33 Christmas Nail Designs That Will Get You Excited About the Holiday Season

A fun and diverse collection of this year’s top Christmas manicures to get you in the holiday spirit. When it comes to Christmas, being over the top doesn’t exist. The more bells, carols and eggnog, the better. I mean, that’s part of what makes Christmas so special: it’s the one time of year that you can be a fanatic and no one will question it. 

Now, if you really like to go all the way then an important part of the holiday season is also looking the part. And we’re not just talking about ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether you’re getting ready for a Christmas party, heading to Christmas dinner or simply wrapping presents, a good holiday look is not complete without the perfect matching manicure. 

For some, this might look like a classic red or green polish. For others, you could apply a literal Christmas tree to their nails and this still wouldn’t be enough. Okay, not really. But if you’re a person who always puts too much tinsel on the tree or starts listening to Christmas music in September, then we have a selection of holiday nails that you are going to love. And if this isn’t resonating with you, don’t worry. We’ve got something for you too. 

1. Twinkling Tree Christmas Nails 

Credit: Zoebrownnailsalon

We couldn’t begin an article on Christmas nails without first addressing one of the fundamental aspects of this holiday: the Christmas tree. Despite its diversification, traditionally the good old Tannenbaum is green. This nail look captures the color exactly and the twinkling stars are the perfect replica of the lights on the tree. Can you already smell the pine?


2. Gifts & Snowfall Nails 

Credit: Thenailboxbasingstoke

To continue with the theme of green, this manicure is giving us all of the Christmas feels. Imagine this, you’re wrapping your carefully thought-out gifts in beautiful paper and golden bows. You look outside and see snowflakes gently falling, creating a blanket of snow on the pine trees. Now imagine this on your nails. 

3. Santa Love Christmas Manicure 

Credit: Nailsbarofamerican

And what’s the second most important holiday color? Red nails at Christmas will forever be iconic. But if you want something a little different from your standard mani, then opt for a french nail or add some nail art such as these cute, little hearts.

4. Red Snowflake-Inspired Nail Design 

Credit: Amy.Beauty.Basement

We’ve established that snowflakes make the holiday season that much more magical so why not try the aesthetic over a rich and luxurious red mani? This nail look is giving holiday glam. 

5. Candy Cane Nails 

Credit: Chicnailsbysueandbcthebeautyloft

Another great way to add some Christmas cheer to your red holiday manicure is by adding a candy cane print. Match it with a snowflake french tip and a fun sparkly design and you will be in the Christmas spirit in no time.


6. Sparkling Winter Manicure 

Credit: Les_Pensees_And_Nails_D_Emily

If your favorite part of the holiday season is what happens outside then this is the nail look for you. Blue hues, glittery accents and snowflakes all come together to create the perfect picturesque winter wonderland.

7. Rosy Snowflake Nail Art 

Credit: Nails_G_Beauty

There’s no better way to add a bit of holiday glam to your nails than by getting a hot pink manicure. Add some sparkles and snowflakes and you will be ready for any holiday party.

8. Crystal Wreath Nails 

Credit: Aprilnailsland_Kk

If sparkles weren’t enough pizzazz for you, then this crystal wreath nail look should do the trick. Classic holiday colors such as red and green give the manicure the ultimate Christmas feel while silver and gold make the look all the more luxurious. Make sure to start with a clear base so that the wreath remains the focal point. 

9. Sparkling Rudolph & Frosty Christmas Nails

Credit: Mags_Nificent.Nails

And we couldn’t forget about good old Rudolph and Frosty. Start with a glossy, green base for that magical feel and then add a fun array of nail art to bring your Christmas nail to the next level. We are loving the candy canes and twinkling lights mixed with our favorite childhood characters. 

10. Silver & Red Nails 

Credit: Immrsfeldman

When it comes to holiday nails you can never go wrong with red and silver. Try adding an ombré effect, snowflakes and sparkles to really impress the family at Christmas dinner. 


11. Christmas Party Nails 

Credit: Nails_By_Shannonchristinee

Whether it’s a holiday work party or a fun night out with friends, no Christmas look is complete without the manicure to go with it. This nail look adds a twist to the classic manicure by adding golden sparkles and a champagne glass. With these nails, you’ll be the life of the party.

12. Christmas Ornament Nail Design 

Credit: Luxenails_By_Lex

For a bright and cheerful holiday manicure, this nail look will not disappoint. The cherry red polish and colorful sparkles combined with the unique and creative ornament nail art make this look the ultimate holiday addition to any outfit.

13. Christmas Plaid Nails 

Credit: Vikfan4

Okay now if you really want to make a move this holiday season then this manicure is just what you need. Plaid is a classic Christmas print. Complement it with fun nail art such as candy canes and snowflakes to make an even bigger statement. 

14. Neutral Christmas Manicure 

Credit: Twilldidmynails

If bold and bright isn’t your thing and all of the colorful cheer at Christmas quite frankly makes you nauseous, then try a black and white holiday nail. These neutral shades, silver sparkles and minimalist nail art are giving “it girl” and are perfect for any classic chic look. 

15. A Touch Of Gold Nails 

Credit: Nokti.Milica

Like the previous look, this manicure is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. An important factor in achieving this style is starting with a clear coat. Then adding subtle, decorative elements such as stripes, icicles and snowflakes will bring the perfect balance to the manicure. These white and gold shades are understated yet elegant.


16. Santa Baby Christmas Nails 

Credit: Nails.By.Kenzie7

And what would Christmas be without Papa Noel? These french tips are too cute and the Santa Hat is the perfect touch to finish off this holiday look. 

