51 Stunning Black Ombré Nails Design and Ideas To Try Out 

You may be used to relating ombré with hair. However, an ombré nail trend has started, and everyone wants to be a part of it. One of the fascinating things about this trend is that you can try out various colors. From bright neon to subtle shades, there’s no limit to the colors you can apply. But nothing stands out like black. 

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Black is perfect for everything – and this also applies to nails. Black Ombré nails are a bold, fun, and exciting addition to any outfit. These nails also let you appreciate the color blend and artistic fade. You can add almost anything to your black ombré – including glitter top coats, embellishments, accents, or geometric lines. 

With this list, we’re showing you the different creative ideas you can try out with your black ombré nails. Get ready to set the tone and stand out. We’ve compiled a list of stylish designs for you. Take a look! 

1. Holo Glitter Black Ombre Nails

Credit: stephie_nails

Are you looking for a perfect combination of subtlety and boldness? That’s what you get with this nail design.

Starting from a nude base, the color shade darkens towards the tip. But it maintains a starry greyish-dark tone that rounds up everything. What’s more? Pointed tips are a great way to make a bold impression. 


2. Stilettos Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nizsanailz

Here’s something for bold ladies that aren’t scared to let their style shine through. Sharp and aggressive, these dark pointed tips do not disappoint. The nude base carefully balances the black tint for an overall class appearance. 

3. White And Black Ombre Nails With Rhinestone

Credit: lili.nails21

This unique nail design lets your creative personality shine through. The bold black accents of the nails are balanced with a grayish-white tone. Here’s where the real fun starts. Get fascinated by the black on white flower design and silver embellishment in the middle. 

4. Short Smoky Black Ombre Nails

Credit: aya_loves_nails

Here’s something for lovers of short nails.  The rounded smoky tips are perfect for a bold but conservative look. These darkened rounded tips with a slightly clear base are an ideal way to stand out without doing too much. 

5. Pink And Black Ombre Nails With Marble Design

Credit: ddesign.handmadebag.croclet

The subtle switch from pink to white creates a magnificent effect on your fingers. This design is simple to make, yet it gives your nails all that complexity.  


6. Fierce Red And Black Ombre Nails

Credit: wildflower.beauty.salon

Who doesn’t like being fierce? The leopard and black ombre design is combined with the traditional red color to create a boss-like look. The Red and leopard blend is bold and classy and can be great for an anniversary date night. 

7. Dark Night Black Ombre Nails

Credit: originalnailstudio

Transparent white polish blended with thick black perfectly creates the dark starry night effect. This simple nail design screams less is more as it also creates a dreamy effect. Be the talk of the room as you show up at girls’ night with this star and moon design. 

8. Yin-Yang Black Ombre Nails

Credit: t.tainanails

Give off a goddess vibe with this blend of colors. Switch up your nail game as you combine square and pointed edge nails. It gets better as this design not only combines sparkly colors but is simple to recreate. 

9. Nude And Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailedby_adry

Looking for a stunning manicure to recreate at home? Here you go. With the addition of stones to the polish, this design goes from boring to lively.


Halloween Designs

10. Bloody Black Ombre Nails

Credit: santa.nails_

It’s not just about being fierce. It is about staying human. The loud blend of blood red and black, and the shiny heart sitting on the nails, speaks of the human heart. This design would be perfect for a Halloween look.

11. Chrome Cross On Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsbyashleexo

If you are that chic that likes to stand out, this nail design will create the right impression. Blend nude and navy blue, and add stones and metals to the mix to give the perfect gothic look. Stay Gothic yet trendy with the square-shaped nail extension. 

12. Glitz And Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsbykarisfiedler

Who says dark colors don’t pop? The right blend of shiny embellishments with frost grey and black can create the magic. 

13. Crystalline Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsby_hermz

We all can’t help but love crystals. Create the glassy winter look with bold black, transparent white, and chalk-white colors. You can’t trust your hands to make this magic, so visit a nail technician for perfect replication. 

14. Micro Diamonds Black Ombre Nails

Credit: sophias_gels

The glitters can be the little light on a dark night. Be the center of attraction at that ball with a bold mixture of gray, black, and silver stones. 

