32 Unforgettably Stylish Blue Ombre Nails 

Tired of single-shade manis and looking to mix things up? Try a set of blue ombre nails. Ombre nails include soft gradients of color whether it’s one shade or multiple. Add in the color blue, and many ombre nail sets are reminiscent of days by the ocean or star- or cloud-filled skies. 

Looking for inspiration for your next blue ombre nail look? See our collection below for everything from the most bold, subtle and beautiful blue ombre nail options and everything in between. 

1. Butterflies & Glitter Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: 14nailz

Ombre can be great on its own, but can stand out even more when contrasted with other color combos or styles. This set combines a purple/blue color in a solid, glitter, butterflies and ombre, giving each their own unique way to shine. 


2. Gentle Blend Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Muse_Studio__

Another great way to incorporate the ombre trend is through showcasing it as an accent nail. Here this periwinkle blue is utilized in both a solid nail and two ombre accent nails, which makes the ombre stand out even more than if they were on each nail. 

3. The Ocean And Butterflies Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Leelianaasnails_

Another great combo of contrasting trends can be found in this stellar manicure. Showcasing various shades of blue alongside two ombre nails, this set also combines a blue marble and butterfly glitter to make a truly one-of-a-kind set of nails. 

4. Fantasy Dreams Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: France_Nailz

For a softer ombre feel, utilize a softer hue of blue as you can see here in a baby blue. It offers an ethereal feel alongside hints of gold foil and solid base nails. The gold hearts also offer a soft, girlie feel to this look. 

5. Pretty Cinderella Accent Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Cristinasnailss

If you want to be the princess of the nail world, try this nail set on for size! Inspired by Cinderella styles, this set includes all things shiny and girlie and is truly memorable. You can include rhinestone accents to your blue ombre nails alongside more neutral and glitter tones to offer girly and fun aesthetics. 


6. Crystle Orchids Acrylic Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: 14nailz

Here again, blue ombre is used as an accent nail for another unique nail set that utilizes numerous trends and styles. Ombre can be used as a way to tone down other more busy styles as seen here, including 3D floral, rhinestone accents and blue/gold foil marble. 

7. Blue Ocean Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: France_Nailz

This set is truly a beautiful piece of art! The iridescent glitter nail may be the real showstopper in this nail set, but the blue ombre accent nail helps the look transition to another glittery style by standing on its own but not stealing the show. 

8. Calm Ocean On Nude Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Nail.Kandy

This set is reminiscent of a clear blue morning as dawn is rising from the horizon. It offers a beautiful ombre that balances numerous shades of blue alongside a more neutral base. It’s simple, but truly memorable. 

9. Feeling Blue Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Vanityynails

For a softer styled nail, try a baby blue ombre nail as seen here. It almost has a cloud-like feel and would be a great look for spring or early winter. 

10. In The Ocean Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: lashedtotipz

Do you live by the ocean or dream of the days you can escape to a seaside oasis? Then this nail set is for you! It combines varying shades of blue ombre and blue marble to have an ocean-like feel. When paired with more neutral nail bases, it gives the ocean feel even stronger with the look of sandy beaches. 


11. Blue Blossoms Ombre Nails

Credit: Nailss.By.Lucyy

Blue is again the hero here in these adorable and soft nails. Ballerina shaped nails are used to showcase soft blue ombre nails. Yet, the real showstopper on this set are the floral 3D shapes that are accented with small pearls. The ombre allows that accent nail to truly shine while holding its own on as the base for this style. 

12. So Icy With Rhinestones Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Klaws_Bykita

Blue ombre nails can be a great base to really showcase other elements of your manicure that you want to stand out. In this set, for example, the blue ombre sets a great backdrop for these intricate rhinestone designs. Bolder base colors may have taken away from the sparkle or true nature of the art work of these rhinestones combos. 

13. Love Them Light Blue Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: sallycoetzer

Although blue ombre combined with more neutral tones can be a great way to showcase other accent nails or embellishments, it can also be strong when standing on its own when it is combined with more dramatic colors. This pearly pink and light blue combo here is a great example of how blue ombre can be utilized for a unique look.

14. Hearts And Butterflies Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Vamp_Acrylics

There are so many beautiful elements to this manicure, it’s hard to pick just one! However, this set is a great example again of how blue ombre nails can serve as a base to showcase some of the more fun elements of your nail set. The blue of the ombre matches perfectly with the blue in the butterfly accents of this set, making it pop without being too much in contrast to the manicure’s other elements such as confetti and rhinestones. 

15. Cow prints And Rhinestones Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Divinenails__

This manicure has so many memorable parts it’s hard to know where to begin! The cow print is probably the most unique in combination with blue glitter, rhinestones and ombre all in one set. Again, ombre is used as a softer base to blend bolder styles. 


16. Aquamarine Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Nailtrixcliftonpark

Another fun way to incorporate blue ombre into your mani is by using a different shade of blue as your accent nail when you have an entire set of blue ombre. In this set, you have a bolder, more glittery blue used as an accent nail alongside a power due hue on the others. The rhinestones also make for a fun and delicate touch to wrap up the overall look. 

