30 Fourth of July Nail Trends To Show Off This Summer

If you’re seeking inspiration for your Summer nail look, search our curated collection below of on-trend Fourth of July Nails to find the perfect style to showcase this season. Polish off your Fourth of July look and upgrade your manicure game this July with a unique set of Independence Day nails. Whether you take inspiration from our nation’s colors of red, white, and blue or symbols like gold and stars, the possibilities are limitless!

Whether you want to showcase a simple gold star or go all-in with a swirl of patriotic red, white, blue tie-dye, you can’t go wrong with any of the nail trends we’ve featured below. Don’t let the fireworks out sparkle you this year, find the perfect look to rock during your celebrations below. 

Fourth of July Nail Ideas & Inspiration

1. Patriotic everything fourth of July nails

Credit: caroline.and.crew

If you’re looking for a twist on the classic French manicure, this adorably minimalistic look could be for you. With small accents of red and blue on the top and bottom of each nail, you can rock a subtle style that still has a bit of glam thanks to the inclusion of a gold foil star accent on a few chosen nails.


2. French Tip fourth of July nails

Credit: han.polished

Can you get any more American than Blue Gingham? Incorporating this classic American style along with cute red floral accents livens up the traditional French manicure. This is a great way to incorporate the classic red, white, and blue without it feeling overly patriotic or limiting.

3. Once upon a blue fourth of July nails

Credit: unt.global

Who says an American-flag inspired look can’t be exciting? This take on the classic stars and stripes has a fresh feel thanks to a rounded, almond-shaped edge and the addition of a little sparkle thanks to a clear glitter finish.

4. Dazzling Star’s fourth of July nails

Credit: betina_goldstein

This minimalistic look is perfect for a more subtle showcase of patriotism this summer. It’s a fresh take on the minimalistic trend and offers a little something extra with the foil stars to finish a classic stylized look.

5. Modern French fourth of July nails

Credit: hollyfalconenails

If you’re a French manicure guy or gal that is looking for a twist on your classic look this Independence Day, spice things up by adding some blue and red to your tips. If you’re a little more daring, larger swatches of red and blue can give you a bold look, but if you’re looking to dip your toe into the patriotic pool, smaller stripes can also be a cute change to your normal routine.


6. Floral print fourth of July nails

Credit: thehangedit

Red nails are such an iconic and classic look and a perfect idea for showcasing a patriotic style. Add a fun twist to this classic look by incorporating this floral pattern. You can even add a pop of classic blue to ensure an even more classic patriotic feel.

7. Blue Squiggles fourth of July nails

Credit: thehangedit

A unique and modern way to incorporate a little more blue into your holiday manicure is by adding a little squiggle for a pop of color. This distinctive design can showcase your unique style while also offering something a little less busy in terms of the classic patriotic symbols or colors.

8. Blue Twinkle fourth of July nails

Credit: nail_unistella

Are you a fan of sparkle but looking for a more classic or tone-downed look for this classic American holiday? Adding this fun twinkle shape in any solid color such as blue, red, or gold can add a subtle but fun touch to your manicure.

9. Polka Dots fourth of July nails

Credit: michellesaundersjames

Polka dots in some form or another have been an icon of manicure trends spanning decades. A modern take on the polka dot trend that is also great for a patriotic look can be accomplished by adding rows of polka dots in various shades of red or blue. If you really want to spice things up, try making alternating red and blue ombre dots for every other nail.

10.  Blue Stripes fourth of July nails

Credit: paintboxnails

Another subtle way to incorporate a patriotic look is by adding blocks of blue accented by red stripes. White or gold stripes could also polish off this classic look as well.


11. Red and blue Confetti fourth of July nails

Credit: jinsoon

Fireworks are just like confetti for the sky, right? That means this red and blue polka dot confetti look would be a perfect look for the Fourth of July, especially when combined with a solid white background.

12. Glitter Strokes fourth of July nails

Credit: kaylaalfaronails44

These glittery accented stripes of red and blue conjure up the dazzlingly bright night sky during a fireworks celebration. They are also a great DIY option that could be easily replicated at home.

13. Florals fourth of July nails

Credit: kaylaalfaronails44

Pointed, almond-shaped nails have been all the rage in recent years, and incorporating florals alongside red/blue is a great way to tie in trendy and classic styles into one overarching patriotic look.

14. Sky Flakes fourth of July nails

Credit: nails_with_kyla_storey

Fully commit to a bold patriotic look with a manicure that incorporates bright classic colors, sparkle, and even accented stripes reminiscent of sparklers. Gold could easily be utilized here as well and even some small gold foil accents.

15. Statement Stars fourth of July nails

Credit: nailsbyalma_

Pointed nails have continued to gain popularity in recent years, so why not incorporate a little patriotism into this modern look? Not only does it incorporate the iconic star symbol and classic colors, but it also adds sparkle thanks to the blue polish’s unique color.


16. Stars and Stripes fourth of July nails

Credit: michelle.nailedit

Matte nails have also grown in popularity in recent years. Combine this hot trend with some funky tie-dye style and this look is sure to make a memorable statement this summer.

17.        Slanting Tips fourth of July nails

Credit: polishedbymarianne

For a more subdued look, you can add subtle colorful stripes to your manicure this July. For a little more sizzle, incorporating a glittery red or blue, like they did here, is also a great option.

