38 Gorgeous Goddess Braids To Make You Look And Feel Utterly Heavenly

Goddess braids are not only a gorgeous way to style your hair, they are also a cultural and historical hairstyle that dates way back to ancient Africa.

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The goddess braid has always been symbolic of creativity and the arts, which isn’t that surprising, as it is a hairstyle that is incredibly inspiring thanks to its artful nature.

38 Gorgeous Goddess Braids To Look Utterly Heavenly

Not only that, but the goddess braid is also a fantastic way to keep hair protected whilst it grows. Goddess braids are different from run-of-the-mill regular braids and cornrows due to their thickness and how they are styled to be higher up.

The combination of the thick, almost rope-like braids and the raised style create a beautiful and unique form of braid that is sure to attract some attention!

The versatility of the goddess braid is also one of its best features as it can be woven into all sorts of styles, such as a ponytail, a bun, and various other hairstyles to name a few.

If this isn’t convincing enough to tempt you into experimenting with a goddess braid, we are going to be looking at 38 particular goddess braids – in a range of different styles – that might spur you on and make you want to give them a try! 

Before we make a start on the different kinds of braids that are available, let’s take a quick look at how to create a basic goddess braid. 


If you want to get the perfect goddess braid, you are going to need the right tools for the job. Here is a list of what you are going to need to get started: 

  • A Denman Hairbrush
  • A Rat-Tailed Comb 
  • A Wide Tooth Comb
  • Shampoo (preferably sulfate-free)
  • Conditioner (preferably moisturizing)
  • Super Glue
  • Hair Scissors
  • Styling Gel
  • Edge Control Products
  • Butterfly Clips
  • Braiding Hair Extensions
  • Wavy Hair Extensions

All you will need to do to get started is to shampoo, condition, moisturize and blow dry your hair (making sure that you use some kind of heat protectant whilst you do so). When your hair is completely free of tangles, kinks, and knots, you should be ready to get started. 

  • Use a rat-tail comb to part your hair in rows and secure each part with a butterfly clip. Utilize the Edge Control products on stubborn parts of the scalp where stray bits of hair tend to try and escape, such as the hairline. 
  • Choose your row and section it off using the handle of the rat-tail comb. 
  • Grab your braiding hair and thin it out at the ends before you braid it by splitting it into three pieces, with one thick piece and two thinner pieces. 
  • Assemble the braiding hair appropriately to get it into position with your real hair. This is when you can begin to braid!
  • French braid your natural hair into the braiding hair. Continue with the French braid until you run out of hair, then finish off what you can with a regular braid. Don’t forget to keep the braids as tight as you can!
  • Continue with the other pieces of hair, and voilà! You have a simple goddess braid. 

In order to create other kinds of goddess braids, like the ones we are going to be looking at, you will need to put some different methods into practice, but as long as you have this basic goddess braid process nailed down, you should be able to pick up on how to use it for other hairstyles.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 38 of the most gorgeous styles of goddess braids!


1. Double Goddess Braids

Double braids are far from a look just for school girls! The double braided look is cute and stylish, and one that can easily incorporate the goddess braid. Start both braids right at the top of your head and make them as thick as possible to get that goddess look. 

2. Loose Double Goddess Braids

You can still achieve a goddess style with double braids, even if you don’t have the high, pulled-back look. You can opt to have your braids start further down, but if you double down on the thickness, you are certain to achieve that goddess glamour. 

3. The Ultimate Goddess Braid

Turn multiple braids into one attention-grabbing look with the ultimate goddess braid! This is a look that is made all the more stylish when used with extra long hair extensions.

Split your hair into two or three different, thick braids and conjoin them as one. This should leave one long and elegant goddess braid running down your back.

Top this look off with some golden highlights – such as golden thread to weave into your hair or golden charms- to give it an extra dash of elegance and style

4. Side Goddess Braid

This is a great goddess braid option that requires a parting that is as far over to one side as you can go, allowing for your forehead and the side of your head to have the braid covering it.

This will then lead down to a side braid that will get thinner as it goes. Not only is this style gorgeous, but it is also a great starting place for those who might not be used to doing the goddess braid hairstyle.


