30+ Creative Four Braids Hairstyles For A Beautiful You!

Braids are the ultimate protective style—they prevent your natural hair from damage and can be done in minutes if you know how to braid. Since they’re versatile, they look great in almost any hair length, texture, or color, making them a perfect go-to hairstyle for breaking free from your monotonous braided hairstyle and trying something upbeat!  

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Four braids hairstyles can be a great way to keep your hair protected from heat, humidity, pollution, and styling tools because it keeps everything tucked away and out of the way so that your hair isn’t exposed to damage. If you’re going to do your braids, you might as well learn how to style them into some awesome four braids looks that people will be talking about for months!

Creative Four Braids Hairstyles For Everyone

If you want to try this look but don’t know which variation to try, don’t panic! We have got you covered with these more than thirty creative four braids hairstyles. Choose the one that resonates with you the most and transforms your appearance!

1. Three Hearted Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Jenibraids44

Let’s start with a three-hearted hair braid! This four braids hairstyle features three heart-shaped braids and some tiny braids interwoven into four curvy cornrows using pink and blue extensions. The result is a gorgeous hairstyle that brings a lot of wow factors. We love this hairstyle because of its simple beauty and also because it adds so much texture to dull hair.

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2. Little Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Suzac.Kikice

Braids are a classic hairstyle that never seems to get old, whether you create them yourself or ask your hairdresser to create one of these trendy styles. This four braids hairstyle is easy to create at home, and your little one will look tidy in this hairdo. These braids can be worn on long hair, short hair, natural hair, or even straightened locks. Here, these four braids look perfect for thin, soft hair. 

3. Berrycurly Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: twistedbytee

If you have natural hair and it’s mostly curly, then a set of four braids might be your perfect style. To create these gorgeous long four braids with volume, part your hair into four sections starting from the forehead and going to the neck, as curly hair is difficult to braid, so it’s better to create these braids taking medium sections of hair instead of weaving them tightly. This style looks exceptionally good on boys and will add extra fullness to the hair.

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4. Lusterpink Buns Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Gotbraids_Byz

If you’re looking to take your four braids up a notch, Luster Pink extensions will do the trick. The name is not just based on its glossy appearance; these braids can add some shine to your day! It’s a perfect hairdo if you want a sophisticated look that doesn’t require much effort. These four braids start from a single point and spread in four directions. Plus, it’s also an easy style to execute – all you need is some pomade, and voila!

5. Gold Beads Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Memily_Trenzas

You don’t have to try too hard to stand out with a simple hairdo! Opt for four smaller braids if you want to spice up your natural hair without making too much of a statement. Although these braids might be small, they will make a big impact when decorated with gold cuffs. It is a simple yet elegant option for your next style.

6. Half Curly Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Kultural_Diversity

Curly hair is tricky to manage, but you can show off your natural curls while maintaining control with a four-braid hairstyle. This style offers more variation than a single braid and gives your hair ample breathing room. To create it, divide your long hair into four equal sections. Then braid each section tightly and secure it with an elastic band. This style ends in twin pigtails on your sides. Wrap a few strands on the elastic band to hide them, and you have this gorgeous four-braid hairstyle! 

7. 4 Way Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Getdripbygabbie

This top bun four braids hairstyle is for men who like to sport an edgy look. It’s a chic variation of a simple four braids hairstyle. The best part about using a big bun to finish your hairstyle is that it’s so versatile. You can choose different bun styles and switch up your hair accessories—and make it look as stylish as you want. Do you have what it takes to recreate these four braids looks?!

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8. Barrel Twist Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Jayeewavyy_Cutz

Barrel twist four braids are a quick and easy hairdo that you can achieve on natural hair. The instructions are straightforward, and no fancy products or tools are needed to achieve them. There are multiple variations of barrel twist braids to choose one according to your taste. This hairstyle twists four sections of hair into four sections of hair using cornrows or dreadlocks. It is a great protective style, and it has a stunning look because it’s thicker and fuller than other styles. It’s also perfect if you have a knack for a unique and different look!

