What Does Cornrow Ponytail Mean? 25 Hottest Cornrow Ponytail Braids 

Are you looking for a different style to wear your crown? Cornrow ponytail may sort out your headache for a while. This guide will have all the information you need, the trendiest cornrows and ponytail hairstyles that will save you money, time, and hairline. 

You may need to add extensions to your natural hair for expressive and exciting detail. Cornrow ponytail represents both the sophisticated goal-oriented and playful fun-loving woman. This style works well for any age group, hair type, and occasion. 

Besides affordability, a cornrow ponytail helps relax your hair from intrusive styles. Let’s delve into the stunning cornrow ponytail options you have!

25 Cornrow Ponytails Trendiest Hairstyles

1. Mountain Top cornrow ponytail

This is a simple cornrow ponytail that looks clean and neat. You can adorn it for almost any occasion. Mountain top cornrow ponytail, like the name suggests, mimics the top of a mountain. The braids meet at the top center of the head, then use a few braids to tie the rest forming a peak. 

You can let the braids hang to the waist for a youthful feel or tie them up into a voluminous ponytail for the boardroom look. 

Credit: endowedtouch_hair


2. Classic Brown Pony cornrow ponytail

Classic brown pony cornrow ponytail is similar to mountain top cornrow braids but is characterized by a shade of brown. The style is for a classy woman with a distinct taste. The braids are done close to the scalp in a continuous raise. The cornrows begin from different angles to add that uniqueness. You can always add a twist at the front to break the monotony and add style.

Credit: warkoczykarniapl

3. Black River Top cornrow ponytail

While this style would pass for a mature look some years back, the black river top cornrow ponytail works defy age. It works for everyone and on all occasions. The cornrows end at the center of the head, with the braids hanging. Very neat-looking, well-braided and a great small size that makes them look distinct. Like the rest, you can hold up the braids in an updo to make a beautiful high cornrow.  

Credit: nefertiti

4. Bouncy Black Top cornrow ponytail

Cornrow ponytail hairdos are versatile, which makes them popular. This is an easy style that has a mix of thick and small cornrows which go up to create the bouncy blacktop. The bouncy blacktop cornrow ponytail is for sassy women as the variation of the cornrow size gives it a different vibe. The braids alternate between thin and thick ones. It is stylish but subtle, making it suitable for most occasions.

Credit: _dhairs

5. Shiny Heart cornrow ponytail

Shiny Heart Cornrow Ponytail style will give you all the attention if you are after something that will make you stand out on that special occasion. This hairdo has a heart-shaped detail with some star-shaped braids that define an expressive upbeat lady on the go!

A love-shaped cornrow on the side of the head is enough to make you appear unique.

The average size cornrows are made near the scalp. It is a protective style that will ensure your hair grows with minimal damage.

The best thing is that it has a message, that you are a true believer of love. 

Credit: chellastouch


6. Coffee Brown cornrow ponytail

A coffee-brown cornrow ponytail is perfect for chasing your hair length and volume. The cornrows are simple in design for laid-back individuals. Its average size makes it a fast to achieve hairstyle if you need something easy but beautiful. 

The braid edges have a dash of brown hence its name. Tie it up if you want to get the braids out of your face and concentrate!

Credit: essential_braids

7. Divine Hill Cornrow Ponytail

If you ascribe to the less is more philosophy, then this style is for you. This simple cornrows ponytail hairdo is divine! They make you look neat and sophisticated. A divine hill cornrow ponytail is perfect when you need your hair to rest from constant styling. The cornrows are not crammed leaving breathing room for your scalp as they go up in a neat bunch of a cascading ponytail.

Credit: braid_by_nifah_

8. Gorgeous Top Cornrow Ponytail

A gorgeous top cornrow ponytail will make your life easy. This hairdo starts as thin cornrows as the size enlarges. It is kind to the hairline as it relieves your sensitive hair of the weight. A braid or two hanging to the right or left at the front completes this look. The hanging braid(s) on the front left or right is a statement and breaks the monotony of all cornrows going upward to join the ponytail. 

Credit: coprah

9. Cobra Black Cornrow Ponytail

The cobra black cornrow ponytail hairdo is for the fierce at heart. You will save time as it takes a short time and is gentle to the skin. It is a mix of large and small cornrows going p to form these thick pony braids. Since it leans towards the forehead, this style accentuates high cheekbones giving you a distinguished look. Cobra black cornrows crown the long face, ladies.