5. High Bun Goddess Braids

Twist your braids up to form a bun on the top of your head to get a super chic high bun look that is versatile enough to wear for all sorts of occasions.

Make the bun that bit thicker by adding more braids, or tone it down with fewer braids. Mix and match to find the high bun that suits you.

6. Low Bun Goddess Braids

A stylish twist on a hairstyle that is often misconstrued as somewhat plain, the low bun goddess braid is a must-have hairstyle for both formal and casual looks.

7. Double Low Bun Goddess Braids

But why would you want to settle for one low bun braid when you can have two?? This gives off major Princess Leia vibes thanks to the space bun look that is created with this style. Honestly, who doesn’t want to look like a galaxy-saving rebel princess?

8. Double High Bun Goddess Braids

This is another look that evokes that Star Wars style! Just arrange your buns high up on the top of your head rather than low down to get the sleekest look on this side of the galaxy. 

9. The Oversized Goddess Braid Bun

An oversized bun is a winner when it comes to hairstyles in general, as it is one of those versatile hairstyles that can be used to look beautifully elegant or used to keep your hair out of your face on a comfortable pajama day.

An oversized bun made up of goddess braids airs on the side of sophistication, but it is also one that can be converted to a casual one.

Whether you are going for a night on the town or spending the day on the couch watching Netflix and eating pizza, the goddess braid bun is a perfect choice.

10. The Goddess Braid Bun With Charms

Add some extra charm (see what we did there?) with this goddess braid look. This style is essentially a regular bun with golden charms added here and there to jazz it up a bit.

This look is perfect for a formal outing, but you can also mix and match it as you desire by experimenting with different kinds of charms, like beads and buttons in a variety of colors. 

11. Curly Goddess Braid Bun

This look is pretty similar to the other bun goddess braid hairstyles that we have looked at with the extra addition of curls. For this look, simply create a standard goddess braid bun and make sure some strands of hair are left loose.

Once your bun is complete, curl these strands or leave them if you already have natural curls in your own hair or your extensions. There you have it. A simple yet different take on the goddess braid bun!

12. Goddess Braid Bun/Braid Combo

Want to combine a few of these different looks? Why not consider a mashup of high buns and double braids? This is another futuristic look that is sure to turn some heads.

For this style, all you will need to do is arrange two high buns at the top of your head and then arrange the rest of your hair into two braids. This look is certainly something a little different, but it is worth a try if you want to change up your style. 

Braided Crowns

13. The Goddess Braid Crown

To get the literal goddess look, the goddess braid crown is the way to go. This braid wraps around your head to resemble a- you guessed it- a crown, and it is a gorgeous and elegant look that is sure to turn some heads.

The trick to getting this one right is to make sure that it isn’t too perfect. Let some stray hairs hang loose for a bit of a messy look. 

14. The Goddess Braid Headband

This style is similar to the crown braid, but it tends to be worn with hair loose rather than it all be tied up within the braid as with the crown look.

This is a super stylish style of goddess braid, but it is also incredibly practical as it keeps most of your hair off of your face whilst still offering a sophisticated look. 


15. The High Ponytail Goddess Braid

High ponytails are a modern and fashionable hairstyle to have at the moment, so why not jazz it up a bit by combining a high ponytail with some goddess braids?

To get this look perfect, wrap some of your braids around the base of the ponytail. You can also alternate between goddess braids and cornrows to add something different to this look. 

16. The Mid-Length Ponytail Goddess Braid

The mid-length ponytail often gets a bad rap as many seem to think of it as a plain and simple hairstyle, but there is so much that can be done with it.

You can easily incorporate some goddess braids into a mid-length ponytail to change it up a little! If you want to go the extra mile and make your mid-length ponytail truly stand out, add some cute charms to the proceedings. 

17. The Low Ponytail Goddess Braid

As with the high and mid-length ponytail options, you can easily create a stylish low ponytail look with goddess braids by wrapping your braids around the base of the ponytail.

Much like the mid-length pony, the low pony can sometimes be considered a boring option for your hair despite its versatility. Goddess braids are just one of the ways that you can spice up this style. 