15. Flushy Heart Pink black Ombre Nails

Credit: tiarasalonrohnertpark

Oh, chic, here you go! This colorful design portrays the perfect youthful look and can be worn during summer. Aside from the ombre blend, the stones, butterfly, and the little heart completely give the summer effect. 


16. Yellow With Black Ombre Nails

Credit: chaubella_nailsandspa

Add a little color to the dark starry night with this ombre nail design. This design is not only simple, but it is easy to replicate. The design can go well with many looks and occasions. 

17. Adorable Baby Snake black Ombre Nails

Credit: rach_eld

This glittery black ombre nail design is clean and subtle. The soft white lines add a dreamy effect to the nails.

18. Dusty Blue-black Ombre Nails

Credit: yarn_whisperer

The ombre blend of blue and black sprinkled with glitters creates a starry night effect. Whether you go stargazing or eating out, these nails complete the ideal appearance.

19. Bloom Black Marble Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailbyevie

Marble is hot, and ombre is hot too. Get the fire look with a marble and ombre design on your nails.

20. Sparkly Moon And Star Black Ombre Nails

Credit: jazzedandjelledbyjess

If you like Arabian culture, then this should be thrilling. The chalk-white polish creates a soothing design of the moon and stars, giving extra spark to the nude and black ombre.


21. Crescent Purple And Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsbymegan_17

Purple screams royalty. The moon design, coupled with a bit of scribbling, adds extra details to this cool design.

22. Flatbush Zombies Black Ombre Nails

Credit: dees_naildesigns

We’ve found you another tush yet simple manicure design. Match royal purple and black, then tell a little story with the application of a white triangle.

23. Mini Halloweenies Black Ombre Nails

Credit: makailasmanis

Complete your Halloween outfit with this warm manicure. The subtle blend of black and white polish, matched with the Halloween nails, makes you alluring.

24. Spooky Dangers Lurking Black Ombre Nails

Credit: its_mainails

This design is on our list cause we just can’t get enough of the dark vibes. These pencil-sharp nails extension creates a perfect canvas for this spooky ombre design.

25. Tiny Pussy Cat Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsbykiricsidorina

Lover of cats, you got this one here to express your love. The ombre mix of glitters and nude polish combines well with the spooky cat design to give a vicious look.


26. Mysterious Star Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsbykazsy

You want it dark, but not too dark. Tweak that dark ombre mani with some white stars and other scribblings.

27. Black White Gothic Ombre Nails

Credit: getnailed_janet

It’s simple but looks glamorous. This manicure design gives you a chic look with a spice of Gothic.

28. Dark Night Vibes Black Ombre Nails

Credit: lady.n.phx

Black and white ombre with bat designs make your fingers look prettier. The extra length and the glimmery look make you stand out.

29. Diamond Butterfly Black Ombre Nails

Credit: extension_i_stylalizacja_paz

If you like it sweet, then you’ll like this. The half butterfly design and the shiny stones add life to the cool nude and black ombre mix.

30. Classy Matt  Black Ombre Nails

Credit: narinanails

This design is perfect for beginners to try their hands on. Add a little black to the traditional pastel pink to create an easy ombre expression.


31. Magical Butterfly Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nails_by_evanails

Add a little spice to your dark colors with this simple black ombre nail design. Blend nude pink and black, then top up with some shimmers. Don’t skip the semi-butterfly design.

32. Spooky Spikes Black Ombre Nails

Credit: grizzis_cutiecles

Get this skittish design if you want to get a fierce look. Blend black and ombre, then finish with the haunted house and cobweb drawing.

33. Pretty Moon In Night Black Ombre Nails

Credit: spookysheeshxnails

If you like the idea of werewolves, then consider recreating this. Make an ombre design with black and nude polish, then use chalk-white paint to create the full moon look.

34. Black Fire Edge Black Ombre Nails

Credit: viki_nails04

This is an easy-to-make Halloween design. Create a spooky design with the fire stripes on perfectly blended black ombre nails.

35. Glam Black Black Ombre Nails

Credit: vialuxenails

Create a little drama with your fingers on fleek. The addition of shiny stones makes the design pop and your nails dazzle. 