17. Understated Glam Nail Design 

Credit: Onon_Nail

For many decades Christmas was all about vibrant colors and tacky ornaments. The 21st century, on the other hand, has introduced the “understated glam” Christmas aesthetic. In nail language, this translates to neutral colors, minimalist nail art and a subtle luxurious pop such as these golden snowflakes and bedazzled Christmas trees. 

18. Christmas Gnome-Inspired Nail Look

Credit: Paulie_Littlebat

Did you know that gnomes are a symbol of good luck? Well if we want Santa to visit this year then we’ll be taking all of the gnomes we can get! Including one on our classic red holiday manicure.

19. The Grinch Nails 

Credit: Bethzys.Nxils

“He’s a mean one…”-our favorite Christmas supervillain. As much as we hate The Grinch, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without him. Nor would our nails. These Grinch-inspired nails are creative and fun and will give your holiday look a bit of Christmas mischief.

20. Red Reindeer Manicure 

Credit: Emilytopnails

As we all know, a great operation is never possible without all of the background workers who make it happen. And no, we’re not talking about the elves. We’ve also got to give the reindeer some credit and what better way than to honor them with a fun and spirited manicure. 


21. Holiday Holly Nails 

Credit: S.Timeanails

The Christmas holly is not only great for home décor, but it also makes a splendid nail art design! The glossy rich, red polish and the basic white shade accent the floral print perfectly. If you can’t have a kiss under the mistletoe, at least you can put it on your nails. 

22. Holy Holly Nails 

Credit: Sb.Connections

Holly looks great as a minimalist nail design but this holly manicure is serving. Long coffin nails provide the perfect shape for this elaborate and festive nail look. Red, white and green are always a classic trio at Christmas and you can never have too many sparkles during the holiday season. 

23. Gingerbread Men Nail Design 

Credit: Lasher.Id

If your favorite part of the holiday season is the snacks then you are going to love this nail look. Gingerbread men and candy canes are everything at Christmas and we are obsessed with this holiday treat-inspired manicure. And the red polish and shiny finish give it that little extra Christmas cheer. 

24. Holiday Treat Nails 

Credit: Finessedbytee__

But no, we couldn’t stop there. While little gingerbread men are quaint and sweet, writing cookies across your nails is the move. Bright colors, cookies and gnomes give this nail look a youthful feel and a diverse, creative palette. 

25. Pink Christmas Nails 

Credit: Nailart.By.Hasti

If you’ve ever heard the lyrics “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” and wish they’d said pink instead, then this nail look is the holiday manicure for you. Although pink is not a traditional Christmas color, with the right design it can exuberate just as much holiday cheer.  Pair it with a snowy white polish and Christmas nail art and you’ll be in a Christmas pink paradise


26. So Sparkly Christmas Manicure 

Credit: Gelsbylucyanne

The holiday season is all about glitz and glam. It’s the time of year when your favorite sequin dress and gold sparkly eye shadow come to the forefront. But a fabulous glam look isn’t complete without the glittery nails to match. Stick with a simple design such as a classic mani and bows- the sparkles are already taking center stage. 

27. Christmas Wonderland Nails 

Credit: Puzikovadasha_Nails_Innovation

For those of us who simply love everything about Christmas and couldn’t possibly decide on just one holiday nail design, this manicure has come to the rescue. This nail look is the true epitome of Christmas with everything from hot cocoa to candy canes to snowflakes to cozy mittens. 

28. Christmas Cheer Nail Design 

Credit: Nailist_Seori

Or, if you want an all-encompassing Christmas manicure but the previous look was a little over the top for you, then this nail look is a great alternative. Each nail has a different illustration that reminds us of one of our favorite holiday pastimes. It looks simple while speaking volumes. 

29. A Christmas Gift 

Credit: Ambers.Nail.Polish.Obsession

One of the best childhood memories has to be waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all of the gifts under the tree. That’s why this manicure is so special: it captures this scene wonderfully with its holiday colors, festive stripes that resemble wrapping paper and Christmas tree illustrations. 

30. Classic Christmas Nails 

Credit: Emma.Pureteam

Sticking to the basics can also be a great way to show your festive side. If a classic aesthetic speaks to you then opt for a solid color in a holiday hue. The green in this manicure is giving Grinch. For a little more add some nail art such as this Christmas tree. 


31. Star Light, Star Bright Nail Design 

Credit: Ioana.O_Nails

Stars are one of the oldest symbols of Christmas, having their origins in the Biblical story of the birth of Christ. Today, stars are widely used as a means of holiday cheer. They can be found hanging from windows, on top of trees and even on your nails. For a celebratory feel, add some champagne glasses to complement your star design.  

32. Flirty Festive Nails 

Credit: Laexa.Beauty

If you plan on entering the holiday season with a flirty flare then we would definitely recommend this festive mani. Pink sparkles are feminine and glamorous and reindeer with lashes? Yes, please. A subtle heart will also help to spread a little Christmas love. 

33. A Christmas Gem Manicure 

Credit: Habomnails

And finally, what would a Christmas nail article be without a good rhinestone-inspired look. If fearless is your middle name and glam is second nature to you then this mani is exactly what you’ve been looking for this holiday season. 

It’s safe to say that Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. If you love it as much as we do, up your holiday game this season with a fun and festive nail look. And if you are opposed to this, don’t worry. There’s always the grinch-inspired manicure. 

Brittney Scott