18. The Parted Ponytail Goddess Braid

Another way to style a ponytail with a goddess braid is to use the parted look. To achieve this, all you need to do is have one goddess braid and have it braided to the side of your head, wrapping it around the top and base of the ponytail.

One braid can be just as eye-catching as several, so this is certainly a look to consider if you are looking for a way to make your ponytail a little more exciting.

19. Undone Ponytail Goddess Braid

These are all brilliant examples of how to incorporate goddess braids into a ponytail, but one way that you can utilize the goddess braid with your ponytail in a slightly different way is by undoing some braids when your hair is tied up.

Let some of the braids loose to achieve a super curly ponytail, but leave the braids tied up near the top to maintain the integrity of the style, especially if you have used your braids to wrap around the top and the base of the ponytail. 


20. Goddess Braid Pigtails

Much like double braids, pigtails are a hairstyle that is way more than a look confined to school kids! Gather your goddess braids up at the top of your head into two separate pigtails to get a fun and quirky look.

You can also position them lower down on your head, closer to the back of your neck, for a more muted pigtail look

21. Half Goddess Braid Pigtails

If you are having trouble deciding on whether you want pigtails or would rather let your hair loose, you can always opt for a half-up, half-down pigtail do.

Pull up some of your braids into two pigtails on either side of your head, and then let the rest of your braids flow freely down your back.

This works well with both thick and thin braids, though thicker braids are more in tune with the goddess style. This look is sure to unleash your inner 90s pop star!

22. Undone Goddess Braid Pigtails

Tie up your braids in pigtails – either at the top of your head or further down- and then undo some braids from the bottom for a beautiful, cascading flow of curls and a highly unique and gorgeous set of pigtails!

Partings And Patterns

23. Directional Partings With Goddess Braids

The great thing about goddess braids is just how versatile they are and how they can look stunning no matter what way you choose to style them.

One way that you can mix things up a bit is by using different partings to make the braids look as though they are traveling on different paths across your scalp. To do this, you just need to part your hair in different directions and braid it.

The more creative, the better! This is a great way to let your imagination run wild when it comes to your hair and goddess braids. 

24. Snowflake/Star Parting With Goddess Braids

There are also tons of patterns that you can braid into your hair if you have the patience for it! The snowflake/star parting is certainly one that you will need to pay some attention to in order to get it just right, but the result is definitely worth it.

25. Patterned Goddess Braids

This particular style of goddess braid will require some specific partings  to get it just right. You will need some very small braids at the top of your head that will combine with thicker, bigger ones at the sides.

Make sure that you get the combination of little and big braids right when you are organizing your partings!

26. Zig Zag Goddess Braids

This is another braid style that will need some specific work done with your parting. As the name suggests, the partings here are arranged in a zigzag pattern that contrasts well with the thick, goddess braids. 

27. Ear Detailing Goddess Braids

This choice is certainly a little more tricky due to the gorgeous detailing, but it is certainly possible if you take the time to get it right.

Part your hair into lots of little mini braids – some thin and some thick- and pattern them in a way that creates a unique shape around your ear. Conjoin all the braids, and then you are done!

You can create various looks with this style of parting and braid, as long as you have the patience for it. 


28. Different Colors And Goddess Braids

There is nothing stopping you from experimenting with different colors with your goddess braids. Go as bold or as muted as so choose when it comes to the color.

Whether it is red, blue, purple, black, brown, rainbow-colored braids, or even neon, two-toned, or ombre ones. The sky is the limit when it comes to the color of your goddess braids, as much as it is for your hair in general.

What is great about switching up your hair colors with goddess braids is that you can weave colors into your hair if you would rather do this than go for a full head of color.

You can do this as little or as much as you want to by adding colored strands here and there throughout your braids. Mix and match the thickness of the colored strands to make it look as though colorful streaks are running through your hair!

The only limit when it comes to color and goddess braids is your imagination. 

Hair Down

29. Tons And Tons Of Goddess Braids

A down hairstyle can sometimes feel a little dull, especially when you are used to having the same old look with your hair. Goddess braids are a fantastic way to spice up a down do.

