20 Gorgeous Blonde Highlights Looks

Blonde highlights are a brilliant way to add definition and depth to your hair. These golden additions are a great way to enhance your hair’s natural colors. Blonde highlights can be added to brown or black hair to dramatically lift these darker colors.

Or, if you prefer something more subtle, putting in blonde streaks to light-colored tresses brings interest.

20 Gorgeous Blonde Highlights Looks

This technique is super effective for those who have naturally or dyed blonde hair who want to boost the color.

A few different methods to achieve this look include balayage, which involves the hairstylist hand-applying the highlights to random small sections. The result is a laid-back look, which is more natural and lived-in than chunky highlights.

You can go bold, soft, and everything in between with your blonde highlights. The advantage to this style is that it’s youthful and requires less maintenance than hair that’s dyed one tone of blonde all over.

So you’ll save money and time by not having to visit the salon to touch up your roots.

There are variations aplenty to this style, which can suit anyone from edgy queens to sophisticated ladies. But, with all these options, it can be mind-boggling to try and choose the best one.

The following article details gorgeous blond highlights to help you make your mind up.

To see these beautifully fresh looks, read on! 

1. Warm Balayage Highlights

How mesmerizing are these warm balayage highlights!? The blonde highlights shimmer in the brown parts, shining in the light.

We imagine this hair would look brilliant when the model is moving. This look is ideal for naturally brown hair who wants to lighten it a bit.

If you are tired of rocking your brunette locks and are desperate to spice it up a bit, these bold blonde highlights will do just that for you.

We adore that the platinum sections show the darker areas through slightly. The effect is ideal for edgy people who aren’t bothered about their hair looking hyper-realistic.

2. Summery Waves

This is an updated Marilyn Monroe-inspired look, sure to have heads turning in your direction if you rock it. This hairstyle uses a light base to make platinum blonde streaks pop, which is subtle and sophisticated.

The waves add to this carefree natural design, too.

These beachy curls have a ruffled quality, perfect for wearing to a summer party or simply adding volume. The darker golden elements make the blonder parts look like they’ve formed from the model spending time in the shining sun.

The long bob is super manageable too. We recommend going for this length if you like your hair to be easy to style and look after.

3. Silvery Ice Queen

Fancy living out your fantastic highlights dreams? If so, this silvery look has got you covered! This color scheme is perfect for those who don’t want golden tones in their hair, so it will work well when worn in winter.

In addition, the light near-white blonde brings a chill vibe, perfect for those who have a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

We can imagine this hair would look brilliant on someone who loves wearing black, as the light tones will really pop against dark clothing.

Also, by straightening the locks, the hairstylist has emphasized the highlights rather than letting them take a more laid-back design in curls.

4. Ombre Balayage

Searching for a sun-kissed, rolled off the beach look?! If so, this casual balayage is the stuff of dreams. The hairdresser has taken the highlights into the front section, which works well to frame the face with fluffy effortlessness.

In addition, the blonde ombre effect brings a natural sun-bleached vibe that the model could have gotten from surfing in California.

We adore that the waves are pulled apart slightly, bringing volume and chic scruffiness to the hair. This is ideal for someone who wants to portray their relaxed character, as it allows you to be pretty imprecise with the waving tongs.

For that reason, it’s also perfect for a beginner to try as it doesn’t require loads of skill.

5. Caramel And Blonde Highlights

Do you want to have blonde highlights, but are you scared to add them to your dark brown hair? Well, this look proves that you can add light sections to brunette hair without it appearing ugly.

The caramel base brings warmth and depth, ideal for someone tired of their one-tone dark locks.

The blonde isn’t jarring because it’s not too far from the brown parts, which blend together well. In addition, the blonde has a warm tint, which also helps to integrate the colors.

Finally, the long bob and waves bring bouncy volume, perfect for thin hair and boosting it. 

6. Warm Beachy Balayage

How bohemian is this?! The salt-kissed style is made for laid-back beach wandering on a tropical island. But, if you can’t afford jet-setting to the Caribbean, why not bring the vibes into your style with this tousled hair-do?

The sporadically dyed blonde highlights are streaked perfectly throughout the hair to give it a natural edge.

The hair is packed with texture, and we believe the hairdresser has added sea-salt spray to accentuate the beach vibes. The extended bob cut is choppy, which makes it appear charmingly hand-done.