36. Snowy Black Deer Black Ombre Nails

Credit: kinga_zakrzewska

Simple, short, and sexy. The ombre blend of white and black prepares you for winter, as it resembles the dark snowy night.

37. Hot Pink And Black Ombre Nails

Credit: estheticsbylaceyy

Here is a simple look that you can recreate at home. Just dabble the pink polish with a little black, and you have an ombre design.

38. Fornax Dwarf Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nails__by__joselyn

If you don’t want the rings on your finger, then add them to your nail extension. Create a simple ombre manicure with a black and royal purple polish.

39. Sun Raise Black Ombre Nails

Credit: shegotnailed

These short rounded nails are the perfect one for all occasions. Whether cool, hot, or fierce, it gives it all. The golden drawings add the extra effect to give a complacent look.

40. Lucky Star Of Rustic Black And Gold Black ombre nails

Credit: murda.manicures 

Exaggerate the calm black and nude ombre with shimmers. The glittering shapes on the design make it all beautiful.


41. Bougie Kitty Balck And Gold Black Ombre Nails

Credit: moniquereednails

Let your nails do the talking with this bold manicure design. It’s a complex design, but it is worth the effort. 

42. Super Tiny Crescent Moon Black Ombre Nails

Credit: laromeronails

The dainty blend of black and nude on sharp-edge nails gives a warm expression. Add more magic as you dribble a small crescent moon on your creation.

43. Glam Perfect Neon Green Black Ombre Nails

Credit: luxenails_by_lex

Neon green blended with dark green creates a warm look on your nails. This ombre design finished with gold, and black stripes is best worn for a glamorous setting. 

44. Leopard Print Black Ombre Nails

Credit: ms_nails2019

If it’s not fierce, then how do we lead? The leopard design adds extra magic to the cool nude paint. Go rock that meeting with this bossy mani. 

45. Nebula Galaxy Black Ombre Nails

Credit: mollys.nails.beauty

The earth is not enough, so we move to the galaxies. The stripes detailing perfects the purple and black ombre design, which gives you a satisfying aura. 


46. Black Emerald Flames Black Ombre Nails

Credit: nailsbyxeni

Emerald is the next best thing to have on your fingers. The mix of dark flames and an ombre design makes you stand out. 

47. Black and Pink Stripe Black Ombre Nails

Credit: kabo__nails_skin_care

The shiny stripes add extra details to the baby pink and black design. From subtle baby pink to a fierce black and silver ombre design, this manicure transcends from simple to classy. 

48. Elegant Flower Leaf Black Ombre Nails

Credit: edithanails

The leaf design quickly draws attention to you. It balances the chic look with the blend of black and chalk-white. The elegant flower leaf would easily match any outfit in your wardrobe.

49. Royal Red Black Ombre Nails

Credit: frog_artist2

Whether you recreate this design on your fingers or you fix a nail extension, it will still be magical. The blend of red and black with a glimmery cover makes you look like a sweet princess.

50. Smudge Stone Black Ombre Nails

Credit: secretnailsbyleena

Complete the look with a classy black and white ombre effect. The little stones embellish your fingers and balance the mood for any occasion. 


51. Sparkly Glitter black ombre nails

Credit: yessysnailsyd

It’s bold and sexy. Rock the black ombre design with glitters and some ice for that night out. The glass nail extension makes the design all magnificent. 


What Are The Best Black Ombre Nails?

There are different kinds of black ombre nail designs. You’ll find the gothic style, the Halloween style, or even the short nail style. It goes down to the event and the season. Choose a design that matches the occasion.

Is It Easy To Make Black Ombre Nails At Home?

Black Ombre nails are fun to recreate. Although there are some styles in which a nail technician’s expertise is needed, there are other simple styles to recreate. You can choose a traditional color and black, then blend without extra decorations.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Black Ombre Nail?

If you go DIY, you may need a few bucks for essentials like polish, nail extension, etc. However, if you visit a technician, you may be charged a lot. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the technician, the design, and your location.


I’d guess that you’ve seen one or two black ombre designs that you can try out. You’ll find different black ombre nail designs for every mood and expression. From Halloween to cool to fierce, there’s a design for you. Rock your next event with any of the listed black ombre nail designs.

Brittney Scott