25 Brown Nail Designs: Who Says Neutrals Are Only For Fall?

Whether it’s a girl’s night out, a beach vacay, or simply a relaxing, self-care day at home, fresh nails are a must. There’s nothing quite like putting on a fire outfit and then taking your look to the next level by complementing it with a matching manicure. And if that manicure is on-trend? Well, that’s just a bonus. 

If you’re into fashion then it’s no secret that brown has been an it color this season. Being a more unconventional choice of color for nails, you might be wondering how it acquired its popularity. Well, through an array of unique and trendy nail designs we are going to show you just how style-forward brown can be.

Current Top Brown Nail Designs

1. Cocoa Butter Brown Nails 

Credit: md_naildesign_

Sometimes, a classic nail look is just what you need. With its almond shape and modest length, this understated yet timeless manicure is perfect for any occasion. If brown is a new shade for you and you’re unsure about it, start with a basic design like this.


2. 50 Shades of Brown Nail Design 

Credit: benchover

Okay, maybe not 50. But if you’re wanting a slight deviation from the classic manicure, try out this nail design. Each nail ascends into a lighter neutral shade from the previous one, creating an end-product that resembles a modern take on the ombré trend. It’s not as basic as the previous look, but also not too over the top, so if you’re trying to find a happy medium, this would be it. 

3. Chocolate Marble Nails 

Credit: silkbeauty.uk

For an added edge, try a marble nail. This design, with its roots in ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, is the perfect way to show off your artistic flair. And why not compliment it with a rich and sultry brown hue?

4. Forever Floral Brown Nails 

Credit: nailsxbellaluna Credit: nailedxlahuacha

Okay, these neutral floral designs are everything. Natural tones and adorable blossoms? If you ask us, that is the perfect combination of feminine sophistication. And if you’re looking for that retro vibe, daisies and brown hues are the perfect tributes to the “flower power” era of the ‘60s and ‘70s. 


5. Style & Symmetry Nail Design 

Credit: minniesnails

If your favorite class in school was math, then this nail trend is definitely for you. And if it wasn’t, well how can you say no to a bit of glitter? Furthermore, if you’re in the mood for something a little different, changing up the shades of brown on each nail will be sure to make your manicure pop.

6. A Little Nail Love Manicure 

Credit: aprilsnailbar  Credit: pink moon.nail bar Credit: blingedbybecca

Who says hearts are only for Valentine’s Day? If you’re like us, a common pastime as a child consisted of doodling little hearts all over your notebooks. Now, can you imagine this manifesting into your dream nail design!? Whether it’s several hearts on a couple of nails or a single heart on all of your nails, you really can’t go wrong with this trend (and I mean, if you can add rhinestones, why not?…). 

7. Brown Hearts With a Twist

Credit: nailsbylydiette

The question is, how crazy about hearts are you really? If you’re wanting to up your heart nail game, try going for something with a greater statement. This design- with its focus on the tip and outer edges of the nail- is fun and modern. The hearts and dots are the perfect addition to finish off the look.  

8. Brown Love Nails

Credit: ripsnail__risa

If you’re looking for a more overt expression of love, why not write it right on your nails! This manicure provides different designs for each hand while coming together through a cohesive theme. The cool and earthy tones complement each other perfectly and the glitter in the writing and hearts is just, well, dreamy.


9. Chocolate Drizzle Brown Nail Design 

Credit: dbska.nails

Like the previous designs, this brown-inspired nail look not only incorporates hearts but also a fun drizzle pattern. The drizzle is painted in a dark hue to contrast the beige nails and resembles that of a chocolate drizzle on top of an ice-cream sundae. I hope I haven’t made you hungry. 

10. Strawberries & Chocolate Nail Design 

Credit: nails_emilika

Sorry, if you were hungry before, this isn’t going to help. Strawberries and chocolate- is there a better combination in this world? This nail art captures the duo perfectly with its brown and pink hues and chocolate drizzle design. And of course, you can’t forget the hearts- chocolate-covered strawberries are the lover’s food of choice after all. 

11. Mad Love Brown Nail Art 

Credit: nailsandmoreshop

Speaking of love, this nail art is a creative and fun take on Valentine’s-inspired nails. Similar to previous looks, the foundation of this design is brown to resemble chocolate. The illustrations, however, are the stars of the show encapsulating everything from candy hearts to love notes to heart confetti. Who needs a partner when you can have all of that?

12. Mint Chocolate Chip Nails 

Credit: simplygels_allesley

Next on our food-inspired nail journey is the mint chocolate chip design. I mean, how can you not think of that when you see these nails? I mentioned before that brown is a trending color right now. But what I didn’t reveal was that pairing it with green is even more iconic. And as always, you have to add a single heart for that sweet, delicate touch. 


13. M&M’s-Inspired Manicure 

Credit: yunono22

And to finish off the food category we have the ultimate chocolate lover’s nail dream. If you’re a foodie and love to be a little extra, this manicure is what you’ve been waiting for. With hearts, drizzles, golden foil and actual M&M’s, this nail look has it all. 

14. Leopard Print Nails 

Credit: silkbeauty.uk                                 Credit: nailartbybriana

Has leopard print ever really gone out of style? If you want to tap into your wild side, then animal print is definitely the way to go. Opt for a variety in the design by adding complementary colors or for a bit of glamor, add some glitter. 