The advantage of this look is that you can let it grow out without the roots appearing ugly if you have naturally brown hair. So you can save money by not going to the salon a lot.

7. Voluminous And Textured Hair

These highlights have been taken up to shape the face, which is a brilliant way to frame these attractive features. The roots have been left dark, making it brilliant if you like to let your brown or black natural hair grow out a bit.

The hairdresser has made the blonde sections have a golden tint, which complements the warmth in the skin tone well.

We love how textured this long bob is, suiting the wavy styling and allowing the curls to hold their shape. The slightly grown-out roots look has been blended into the highlights, bringing a casual vibe.

This means it’s perfect for a laid-back person who doesn’t want to spend ages at the hairdresser.

8. Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is so fresh! The asymmetrical bob is ideal for an edgy person who loves their hair to be manageable without being too short.

This tucked behind-the-ear style is excellent if you want to show off a gorgeous earring like the sparkly one in this picture. The caramel streaks mixed with blonde highlights align with the model’s natural roots.

The hair is voluminous, which comes from the model’s thick strands emphasized by wavy styling. If you wanted a more sleek look, you could straighten it or plait the front section back.

This will allow you to sweep the hair out of your face more quickly, making it perfect for everyday wear.

9. Pin-straight Highlights

Do you have naturally straight locks and want to add dimension to them? If so, why not consider adding these beautiful light highlights to bring depth?!

This model rocks sleek and sophisticated hair, which could be easily swept back into a manageable ponytail.

The hairdresser emphasized the blonde highlights at the front, putting caramel sections next. These brown parts complement the model’s warm skin tone, too. The frizz-free style is super professional, so you could rock it to work too.

The chicness allows you to wear it out at night too, so it’s a very versatile hair-do.

10. Long Edgy Locks

This streaky style doesn’t pretend to be natural, and we love it for that! The dark brown mixed with golden blonde has a super edgy, alternative look perfect for a rock chic.

The edges have been expertly laid to frame the face and stop the baby hairs from looking frizzy.

The curls have been positioned so that they curl away from the head to naturally bounce back when the model walks. This ensures that the hair doesn’t crowd the features.

The striking stripy look isn’t for everyone, but it would suit a hardcore person who fancies mixing up their aesthetic a bit.

11. Jennifer Lopez Hair-do

You can certainly get on the floor in style with this one! Want to prove you’re still Jenny from the block?! If so, why not take a leaf out of J-Lo’s hairstyle, which blends caramel and blonde streaks well.

These blonde highlights aren’t super in your face, which is perfect for those that don’t want their streaks to stand out too much.

You can easily integrate these blonde streaks if you have naturally brown or caramel hair. So, you won’t have a stark and noticeable contrast between both colors.

Therefore, if that edginess isn’t for you, you can tone it down a bit and feel like a pop star. Everyone deserves to feel like a celebrity every once in a while!

12. Stripy Streaks

This stripy look is giving us early 2000s emo vibes, which might just inspire you to buy black kohl eyeliner and rock out to Avril Lavigne. The stark contrast between platinum and brown locks is an attractive swirly design.

The straight hair is easy to manage and helps make the style pop.

If you wanted an even more bold look, you could curl it, which will bring more volume. The silvery blonde adds a coolness, which follows the goth aesthetic without feeling that you’re wearing too much black.

This is a way to lighten up the color scheme while expressing your more brooding style.

13. ‘70s Shag Inspired

Do you feel like you should’ve been alive in the ‘70s? Or maybe you want to throw it back to those days!? If so, this shaggy highlighted hair-do would work well with a pair of bell-bottoms, a bold pattern, and platforms.

This is a warm blonde look that blends highlights to appear subtly.

The natural shag has a bohemian vibe that would suit a casual person who wants a fringe to frame their forehead. The slightly waved hair could work on naturally unruly locks, as it’s supposed to be disheveled.

Having the roots left somewhat dark allowed you to let the natural hair grow out, and it wouldn’t be out of place.

14. The Rachel From Friends Highlights

Do you miss the ‘90s? This Rachel from Friends highlights is beautifully effortless. The subtle blonde parts seem natural but are carefully applied to create this long layered style.

The typical sun-kissed application makes it look like Rachel spends time surfing in the waves at the beach. 

