25 Chic Bubble Braids You Need To Try Right Now

There are many hair trends floating around these days but out of all of them, bubble braids are one hair trend that makes most people want to style a few bubbles of their own. These cute and versatile braid styles are the ultimate hair hack for people who want an easy-to-install and hassle-free alternative to traditional braids. To sweeten the deal bubble braids, are perfect for casual and both dressed-up events like weddings and parties so, the styling options are numerous.

From a distance, bubble braids might seem intricate and complicated which could make the task of trying them seem daunting. However, they are one of the easiest braid styles to make. You’ll be surprised to find that all your need to create this look are some hair ties and a few styling products. They are also a great style that works with any hair type so no matter your hair texture or length this is a look anyone can pull off.

Ahead, we have put together some amazing bubble braids styles that will up your hair game. Honestly, some of these will have you looking like a hair goddess ready for a red carpet moment.

1. Bubble Braids With Loose Tendrils

Credit: lifeinclt_

Looking for a nice face-framing hairdo to rock during the summer? This pulled back bubble braid with tendrils of hair in the front might be the perfect style for you. The braids are pulled back so you can keep your hair out of your face while having fun, but the loosely curled tendrils add an elegant contour to the face. Be sure to pair this look with some cute sunglasses.


2. Ombre Bubble Knotted Braids

Credit: spottedjules

There’s just something incredibly youthful and fun about this look. The medium-sized bubble braids are intricately made into two straight back braids that accentuate the natural shape of the face. To add some cool color sections, the dark brown roots feature bright caramel highlights at the ends. If you’re a natural brunette, this look is a great way to incorporate some vibrant shades that can be styled effortlessly.

3. Half Up Half Down Bubble Braids With Rose Design

Credit: kosmokuchera

This beautiful half up half down bubble braid just screams perfection and elegance. The bubble braids are securely held in place with beautiful rose design hair ties to form a gorgeous crown ponytail. You can then show off the length of your hair by letting it down in the back. It is a pretty hairdo to try if you need something for a fancy occasion.

4. Long Double Bubble Braids

Credit: beautybylivvvv_

Want to style your hair in a trendy look that adds some volume and detail to the hair? Then these double bubble braids are perfect for you. The long length of the hair is tamed with the medium-sized bubbles created on each braid for a low-maintenance look that you can wear with a casual outfit. Don’t hesitate to match your earrings to the shade of your hair tie.


5. Double Plaited Bubble Braids With Low Lights

Credit: ashleypirrung

Can’t decide if you want plaits or bubble braids? Then give plaited bubble braids a try. The plaits are made very loosely and held down in separate sections with tiny hair ties to create bubble shapes. The best part about this look is that you get a very intricate double plait with heart-shaped bubbles that are sure to attract the best compliments. This is also a great look to try with lowlights because you get to show off the deeper color at the base of the hair.

6.  Kid Bubble Braids With Knitted Twists

Credit: inthelifeoftayt

Well-crafted crossing twists, multi-colored hair ties to hold the bubble shapes in place, and sleek parts down the hair sections. Everything about this look just makes it a fun and beautiful hairstyle that’s perfect for kids. It is a hassle-free hairstyle that can be worn as a casual everyday look or paired with a cute dress for special occasions.

7. Half Cornrow Bubble Braids

Credit: manesbysarah

This half cornrow bubble braids is head turning style that is great to try if you have full hair. The addition of a single prominent bubble braid down the middle of the hair pulls focus to the center of the face and allows you to show off your best facial feature. Add a bit of edge to the look by accessorizing the cornrows with mini hair rings.

8. Side Bubble Braids

Credit: lelinhaandrade

Want an understated bubble braid style that’s easy to pull off? Then try making your bubble braids loose and small then place them at the side of the hair. This way they blend in with the rest of the hair but add a unique swirl shape and volume. It is the perfect style to incorporate the bubble braids hair trend into your look without going for a completely dramatic change. 


