17 Queen Worthy Beyonce Braids Hairstyles to Crown Your Next Look

Get in “formation” with these iconic Beyonce braids hairstyles. Here are 20 ways you can slay like Yonce. She may have permanently snatched our edges with “Lemonade”, but Beyonce cemented her hairstyle royalty status back in her Destiny’s Child days. Just because she could, she did it again with beautiful braid patterns that paid homage to her African ancestry in the Black Is King visual experience.

From micros to long and slim cornrows, Queen Bey has done it all, and luckily, we have a front-row seat to some of her most culturally significant styles. 

What Are Beyonce Braids Called? 

It’s important to remember that most of the braided styles Beyonce has rocked have their names rooted in African artistic expression and culture. Fulani Braids, Ghana Braids, Bantu Knots, and even her lemonade braids all stem from different parts of the continent. Some have been around since 3000 BC! So while you might think of them as just another red carpet or performance look, the significance and history behind them go beyond Queen Bey, which is something she’s acknowledged throughout the years. 

The names might change, but their roots remain the same. So if you want to learn some hair history, Bey’s looks are the perfect place to start. We’ll be sure to include as many formal titles to these looks as possible, so keep scrolling.

How Do You Do A Beyonce Braid? 

When it comes to executing a Beyonce braid, the methods are just as numerous as the styles. Box braids require detailed parting while feed-in or knotless braids need measuring skills and patience. If you want to stick as close to the original look as possible, then you’ll need golden blonde hair extensions. 

After all, blonde is Beyonce’s signature color. Whichever look you choose, you will need a capable hairstylist and some reference photos. If you want to go the DIY route then make sure you watch a tutorial that’s specific to your desired look. 

The great thing about a Beyonce-inspired hairdo is that it’s achievable with a small budget and some confidence. Each of these protective braided styles explores a different side of Bey and you can take your pick of the golden blonde litter and make it your own. 

These Bey-Licious braids are the belle of the ball. Browse through them and find your inner Sasha Fierce. 

1. BET Brilliance Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: frohubhair

While performing her powerful & moving single “Freedom” alongside Kendrick Lamar at the BET Awards, Beyonce served a fresh take on her golden locks. With a defined middle part, these side cornrows incorporate the softness of goddess braids at the bottom. She most likely has human hair woven in at the ends, which can be expensive considering that this style lasts around 2-3 weeks. 

To borrow this Fulani Braid variation without breaking your budget, go for synthetic hair and use straight and curly textures. Be sure to keep the lines small and watch how much hair you feed into each braid so that they lay flat on your head. 


2. Cornrow Queen Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @joyjah

Sometimes all you need are classic straight-back cornrows to elevate your look. This is one of Bey’s go-to styles, and it kills every time. The simplicity makes it a versatile option no matter what you’re doing. It goes from the red carpet to the runway, to a laid-back Friday night hangout in no time. 

If you want to add a little pop, you can go for a super long finish that reaches your waist or knees. Embellish your hairline with swirl edges and rhinestones for added glamor. 

3. Perfect Ponytail Beyonce Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @hairbyess

The 2016 Formation World tour is a catalog of all of Beyonce’s hair do’s, with this braided ponytail as the crowning glory. One detail you may have missed about this look is the concealed root. The hair around the ponytail base hides any elastic bands or extensions, and the longer, thicker braid draws your eyes downwards. 

One way to hack this hairstyle is to keep a pre-braided ponytail on hand. You can easily attach this long braid to your own top knot bun in case of a glam emergency. 


4. Lion Queen Beyonce Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @braidedbynicks

The 2019 Lion King remake took the world by storm but so did Beyonce with this swirly, crowning cornrows look. Dark brown and full of twisting baby hairs, it’s a welcome departure from her usual golden glam, but it’s still brilliant. 

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with Bey’s looks. Switch up the color, length, and accessories to suit your aesthetic. You can also go thick or thin with these braids. Either way, you won’t be sorry. 

5. Jumbo Flow Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @narahairbraiding

Tour life must be a blur of constantly changing outfits and cities every night. That’s why jumbo box braids take the hassle out of hair planning. If your life is just as fast-paced, then this is for you.

Beyonce’s stylist added a twist to this look by undoing the bottom half, but you can keep the ends intact if you want them to last longer. It’s probably the easiest braid look to DIY, so if you’re looking for a starting point, this is it. Another great thing about this look is that it can be worn as a messy bun or tied back into a medium ponytail. 


6. Pull Up Ponytail Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @bimboayaji

Combining the ease of a high ponytail with the intricacy of lemonade braids, Beyonce rocked this pulled-up ponytail for a good chunk of the formation tour. She also attended a few sporting events with her family. This is one of the more time-consuming hairstyles on the list as it requires a braiding method that’s uncomfortable for your hands. 

While it is beautiful, it’s not as versatile given the permanent styling. With that said, it will turn heads regardless and will last quite a while if wrapped up at night. 

