The Coolest Eyebrow Slit Ideas That You Should Try

If you are unsure as to what exactly the eyebrow slit trend is – then you have come to the right place.

This trend has also been referred to as the eyebrow cut, and the eyebrow slit was actually made popular by hip-hop artists who were around in the 80s and the 90s.

The Coolest Eyebrow Slit Ideas That You Should Try

Also, the American rapper Big Daddy Kane was the first to rock this iconic look, and then Vanilla Ice adopted this. 

This look has been brought back into fashion these days by beauty enthusiasts and by influencers as a much more creative way to express a sense of individuality and also personal style. 

What Is This Trend About?

This is a trend which centers around a shaved vertical line – or if you are feeling adventurous you can up the quantity – in the brow region. That is basically it. 

However, there are a whole host of ways that you can tweak and adapt this trend to suit your personal style, it does not matter whether you want something to spice up your day-to-day look, or whether you want to add to your evening attire. 

You can test this trend out by initially attempting to paint over the brow area you’d want to slit with concealer, just so you can gauge what it would look like.

There are a lot of different ways that you can achieve the full slit look – this can be achieved with a standard razor or an eyebrow razor. 

You might go for a more groomed brow look so you will want your slit to be especially precise – or if you go for more untamed brows then you might not feel the need to be super particular. 

The Single Eyebrow Slit

If you are someone who has already perfectly shaped brows and if you are someone who takes pride in your eyebrow grooming then adding an eyebrow slit might seem scary. 

However, making the decision to add an eyebrow slit will ultimately give some extra attention to your eyebrow look and your groomed and defined brows will really draw attention to the missing part of hair.

This is why you really need to work out whether or not this is part of your style.

Additionally, if you are someone who has lighter brows and blonde hair then you will find that the eyebrow slit will look pretty chic.

This is something that can look surprisingly natural and it can really add to your look. Or, you can totally reverse this and go for that rockstar vibe with multiple eyebrow slits to make your look super edgy.

Getting Sultry And Sexy With The Eyebrow Slit

If you are wanting to compliment your day to day eye makeup look with something that is bold and edgy, then you might find that an eyebrow slit will look fairly cohesive.

This is especially true when this is done by using a diagonal line which mimics your eyeliner flick. This is a lot more modern and unexpected than that traditional smoky eye look.

Edgy Eyebrow Slits: Are They For You?

Eyebrow slits are a bit of a style statement, and it can take you a while to work out whether or not this is the look for you.

An eyebrow slit can be especially intimidating, but it can look pretty cool with day-to-day makeup looks or it can look especially funky with bright and bold makeup looks. 

If you are going in with the eyebrow slit, then don’t be scared. Be confident in this styling decision and let it add to your look rather than take away from it. Ultimately, the single eyebrow slit is the easiest way to get into this trend.

You can quite easily soften the appearance of an eyebrow slit with braids. That’s right, by plaiting your hair you can add a softer contrast to the inevitably harsher eyebrow slit and you can accessorize your look so that you can fully compliment this.

The eyebrow slit is not something you have to be super intense with, you just have to make it work for you.

Becoming A Rockstar With Your Eyebrow Slit

Here’s the thing, you do not need to try too hard to make any kind of rockstar statement. It is true that an eyebrow slit will help to complete your look and it will compliment your rockstar accessories too.

If you have tattoos, or brightly colored hair, or a few piercings then you will find that an eyebrow slit will work well with your whole vibe.

Going Back To The 80s With The Eyebrow Slit

How do you make the eyebrow slit that bit more 80s? Well, you have to slice your brow hair just below the arch and this will ultimately scream 80s.

If you are wanting to modernize your look then this can be easily done through going for a no-makeup vibe and this will allow you to incorporate eyebrow slits into your style.

Creating A Statement With Your Eyebrow Slit

You can make your eyebrow slit whatever you want it to be, ultimately it just has to suit you and your personal style. You want this to be something that builds your confidence, not something that takes away from it. 

You can do this by making your eyebrow slit super defined and a strong sharp line – or you can place the eyebrow slit in a distinctive spot in your eyebrow such as above the brow bone bend, more towards the front of your eyebrow. 

There are a lot of ways that you can make the eyebrow slit trend your own and something to suit you – but if you really want to experiment with your eyebrow slit then we say trust your instinct and go with it.

Going For The Bold And Masculine Eyebrow Slit

To do this you really need to go for an eyebrow slit that mimics a scar sort of shape, as this will be that bit more masculine-like. And, this will supposedly make you look tougher…

But, the eyebrow slit will ultimately help you to add interest to your facial features and it will give you a confidence boost.

Here’s the thing, you might find that the eyebrow slit can be hard to maintain along with the maintenance that your eyebrows need in general. It is important to note that the slit is not all about perfection!

The eyebrow slit is just a great way to give that bit of interest to thick and unruly eyebrows and this will help you feel that bit more individual in your look.

Upgrade Your Eyebrow Slit: Hello Double Eyebrow Slit!

If you are wanting to take your eyebrow slit to the next level, then you can do this with the double eyebrow slit. 

There is no limit to the amount of eyebrow slits that you have, but it is important to note that adding more slits to your eyebrows can be pretty risky as this can have the tendency to look patchy.

This can be a great thing to do if you are someone who has unruly eyebrow hair because this can help them to look tame.

When The Double Slit Met The Cat Eye Flick

Upgrade Your Eyebrow Slit Hello Double Eyebrow Slit!