9. Feed-In Bubble Braids

Credit: minimidi87

If you want a vibrant look with some volume and texture. Try feed-in bubble braids with bright pink hair extensions. The key to making this style work is to start with jumbo feed in braids at the root, then split the ends into two sections to make two strands of bubble braids. This is a fun eccentric style that’s great for kids but will also look great on an adult.

10. Slick Black Bubble Braids

Credit: lorena_mood

For a modern and fresh look with a whole smooth shine. Try slicked backed bubble braids. To create this style, pin the sides of the hair then layer the bubble braids on the crown. A combination of hair gel and hair spray is the key to achieving the sleek shine of style.

11. Low Ponytail Bubble Braids


Take your low ponytail from basic to cool with the addition of bubble braids at the ends. This style is so easy to pull off that you don’t even need all the extra hair ties to make the sections. Simply start by securing the ponytail at the nape of the hair then wrap parts of the hair around the ponytail in different sections. This way the bubble looks fuller and has a thicker base.

12. Mohawk Bubble Braids


Channel your inner Viking princess with these edgy and voluminous mohawk bubble braids. The fluffy bubble shapes are made with the help of hair spray and an elegant french braid is included on the sides to create a style that is sure to take center stage in any room your walk into. This style is also a great way to show off the dark color at the base of your hair if you have a lowlights or ombre color situation going on with your hair.


13. Long Kinky Bubble Braids


These long kinky bubble braids are a seriously cool way to rock the thicker texture of your hair if you have curly type 4 hair. Add kinky hair extensions to help you achieve the desired length and volume. Be sure to let a few strands of your curls flow in the front to create a romantic frame for your thick bubbles.

14. Sleek Black Bubble Braids

Credit:  annikaeave

If you have darker toned hair, sleek ponytail bubble braids placed in the middle of the crown can seriously make the shadows of your hair look more intricate and eye-catching. Be sure to use black hair ties when making the bubbles so they blend in seamlessly with the hair and make the bubbles look natural.

15. Colored Hair Clips Bubble Braids

Credit: bellezabyolga

Style your bubble braids with bright colorful hair clips incorporated at the ends of each bubble section. This look is created with loose plaits held in place with hair ties to make the bubbles. The combination of the two gives your braids the illusion of heart shapes. It is also a great look to pair with neutral tones outfits like white.

16. French Braid Bubble Braids

Credit: marita_hairdresser

Add volume and texture to your french braids by making them in a bubble braids style. Use some hair spray on the ends of your ponytail before making the braids to help with adding a feathery texture to the bubbles, then create the plaits very loosely. Finish off the style by wrapping a hair band at the end of the braids to secure it in place.


17. Rainbow Extensions Bubble Braids

Credit: s.s.braidz

Incorporating a vibrant splash of color into your hairdo is a sure-fire way of attracting the best compliment. These rainbow bubble braids are made with multi-colored hair extensions that are made into goddess braids at the roots and then fluffed at the ends to make bubbles from the nape. If you have naturally black hair, it is a perfect base to pair with such a bright look.

18. Ombre Lemon Bubble Braids

Credit: beautyby_jasz

If you think you can’t rock lemon hair whenever you want, this look will definitely change your mind. The uniform and perfectly even lemon bubble braids added on the ends of a well crafted two cornrow style is the ideal combo. With this hairdo, you have a statement style that will be a great base to either dress down or dress up based on your outfit needs.

19. Bubble Braids With Hearts

Credit: bbygrlcurlz

Elevate your bubble braids with detailed heart-shaped parts for each section of the hair. This look is perfected with the addition of hair gel to smooth down the hair and ensure there are no flyaways. It is a great way to style your mane if you have textured hair and want a low manipulation style.

20. Wrapped High Ponytail Bubble Braids

Credit: roses_pretty_plaits

Looking for a gorgeous look to wear for a special occasion? Try wrapping your hair in this romantic updo. Wrap parts of the hair around the ponytail at the crown to make the bubble shapes and also secure the wrapped hairdo.


