9 Beautiful Curly Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium curly hair is so beautifully bouncy and versatile. There are so many fun styles you can do with these luscious locks.

In addition, this hair is thicker than fine strands, allowing it to hold any styles you put in it. So, you can confidently style it without worrying much about it breaking.

This voluminous hair is prone to getting unruly if it’s not looked after, and the frizz can be super annoying.

9 Beautiful Curly Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Curly locks can have you looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter, which isn’t what most people want! Also, picking the lousy hair-do can mean having a bad day, ruining your curl pattern for weeks.

To avoid this disaster, we’ve found a bunch of fabulous curly hairstyles for medium hair and put them into this article.

This will help you get inspired and give you the confidence to rock curly locks without feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle against frizz. Read on to discover!

Edgy Long Bob With Fringe

This edgy hair-do is ideal for someone who wants a fresh style to try on their naturally curly hair. The bouncy fringe softens the look more, framing the face lightly and bringing a trendy ‘70s vibe.

The advantage to this design is that you can let your curls be slightly unruly without them seeming out of place.

For this reason, we recommend trying this style out if you are a laid-back person who doesn’t like to spend ages tweaking their locks.

The caramel highlights bring more depth to this stunning hairstyle. In addition, we adore the sultry rolled out of bed hair-do, which embraces frizz.

Rounded Bob

For an excellent short hairstyle that encourages your curls to be tighter, why not try this one out?

We love this one because it is relatively manageable while giving the medium hair volume and definition. In addition, the hairdresser has added products to ensure the curls have maintained their shape.

This chic look can also be achieved by curling tongs if you don’t have naturally swirling locks. The thickness is crucial to the style working because flat curls wouldn’t have the same fluffy effect.

To bring the Parisian vibes this gorgeous model has, we recommend putting on red lipstick.

Alternative Half And Half 

Do you want to express your edginess through your hair-do? If so, why not try this super-hero-worthy half pink and half black style?

The pink side is super eye-catching and brings warmth to the curls, contrasting the chilled black side well. If you don’t want to go full goth, adding a pop of color like this one is a unique twist.

We recommend using another bright color such as blue or green for those who don’t love pink! This will ensure that the futuristic vibe is maintained without sacrificing your aesthetic.

And, we adore that the model has embraced the light and dark theme in their makeup, highlighting their rare mismatched eyes perfectly.

Blonde Elegant Updo

Do you want an elegant curly updo that keeps your hair out of your face without it looking ugly? If so, we recommend you try out this style!

The blonde highlights bring a shiny depth that shimmers in the light, and we adore it.

In addition, the hairstylist has picked out two adorable curls to frame the face and stop the design from looking too pulled back.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can display your curl pattern without crowding your features. So, wearing this in the summer heat is an excellent alternative to having your curls down.

It’s also a brilliant way to bring volume and sophistication to your aesthetic, ideal for wearing to Prom.

Auburn Ponytail

If you want this exact hairstyle for yourself, you can! This is a wig, believe it or not, and has a lace front, easily attaching it.

This short style hugs the face neatly, giving a youthful and manageable look. We adore that the scrunchy has been placed into the hair to add even more volume and stop the top from looking flat.

A lovely detail is the neatly laid edges, which stop the baby hairs from being too frizzy. The tight curl pattern causes many little sections to bounce the light off.

And the color complements the beautiful model’s natural skin tone, too! This hair-do is ideal for Fall and lends itself to Instagram photos.

Long Ombre Hair-do

This goddess-level wig is simply stunning! We love that the designer has used lighter dye to create a subtle ombre effect and highlight certain strands.

The result complements the gorgeous model’s warm skin tone well. The long curls offer styling opportunities aplenty, too.

You could sweep these curls back quickly into a ponytail if you wanted to keep it from your face.

Subtle Elegance

Are you searching for a Prom-worthy or bridal style? If so, how awesome is this delicate hair-do with a messy bun?!

The pulled-out strands give it a noticeably ‘90s feel, and the straight section brings a sleek contrast to the curls.

The laid edges soften the swept-back area, and swirls are celebrated in the back beautifully.

Furthermore, by smoothing the hair to the neck in this way, the hairdresser has revealed the pretty earrings the model has. So, this is an ideal option if you want to display your jewelry!

Hippie Hair-do

Are you a bohemian and want to reflect this lifestyle in your curly locks? If so, we love that the hairdresser has used a loosely tied scrunchy to achieve a laid-back vibe here. The curls are left to look natural, which ensures you can allow your strands to do what they want.

The loose ponytail at your neck holds back any annoying locks from getting caught in your mouth in a strong wind. This is super easy for a beginner to achieve, too!

Deep Blue Ocean Waves

Fancy embracing your inner mermaid? This stunning blue hairstyle has a fairytale written all over it! The loose curls add to the oceanic vibes and bring old Hollywood glamour to the model’s aesthetic. This is a fun twist on classic sophistication, made for the bold.


We’ve run through many curly hairstyles perfect for those with medium hair! But, whether you’re an edgy, sophisticated, or playful person, there’s something for everyone. We hope you found inspiration from this article and enjoy experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Style My Curly Hair?

There are many different methods to suit your curly hair, so we recommend experimenting with products. It helps to use a good shampoo and conditioner that’s made for curly hair.

Applying products that will give your locks the nutrients and hold you’re after is essential. We recommend doing this while it’s wet.

In addition, the Curly Hair Method is beloved by those with these swirling strands. So, we advise you to thoroughly research this before going out and buying expensive products.

What Should You Not Do If You Have Curly Hair?

To keep your curly hair healthy and gorgeous, don’t wash your hair too often and avoid hair products that use sulfates.

Oil is a brilliant way to preserve the strands’ natural kinks, so make sure you work this into your routine. Don’t use a comb with teeth that are close together, too!

How Can I Ruin My Curly Hair?

By not using the correct type of towel, you can break up the curl pattern. Use a microfibre towel instead of cotton to help prevent frizz.

Don’t brush your hair when it’s dry, as this is a one-way ticket to frizziness, too!

Lynn Pearson