You can spice up your eyebrow slit by pairing this with your cat eye flick. That’s right, if you are a lover of eyeliner then you will definitely be able to match this with your eyebrow slits. 

The double eyebrow slit can actually make a nice contrast with the singular cat eye flick and this can add a lot of definition to your eye area. This is perfect if your eyes are your favorite feature and you want to draw as much attention to them as possible.

Pairing Your Eyebrow Slit With Bold And Bright Eyeshadow

Your eyebrow slit should be something that you can use to accentuate your personality – so if you are someone who loves wearing bright eyeshadow then the eyebrow slit is the best way to add something extra to this look. 

Here’s the thing, using color does not have to be something that is just associated with spring or summer. This can be something that really adds to your style in the colder months too. 

There is no expiry date as to when you should be wearing vibrant eyeshadow. Besides, if this makes you feel confident then you should just go for it – but you will find that an eyebrow slit can compliment this especially well.

Keeping Your Eyebrow Slit Feminine

Eyebrow slits do not have to be harsh or they do not have to be associated with an edgier look.

You can keep your eyebrow slit feminine by using pastel eyeshadows, or by going for much more natural glam makeup that will subtly draw attention to your eyebrow slit but this will not make it the central feature of your overall look.

Keeping It Glamorous And Chic

We understand that the eyebrow slit can feel like a pretty big commitment, so if you do not feel ready to fully go for it then you can try an alternative trend to get you into the right frame of mind to eventually progress on to the eyebrow slit. 

You can do this by tweaking your eyebrow routine slightly when you do your makeup, you can go for a more defined brow look to get you used to having such dynamic eyebrows before deciding to include the slit into your eyebrow routine. 

Or, you can have your own practice sessions at home where you do the eyebrow slit using concealer to map out where you would want the slit to be and then you can decide whether or not you are ready to take the plunge.

Can The Eyebrow Slit Be Minimalistic?

The eyebrow slit absolutely can be minimalistic, so do not worry, you do not have to shave off your eyebrow to master the trend. This is a look that you can ultimately adapt to suit you completely. 

Or, you can juxtapose the harshness of an eyebrow slit with an especially feminine look. If you have freckles then this is something that you can balance out with your eyebrow slit to help give you more of a feminine vibe.

If you are keen to keep your eyebrow slit fairly minimalist then we would recommend that you opt for a single eyebrow slit opposed to upping the quantity as this can be more intense.

We also recommend that you just do an eyebrow slit in one brow opposed to both brows as this will take away from the minimalist look.

Can You Try The Eyebrow Slit If You Have Thin Eyebrows?

In short: yes you can. Thin eyebrows are still a thing and some people do naturally have thin eyebrows. This is a look that you can add to with an eyebrow slit, although you will need to opt for a much thinner slit.

This is so that you can really keep to the trend without slicing off half of your eyebrow.

Can You Try The Eyebrow Slit If You Wear Glasses?

Absolutely! Depending on the kind of glasses frame that you have, the eyebrow slit can really help you to add a lil’ something to your look.

Here’s the thing, this is a really great way to portray your personality and if you have thinner framed glasses the slit will be easier to see.

If you have thick framed glasses then the eyebrow slit might not be so obvious, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still try it. No matter what kind of glasses you wear, you will still be able to incorporate the eyebrow slit into your day to day look.

If you wear glasses which are especially bold in their appearance then you can definitely use eyebrow slits to show them off. It all depends on your look ultimately, but do not be afraid to use your eyebrow slit to give your whole look that something extra.

In Conclusion

Overall, it is important to note that eyebrow slits are not that unusual and they can actually look pretty cool if you make sure that they complement your style. In fact, there will be more trends that come out that make the eyebrow slit totally normal. 

This is a trend that has been pretty prevalent in the hip-hop community for an extended period of time and this is something which beauty influencers have taken under their wing. 

You have lots of people who you can source inspiration from when it comes to the eyebrow slit, and these inspirations will let you go out and rock that eyebrow slit or eyebrow slits with confidence.

The bottom line is that if you are someone who has perfectly defined eyebrows, then the eyebrow slit will really help you out in getting this sharp cut look. Your eyebrow slit can be something that looks really sleek and really intentional.

The eyebrow slit works well because it combines texture and proportion so this can kind of mimic that laminated brow look.

Or, you can use your eyebrow slit to compliment your more boho chic brows – it will just make your look much more carefree and wild. You can do this by contrasting your lighter hair with darker brows as this will make the eyebrow slit stand out a lot more.

The eyebrow slit is a look which is perfectly adaptable for any situation, be it for a getaway or for a special occasion, this can really add that something extra to your look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Eyebrow Slit?

So, an eyebrow slit is a 90s beauty trend which was made popular by hip-hop artists. This is a trend which involves creating a vertical line, or even two, in your brow hair.

Here’s the thing – you can create eyebrow slits at home by using an eyebrow razor, or even a spoolie or trimming scissors. You will also find that concealers will offer you a semi-permanent alternative to this too.

Can You Make Slits In Your Eyebrow With A Pencil?

You can use a white eyeliner to draw a guideline of where you want your slit to be and then you can fill this in with concealer.

This is a tedious process and you might have to use powder to help you build up the concealer so that you can’t notice the hairs underneath too.

How Many Eyebrow Slits Can You Have?

You can actually get really creative with this – there are no rules when it comes to the amount of eyebrow slits that you have in your eyebrows.

You can just have one slit in one eyebrow, or you can have multiple slits in one eyebrow – or you can utilise both eyebrows. It is totally up to you.

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