17. Polished Beauty Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Polished_Beauty_Lounge

This beautiful set reverses the normal ombre fade from a darker to a lighter hue by starting with white tips blended down into a darker blue hue. This would be an easier DIY manicure option and is topped off with a nice glitter overcoat. 

18. Icy Flames Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Nailzbyyaz

There may be many contrasting elements in this set, but the blue ombre is actually the highlight of this show. Its darker hue draws the eye and helps transition the look to the fun iridescent flame accents on the other nails. The rhinestones also help pull the eye to the blue ombre as well. 

19. Long Time No Sea Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Crystalclawsnailtique

This ocean-inspired look is a great DIY manicure option or could be duplicated by your favorite nail artist. The gradual blue to turquoise to silver ombre design is reminiscent of ocean waves and hot summer days spent on the beach. 

20. Beach Vibes Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: 4elementsbaner

Another beach inspired look, this set offers a combo of ombre, glitter, French tips and solid colors to pull off a truly remarkable look. The beautiful soft colors alongside the blue wave hues make this one of our favorite more subtle looks that would be especially great for the summer or a beach vacation. 


21. Gorgeous Blue Butterflies Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: blossomnailspa

This beautiful set incorporates some fun elements alongside the traditional French tip ombre look. The clear with butterfly confetti combo really makes a unique statement alongside some marbleized glitter blues. 

22. Midnight Gradient With Glitters Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Get.Noticed.Nails

Reminiscent of a night sky, these beautiful blue ombre nails take on a gradient that makes them look like a star-filled evening sky. Adding a glitter topcoat makes the perfect finishing touch to accomplish this perfect look. 

23. Stars In Your Eyes Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsxvilma

This fun set of nails incorporates bold hues of blue in varying shades that make them draw the eye. The ombre blue nails also incorporate fun pops of blue stars to really make them pop.

24. Icy Blues Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Nails_Byben

Not a fan of bold manicures but want to try a blue ombre trend? Try this neutral-toned set that adds just a hint of blue to its ombre styles. The iridescent butterfly confetti also offers a subtle but fun touch to this more subdued set. 

25. Alice In The Wonderland Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Glitz_Glambynicole

What could be more iconic in blue and white than to celebrate the beloved Alice in Wonderland? Here blue ombre nails play the more subtle neighbor to fun character-topped nails from the beloved classic tale. It’s all wrapped up by a beautiful 3D floral piece on top of one of the ombre nails themselves to make a truly fun set. 


26. Fantasy Dreams Ombre Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Nailsby_Charmaine

Can you hear the angels singing? This set of blue ombre nails look like they offer you a glimpse into heaven itself with the feeling of clouds, sky and gold flecks. 

27. Blue With Glitter Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Chicnailsnbeauty

For a unique twist on the blue ombre vibe, this fun set uses blue glitter to create the ombre look. It uses thick glitter alongside smaller flecks to get a dark blue fading into clear with a brighter hue on top. 

28. Winter Wonderland Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Staceynailedit

This beautiful set of blue and white ombre nails gives the feeling of winter and snow thanks to white fading into a lighter blue. The top coat of clear glitter also gives it the finishing touch it needs to sparkle. 

29. Neutral To Baby Blue Acrylic Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Toyahs_Nail_Shack_

This set of nails takes a classic look and adds a twist with not only ombre but a fun nail outline as well. This could be utilized for your favorite shade of blue alongside a neutral color. If you’re feeling bold, try another solid and bolder color as well.

30. Beach Waves With Corals Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Millz528

Another oceaned themed set offers shades of blue alongside rhinestones, sand colors and even a beautiful blue coral shaped accent nail. 


31. Blue Paradise Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Biancad.Nails

Almond-shaped nails are all the rage right now and so are blue ombre styled nails. That means this combo of blue fading into a neutral white is not only stylish, but breathtakingly beautiful. The gold fleck accents are also a nice touch to polish off the set. 

32. Glittery Sea In Curve Coffin Blue Ombre Nails

Credit: Giseellleee

Although coffin shaped, there’s nothing deadly or dark about this beautiful set of blue ombre nails. The more neutral blue fading into peach is accented here by a touch of bold with the silver accented glitter nail. Gold glitter would also be a nice touch as well. 


What are ombre nails?

Ombre nails are when two colors gradually fade into one another with both nail ends, at top and bottom, starting off as a solid color. It can be most striking when two darker colors fade into each other, but is often used with one solid color that fades into a more neutral tone. 

Are ombre nails done best with gel, acrylic or at home?

Ombre nails can generally be done with practically any time of nail polish or powder from gel to dip to acrylic to traditional liquid polish. 

Whether you are looking for your next beach vacation look or love the color blue, the sky’s the limit when it comes to blue ombre nail decor and style. There are numerous DIY or salon-inspired styles you can try today! 


Brittney Scott