So that the long style doesn’t seem to overwhelm Jennifer Anniston’s face, the hairdresser has cut in layers at the front. These pieces fit nicely under the chin, framing the model’s pretty features. ]

In addition, the hair has been dyed lighter at the front to mimic the natural way some people’s strands go blonde in the sun here.

15. The Kim Kardashian

While you probably don’t have the budget that Kim Kardashian does, you can take inspiration from her long locks. We believe the stylist has used extensions to add length and volume.

The advantage to this is that you can dye the bought hair and blend it into your own so that you do minimal damage to your own locks.

This subtly wavy hair look is beautiful, going from light to dark in a smoothly blended design. So, if you have naturally brunette hair and want highlights, this balayage allows your roots to integrate with the dyed sections.

We recommend cutting the hair a little shorter for a less severe look.

16. Luxury Ash Blonde Highlights

Do you want this exact look without heading to the salon? If so, you can buy it, as it’s a wig with a lace front! This ashy blonde color complements the model’s stunning blue eyes nicely.

In addition, the ombre highlights have a cool tone, perfect for someone with an edgy and dark color aesthetic. 

The blonde streaks were taken up to the front roots to draw your eyes into the gorgeous face. So, if you want to frame your features, why not put in highlights here?!

The result is like a stunning window to the model’s natural beauty, reminding us of the Frozen Disney princess, Ana.

17. Swept Back Bridal Look

This hairstyle is timelessly elegant, ideal for a sophisticated bride to wear at their wedding! The highlights match the natural roots, smudging nicely into the darker colors. The back of the hair is a stylish take on a bun, which would be so chic at the altar.

The tiara tops the whole design, and the center emphasizes the perfectly blended highlights. If you want to go lighter, it will give you an edgier look.

As it is, this voluminous and sleek hairstyle is super majestic, fit for royalty. It’s ideal for those that have been dreaming about a fairytale wedding for years.

18. Half-Up Waves

This modern princess hair has a laid-back, fun, and flirty vibe. This is a practical yet pretty style because the half-up hair keeps annoying strands away from your face.

In addition, the two strands around the face soften the hairstyle so that the hair doesn’t feel harshly pulled back.

The light highlights are striking and eye-catching, ideal for someone who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. The neat curls remind us of Game of Thrones.

In contrast, the contrast between brunette and blonde ensures it’s not too unbelievable. Likewise, the warm blonde tones ensure the highlights aren’t too stark and overpowering.

19. Minimal Blonde Streaks

The long-bob with the minimalist highlights is a unique take on this fresh style. The blonde streaks at the front make the eyes pop and crisply create a striking look.

If you don’t want to go all out with the lighter pieces, this is a lovely way to dip your toe into the highlights world.

This is a brilliant idea for edgy people with naturally dark hair who don’t want to ruin it with dyes. The straightened locks emphasize the neat streaks, framing the features.

The hairdresser has ensured the hair gathers in nicely and shows off that elegant neck by slightly curling the ends under.

20. Curly Hair Extension Magic

Are you a fan of old Hollywood glamour? If so, we believe you will love these bouncy curled highlights. The caramel-toned locks mix beautifully with the dark roots.

The hairstylist has made these curls prominent, which is characteristically stylish. We can imagine this hair would look right at home in an old black and white movie.

The tone range is vast, allowing you to experiment with warm and cool colors, depending on your preference. This big hair-do isn’t for the timid, as it encourages others to admire it!

We love that the brunette shades complement the model’s great skin, too.


And there you have it, 20 blonde highlights for different aesthetics! We hope you feel inspired by our selection and use these designs to express yourself. Happy highlighting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Know Before Getting Blonde Highlights?

There are several crucial things to know before getting blonde highlights. First, make sure you have dimension and depth; speak to your hairdresser about this.

It helps if you get the blonde streaks to frame your face, and there aren’t loads of colors. In addition, ensure that you look after your highlights with the proper recommended products.

How Do You Gradually Go Blonde Highlights?

To gradually go blonde, slowly add highlights every time you go to the salon. This allows your eyes to acclimatize and for you to subtly lighten your locks without it shocking you.

To do this, speak to your hairdresser to don’t damage your hair and look after the highlights well.

Should Hair Be Clean When Getting Highlights?

You need to wash the hair that’s getting highlights between 12 and 24 hours before visiting your hairdresser. This lets your scalp’s oils gather to protect your skin from staining and becoming irritated.

Make sure you don’t damage the scalp when you wash it.

Lynn Pearson