20 Fantastic Blonde Box Braids That Are Sure To Turn Heads!

Are you looking for a new way to style your box braids? Perhaps you have taken the plunge, gone blonde, and now aren’t sure how to style your braids?

Or maybe you are looking for some inspiration for your next hairstyle? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you! 

20 Fantastic Blonde Box Braids That Are Sure To Turn Heads

We know how difficult it can be to continually think of new ways to style your hair. These days, everyone seems to have a different style every day and no matter what you do, you can’t keep up!

You find yourself scrolling through endless pictures and tutorials, desperate to find a new way to style your box braids but coming up empty. You find yourself wondering if this wonderful style is for you or not. 

Well, no more! Today we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading to see our 20 blonde box braids that you are sure to love! Scroll through and find your new style today.

We have a whole range of box braids coming up so you are sure to find a new braid that suits you. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Are Box Braids?

Before we jump into those styles, let’s have a quick recap for those in the room that need it. Box braids are plaits or braids in your hair that are divided by small squared-off parts or boxes, hence the name.

The top of the braid will often look like a small square, where the hair has been separated to make the single braid. 

Box braids can be created to any width or length making them a versatile style. They will help to protect your hair in the harsh winter months, while also keeping your head cool in the summer.

They are a diverse style that can be worn long, tied in a bun, or any style you choose! And when you use blonde hair, you are sure to turn a few heads! 

These eye-catching braids are a fantastic way to style your hair, and today we have 20 style options for you to choose from. Now that we have covered what box braids are, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can style them today. 

1. Sleek Blonde Box Braids Ponytail

First up we have these beautiful blonde box braids modeled by none other than Jada Pinkett Smith! Her beautiful box braids are extremely thin, allowing her to have lots of braids in her hair.

These delicate braids are pulled into a sleek, mid-level ponytail at the back of her head. 

The style creates an elegant look that is perfect for work, an evening out or even date night! Your box braids will be super manageable in this style, and are perfect for those that want to keep their braids out of their way while they dance the night away! 

2. Long Blonde Box Braids

Next, we have these beautiful, long blonde box braids. These braids start fairly chunky but taper down into thin braids with a slightly wavy end.

These super long braids are sure to cover your chest and finish mid-stomach, giving you a different take on mermaid-style hair.

These braids have been styled with an extreme side parting that allows one side of your face to be covered by the braids.

It’s a fantastic style for those that prefer side parting or want to create a sweeping fringe look with their braids. Wearing your braids long and flowing like this looks fantastic in the day or night and is sure to catch a few eyes! 

3. Blonde And Brunette Box Braids

If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and go entirely blonde, why not just start with one or two blonde braids? This style uses a mixture of brunette and blonde box braids that start chunky before tapering into thin and straight braids.

This style is handy for those experimenting before taking the plunge to a full blonde head, or those with sections of blonde hair they are looking to grow out. 

The striking look is one you can wear down with the braids flowing down your back like the image, or could be twisted into an updo to showcase the different colors. The choice is yours here! 

4. Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Who said ombre was out of style? Not us! Using a blonde ombre in your box braids is a fantastic way to style them! It allows you to start with your natural color and slowly fade into blonde for the last half or third of your hair.

Ask your stylist to blend the blonde so there isn’t a harsh line and you too can achieve this fantastic style. 

These blonde ombre box braids look fantastic thrown over your shoulder and falling down your back, like a wonderful, braided waterfall! 

5. Messy Bun Blonde Box Braids 

For those days when you want a more casual style, this messy bun is perfect! Simply pull most of your braids up to the top of your head and twist them around loosely to create this messy bun.

What we love about this style is the textured look of the messy bun, it avoids it looking like a Miss Trunchbull bun! 

Let some braids fall out of the bun to frame your face and enjoy a messy bun style when you want to look casual or effortless. 

6. Jumbo Blonde Box Braids 

These jumbo box braids look fantastic with blonde hair! Why not give these a go if you want to make a statement? The super thick braids remain chunky throughout the whole style and are a fantastic option for those with lots of hair to braid. 

They look great falling back behind your shoulders and can help to frame your face too. The chunkiness of the braid works well with tight or loose braids, although we prefer a tight and neat braid.

This is the style to showcase your hair and turn some heads! 

7. Blonde Speckled Box Braids 

This is another wonderful style for those that aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and go blonde! These black braids feature blonde weaved through and create a wonderful speckled or blended look.

Why not copy the look with blonde chunks in some of the braids or create your own style? 

Mixing the blonde with your natural hair color or a different color allows you to create a unique style that can reflect your personality or showcase your individuality. Why not express yourself through your hair? 

8. Honey Box Blonde Braids 

For those that don’t want a bright or platinum blonde look, these box braids could be for you! With the honey color, the box braids are styled with a middle parting and look super stylish.

The chunky medium-length braids are perfect for those with shorter hair or who are looking for a sleek style.