18. Under the Stars fourth of July nails

Credit: thesavvynailista

Incorporating the multi-color nail trend, this manicure has a classic feel with trendy touches. A metallic and glittery blue alongside blue stars with pops of polka dots makes this feel unique and adds subtle hints of fireworks-filled skies.

19. Landon Calling fourth of July nails

Credit: fit_sedation

If you want something that’s truly reminiscent of the American Flag, this look is for you. It adds the classic hues of the flag alongside the iconic stars and stripes. It would also look stunning with gold glitter or darker/lighter hues of red and blue.

20. Ultra-Sparkles fourth of July nails

Credit: freespirit15

If you’re not into brighter hues and darker looks are more your style, this look is a great option. It combines a black sparkle with a subtly glittery flag to add just a hint of Fourth of July shine. This would also be a great way to add a hint of patriotism to other neutral colors.


21. Stars and Glitters fourth of July nails

Credit: meganlmx_nails

Are you a glitter lover? Then this holiday is your time to shine in the manicure world! Adding confetti-filled and glitter accented polishes in iconic colors gives you a look that is uniquely you and is almost certainly not to be rivaled by anyone else. 

22. Alternate Colour Palleted fourth of July nails

Credit: angels.beautybar

This manicure style showcases a great way to add your own color preferences into a patriotic look. The teal is a beautiful contrast to the red and the white of this manicure, but this could also be duplicated with other color combos as well.

23. Translucent Confetti fourth of July nails

Credit: savinglivy

Find inspiration from the sparkle-filled night sky that you often see on the Fourth of July with clear confetti filed nails. Whether you want to fill each nail or create a unique French manicured look, you can’t go wrong with this style.

24. Shield fourth of July nails

Credit: karisnailart

Fans of DC Comic’s Superwoman can not only show off their Fan Girl pride but also their patriotism this year with a Superwoman Shield-inspired look such as this. Not a comic fan? No problem! This look could also look great with a solid blue background with white star accents. 

25. Mix and Match fourth of July nails

Credit: nailartbysig

Want a very mod artsy look for your manicure this year? This squiggle and polka dot-inspired mani would do just the trick! It combines classic colors with a truly unique set of shapes to offer an inspired and modern look.


26. Simply Patriotic fourth of July nails

Credit: torific.nails

If you’re a fan of neutral nails, then this Fourth of July look is for you. It combines a trendy coffin tip with a nude overall color and adds pops of color to one nail for a fun twist on a classic nail style. You could also add gold foil for a little more pop.

27. Ice Pops fourth of July nails

Credit: anabelledoesnails

Get inspired by a favorite summer treat and add a little popsicle art to your manicure this July. Even more, fun touches are the sprinkle shapes on the white background, reminding you of fun summer days eating sprinkle-topped ice cream on the hottest of days.

28. Happy Fourth Swirls fourth of July nails

Credit: paintd.by.paige

Another patriotic twist on the classic manicure, these subtle pops of red and blue are a great idea to turn a classic into a patriotic statement piece.

29. Broad Stripes and Bright Stars fourth of July nails

Credit: gelledbypamela

Although it may be a little hard to replicate this at home, how fun are these American Flag nails? You can’t get more Fourth of July than that! Adding muted and matte colors helps these nails look less busy than they might otherwise be. But if you aren’t afraid of being bold, brighter hues could work as well.

30. Crackers fourth of July nails

Credit: nailsbynikkihanks

These adorable pendants are a unique way to showcase your patriotic pride. Combine them with fireworks and you have the cutest look for your Fourth of July celebrations.



How do you create a Fourth of July Nail look?

Although holiday-themed manicure styles may seem limiting, Fourth of July looks can have so many inspiration options that are literally just waiting at your fingertips! From bold sparkles to stripes and stars, there are numerous ways you can showcase your unique brand of patriotism.

Although you may be limited to three main colors – the classic red, white, and blue – there are numerous combinations and styles to really make these pop. Try bold pops of red with subtle stripes of white and/or blue. Or, if you’re up for some embellishments, add small pearls to showcase the classic white in your look.

Get creative! Just because you may be limited in color it doesn’t mean you are limited in shapes or styles. Create red, white, and blue flowers or create a fun pattern with colorful polka dots. There really is no limit to what you can do with combing shapes and color and even pops of gold with glitter or stars.

What current nail trends can I incorporate into my Fourth of July Nail manicure?

Maybe you’re stuck getting the same French manicure or using the same red or pink polish you’ve used for years and you’re ready to shake things up this summer for a fresh patriotic look. There are numerous trends you can utilize when looking for inspiration for your patriotic look, including:

  • Almond-shaped French manicures that showcase bold colors like gold and red, perfect for the Fourth of July
  • Mismatched nails full of various colors. Who says every nail has to be the same color? Maybe you change shades with each nail, creating an ombre look, or pick completely different colors for an even bolder look such as various shades of red and blue with gold accents.
  • Less is best. Minimal nail art is also hot right now. This could mean clear polish that features a small gold star on each nail or a simple red nail that has a small white stripe on every other nail.

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The firework-filled sky is literally the limit this July when it comes to patriotic-themed nail art. Think outside the box and mix up your mani routine inspired by our collection above.

Brittney Scott