If you opt for as many goddess braids as possible, you can obtain a wonderfully stylish look that looks as fabulous down as it does when pulled up.

Not only that, but these braids are an excellent way to protect your hair from all sorts of external factors such as polluted air, dirt, and the sun. 

30. Goddess Braids For Mid-Length And Short Hair

Even if you don’t have long hair- or if you don’t have access to particularly long hair extensions – there is absolutely nothing stopping you from styling your hair with some gorgeous goddess braids.

You might need to have thinner braids if your hair is particularly short, but there are still a lot of things that you can do when it comes to goddess braids and shorter hair.

Accessorize with some charms to add an extra hint of style to mid-length and short hair with goddess braids. 

31. Middle Parting Goddess Braids

A middle parting can be a little daunting at times (it is known for either working brilliantly or just not working at all!) but if you are brave enough to try it, you can definitely rock the goddess braid look with it. 

32. Goddess Braids With Undone Curls

To mix up your goddess braid down hairdo, undo some of the braids to let some long curls loose. The contrasting look of the braids and the long, elegant curls will make for a stunning style and a unique take on the classical goddess braids. 

33. Goddess Braids With Undone Curls At The Ends

Similar to the above style, this look also requires you to undo some of your goddess braids. However, rather than undoing whole braids at a time, this style only needs you to undo some of the bottom parts of your braids.

This will create a cascading effect as your braids naturally undo to reveal breathtaking, tight curls. 

34. One-Sided Long Hair With Goddess Braids

Pulling your hair over to one side is a look that has been around for a long time, but you can jazz it up a little bit by combining it with goddess braids.

This is an excellent way to combine natural hair with extensions if you want to go for a super long one-sided look. 

35. Long Goddess Braids With Accessories

You can accessorize goddess braids in a wide variety of ways, such as accents, threads, charms (as we mentioned earlier), and even just plain, colored fabric that can be wrapped around your braids wherever you may choose.

You can even add some rings to your braids to get some sparkle in there. Lighter accessories are sure to make a statement with dark hair!

36. Straight Back Goddess Braids

One of the classical styles when it comes to goddess braids, this look is incredible and simple. Not only that, but it is also fantastically practical as it pulls your hair back and off your face and stops it from becoming a nuisance. 

37. Half Up And Half Down Goddess Braids

Can’t decide between keeping your hair up or letting it down? Then the half up and half down look is likely the perfect option for you as well as an excellent choice to combine with goddess braids!

As long as your hair is patterned and parted in a way that will let you pull half of it up whenever you please, you can easily maintain an up/down do with goddess braids.  

38. Undone Half Up And Half Down Goddess Braids

Similar to the above look but this time, make sure that you undo some of the braids that you leave down to achieve that cascading curly style that we have seen a few times in this list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Goddess Braids Last?

This all depends on what you are willing to do to maintain them! If you take excellent care of your braids- and they have been installed well – they can last up to around six weeks.

If a braid is bigger – like goddess braids- it might be a little more difficult to maintain for this long but as long as you put in the work, they are sure to last a fair amount of time. 

What is the Difference Between Goddess Braids and Ghana Braids?

Ghana braids are another popular style of braid that is similar to goddess braids but not entirely the same.

They are often mixed up due to their similarities. Whilst goddess braids are essentially large and thick cornrows, Ghana braids are much smaller and thinner.

That being said, both braid styles need to be styled as close to the scalp as possible, so it is easy to see why they are frequently considered the same or very similar. 

Will Goddess Braids Stay In After Sleeping?

As long as you protect them well, goddess braids can certainly stay in whilst you sleep.

One way that you can maintain your braids while you sleep is by using a satin or silk scarf and wrapping it around your head at night (a bonnet of the same material would work too).

You need to make sure that your chosen headwear is definitely made from either satin or silk as most other materials, such as cotton or anything with a rough texture, will damage your hair and turn your braids into frizz!

Satin and silk are smooth, so you don’t have to worry about hair getting caught on any rough fibers, and it also ensures that moisture is well and truly locked in. 

Tanya Taylor