9. Zigzag Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Lvshabraids__

Zigzag braids are among the most popular braid styles for young boys. There are many different variations of zigzag braids, with each differing in terms of how it is set up and how it looks. The four braids hairstyle in this picture features two medium-sized zigzag patterns running between cornrows that flow down to the back of the head. It is a popular style because it’s simple to do and gives a nice finish.

10. Half Twinkle Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: The_True_Lace

It’s called half twinkle because it has two braided half stars over both ears and two thick scalp braids running in the middle. These scalp braids end in four braids at the back. It creates a neat style that will inspire others to try the same hairstyle. The best part about hair braiding is that there are no real set rules or guidelines once you get started. Do what feels comfortable and looks good to you. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.

11. U Four Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Gisikoncepts

You will see many variants of U-shaped four braids hairstyles among people who wear braids regularly. You part your hair in the middle and weave two curved cornrows on each side. The mirrored curved braids give a double U shape when looked at from above. This hairstyle is good for men with low fade and natural hair. However, the versatility of this hairstyle allows it to be worn by women as well. 

12. Four Bunch Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Danahairstylist1

Braids are a great way to wear your hair if you want to get rid of the frizz and look very neat. This braid hairstyle is something that looks very beautiful on naturally thick and voluminous hair. It gives a nice touch to your appearance while protecting your hair from daily damage and weather conditions. The best part is you can do it yourself at home or even go to a salon and ask someone else to give you four braid hairstyles as per your choice.

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13. Twisted Tribes Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Gotbraids_Byz

Go for these twisted tribal four braids to change your style for a special event. Thick braids with silver strands and accessories glam up this hairdo. The addition of thin braids imparts a bit of texture and versatility, making them perfect for weddings, graduations, work events, and more. Braids come in so many different styles that you will be able to find a braid style that matches your personality perfectly!

14. Goddess Braid Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Goddessbraidsbyiriscliville

If you want many things happening on your head, there’s no better way to show it than by having four braids. Thick goddess braids with alternate slim braids add a lot of drama to this classic hairstyle. You can even accessorize it with golden string and cuffs to add more detail to a simple design. Just look how the partings look neat while the braids keep all hair in place.

15. High Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Gotbraids_Byz

It is a great style that gives your hair a very elegant look. An updo with a top knot allows you to expose more of your face and neckline to compliment your hairstyle. To achieve this style, divide your hair into four quadrants. Then weave the front two quarters with braids towards the point where you want to place your knot. Weave the other two braids starting from the nape and going towards the top of your head. Finally, twist the four braids into a massive top knot.

16. Straight Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Gotbraids_Byz

There’s something about the four braids hairstyle that is as timeless as it is classic. Incorporating four braids of varying thickness is a perfect way to rock this hairstyle. Have you noticed how these thin straight braids are adding a unique look to this simple hairdo?! Sporting a braid hairstyle in four sections has been seen on countless Hollywood starlets over time. Each braid section is twisted and pinned into place for an elegant twist on a traditional style. So, you can opt for this style to collect positive reviews from everyone! 

17. Stitch Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsbyduv

Randomly weaved four stitch braids give a carefree vibe to this hairstyle. While others are going for carefully styled four braids, this is your chance to be different. For a unique hairstyle, you can try random stitch braids. These random braids will not be like anyone else’s! Also, they’re easy to make, and you can wear them to any occasion with confidence. At first glance, random stitch braids may look intricate and tricky but trust that it’s a very simple design to create!

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18. Simple Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Licia.Laced.Ya

This four braids hairstyle reminds us of hot cross buns! It is a creative way to effortlessly add texture and beauty to your curly frizzy natural hair. This braided hairstyle can be done on medium or long hair. It’s an easy and fun braid style for small boys and girls. Try it if you want something simple yet unique for your little one.

19. Long Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Efthimia_Paisi

Long braids have been trending for quite some time now. With its versatility, many women take advantage of it to create different looks that fit their style and personality. It’s a perfect four-braid style to keep your unruly hair out of your face. This style will suit thick and long hair prone to frizz easily. You can leave the braids loose at the back or tie them in a bun or low ponytail. No matter how you wear them, they always look cool.

20. Caramel Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Annystylez___

Caramel-colored extensions make this simple four braids hairstyle vibrant and chic. This style consists of plaiting four sections of hair (that are usually thick) at their roots and allowing them to hang free. It is a cornrow style that provides you with more volume than other common braid hairstyles. Plus, when you pair them with a few thin braids, it gives an otherwise ordinary hairstyle a thoughtful and fun element. 

