half Down Knotless Braids

Credit: officialeverythingpretty

These half up half down braids for little girls are perfect for springtime. These braids look gorgeous, and any hair length or texture can wear them. Accessorized with a purple ribbon, your little girl will happily flaunt her new hairstyle!

16. Double Braid Messy Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Credit: promisinglooks

When it comes to braided hairstyles, there are plenty of them. Most work best for either medium or long hair, but this can be executed on any hair length. It is a perfect laidback hairstyle for any season and occasion.


17. Half Up Braided Crown

Credit: delamerstyle_spa

Nothing is boring about a half-up braided crown hairstyle. It is a stunning hairstyle that looks fabulous in any setting, whether at a wedding or prom. The best part of all, a half-up braided crown will make you look like a princess!

18. Beaded Box Braids Crown Half Updo

Credit: protectivestyles

A box braid up-do looks super cute, especially when paired with earth tone beads. It’s simple and trendy, and you will see a lot of supermodels are rocking their natural hairstyles this way, even if they wear them slightly differently than we would at home.

19. Triple bun Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: hairandmakeupbygina

It’s perfect for special occasions, proms, and weddings because it is not too intricate and allows you to have fun with your hair color. This type of braid is best if you don’t have a lot of time to put your hair in a half-up style but still want something easy and elegant.

20. Half Updo with Bun and Loose French Braid

Credit: fkhairs

If you’re looking for a unique style that looks feminine and flirty, try a half-updo with a loose French braid. Start by dividing your hair into two sections. Create a braided and twisted bun with the upper half. Then, loosely braid the lower section of hair down to your shoulders.


21. Updo with Thick Double Crown Braids

Credit: getglamwithsam99

The hairstyle looks fresh and simple. Thick and voluminous crown braids are a natural way to add glamor to your everyday hairstyle. Crown braids are glamorous and yet still very understated, so they work in any season or occasion!

22. Scalp Braids Ponytail Half Updo

Cerdits: hnmbycheli

The braided ponytail is an intelligent way to get an incredible and intricate hairstyle to transform into something unique. Young girls who want a beautiful protective style will love this hairdo!

23. Half Up Half Down Braids With Pink Ribbon

Credit: allthingshairus

It is a versatile hairstyle that will go perfectly with any casual outfit. This stunning hair is suitable for any hair length and ideal for medium to long length hair. The best part is that you don’t need to be a hairdresser to get it done!

24. Half Updo With Single Middle Braid and Half Bun 

Credit: chfcareforhair

It is a super cute style that will get you tons of compliments. To start, make a cute braid out of your hair, and then once it’s finished, we wrap it around and into a bun. It is an easy yet elegant hairdo. We love this braided half up half down because it’s so versatile!


25. Intricate Side Braid Half Updo

Credit: ellagantbraids

If you are looking for a unique hairstyle, you should try out a braided half updo. This hairstyle is perfect for medium hair length and brings a fun modern touch to your look. Start by applying some pomade or gel to help keep your hair in place while braiding it. Then, gather all your hair at one side of your head and weave it into a simple single plait.

26. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With Cornrows And Twisted Bun 

Credit: optimum_beautyandbarber

This half up half down hairstyle is made by twisting cornrows on top of a head and then wrapping hair around to form a bun. Twisted buns have always been a favorite with celebrities because they make your hair appear voluminous. 

27. Double Dutch Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: littileipuri

This hairstyle is a perfect look for almost any occasion. It is simple and elegant, yet sassy and fun. Double Dutch braids ending in twin pigtails instantly transform a simple do into a more playful style. It’s also an effortless style to try out.

28. Half Up Half Down Ghana Braids

Credits: novemberlov3

Ghana braids are used to create a variety of hairstyles. Go for this hairdo if you like an elegant updo without much effort. The best thing about ghana braids is that they never fail to produce a stunning look! The protective style makes for quite a stylish one as well.

29. Half Up Half Down Style With Crown And Bubble Braids

Credit: morsianart

This hairstyle takes a little effort to create, but it’s so worth it. Try a combination of crown braids and scalp braids with a middle bubble braid to dress up a simple look. Also, let a few curls hang loose for extra texture and volume.


30. Fountain Ponytail Half Up Half Down Braids

Credit: whitneycanbraid 

It is a charming braided half up half down hairstyle. It’s perfect for medium hair since it will make your hair appear much longer than it is. We like that you can wear it during any season, and we think it’s a simple but highly versatile look. 


Half up half down braids are a beautiful way to dress up your hair. It is a romantic look adored mainly by brides and bridesmaids. Also, you will find half updo, a preferred style for proms and special occasions. Put in some loose waves or curls in your hair, and you have an elegant hairstyle that can take you from day to night with ease.

Take inspiration from these fabulous styles shared by us and create a unique new look. Let’s see what your friends say about your half up half down braids!

Tanya Taylor