25 Envy-worthy Dark Green Nail Design Ideas to Try This Summer

The color green just evidently blew up on social media. All kinds of green outfits, makeup, and nail design ideas are filling feeds, including Instagram and Pinterest. Even the ones who totally hated the color are now attracted to it because apparently, it doesn’t have to be the same dull old green anymore.

Millions of influencers have been flaunting sage green, neon green, pastel green, and dark green nails on their IG channels in various unique designs. In fact, #greennails manicure is a trending search on IG.

Here we have 25 fresh new ways to pull off dark green nails this summer.

25 Fresh New Dark Green Nail Designs to Try This Season

1. “Green With Envy” Dark Green Nails

Starting with an abstract design, this is a rich and shiny metallic dark green nail design created with green foil. If you like to keep your nails short and cute, this is definitely something you should try. You can, of course, try the design on long nails too. All you have to do is, create random abstract designs with green foil over a contrasting shade of green nail paint. Seal the deal with a tremendous shiny topcoat.

Credit: nonadoesnails


2. Transitional Dark Green Nails

This style features a seasonal transition in colors from the darkest shade of green to light pink or cream. It is an effortless and minimal trend that anyone can try. All you need is a few shades of green with almost the same undertones. Paint your nails entirely in solid colors and finish with a high-shine topcoat.

Credit: clairestarknailartist

3. “Green Dreams” Green Nails

Here’s a lovely design that uses solid colors and prints. Starting with a base of rich bluish-green color, the style uses different textures on different nails. There are glitter textures along with solid colors. One of the nails adorns a leopard print design in black. If you’d like, you can add one more nail and finish off with a shiny topcoat.

Credit: charsgelnails_

4. Mystical Solid Dark Green Nails

Yet another one for minimalists, this style uses a single solid color all over the nails – gorgeous warm-toned bluish-green. If you use high-quality nail color, you don’t even need a base coat for this one.

Credit: lovefreshpaint


5. Long Marble Dark Green Nails

A little dramatic style for drama lovers here – this one uses a combination of solid colors and marble designs. You can alternate the dark green solid colors to start with. Create marble designs with the same green color and clear polish in between. Add some gold foil to give it an abstract edge, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

Credit: szidi_nails

6. Glitter Glow Dark Green Nails

On a glow scale of 1 to 10, this one is a straight 11. The design remains subtle though. Adorn short nails in deep green color with a splash of gold glitter on one nail. Finish with a high-shine top coat and you’re good to go.

Credit: nailsbyrosie

7. Forest Dark Green Nails With Gold Nuggs

Bling lovers are going to fall in love with this one. Start from a base of solid deep forest green color, and add chunks of gold foil in an abstract fashion. Remember, the more random your foil placement, the better the design. Finish with a high shine topcoat and you’re all set.

Credit: nailjob

8. Botanical Dark Green Nails

For the love of nature, here’s a style that includes subtle elements of a botanical garden. To start with, have a thick chunky base, solid enough to place some bling. The dents in the base will give it an optical illusion effect. Use a cool-toned forest green color on four nails and keep one nail clear. Paint on a dark green vine and you are done.

Credit: irinab_nails

9. Deep Dark Green Gel Nails

Yet another style for minimalists – this one should be done on short gel nails. Start with a thick coat of deep green polish and create dents randomly to create an optical illusion effect. 

Credit: mayrose_beaute


10. Dark Green Marble Nails

Marble nail designs are a whole other class of marvel. Use a cool-toned deep green solid color for four nails and add a marble design to a single nail to balance out the look. To create the marble effect, all you have to do is place a few strands of thread soaked in green nail paint over a coat of white paint that is still wet. Pull from random ends and see the marble effect come through.

Credit: beautyatnumber4

11. Long Pointed Moss Green Nails

The best thing about the color green is that there are a ton of shades out there to try. Here is a minimal rendition of plain solid moss green on pointy tip nails. It’s definitely a statement maker by itself.

Credit: nailcode.benelux

12. Green And Gold Abstract Nails

People love abstract designs for two reasons – they’re pretty easy to do and they are aesthetically top notch. Here’s a nail design that uses gorgeous cool-toned dark green color and gold foil to create abstract designs. There are also some glitter elements for added texture.

Credit: cesca_ellie_nails

13. “White Flower in a Green Forest” Nails

Here’s a very unique design perfect for the Summer. Start off with a base of plain solid dark green color and add golden French tips to a few. Leave one nail on each hand free to draw a gorgeous daisy flower with white nail paint. Finish with a shiny topcoat and you are done.

Credit: yo_komasha


14. Matte Green Nails With Shiny Tips

This is a style that screams class from all angles. Start with coffin shaped acrylic nails and add a coat or two of completely matte warm toned parrot green nail paint. Add French tips of shiny dark green nail paint and you are good to go.


