55 Glitter Nails Designs To Step Up Your Manicure Game

What’s better than regular nails? Glitter nails! These nails do more than keep your fingernails well manicured; they add fun and flair to your outfit. There’s just something about that sparkle that says yes to any occasion. Whether you’re going to the beach, hanging out with friends, or going on a date with bae, you’re good to go.

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The thing about glitter nails is that they shimmer, so they radiate in any color, design, or length. Whether you prefer very short nails, a simple color, or just a bit of shimmer on your nail tip, glitter nails got you covered.

If you’re looking for the best way to wear your glitter nails, that’s what this blog post is for, so look around, take screenshots, and send them to your nail tech for your next manicure appointment. So, let’s dive in! 

55 Glitter Nails To Step Up Your Manicure Game

1. Secret Beyond Matte From Shine Glitter Nails

Credit: Csarnails

This minimalist nail design is ideal for very busy people who want to have manicured nails without having the nails get in their way while working. 

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2. Dazzling Green Glitter Nails

Credit: Nail_Datewithalma

Green glitters complement the almond-shaped nails just right. You could use it on just two nails if you don’t want too much glitter, as seen in the picture. 

3. Shining Big Glitter Nails

Credit: Zsofinails_

These nails scream vacation! If you’re going on a trip or one of those self-care days that all you want to do is pamper yourself, then this look is for you.

4. Glitter Flames Glitter Nails

Credit: Clawanddagger

This black and pink combination is perfect for a diva who wants to go all out. These nails will make people take a second look at your nails because they can’t stop admiring them. 

5. Ombre Nude With Golden Stripe Glitter Nails

Credit: justfabbeautystudio

This nail design is subtle yet attractive. That gold glitter swipe is a fun way of adding shimmer to a yummy nude nail color. 

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6. Shimmering Light Glitter Nails

Source: lexelucouture 

This design is effortless to achieve. If you’re a DIY person, you can create this look yourself by using two to three coats of white gold glitter in a clear base. The color is light, so if you love to keep your nails lowkey, this is the right choice.

7. Long Crystal Nude and White Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailsby_Lauu

The square shape, the length, and the crystal nude color work together to give off that appeal that makes you occasionally stare at your nails. Not a fan of long nails? You can wear this nail design with shorter nails.

8. Red Heart In Glitter Nails

Credit: Artificenails

The red color and heart shape are perfect, and you can’t go wrong with this combo. Add gold color for a touch of glam to finish this red and gold color nail design.

9. Flashy Gold Leaf Designer Glitter Nails

Credit: chaunlegend

Use this nail design if you want to try out the mountain peak nail shape. The clear tips and gold leaf toppings are divine! They have the perfect nail polish combo, and they are artistic, daring, and simple at the same time.

10. Black and Red Heart Shaped Glitter Nails

Credit: Patsglamgram__

These square black nails and red glitter nail accents are perfect for a dinner date or party. As you already know, black goes with just about anything. Wear these nails if you want to look like a boss. 

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11. Baby Pink Glitter Nails

Credit: Nononsensenailz

Baby pink squoval nails are what you wear on days you don’t want all the attention to yourself, but you still want your nails looking glam. While you’re at it, swipe a bit of glitter on your nails to move them a step ahead of the norm.

12. Purple And Pink Glitter Nails

Credit: Naildbyjac

Who knew purple and pink glitter nails would make such an alluring mix? Take a screenshot and send it to your nail tech, and you’ll be thankful that you did.

13. Pink Marble And Pink Glitter Nails

Credit: Lashnailbyjenny77

Pink is beautiful, but with marble design, you’re going for the best. Be a showoff by alternating this marble pink with pink glitter nails. Make sure they are bejeweled with hearts!

14. Snow White Glitter Nails

Credit: Chichisnaildesigns

Want to be modern-day snow white? Then this is probably what you’re looking for. There are a-symmetrical swipes of glitter on some nails and full force glitter on others. This style is trendy and classy. Feel free to flaunt what you got! 

15. Stunning Purple Glitter Nails

Credit: Bendoinnails

One of the main secrets to screenshot-worthy nails is the perfect combination of lines, colors, and shapes. The shiny black color is dope, and the shimmering purple glitter is everything you need to pull off this absolutely stunning look.

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16. Purple Claws Glitter Nails

Credit: Kbri.Glam

If you want to look like a boss lady without looking like you put in all the work, then this soft purple color and light glitter on the middle finger nail is all you need to make a statement.

17. Ice Flakes Glitter Nails

Credit: Rina.Nails.Lashes

Feed your eyes with these short glam nails that are fit for only a queen. This is a next-level french nails design if you want short nails but don’t want to appear basic. The textured glitters and the well-designed nail art complement the other so well. Guess what? You can wear these nails to any occasion. You’re definitely not doing too much.