15. A Foxy Flare Nail Design 

Credit: i__nails___

If leopard print didn’t catch your eye, don’t worry. There’s always the fox. This nail art is fun and festive. The fox is unique and creative while the leaves provide the perfect added touch. During the fall season, you can’t go wrong with this ensemble. 

16. Safari Nails

Credit: pazzzur_paulii

Have you ever dreamed of going on a safari but never had the chance? Well, why not bring the safari to you! This nail design features both a zebra and tiger print as well as warm and earthy tones on the remaining nails. This look is edgy, fun and perfect for those animal-print lovers. 


17. Understated Elegant Nails 

Credit: nailsbytthalia

When it comes to accessories, simple elegance has been increasing in popularity as of late. Dainty jewelry and minimalist nails are examples of how this has entered pop culture. To achieve this, go for a nail with neutral shades and soft designs such as in this image. If you want the “wow” factor, opt for a long nail with a square shape. 

18. Checkerboards & Smileys Brown Nails 

Credit: nailsbyambergrace

If anyone ever tries to tell you brown is out of style, show them this image. Through various shapes and icons, this brown nail art is anything but boring. In fact, checkered print has been used for centuries and continues to be a symbol of fashion to this day. And if you’re able to enhance this iconic print even further with smileys, well that’s an opportunity you can’t pass up. 

19. Retro Swirl Nail Design 


For the ultimate throwback, try these ‘70s print-inspired nails. The swirl was iconic in the fashion world during this era and has made a strong comeback in recent years. Swirls are fun, trendy and, I have to say it, groovy. Try the nail trend in this rich brown shade with beige accents for a more classic look. To bring a pop of glam, incorporate accents of glitter around the swirls. 

20. Brown French Swirl Nails 

Credit: baggesnaglar

On the other hand, if you value a more elegant style over a vintage aesthetic, French swirls might be the right choice for you. This design requires a longer, square nail and is an artistic take on the “French tip”. Complement any fit with this alternative yet chic design. 


21. Brown Abstract Art Manicure 

Credit: base_coat_by_kim

Abstract art has become an essential part of modern society as we put more and more emphasis on the importance of subjective viewpoints. This has also become reflected in the way we present our nails. For those who like to defy the norms and prefer a more alternative route, this avant-garde nail design is the perfect choice. With its various shapes and unique contrast of colors, this look is both experimental and unexpected. 

22.  A Golden Touch Nail Design 

Credit: yucco.nail

Gold will forever be the symbol of luxury and elegance. When we wear it, we feel regal and opulent. The subtle and delicate addition of gold foil on these nails provides the look with a refined and classic appearance that will be sure to catch someone’s eye. The contrast of the brown polish is the perfect complement to the striking effects of the gold. 

23.  More is More Brown & Gold Nails 

Credit: gloriousnailss_

Do you go through life finding it difficult to make definitive decisions? Does this also happen when the time comes to choose a nail design? Well, fear not. With this manicure everything is possible. You couldn’t decide between glitter, flowers and rhinestones? No problem. Oh, you also wanted to keep one nail plain? That’s fine too! With this decorative and diverse design, you can have it all. 

24. Brown Bedazzled Butterfly Nails 

Credit: nailsbynichole_

Okay, this takes the word, “extra”, to a whole new level. Swirls, butterflies and sparkles- my inner child is truly gleaming right now. This design incorporates a variety of elements that work to create a glamorous yet youthful appearance. The brown, cream and white shades accent each other beautifully and the diamond butterfly is the perfect cherry on top. If you’re someone who isn’t afraid to make a statement, then this look is definitely for you. 


25. A Brown Subtle Statement 

Credit: Sherlyn

In contrast to the previous two designs, for some, less is more. French tips in a variety of colors have been everything in the nail industry as of late and we are here for it. It is the perfect embodiment of understated elegance.


Isn’t Brown Old-Fashioned?

A common misconception is that brown is outmoded and strictly for the elderly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, brown is currently one of the trendiest colors in the fashion world. 

With Gen Z’s tendency toward all things nostalgic, retro-inspired looks have been appearing everywhere in the last couple of years. The onset of brown has been a direct result of this. If you’re familiar with the ‘70s and the iconic, unmatched use of brown in this era, then it will come as no surprise to you that this color has made a huge comeback. And nails are no exception. Whether they’re acrylic, square, or floral, brown nails will be everywhere this season.

Are Brown Nails Only For Fall?

Traditionally, neutral shades have always been viewed as a fall color. With its natural and earthy hue, brown tends to fit into this category perfectly. But, this doesn’t mean brown can’t be worn all year-round. Recently, fashion “no-nos” are being thrown out the window. Say goodbye to archaic ideas about what colors should be worn in what season. Nowadays, anything goes. And don’t get us wrong, we love a good earthy-inspired nail design during fall, but why not enjoy it 12 months of the year instead of just 3? 

Whether it’s a subtle french tip, a retro design, an animal print or a food-inspired look, when it comes to brown nails there is something for everyone. Despite the stigmas associated with this color, these looks have proven to be anything but boring. So next time you find yourself trying to decide on a manicure, why not try brown? 

Brittney Scott