15. Dark Green Squiggles Nails

Abstract lovers have another one to rejoice. Starting with a clear base coat or a baby pink nail paint, create random squiggly designs with dark green nail color. Finish with a clear topcoat and you are done.

Credit: nails_by_emilie

16. Sparkling Dark Green Nails

Nothing like sparkling green and white marble. This style uses a combination of solid colors, glitter and abstract marble pattern. Add a base of rich green color on a few nails and plain white on a few. Add silver glitter on one of the nails. Next, use thread or a makeup brush to paint marble designs on the white nails. Add silver foil too and you’ve made yourself a masterpiece.

Credit: misia_nails

17. Dark Green Bubble Abstract Nails

For this one, you need a cool toned deep green shiny nail paint for the base. Keep the base clear on two nails and use nail art tools to randomly add bubbles and dots in an abstract fashion. Make sure to use green and glitter for the bubbles. Finish with a topcoat and you are good to go.

Credit: theglitteringpineapple


18. Plain Solid Matte Dark Green Nails

For a very minimal style that stands out use plain solid matte dark green nail polish. Apply a matte topcoat to seal the deal. To make sure that the color stands out, keep your nail shape simple and straight.

Credit: la_bella_nails_xx

19. Raindrops in Emerald Dark Green Nails

This is a wonderful nature-inspired style that uses rich emerald green matte nail paint. Use green shimmer for a few nails just for a change in texture. To create the rain drops use clear high shine nail polish

Credit: jordysnailbar

20. Green Color-Blocked Nails

Here is a lovely combination of two different shades of green and two different textures. It is amazing how subtle differences can be so statement making. Apply shiny forest green on a few nails and add a darker green shimmer nail paint on a few. To balance the look, keep the nails short and straight.

Credit: beauty_bylaurenx

21. Dark Green And Black Nails With Crystals

Here is some high fashion for the list. This one uses shiny rich dark green and black bases. You can create an ombre of black and green glitter for one nail. For the cherry on top, buy rhinestone crystals and place them carefully at the cuticle of your ring fingernail.

Credit: liza_nailart_szeged


22. Silver And Dark Green Winter Nails

A rich cool toned dark green color would be perfect for the winter. Make sure to use a high shine nail paint. Paint a few nails shiny silver and paint the rest green. You’re good to go out.

Credit: nails_by_jadehagen

23. Dark Green Cateye Nails

Here you need to use two different shades of green to create cateye patterns all over. Pour the two shades in circles on water to get the desired effect and simply dunk your nails in the water to apply the design. Finish with a clear topcoat and you are done.

Credit: elite_nails_spa_1493_

24. Snow Waves on Dark Green Nails

This is yet another style that would be perfect for the winter season as well. On a base of shiny dark green nail paint, create white waves on a few nails. Add silver accents to some of the white waves and that is it. It really gives snowy vibes.

Credit: daydreamsbeautylounge

25. Dramatic Abstract Textured Dark Green Nails

To complete the list we have a super-dramatic nail design. Starting off with a rich dark green base, the style uses a lighter green nail paint for random diagonal stripes. Add chunky gold glitter and finer green glitter on top for the finishing touches. Keep the nails short to balance out the look.

Credit: Clairehowardnaildesign



What does the color green represent?

The color green is known to represent adventure and earthiness. It is also associated with power, growth, and harmony, according to a few other theories. Wearing green nails is the latest booming trend for the Summer. Anyone wearing green nails is likely to be peace-loving and adventurous but at the same time also less into risky choices. They are more likely to love exploring and embrace growth at their own pace.

What are some trending shades and styles of the color green?

Almost any and every shade of green is trending right now. The most prominent ones include dark green, sage green, neon green, light green, turquoise, aqua green, and bottle green. As far as designs are concerned, abstract designs and swirls are perhaps the most popular ones. Color blocking, French manicures, and florals are also quite on-trend. Apart from these, ombre designs are also slowly rising in popularity.

How trending are green nails?

According to data from Pinterest, the search for “emerald green nails” ideas shot up by almost 300% this year. The search for “forest green nails” rose by 244%. Random searches for green or dark green nail art ideas have also been increasing lately.

Apart from that thousands of influencers on Instagram and YouTube are flaunting green-colored nails for the Summer. Clearly, green nails are a must-try this season. 

Do green nails stain, chip, or fade away?

That would totally depend on the expertise level of your salon service professional and the products used. Nail colors created with stain-prone pigments and chemicals are likely to do some damage, more so when it comes to darker shades of green. Cheaper quality pigments can lead to chipping and fading away too.

However, that being said, there are no specific issues associated with green-colored nails alone. Especially if you’re looking to get acrylic extensions, there’s nothing that a high-quality nail expert can’t fix.


The color green is definitely starting to grow on us. With these 25 fresh new styles to try, you can totally be a trendsetter. Make sure to flaunt them on your IG. You can even do some of these on your own or go to a stylist.


Brittney Scott