21. Four Jumbo Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Braided_Byki

It’s by far the easiest four braids hairstyle we have seen! Separate your hair into four pigtails to create a similar look to what you see on this girl. Use clear elastic bands (or ponytail holders) to secure each braid. Add extensions to each ponytail for a thick look. Then, braid each ponytail as a normal three-strand braid. You have your jumbo four braided pigtails for a super smashing girly look!

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22. Shade Of Blue Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Daniellebraids

Who says you have to settle for boring hair colors and hairstyles? Going blue can be a great way to mix things up. Usually, boys have a limited choice of hairstyle so a blue four braids hairstyle is a cool choice when you can’t decide on a style. Blue hair color is fabulous on anyone with any skin tone. Shades of blue give you an eye-catching look and have always been a part of pop culture. We’re sure that you too love colors and are looking for some ideas. This blue four braids hairstyle is guaranteed to inspire your next look!

23. Cosmos Braid Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: My.Pretty.Braids

There are all sorts of braids out there and each one is beautiful in its own right. One of my favorite braids is Cosmos braids because it’s so easy to do, and the purple extensions add a charming intergalactic touch to this hairdo!  If you like being a little adventurous regarding hairstyles, this is a must-try four braids hairstyle. 

24. High Fade Braids Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Kayluvstyles 

Bring natural beauty to a high fade with four braids. It is a unique hairstyle that looks complex but is surprisingly easy to create. Part your hair into four sections, braid each section, and use hair elastics regularly. Once you have braided all of your hair, use an elastic band to tie off each braid in a ponytail at the nape of your neck; now, you can leave it loose or bobby pin it up for extra security if needed.

25. Simple Braid Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Creativexhands

There’s no better way to keep natural hair protected from environmental damage and heat than a cute, easy protective hairstyle. If you are looking for a protective hairstyle that doesn’t confine your kid to the salon chair for too long, consider this relaxed hairdo. A simple four braids hairstyle is one of our favorite styles for kids with naturally curly hair, and it’s also surprisingly quick and easy to achieve. You will also love the fact that it doesn’t involve too much effort on mom or dad’s part!

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26. Braids Turn Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: n.a.s_beauty

This style is ideal for anyone with fine or thin hair and anyone who wants a simple look that’s still polished. Wear your natural hair with these cute braids and show them off at work, school, or any formal events you may have coming up! To create this hairstyle, gather all of your hair from behind your left ear. Divide it into four equal sections using a parting comb to create a wavelike parting. Lastly, braid each section individually and use elastic to tie off each braid.

27. Double Separated Braid Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: mzgoree2u

Double Separated Braids is a hairstyle that takes a little time, but the results are worth the time spent. The four braids are separated by double thin scalp braids incorporated with the thick braids at the back of your neck. It is a very secure protective hairstyle that won’t let any strands loose easily. Also, this four braids style appears very neat and well-thought. This hairstyle is for those who like straightforward designs. 

28. Unicorn Plush Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: _.hairstyles_.__

It’s a simple and cute hairstyle that uses extensions in unicorn-inspired pastel hues. If you or your girl love this mythical creature, then this pinkish-blue four braids hairstyle is for you. Unicorn colors include every pastel color under the rainbow: lavender, baby blue, mint green, and cotton candy pink. When creating a hairdo with colors from this palette, you can use all four colors or select two or three hues. Be prepared to gain more compliments when wearing this four-braid hairstyle with a matching unicorn hairband!

29. Synthetic Pink Blush Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: My.Pretty.Braids

This colorful four braids hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted! If you love long natural hair but want to try something new, protective 4-braids hairstyles might be for you. The first thing you’ll notice about these braids are not the same size. Two thick pink plush braids go on the sides and add a lot of wow factor to this hairstyle. Accompanied by two thin criss-cross braids in the middle, this style makes an excellent style statement. Go for this style if you are looking to lift your mood instantly!

