30+ Cow Nail Designs to Go With Any Look

The cow print trend is not going away anytime soon! Explore this list of 35 of the most a-dairy-ble cow print nail designs. From classic black and white to bright technicolor, you can pay homage to our milky friend in a way that best suits your personal aesthetic. 

There’s something undeniably adorable about the resurgence of cow prints in modern-day fashion. Though it was met with some hesitation from those concerned about looking juvenile, the amount of personality a well-executed cow print can hold is worth noting. 

The next time you walk into a nail appointment or sit down to do your own nail art, you may want to consider tributing the cutest dairy animal around with one of these nail designs. Whether you’re looking for just a couple of accents, or if you want your fingers udder-ly covered in cow print, there’s a pick on this list for you. 

1. A Royal Touch

Credit: _polishmeprettye

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Add some personality to your next bejeweled look with the help of a cow print accent nail! Match it to the color of your nail design for a more cohesive look, and dress it up to the nines with the help of matching jewels in your color scheme. Though we think this look would look gorgeous in any color, we think that purple gives a regal air to the nails that we always appreciate.

2. Minimalist Moo

Credit: beautybychristinacloud

If you’re a fan of the classics, you truly can’t go wrong with a classic black and white cow print. We love the look of them on a stiletto-shaped nail like this one, as it adds a little bit of edge to an otherwise soft and sweet design. The minimalist feel of the other nails, which feature a black dot on a pale pink base, offset the spots of the cow print beautifully.

3. Utter The Electric Sky

Credit: boomboomnailroom

Keep things bright with a cow print accent nail on a strikingly vibrant hand! One of the features we appreciate the most about cow print is the neutral colors, as they can go with quite literally any design you have in mind, including these neon shades that would be otherwise difficult to match with.

4. Strawberry Milk

Credit: nailsbylili_sf

Cow print and the color pink are a match made in heaven! If you’re tired of the basic look of black and white animal prints, simply switching up the colors to something more suited for your tastes can elevate the look to adorable levels. We’re particularly fond of the color pink, as it reminds us of the days of drinking strawberry milk on the playground.

5. Camo Cow

Credit: annasnailssss

Keep things edgy by donning a military green color as the base to your cow print! The pointed stiletto shape of the nails matches the feel of the colors, but the features of this design that really make it noteworthy have to be the matte top coat and the pierced accent nail! It’s truly the little details that make a design look more powerful, even if it’s just a simple touch or two. 

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6. Cow-lor Blocked Nails

Credit: karolina.er

Strawberry cows are taking to new, more classy-looking levels with this color-blocked cow design! The vertical line separating the cow print from the pretty pink nails on the other fingers gives this look a more structured appearance. We particularly like this design for those who want to display cow print in a mature light.

7. Mad Over Cow Print

Credit: eyelashedandnailedit

A glossy red manicure takes us back to old Hollywood, but when you pair it with a couple of cow print nails and heart accents- you’ve basically got the best of both worlds! Utilizing the look of different designs on each finger keeps your hands looking complex, but when you look closer, the art can be easily recreated with a striper brush and dotting tool!

8. Don’t Mess With The Classics

Credit: beautykiwy

Who says black and white nail designs are boring? Certainly not us! Cow print may seem intimidating to wear, and you may be worried that it could potentially overpower your hands or overall ensemble- but take a look at how put-together this nail art is? The cow print keeps this look from looking too ordinary. If you’re worried about your hands looking too busy, you could keep the rest of your fingers adorned with a classic black french tip instead of painting the entire nail.

9. Kisses And Cows

Credit: nailswlolo

The use of negative space to outline a heart, and the handwritten ‘XO’ accent nails give this set of nail art a cute, almost love letter-like feel that we’re going mad over! The red accent in the heart outline gives the monochromatic design a much-needed pop of color. Glancing at the photo, it’s clear this look is perfect on short, natural nails, but we think it would look extra stunning on coffin nails (you can utilize even more negative space then!).

10. Cow Tipping

Credit: breadxblessings

Upon first look, you might not even catch the cow print in this look, which makes it the perfect fit for those who don’t want too overpowering of a dairy-esque accent. This design blends a cobalt blue cow print accent nail with a black and white cow french tip, keeping the structure looking dynamic. Using a striper in the same color scheme to accent the tip cleans up any messy lines, while also maintaining the cohesion of the art.

11. Keeping Things Moo-tral

Credit: nailsby_paige.s

Now here’s a design that can go with any outfit! There’s something so satisfying about finding the perfect nude color for your nails, but painting each finger with that color might look a little too boring for some occasions. Keep things funky, while maintaining a harmonious design, with a couple of cow print accents. Regardless of what your outfit looks like, or what event you’re getting dolled up for, you can rest assured that your nails will go along with your look perfectly.

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12. Take Me To Funky Town

Credit: christydidthat

Did you think we were going to let this list go by without something for those who like their nails bold? Absolutely not! There’s no way you’ll be able to go a day without someone complimenting this nail look. The key to this design is to go as loud as you-d like. Pick colors that are purposely contrasting, and don’t worry about colors looking “ugly” together. This look mirrors the colors chosen on the opposing hand, which gives the design a more purposeful feel.