7. Long Lemonade Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: Pinterest

Ah, the lemonade braids that kicked off a movement. There’s no way we could flip through Bey’s ultimate looks without paying homage to this braided masterpiece. She usually wears them pretty thin, but this style gives off some “boss” energy no matter the variation. 

Blonde is a classic color because it looks like lemonade flowing down your shoulders. If you’re looking to spice things up, add your preferred hair jewelry and play around with the length. Remember, the style should be modified to best suit your daily life, not hinder it. 


8. Blonde Box Braid Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @houstonbraidstyle

Box braids have been around for ages, but when Beyonce paired this long blonde look with her own confident swag, everybody wanted a piece of her shine. This is one of the most achievable looks on the list as it doesn’t need much. You can find many braid techs who are highly capable of giving you this exact look. 

Go blonde and go long. Be sure to keep the braid size medium or small so that you’re not weighed down.

9. Slim & Free Beyonce Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: patiencecradle

Even Beyonce took advantage of the bohemian, free-form braiding trend. Thin, wispy, and light, you can’t go wrong with this gentle style that’s easy on your scalp. It’s one of those styles that gets better as it ages. On top of that, it’s knotless, so you know you’re going to be comfortable. 

One thing to remember about this look is that it mimics your long natural hair if it was individually braided. To pull that off, some celebrities use human hair. To keep costs low, go for a softer synthetic braid like the Kanekalon textures. 


10. Perfect Pigtails Beyonce Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: totalbeauty

Beyonce took it back to the schoolyard with these braided pigtails. She switches between long cornrow pigtails and classic pigtails. This look is pretty simple to achieve, so go ahead and try it at home. Just make sure you have enough hair to add to each braid. 

One small tip. You can match the hair extensions to your natural texture and color, but don’t shy away from bold tones. You might create your own signature look by being adventurous. 

11. Thick Twist Cowgirl Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @_cicimichele

Much like the jumbo box braids she wore during her Formation tour, these jumbo twists are easy to install, fun, and functional. This look appeared in her “Daddy Lessons”video. The inspiration behind it could be the well-known Havana twists, which are often thicker in size than Marley or Senegalese twists. 

DIY this look if you know how to attach twists without straining your roots. To make it easier, you can three-strand braid the roots before finishing off the braid in a two-strand twist. 


12. Beyhive Bun Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: honeybramble

Beyonce couldn’t be called the Queen Bee without rocking this 60s beehive-inspired look. The braid and bun combination was worn while attending the “Fighting Temptations” premiere in 2003. 

This look is fairly easy to achieve. Ensure you use enough gel to slick your hair into a ponytail. Feel free to go crazy with bangs like the look above for extra flair. 

13. Sweet Side Braid Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @spstyled

Yet another simple but elegant look from Beyonce. She debuted this side braid in 2011 with full blonde locks on display. If you want to elevate this look, add some extensions for a sweeping side braid. 

You can also attempt an intricate fish braid if you’ve got the skills. Bedazzle the look with hair jewelry or add a pop of color with ribbons or vibrant colored hair extensions.  


14. Beaded Beauty Beyonce Braids Hairstyle 


Beads are the answer to the question, “how do I make these braids look even better”? Beyonce rocked this beaded cornrow crown while pregnant with her twins. Her stylist made sure the braids were thin so they wouldn’t be too bulky when beads were added. 

This is a great style to try when you’re expecting because it keeps your hair protected and minimizes the hassle of having to style it daily. It’s also great for anyone who wants to go on vacation without having to worry about humidity or water messing with their natural hair. 

15. Bantu Knot Baddie Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @lelliessantiago

When Beyonce commissioned several stylists to conceptualize her hair vision for the Black Is King album, the world was shown how versatile braids could be. This Bantu Knot and Braids combo is just one of the many beautiful looks that came from that visual experience. 

It’s also one of the most practical. Featuring cornrows, Bantu knots, and box braids, this style is intricate, and therefore hard to pull off. It’s already a statement on its own, but you can add your own embellishments. 


16. Beaded Bob Beyonce Braids Hairstyle

Credit: supermelanin

Yet another hair masterpiece from the Black Is King album, this style takes inspiration from historically distinguished women in West and Central Africa. Beyonce’s sister Solange also did a variation of these braids in her “Don’t Touch My Hair” video a few years back. 

You’ll have to go heavy on the beads for this look, so if practicality is what you’re going for, then this might not be for you. Keep the beads neutral with minimal designs and incorporate some transparent beads so that your eyes won’t be overwhelmed with all those colors and patterns. 

17. Brown Beauty Beyonce Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @braidsgang

Beyonce kept it classic with these dark brown box braids. They’re another easily achievable look that you can remix and add your own personality to. These classify as poetic justice braids so keep the strands on the thicker, heavier side. 

Add a little more Beyonce influence by rocking a top knot bun or playing around with the half up half down variation. It’s all up to you. 


Which Beyonce Braids Match Your Aesthetic? 

If you’re ready to step into the limelight, pick your favorite look and slay all day. This tutorial should help you get the cornrow method down to a science, that way you’ll be able to achieve most of these styles. 

Tanya Taylor