38 Fulani Tribal Braids You Need To Try For Your Next Hairstyle

Fulani Tribal braids have been an undeniable staple element of pop culture for years – with celebrities like Alicia Keys rocking them nonstop back in the day. The beauty, elegance, popularity, and rich culture associated with Fulani tribal braids have made them one of the most sought after hairstyles amongst many women. This means there’s an ever-growing number of ways to rock this trendy hairdo. 

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What makes Fulani tribal braids so perfect, is that they feature a signature pulled back look that gives the face a nice lift and looks flawless with or without makeup. This makes them look flattering on everyone and makes them a perfect style to try at any time of the year. They can also be braided in different ways, which means there is sure to be a style you will find alluring enough to try.

What Are Fulani Tribal Braids?

Fulani tribal braids is a style that has a braiding pattern that consists of some or all of the following elements: cornrows braided in the front section of the hair, a single corn row that goes down the center of the hair, a few loose braids around the temple and accessories such as beads.

Where Do Fulani Tribal Braids Come From?

Fulani braids come from the Fulani or Fula tribe of western and Sahel Africa. They are a nomadic tribe with a rich culture and history that is passed between generations. The Fulani tribal braids are one of the many traditional braids patterns the women of this tribe often wear and have been passed down amongst generations of Fulani women.

Are Fulani Tribal Braids Cornrows?

Fulani braids are a combination of cornrows and box braids. The positioning of the cornrows in the front and the box braids in the back gives the style its signature look. This means it can be done using only your natural or with hair extensions.

Ahead we’ve put together some of the best Fulani tribal braids out there. Honestly, these looks will have you slayed to the tens.

1. Hair Twist Updo Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

Want a sleek updo in braid form? Try this Fulani braids style with large braids pulled into a loose top bun that flows down the back. Be sure to include some hair extensions in a brighter shade to create highlights in your braids.


2. Simple Black Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: uniquestylesby_.jazz

Fulani braids are all about pulling the hair back in a simple style that accentuates the natural contours of your face shape. This simple black style is a low effort way to stay true to the traditional look of Fulani tribal braids. It is long, simple, and gorgeous.

3. Side Tribal Fulani Braids

Credit:  dandb_braids

Up the ante of your braids with these incredible side braids made in the Fulani tribal style. The braids create a lovely crescent shape that wraps around and then the long ends will grace the shoulders in a very stylish way.

4. Large Tribal Fulani Braids With Center Part

Credit: dandb_braids

These large tribal braids are just irresistible. The jumbo size of the braids is a lovely contrast against the mini braids that form a middle part in between the section. It is a versatile style that you can tailor to different outfits and occasions.


5. Zigzag Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

Sprinkle some creativity into your braids by incorporating cool patterns and shapes with your hair parts. A great pattern that is sure to stand out is the zigzag style Fulani braids. The design looks intricate and well-crafted enough to draw in the best compliments.

6. Goddess Updo Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: hair_by_gh

A well done goddess braid is sure to make anyone look divinely beautiful and when incorporated into a Fulani braids style, this takes your black girl magic to the next level. The large round braids at the crown of the hair and the single strands of braids that frame the sides of the face are the perfect combo.

7. Pigtails Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

There’s just something undeniably girly and youthful about a pigtails style. This Fulani tribal braids with pigtails placed at the crown of the head is an irresistible style that is sure to look good on children and adults.

8. Simple Side Part Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

Opt for a well-crafted side part style when choosing your Fulani braids. Be sure to include the signature mini braids that run down the middle to create the illusion of sections and steps within your braids. 


9. White Streaks Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

Don’t want a plain black hairdo but not bold enough to go with a fully colored look? Then add white-colored hair extensions at random sections of your braids. This way you get a hint of vibrance in your style without doing too much.

10. Medium Sized Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: jazzbraidz

Fulani braids tend to require a long installation time because the braids are often very tiny. However, with this medium-sized look, you can get the signature tribal look without staying hours at the hair salon. Be sure to mix in some brown colored braiding hair in the back to add a bit more drama to the style.

11. Ponytail Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: danzagirlbreezy

Fulani tribal braids are flawlessly made into a classic ponytail in this style. Whether you have an oval, round, or square-shaped face, this is a style that is sure to look flattering on everyone. Accentuate the look by accessorizing with some wooden beads and hair cuffs.

12. Wig Fulani Tribal Braids With Beads

Credit: el_clasicowigs

Don’t want to spend hours getting your Fulani braids installed? Enter the Fulani tribal braids wig. It is well made with a lace front and beads added at the ends for fun and flair. This gives you the option to change your look whenever you want without having to touch your actual hair.


13. Half Up Half Down Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

A half up half down look is a give the face a lift while showing off the long length of your hair and these half up half down Fulani tribal braids help you do just that. The braids are made into a half ponytail that creates a bit of volume and frames the brows perfectly.

14. Brown Highlights Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

Throw in some color when styling your mane by including a few brown-colored braids that meld really well with the sleek black look of your Fulani braids.

15. Crown Knot Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: zaineeysblog

A lustrous crown knot will always be a classic hairdo to wear to a fancy occasion and this Fulani tribal braids with a prominent top knot is a head-turning look that can be a statement accessory to pair with any casual outfit. The key to slaying this style is to ensure your braids are long enough to wrap around the knot.

16. Copper Brown Fulani Braids With Sections


If you want to create more steps and sections with your braids, you can do so with this copper brown style. With intricate cut parts and the combination of big and small braids, this look adds a whole of lot detailed design to your hairdo. The color is also sure to attract the best compliments.


17. Twisted Ends Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: zaineeysblog

Want to stand out amongst the endless style of braids out there? Try mixing your braids with twists by including pre-twisted hair extensions at the ends. The springy and bouncy look of the twist will add some volume to your hairdo and is a great way to rock Fulani braids if you have short hair. 