18. Winter In The Dark Night Glitter Nails

Credit: Bendoinnails

As already mentioned, black goes with anything and any occasion. There’s a touch of clear nude color and a triangle accent on the index finger, and then there’s textured black glitter that is absolutely awesome. Do you love these nails? Yes or yes?

19. Glittering Red Gel Glitter Nails

Credit: Quangthu83

Red means hot and wearing these nails means you’re hot! This combo of creamy, glossy, yummy nude colors and very exciting shiny red glitter is the absolute best, and the icing on the cake is the design that accentuates the ring fingers. 

20. Golden Glitter River Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailsamazing9

What’s better than shiny black nails? Shiny black nails with simple white nail art and gold foil glitter toppings. Make sure you make a lot of hand gestures with these nails. It is necessary to tell people just how fashionable you are!

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21. Shades Of Blue Glitter Nails

Credit: Anointed_Nail_Therapy

There’s something therapeutic about staring at these nails. This is an exciting way to play with colors and glitter, full blue textured glitter here, nude color and glitter tip there, sprinkles of glitter all over. Everything comes together to give off a luminous vibe that you’d definitely love.

22. Perfect Winter Glitter Nails

Credit: Enchulamelas_

These nails mean business! If you love shiny light pink nails, then show these to your nail tech, and you’ll be glad you did. The shade of pink is attractive, and the other nails are topped with bold shiny glitters. Everything is glazed in an ultra-glossy top coat to give off a flashy finish.

23. White Glitter Edge Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailsbytamra

French nail designs should never be underrated, and this is another reminder that these nail designs are alluring and will never go out of fashion. Instead of using basic colors to finish off the french nail tip, try using glitters!

24. Sparkling Pink Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailsbylulu__

OMG! Ombre never looked this good. This nail tech made a perfect play at pink and glitters. The heart-shaped nail art on the ring finger is simply stunning, and with these nails, you should be a complete showoff!

25. Tricolor Glitter Nails

Credit: Aperfecttenbybrianne

If your mood says audacity, then these nails are perfect for you. You only live once, and you want to live your life enjoying all the flair that comes with it. So, go straight to your nail tech with this simple yet interesting design. You’re welcome!

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26. Long Nude and Glitter Nail

Credit: Glass.N.Sass

Long nails always go well with nude color. This nail design will up your manicure game! This classy nail design got you covered if you want to give yourself a treat.

27. Purple Glitter Nails

Credit: Angelicbeautytt

The triangle accent of the tip of the index finger, the purple and glitter swipe on the pinky finger, and the glint of silver on the ring finger equal absolute gorgeousness. This style is easy to achieve, so get set and go to your nail tech right away.

28. Greenery Shines Glitter Nails

Credit: Dearlyloved_Nails

The green and gold mix will make you grin from ear to ear at the mere thought of your fabulous nails. Green signifies life. Think of what it would do to your nails.

29. Unique Glitter Nails

Credit: Jennifer.Lynn.Fisher

This pink and black color contrast has a unique and warm finish. With the bright pink glitter, everything is complete!

30. Pinkish Valentine Glitter Nails

Credit: Karinaculichinails

The name and the heart nail art say it all. This design screams love, date, dinner, or baecation! Try this out for any occasion that is a love affair.

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31. Lovely Glow In The Dark Glitter Nails 

Credit: Kayz.klawz

Pair your shimmering silver glitter nails with green and white ombre nails, or better still, alternate between the two, and voila! Your nails are glowing already.

32. Golden Glitter In Nude Glitter Nails

Credit: Julianapaixao_Nails

French curves with an accentuated ombre glitter are to die for. Take a screenshot and let your nail tech do the rest. 

33. Cow Print and Pure Shine Glitter Nails

Credit: Polish_Me_Chiq

These pink cow prints are intriguing. Don’t you love how the nail tech played with lines while applying the lovely rose gold glitter? These are perfect for a graduation party.

34. Queen Of Blue Glitter Nails 

Credit: Rainhadasunhas04

This mani is totally blue and is meant for royalty! You can see the twist of the accentuated nails here and the marble-like design. The rest of the nails are topped off with bold glitters, and everything sums up to a yummy whole.

35. Crystal On Glitter Nails

Credit: Isamar17_Gonzalez

These nails were specially designed for a prom goddess. The ombre combo is gorgeous, and the alternating light purple glitter on clear nails is everything.

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36. Snowy Day Glitter Nails

Credit: Yhatssia_Cloe

These are two nail designs in one! The ever trendy french nails with a white tip and the ageless glitter highlight make a perfect manicure. 