These braids are perfect for work, date night, or any occasion. The softness of the color isn’t too dramatic a change too if you are going blonde from dark brown or black hair. 

9. Half Up Half Down Blonde Box Braids 

Can’t decide if you should wear your hair up or down? Now you don’t have to! This style uses medium blonde box braids and pulls half of them up into a sleek bun. The rest of the braids fall down, framing your face and flowing past your chest. 

This style is fantastic for those with lots of hair to work with. It also allows you to stop any braids from falling into your face while you work. What more could you want? 

10. Mixed Blonde Box Braids 

Can’t decide if you want chunky or thin box braids? Why not use them both? This beautiful style incorporates chunky, medium, and thin box braids, mixing blonde with black strands of hair.

The bright blonde hair works well in contrast to the darker strands and is sure to be an eye-catching style! 

It’s a fantastic style for you to try out different thicknesses of braids and find the one you like best. It also allows you to experiment and create a unique look that suits you! 

11. Ash Blonde Box Braids 

These ash blonde box braids are another fantastic way to style your hair. The thin and tightly woven braids use an ash blonde ombre style that perfectly blends your natural hair color with the blonde.

It also allows you to incorporate blonde braids and braids with your natural hair color. 

We love this style with the front few braids pulled back into a ponytail. It helps make your hair look thicker and fuller, as well as keeping your face clear of any braids that might fall in your way!

12. Thin Blonde Box Braids 

If you have thin hair or want lots of braids, then why not try this style? Using extremely thin and delicate braids, you can create incredibly sleek braids that flow straight over your chest and down toward your stomach. 

These braids use a mixture of blonde tones to create a more natural look, rather than one made with dyed hair. These braids fall straight and the thinness of them makes them super easy to style with other looks if you prefer. 

13. Ariana-Style Pony Blonde Box Braids 

Ariana might be Queen of the ponytail, but with this style, you are sure to give her a run for her money! Using a thin box braid and blonde hair, you can pull your hair up into a high ponytail.

Be sure to leave a section of braids from this as you can use them to wrap around the ponytail. 

This style hides any hair ties and creates the illusion that your hair is securing the ponytail. The sleek style is perfect for all occasions and one we think you should try today! 

14. Box Braids With Blonde Tips 

These braids are fantastic for those not ready to go fully blonde! The box braids weave blonde throughout with platinum blonde at the end of each braid!

The yin-yang design is a fun one to create with your hair and is perfect for those that want tonal hair instead of one block color. 

15. Chunky Box Braids With A Golden Sheen 

That’s right, we’ve got another style for those that don’t want a full blonde look! These chunky box braids weave natural hair color with honey and ashy blonde tones to create almost a metallic sheen.

It’s a wonderful style and one that we think looks super elegant. 

If the jumbo or chunky braids aren’t for you, you can easily use less hair in each braid to create thinner or micro box braids. 

16. Black, Brown, And Blonde Box Braids

Can’t decide on one color? Why not go for three? This style uses black, brown, and blonde jumbo-sized box braids to create a fantastic look. These chunky braids taper into thinner braids before finishing straight in one section.

The finish gives these braids an elegant and sleek look, while still maintaining a chunkier design at the top. 

Why not experiment with color and try out these braids today? They will look beautiful falling down your back! 

17. Blonde Box Braids Bob

We’ve got you short-haired girls covered too! This beautiful bob features platinum blonde box braids that frame the face wonderfully. The braids stop just at the jawline and are a unique way to style your bob.

These smaller braids won’t weigh you down like longer braids and are a great way to test out the style and see if it is the one for you or not! 

18. Blonde Box Braids And Curly Pieces 

Want braids but also to keep your curls? Then why not try this fantastic hybrid style? Here you have blonde micro braids that are mixed with loose curls of your own hair.

You get fantastic texture here that will add depth to your hair. This style is sure to get people talking too! 

The bright blonde in the style allows your hair to shine differently from the other styles we have looked at today. 

19. Box Braids And Cornrows 

If you can’t decide between cornrows and braids then why not try out this cool style? Starting with small and tight cornrows at the front that turns into a full head of blonde micro braids.

This unique look is perfect for those that can’t decide on a style or want to incorporate different hairstyles into one look. 

20. Blonde Box Braids And Undercut 

Finally, we have this beautiful hairstyle for you, using platinum micro braids and a stylish undercut. The undercut can be customized to any style that you wish and you can hide it with your braids when you want to.

We love arranging the braids into a bun to showcase the funky undercut underneath. 

With this style, you can choose when to reveal your braids and when to conceal them. You are in control here! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, 20 fantastic blonde box braid hairstyles! All of these hairstyles are eye-catching and are sure to get people talking about your hair!

Whether you want jumbo-sized braids, micro braids, or a stylish and sleek ponytail, there is something for everyone here. Be sure to speak to your stylist about any changes to your hair and get ready to style your blonde box braids in new and exciting ways! 

Tanya Taylor