13. Pretty Personality

Credit: corner.b_nailart

Let’s be honest- choosing a singular mail design can honestly be pretty difficult. Thankfully, there’s a way to rock a unique design on each finger without your hands looking too messy! The secret? Rework each design into its own minimalist french tip. Because the physical structure of the design is the same on each finger, it doesn’t necessarily matter what the color scheme is, or if there’s a theme on each finger! The cow print french tip here still looks harmonious against the lightning bolts, cherries, and flowers of this set of nail art- so it will look perfect against whatever designs you have in mind!

14. Walking On Sunshine

Credit: nailsbynava

The bright yellow stripe underneath cow print french tips makes this look perfect for those bright summer days! The smaller cow print in this look makes this design look far more complex than traditional nail designs when in reality, this design is more time-consuming than it is difficult to accomplish! Swap out the yellow pop of color with other polishes to make this look match your energy more, or pick a neutral color like brown or tan more a more universal match!

15.  A Golden Cow Bell

Credit: violeta.nails_

There are a trillion things we love about this look, so let’s break it down. Of course, we have to mention our love of the traditional cow print on the index fingers, but the true stars of the show are on the other hands! On two fingers, we have sheer polishes taking the place of a white base. A thin coat of pink and white polish gives the innermost fingers a clean-girl feel, while the pinky features a reverse cow print that gives the look a little edge! Though the look would have been perfect then, we’re floored by the touch of gold accents on the inner fingers, which grace this design with a girly touch.

16. Bluebell Cow Nails

Credit: naty.nailtech

There’s something about this look that reminds us distinctly of frozen yogurt, and for that reason, we love this design all the more. Perhaps it’s the ice cream-esque blue on the non-cow fingers, or maybe it’s the almost perfect cow print execution. Whatever it is, we are obsessed with how clean this nail art is, and how it would look beautiful on all skin tones thanks to the universally complimenting shade of minty blue they chose!


17. How Now, Abstract Cow?

Credit: peachologybeauty_

When you think cow print, you might think it’s too straightforward of a design to do anything too artsy with. Well, our friends, we would like to show you the most adorably artsy interpretation of cow print there is! We liken the purposefully wavy white french tip of this nail art to that of a milk spill, and, just as the iconic phrase says, it’s certainly not anything to cry over! Atop the french tip are cow print splotches in various chocolatey shades- but whether that’s an ode to the brown cow or just a way to keep the look neutral, is totally up to you!

18. Kawaii Chocolate Milk Nails

Credit: peppernailist

Though some may disagree, we think that every nail look could use the presence of a cartoon cow. And gosh, is this not the cutest cow to keep at your fingertips? We think that the closely-knit splotches of the design give this design a meticulous-looking finish, and we so love the addition of our cow friend, as well as dairy-themed messages to break up the busy pattern. Simply put, it’s a tribute to one of the best childhood drinks of our time: chocolate milk- and you can’t go wrong with that?

19. Peace, Love, and Cows

Credit: melissa_studionails

This nail design reminds us of the best summer days, spent out in the sunshine with friends, doing all the things that make summertime memorable. Let the bright yellow happy faces serve as your reminder to always find joy in what you do, while the cow print fingers have the job of reminding you to honor the desires of your inner child. While we think that teenagers will find this nail design especially appealing, we think it could work for anyone looking for a little dose of happiness in their lives. 

20. How Cow-lorful!

Credit: mhm.nailss

We don’t need to go over how the color pink and cow print are a match made in heaven no matter how you choose to incorporate them with one another! Here, we match hot pink nails and french tips, with a classic cow print. On the index finger, we mend all three of these designs together- a milky white french tip paired with pink and black cow print, the harmonious design that ties the look together and keeps it looking uniform.

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21. Banana Milk Nails

Credit: nailsby_maluu

A bright neon yellow may not be your first choice to pair with a cow print, but once you see how beautiful they look together, we have no doubt it will be one of your favorite combos you’ve ever tried. This is definitely a look for the bold type- someone who’s unafraid to showcase their inner vibrancy on their fingertips. If you want to offset the look of the yellow, you can paint an entire nail with cow print, or even use the neon color on your tips instead.

22. For The Milk Fiend

Credit: gelnails_kate

Cow lover? We totally get it. What better way to pay homage to your favorite animal than with a classic cow print adorning every single nail? To add a cute touch to the design, choose a nail to replicate a cartoon cow face. The pink nose will add a pop of color, and serve as the eye-catching detail that will keep you looking at your fingers time and time again.

23. First Day Of School 

Credit: minimal.victoria

The bright, happy designs on each of these fingers remind us of the radiant energy of an elementary schooler. However, you don’t need to work with kids to rock these vibrant nail designs. From rainbows, and smiley faces, to the always beloved evil eye, the childlike feel of a cow print accent nails mends together with these other designs beautifully.

24. A Moo-tiful Base

Credit: jen.the.nail.lady

We love the structure of this nail look, mainly because you don’t need a lot of nail to execute the design perfectly! As you can see, the design is found on the base of the nail, rather than the tip, so you can wear this look whether your nails are super long, or freshly clipped! While this look is fairly neutral, there’s no problem with making it your own by simply switching out the colors to something more to your taste.