37. Glowing Glitter Nails And Red Hearts 

Credit: Virtuenails1

The shimmer in these nails is so glowy that they could serve as light bulbs! You’ve got a subtle pink ombre color with tiny glitters and simple red heart nail art that presents a luminous finish. 

38. Valentine Cookies Glitter Nails

Credit: Ara21nails

This is the second valentine inspired nail design here. It’s all love as far as these nails are concerned. If you’re planning a family dinner on valentine’s day, you should go with this.

39. Glittering Cards Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailsbymirandawhite

Nail minimalists will fall in love with this subtle yet alluring look. A dab of love here and full coverage glitter there; that’s all you need to achieve this result.

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40. Full And Half Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailiciousbyfeezee

We can’t get over pink color on this list, what’s there not to love about pink? Here, there’s an ombre with a twist. Instead of nail polish transitioning from the top to the bottom or vice versa, the glitter is transitioning from one side of the nail to the other. 

41. Creamy Pink Glitter Nails

Credit: Zurnoinc

Marble nails are always a stunner. The base of this nail design is a creamy pink and white marble combo. The purple glitter starts from the end of the nail and fades in the middle to give a lovely ombre effect. 

42. Super Glam Silver Glitter Nails

Credit: margaritasnailz 

These almond-shaped nails with bright, gleaming glitters are reserved for princesses. The nude base and sparkling glitters sprinkled almost all over give it a distinct ombre design that is very splendid. 

43. Shining Galaxy Glitter Nails

Credit: Aleksonails

This cat nail art is similar to a galaxy of stars in the sky at night. If you look closely, there’s an attempt to play with dark colors, which is incredible.

44. Brown And White Glitter Nails

Credit: Manicurevagna

Brown shimmering glitters over white base nails will fit just right for any occasion. You may be doing too much if you’re an office worker, but you’re still stunning anyway, so go for this look!

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45. Gleaming Orange Glitter Nails


Orange colors are warm. The extra glitter topping is just cute. You can wear these nails for any occasion and still fit in comfortably.

46. Hearts Of Winter Glitter Nails

Credit: Pressedbyjordin

This gem, glitter, and nail art ensemble is certainly not for the weak. This trendy, well-designed manicure will undoubtedly keep you in the spotlight if you’re a fan of long nails.

47. Butterfly Heaven Glitter Nails

Credit: Eleganciavr_Nails00

Exude your inner woman with these alluring lovely green nails. Add gems here and glitter there, and there you go!

48. Silky Pink Glitter Nails

Credit: Ir__Naildesigner

This set of nails will effortlessly complement any makeup, outfit, and event. These are baby pink iridescent glitter nails, and they give off a soft vibe. Everyone would want to attempt to achieve a similar look. Try and see.

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49. Glass Purple Glitter Nails

Credit: Niara.Acrylics

The base of this design is clear glass nails, and the toppings are light purple color and very light glitter foils that create a soft finish. You don’t have to worry because this nail is appropriate for any event.

50. Gold And Silver Mix Glitter Nails

Credit: Adriana_Nails_2017

These gold and silver mix of glitter nails will make you look great. This is another subtle style that fits right in any occasion.

51. Glossy Love Glitter Nails

Credit: Adriana_Nails_2017

These nails are not regular, they are superb and glam, and the short length is also perfect.

52. Smoky Black Rose Glitter Nails

Credit: Mmaderanails 

There’s nothing more to say about this fun look. Take a screenshot, head to your nail tech, and thank us later.

53. Autumn Glitter Nail

Credit: Camilasiri.Nails

These pink, white, and glitters have premium autumn vibes. Recreate this look if you want short nails that will still make a statement.

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54. Milky Way Glitter Nails

Credit: Nailz.By.Monaa

There’s something about mixing colors and nail art designs all in one set. This light color ensemble is classy and simple.

55. Reverse French Design Glitter Nails

Credit: aliciatnails 

Usually, french nail designs are always on the tip, but this is a break from the norm as the half moon design is at the end of the nail, and it is lovely!


What Are The Different 5 Nail Designs?

There are various nail designs and combinations of shapes in the market, but the five basic nail shapes are square, round, oval, squoval, and almond. Other nail designs are stilettos, edge, lipstick, mountain peak, ballerina or coffin, flair, and arrowhead. 

Are Glitter Nails In Style?

Since salons started reopening, there has been increasing demand and interest in nail art and designs. Glitter nails are not left out as it seems to have taken center stage. From simple dazzling styles to complex metallic designs, glitters top up every nail look.


There you have it! All the screenshot-worthy glitter nail designs you can think of. There are simple styles, intricate styles, short and long nails, vacation and baecation standards, office standards, you name it. If you haven’t treated yourself to astonishing manicures lately, this is the time to do that. Fix that appointment with your nail tech and look glam.

Check out this video on how to apply glitter to your nails.

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