18. Dark Brown Fulani Tribal Braids

credit: dandb_braids

Brown is always flattering on anyone and with these dark brown Fulani tribal braids, you can look trendy and elegant.  When trying this style, opt for a fun hair parting design like curves to add a touch of creativity to the look of your braids.

19. Fulani Tribal Braids With Curly Weave

Credit: afromizy

Want long luscious hair but still want to rock your braids? Then you need to try Fulani braids with loose curly weave incorporated at the back. With this style, you get a versatile hairdo that can be styled in man ways. Try including a few silver hair cuffs into the front to complement the big-sized braids.

20. Braided Hearts Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: zaineeysblog

The inclusion of heart into braids is a chic trend that will never go out of style and it can be done with Fulani tribal braids as well. After braiding in a sleek center part, pull your braids back and create a loose long braid with the ends to form a heart shape at the base of the hair. This look requires a lot of detail and attention but is a perfect way to keep your braids out of your face.


21. Long Dirty Blonde Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: nannybraids2020

Dirty blonde is a rare hair color looks sexy on black women of all shades. So, you can take a bold step by choosing a Fulani braids style in that shade. The light brown undertones of this hairdo compliment the skin well and the long length of the braids is perfect if you love rocking long hair.

22. Jumbo Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: salaogildetevieira

If you’re looking for a braid style with more depth that is going to be voluminous, this look is perfect for you. The large size of the braids emphasizes the signature half-up design of Fulani tribal braids. You can also include a few hair accessories like beads to make this style even more gorgeous.

23. Ombre Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: _tammedbytammy_

An ombre look is a classic look that exudes coolness and this vibe can be incorporated into your Fulani tribal braids. start braiding from the roots with black braiding hair to match your natural color then lighten the bottom section with a vibrant blue. complete the look by sleeking down your edges with some gel.

24. Simple Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: poeticnicky

The beauty of Fulani braids comes from the simplicity and sleekness of the style. This simple style stays true to the traditional look of the Fulani hairdo. It is smooth, and well done without much additional drama, but it is effortlessly graceful. 


25. Top Knot Gold Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

If you like to style your mane dramatically, then opt for these eccentric tall Fulani braids. The key to pulling off this look is to make the braids in large sizes and use a vibrant shade of brown braiding hair. 

26. Crimson Red Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

Want a spicy red hairdo to match your red outfits? Give these crimson red Fulani tribal braids a try.  The deep shade of red pairs nicely with lighter red outfits without being too matchy. Be sure to include the classic Fulani middle braid down the center of your braids.

27. Chunky Green Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: jamileoliveiira

If you’ve always wanted to rock green hair. Here’s the perfect way to try it. These chunky green Fulani braids allow you to play with fun colors without the commitment of having to fully dye your hair. 

28. Light Blonde Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: finessed_by_deedee

Bold enough to dye your hair blonde? Try doing it while rocking Fulani braids. The beauty is next level. With this look, your hairdo is sure to attract the right attention while looking fun.


29. Stitch Braids Fulani Tribal Braids With Updo

Credit: erikabraidss

If you like the look of stitch braids then try combining them with Fulani braids for a look that exudes perfection. This style looks even better when Pulled into an elegant half up half down up do with loose weave sewn into the top bun.

30. Medium Length Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: boxbraidskotsidakia20

If you’re not a fan of long hair or you just want a style that won’t take hours to get done. Then you should try medium-length Fulani braids. They are long enough to grace the shoulders elegantly while also framing the face really well. This look can be elevated by using dark brown hair extensions that seamlessly blend into one’s natural hair

31. Colored Cowies Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: hairhealthhumanity

Add a splash of color to your hairdo by accessorizing with eye-catching cowries. This style allows you to play with many colors without looking too over the top.

32. Mini Triangle Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: @Jus2Ds

Incorporate fun patterns and shapes into your braids by parting your hair into triangular sections. This adds a touch of intricacy and trendiness to the look.


33. High Bun With Bangs Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit:  @hairunruled

If you love the look of bangs, then this chic Fulani braids with bangs might just be your new favorite hairdo. The beads, the crown bun, the front braids. Everything about this looks screams perfection. 

34. Double Bun Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: @hairunruled

Try pulling your Fulani braids into a cute double bun that can be worn with more casual outfits if you like styling your hair in simple ways.

35. Bantu Knots Style Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: @beingtiffany2

Want to don a cute and low-effort Fulani braids style?  Instead of going for a full braid look, try mixing bantu knots with a few cornrows at the front of the hair and a loose weave at the back. This way you can rock the Fulani style without having to do much. 

36. Natural Hair Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: chiziduru

Want to rock your natural fro with braids? This Fulani braids with natural hair are the perfect style to try. This look might require you to blow out your natural hair to stretch it and add volume to the fro at the back. Complete the style by adding wooden beads at the ends of the braids.


37. Fulani Tribal Braids With Curled Ends

Credit: blackhair_flair

There’s just something really romantic about loose flowy curls at the ends of a braid. It stylish and feminine way to rock the Fulani tribal braids when you need a hairdo for a fancy dinner or date.

38. Midnight Blue Fulani Tribal Braids

Credit: dandb_braids

A great color to incorporate into your braids is a deep shade of blue and with these Fulani braids, you get to show off the two color sections perfectly.

The main thing to keep in mind with Fulani braids is that it is a lovely hairstyle with lots of different intricate details that will always be a staple style braid style people go for when they want something fancy and trendy. This means, there’s always going to be a wide array of styles and renditions to fit everyone. So, when choosing your next hairdo, choose a gorgeous Fulani tribal braids style from this list.

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