25. When Pond Meets Farm

Credit: nail_ninja_pro

This nail look embodies two colors that we think are direct tributes to two animals that are loved for their super cute features: the frog, and of course, the cow! The wavy design reminds us of lily pads, but we think that this design would look equally stunning if you were to do a vertical design. If you’re not a fan of green, the color can easily be swapped for something more muted. 

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26. For The Baby Cows

Credit: the.glitterroom

The glitter, the pink stripes, and the cow caricature make this design perfect for any little ones looking for their next mani! While the design may seem a little youthful for some tastes, we think it’s the perfect look for the girly girl who’s looking to express a little personality! The colors in this look work beautifully together, especially the iridescent pink shimmer in the gold base, which ties into the hot pink stripe separating the cow print design.

27. Multicow-lor Mood

Credit: luci.nails.sj

Unlike the other multicolor cow print looks in this list, this one is better suited for those looking for a more low-key design! How do you achieve it? Simply choose more pastel-toned colors to recreate the cow print on your nails! Due to them being in the same shade family, you don’t have to worry about the colors clashing. To avoid the colors smearing against the white, make sure your white base coat is completely dry before you dot on your design.

28. A Wild Time

Credit: aka_miz24

Do you have two animals you want to pay tribute to? There’s a way to honor both of their prints without them clashing! Simply use them as accent nails on opposite hands, painting the remaining nails with colors in the same shade scheme- whether that’s pastel, neon, or just varying shades of a singular color. Embellish the hands with opposing gold decals to add elaborateness to the design.

29. Cow-bolt Blue

Credit: beautybymadmax

Lightning, eyes, and cow print, oh my! This look reminds us of the stylistic choices of David Bowie- bold, bright, and nothing short of edgy! We particularly like this look for beginning nail artists, as the shapes and tools used in this design don’t require too much experience. It’s the little touches that make this look so elaborate: the individual eyelashes and the white shadow against the black bolt.

30. A Milky Touch

Credit: maribelmvalencia

Similar to #22, this look is definitely for those who aren’t afraid to showcase their love for cows! However, instead of the face of the cow being hidden amongst the spots, we love how this look utilizes the look of a thick pink french tip to serve as the cow’s nose! The spacing between each of the spots is also a bit larger, keeping the look less busy.

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31. A Classy Cow

Credit: getloste

This one is for the fashionistas! The length of these nails is a medium-length stiletto, long enough to make a statement, but still short enough to get work done! Instead of white, this look uses the color of your natural nail as the base for the cow print! Covered with a matte topcoat to keep things looking unique, we guarantee that this set will go with any outfit and any occasion.

32. Matte, Color, Moo

Credit: jurassicperl

Comparable to the look above, this look uses the natural shade of your nails as the base color for the cow print, and is also covered with a matte topcoat! Yet, this style is drastically different than the one before because of its utilization of color! With bright pinks and blues contrasting the black of the cow print, you’ll have a set of nails ready for any festival (or maybe even a gender reveal party!).

33. Drippy Cow Nails

Credit: kardashnails

The paint-drip nail design was ever so popular during its prime, so call back on the nostalgic feel of the look while introducing a more recent trend with these drippy cow print nails! We love this design because of how forgiving it is. You don’t need to be super precise with your lines, because a simple swipe in a contrasting colored striper will clean up any accidents you make!

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34. A Cow Filled Day

Credit: nailedbylinds

The feel of this set of nails is happy, mature, and demure! We think that the stormy grey, almost muted purple color of the base nails gives such a classic touch to the look that other similar designs on this list can’t emanate. Also, the utilization of a large dotting tool to make perfectly circular yellow bases for the smiley faces, instead of painting the entire nail yellow, gives an even more happy touch to the look! 

What are cow nail designs?

Cow nail designs are any nail art looks that utilize the structure of cow print in them! Cow print is a simple nail design, which makes it beloved by beginner nail artists, and professional artists alike! 

While you can paint entire nails with the cow print design, you can draw on cow print nail tips, as an accent nail, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you need to do cow nail art at home?

The most important tool to have when remaking cow print nails at home is a dotting tool. This tool does exactly what the name tells you: makes dots. Of course, the pattern of a cow isn’t perfectly symmetrical circles, but more oblong-shaped blobs. There’s a technique involved with the dotting tool where you can perfectly recreate the shape. 

You can buy a professional dotting tool for this, or you can use tools you already have at home! The end of a makeup brush works well, but a toothpick gets the job done too. 

Can any age wear cow print nails?

Absolutely! Cow print nails may seem like something for the kid to teenage age range, but the truth is, the design has made a big enough stride to welcome people of all ages. You can see it in the list above, there’s a way to rock cow print for everyone: from working-aged women to girls getting their first manicure done. 

How do you do cow print nails?

Check out this YouTube video for a visual tutorial on how to do cow print nails at home!

Which of these cow print nail designs are you going to wear next? Share with us in the comments below!

Brittney Scott