21. Scrunchies Buble Braids


Make your bubble braids fun and a bit messy in the best way possible by using scrunchies to separate the hair sections. This retro style is a great way to add volume to your hair with an 80s vibe.

22. Bob Length Bubble Braids

Credit:  sophiehannah

Want to keep your short bob length hair out of your face? Then you need to try these bubble braids incorporated into a nice tapered bob cut. Section the front of your hair into even parts to create the bubble shapes then lettuce hair pins to secure them to the remaining hair at the back. This way you can rock the bubble trend while still putting your cute bob hair on display.

23. Pigtails Style Bubble Braids

Credit ♕????????????????????????????????❥ ????????????????ۺ

Pigtails are a classic look that are sure to make anyone look youthful and fun. This bubble braids version of pigtails takes the hairdo to the next level. Don’t hesitate to pair this look with large hoop earrings for a complete head turning look that you can wear in any season.

24. Afro Bubble Braids

Credit: @naturallytemi

If you have afro textured natural hair, then this bubble braid style might just be the best new way to rock your fro. You might need to blow out your hair to make the bubble shapes look more voluminous. Another great thing about this style is that even if the blowout later gets frizzy, it won’t be noticeable.


25. Goddess Style Bubble Braids

Credit: Creative Hair Design

Goddess style braids are a classic look that never fails to make anyone look elegant. You can elevate them with this bubble braids rendition. It features neatly parted sections that won’t require much effort to style into the signature bubble shapes.  If you want a beautiful hairdo for a fancy occasion, this is a perfect style to try. 

The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to bubble braids is that they are a trendy and fabulous hairdo that is increasingly becoming a staple style to wear to any occasion because of how stress-free they are. From large fluffy bubbles to colorful shades and intricate designs, the possibilities of how to create bubble braids are limitless but we have highlighted some of the best ones out there. So, whenever you need cute bubble braids look for a dinner date or casual outing, be sure to opt for any one of the chic options on this list.


What Are Bubble Braids?

Bubble braids are a modern twist on traditional braids that typically consist of ponytail ties with hair ties at different sections down the length of the hair. This causes the tied section to puff out and form the shape of bubbles with a few inches of space between them.

Are Bubble Braids A Protective Style?

Bubble braids are a protective style. Although they are not as tight or keep the hair fully tucked in like traditional braids. Bubble braids are a low manipulation protective style that keeps your hair from being loose and exposed to possible damage or dryness. This is especially important if you have textured natural hair.

How Do You Do Bubble Braids?

When making your bubble braids it is best to start on clean or freshly washed hair, this way you won’t have any buildup or dirt affecting the final result. To style your bubble braids, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

 Brush your hair up and pull it together to create a simple ponytail or bun. If you have kinky or curly hair, you may need to apply some gel to slick it down. Be sure to use an elastic hair band to secure your bun

Step 2

Tie elastic bands around different parts of the ponytail one at a time. Be sure to do this at even distances, so the bubble will be the same size. Once a section is tied up, gently tug on the strands there to puff the hair and create the bubble shape. Continue this until you get to the ends of your hair. 

Step 3

Use some hair spray to help the style stay in place for longer.

Note: If you intend to use extensions for your bubble braids, firmly tie the hair ties around the hair extension to create the bubbles, then pull your hair into a ponytail and wrap it around the base to create a tight bun. Then attach the hair extension with the bubble braids to the base of your bun with an extra hair tie. To hold the bubbles in place, secure the hair extension to your hair with bobby pins.

How Long Do Bubble Braids Last?

Bubble braids are beautiful and easy to install, but because they are not tightly secure, they often do not last long. The longevity of your bubble braids will depend on a few factors that include: the size of the bubble, your hair texture, and how tight the ties made around each section are.

 However, the general time frame for how long the style will last is around 1 week.  With the right maintenance routine, you might be able to stretch that time and keep them in for about two weeks. To do this, go to bed with your hair wrapped up and secured with bobby pins, so your hair will develop frizz and flatten your bubbles.

Tanya Taylor