30. Orchid Braid Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Bonitasbraids____

It is a perfect example of a stylish and versatile hairstyle, where you can change up your look by tying up the four free braids using orchid-colored extensions. Pretty and feminine, this hairstyle is perfect if you are taking a break from a boho style. If you want a toned-down hairdo but aren’t ready to give up your bold style yet, opt for these orchid four braids instead. It is an interesting hairstyle offering a sophisticated and trendier look than other traditional braid styles. 

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31. Blue Daisy Braid Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: Braidssbyj

The daisy braids hairstyle can be worn in a variety of ways. This straight-back daisy braids in a hint of blue extensions is an elegant four braids hairstyle that will go well with medium or long hair. If you want to dress up your four braids without being too over the top, these blue daisy braids should be on top of your short-listed hairdos!

32. Lopsided Feed-in Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: dee_honeyyyy

Classic and stylish, a lopsided design is a great entryway into braided hairstyles. Feed-in braids are a perfect choice, making this hairstyle stand out from the rest. Moreover, a little off-centered execution is very different from symmetrical hairstyles, giving a fresh vibe. Plus, the feed-in braids decorated with golden clasps add a touch of bling that is very welcoming. The best thing is you don’t have to make a conscious effort to make both sides look the same! 

33. High Ponytail With Four Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braided_babes

It is another fun and easy way to turn hair into a gorgeous ponytail style that gives you an energetic feel. This look is one of our favorites for teenagers and young women! Create four cornrows in the front and gather all hair at the top of your crown to tie a ponytail. This look is edgy, sporty, and playful. Use a flat iron to straighten your ponytail for a sleek finish. 


What Is A Four Braids Hairstyle?

The word braid refers to any hairstyle in which two or more sections of hair are interwoven together and secured with a rubber band or hair tie. 

The four braids hairstyle involves four braids that usually start from the hairline and go back to the nape of your neck. A variety of braid styles, such as cornrows, feed-in, fishbone, etc., can be used to create this look. You can wear four braids in any style as you wish, including ponytail, pigtail, bun, knot, half updo, or just individual four loose braids.

Is Four Braids A Protective Hairstyle?

The term “protective braids” is generally used for braiding Afro-textured hair. A protective hairstyle helps keep hair tucked away nicely, so you don’t touch it repeatedly and thus prevent it from damage. Four braids hairstyles do exactly that by keeping long hair from becoming tangled and out of place. So, it is a popular protective hairstyle for natural hair. That said, you can achieve four braids hairstyle in non-Afro straight and silky hair as well that looks ravishing!

How Do You Do Four Braids Hairstyles?

When it comes to braids, you have plenty of options. You can do all kinds of creative styles or stick to something super simple like a four braids hairstyle. It can be a great way to make your hair look more polished between haircuts or relaxers. It’s a hassle-free style that allows your hair to grow long and healthy while keeping it off your neck. Here’s how to do it: 

First, separate your hair into four long sections. Use hair clips to tie your hair out of your way for each section. You can also use extensions to give your braids extra volume and length. Braid each section with any braiding style before tying them individually with an elastic band. 

You can create countless styles using a basic four braids technique. Refer to this video for the simplest four braids hairstyle for natural hair if you are new to braiding. Happy Braiding!

How Do You Care For Your Braids?

There are a variety of ways to care for your braids. First, keep them clean. It’s tempting to avoid washing your hair during trips to your salon, but it’s important to do so regularly. To maintain healthy natural hair, always use products designed specifically for natural and braided hair!

Follow these tips for healthier hair and braids:

  • Cleanse your hair with hydrating shampoo and conditioner before braiding
  • Don’t wear tight braids
  • Wash your braids regularly but without rubbing
  • Let your braids dry thoroughly
  • If possible, redo your braids at the hairline for a fresh look
  • Avoid wearing your braids for a long period

Final Thought

When styling hair, we always have a goal in mind. Whether you are going to an interview or stepping out on a date, your hairstyle should be based on what is most appropriate. Four braided hairstyles can help us reach that goal! They’re versatile and easy to learn and look great on everyone regardless of age and hair type.

The best part about having this hairstyle is that you can be as creative as you want with your hair, and it will still look good. Four braids hairstyles are one of our favorite hairstyles to sport, not only because they keep your hair neat but because you can change them around easily to fit whatever look you desire.

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