Credit: naturalhairstylist_julie


10. Devote Top Cornrow Ponytail

Devote top cornrow ponytail has an exciting detail like slanting track lines. The neat rows all join up to form a high ponytail. With this hairdo, you are always ready to go with no brush-ups or combing and pulling in the name of styling. Depending on the occasion, you can add details like beads, a ribbon, or shells. However, the plain version is still a head-turner.

Credit: bilberry

11. Starlight High Cornrow Ponytail

If you are looking for a low-tension style that will serve you for some time, a starlight high cornrow ponytail is ideal. It is made up of a few cornrows which go up and join up to form this high ponytail. The hairdo is simple but will make you shine like the star you are. Adorn some matching jewelry with this hairdo to emphasize the impeccable shape of your skull.

Credit: i_do_hair_studios

12. Elite Black Cornrow Ponytail

Nothing describes versatility better than the elite black cornrow ponytail. The rich color gives the style its signature look and makes the details more pronounced. Holding the updo with an unfinished braid defines the true African queen crown. Add some gel to style the baby hair, and just like that, you are ready to dominate your kingdom like a queen.

Credit: bsssy_hair

13. Curly Pony with Beats Cornrow Ponytail

Life needs some drama and rhythm, and this is what a curly pony with beats cornrow ponytail is all about. This hairdo oozes confidence with the cornrows alternating in size with stunning detail of the curls at the end. The golden cuffs further add uniqueness to the style. This is your best bet if you want to wear a protective hairstyle that will still wow anyone you interact with.

Credit: ask4braids


14. Coco Brown Cornrow Ponytail

Adding some details on the front and back part of the cornrow ponytail offers more options if you want to protect your hair for longer. Heating style tools, pollution, weather, over brushing, and tight hairdos take a toll on the hair. However, this is a safe option as gentle on the scalp. The style of a few lines all going up in style to create this cascading ponytail of pure braid niceness. The brown shade adds some life to your look.

Credit: bijoux_beauty_parlour

15. Center Hill Black Cornrow Ponytail

Gone are the days when cornrows were associated with oldies. Today, this style is widespread across the board. A handful of distinct thick cornrows accentuated by thin ones going up in thick braids of beautiful ponytail trailing all the way down. 

The young and zestful ladies will find center hill’s black cornrow ponytail a statement.

Credit: braid_and_beyond

16. Black Pony With Violet Beats cornrow ponytail

A black pony with violet beats cornrow is a beautiful pick typical of obedient girls. You will love the curvy rows, the crystal ponytail band and the purple beads at the edges that give anyone a girly look.

The cornrows are suitable for many upbeat occasions, from happy weddings to birthdays. Try an updo for a super sassy look to wear for a party. Ringing it with the crystal beaded hairband makes your hairstyle a statement on its own.

Credit: bsssy_hair

17. Sandalwood Hill Top cornrow ponytail

Sandalwood Hill Top cornrow shows you are in charge of your style. The color variance is the highlight of this style. They are beautiful braids that thicken upwards to form this spectacular sandalwood hill top hairstyle to rock your look. Please note that this hairdo will need specific outfits and jewelry.  

Credit: braids_ch


18. Honey Brown cornrow ponytail

When you want a sassy look that is not overly complicated, honey brown cornrow is an option. The color patch depicts an adventurous but careful personality who indulges cautiously. Honey brown cornrows go up in a lovely ponytail that screams perfection. This hairdo is neat and elaborate, and suitable for any occasion. Just rock it in confidence!

credit: shollykay_hair

19. Blended Black Curls cornrow ponytail

The blended black curls cornrow ponytail is another perfect hairdo that will earn you some envious glances. This is a show-stopper when you want all the attention to yourself. Blended black curls cornrow is a combination of details, from the variance in cornrow sizes to the curly braids cascading beautifully. When you want to give meaningful energy to the people around you, consider this hairdo. It not only makes you feminine but elegant. 

Credit: justbraidsinfo

20. Chocolate Gold Hill Top cornrow ponytail

The bold, beautiful chocolate gold hill cornrow ponytail takes the ponytail collection to the next level. Your hair is safe with this cornrow ponytail as it is gentle to your hairline. The cornrows lie close to the scalp as a protective hairstyle in a continuous pattern. A chocolate gold color graces the cornrows like a silver lining and they go up to form this spectacular chocolate ponytail. 

If you have thick, voluminous hair, this hairstyle is worth a try.

 Credit:: perfection

21. Silky Smooth Golden cornrow ponytail

A silky smooth golden cornrow ponytail is a crown as it sits at the peak of your head! The golden color that characterizes this style gives it a rich look. You will love how the brown gels with the black color produce a unique appearance. 

When picking a hairdo, consider the shape of your face, personality, routine, and kind of dressing. Luckily, this cornrow hairdo is among the most versatile you can come across. A beautiful blend of brown and black no doubt. 

Credit: real_beauty_hair


22. Elegant Brown cornrow ponytail

You may keep some hairstyles as a reserve for the special occasion. Elegant Brown cornrow is one of them. This elegant hairdo is super clean and bold.

Perfect-looking cornrows all the same size going up to create this luxurious-looking ponytail. 

The hairstyle is perfect for models and bankers, hence very accommodative. It is also a protective hairstyle that will favor both texturized and natural hair.  

Credit: justbraidsinfo

23. Zig Zag Top Knot cornrow ponytail

Zigzag top knot cornrow ponytail depicts creativity and a pure work of art. The skillful details on the scalp manifest thoughtful and dedicated craft.

Leaves the scalp looking fresh, breathy and blemish-free where the cornrows part as they make their way on top to the pony tail.

This style is for royalties who know their worth. Ladies that settle for this hairdo invest time and money.

Credit: justbraidsinfo

24. Messy Brown Top cornrow ponytail

Varying cornrow sizes to create a character is common among cornrow hair stylists. The messy brown top cornrow displays a beautiful brown that gives the hairdo a sunset effect. 

Thanks to its unique color. This hairdo is a subtle style. You can always add more small cornrows if you wish. Leave two braids on both sides that hang towards the front.

Credit: protectnslay


25. Sunny Black Light cornrow ponytail

This hairdo is a twin to the messy brown, though dominantly black. Sunny black light cornrow is popular amongst the young and young at heart. 

Leave a braid on each side of the head. Have a mix of both large and small braids going up to meet the pony. This breaks the monotony in a way. This choice is an eye candy that will arouse curiosity and envy equally. Sunny black light cornrow ponytail is a casual look hence popular among the young ladies.

Credit: rohzalee


What Is a Cornrow ponytail?

Cornrows, also known as “cane rows,” are a flat type of plaiting that originated from the Caribbean region in Africa. They are braided close to the scalp using the underhand. The style makes a straight rise in an upward motion. 

With a cornrow ponytail, all the braids converge at a central place. The name comes from its appearances, like the row of cane or corn. 

Do Cornrows Grow your Hair?

Hair experts advise on less intrusive styles. Research proves that a cornrow ponytail is one of the most protective hairstyles that boost hair growth. Ensure that the cornrows are not very tight to avoid tension headaches and hair loss. 

How Do I Take Care of my Cornrows?

Clean and nourish your hair with a leave-in conditioner as preparation for the cornrow ponytail. Always keep your scalp moisturized using braid spray. 

Before going to bed, wrap your high using a clean headscarf that adequately covers the entire braid. 

Frequent manipulation makes the braids frizzy, so do not comb, wash, wet, or brush them. To avoid tangling, remove the cornrows within six weeks. 

Wash your cornrows weekly or every alternate week. Wear a stocking cap over the head when washing your cornrow ponytail. Use shampoo to massage the scalp, then use clear water to rinse. Press the moisture through the braid using your fingers. 

Squeeze your hair in a towel to remove moisture. Remove the stocking cap and condition and moisturize your hair. Blow-dry the cornrows ponytail using moderate heat. 


Cornrow ponytail braids are now a game changer as people get bolder and more creative. The hairdos are versatile with something for everyone regardless of your face shape, preference, age, occasion and mood. 

While the hair designs listed above work for almost any hair length, you will get excellent results if your hair is above three inches long. Experiment with different sizes of cornrows and ponytail lengths.  Don’t forget to use different colored hair pieces for a unique look. There are countless options that you can choose from when it comes to style. As we have seen you can mix both large and small cornrows, go plain big or plain small, zigzag, wavy and plain straight. 

Your choice of style will always depend on the look you want to pull off. Keep your outfit in mind too as you have a cornrow ponytail style. Even though the cornrow ponytail rarely goes wrong, in the end you want to come off looking stylish and elegant and thoughtful in your fashion.

Tanya Taylor