Best Ways To Style Paperbag Shorts

We all know that when we look our best we feel our best so clearly how we dress is very important.

Best Ways To Style Paperbag Shorts

Whatever you choose to wear there are always countless ways to wear it so you should always try to figure out the best way to style it up. 

What About Shorts?

What About Shorts

Shorts are a staple fashion piece that belong in every wardrobe. They come in many different styles, lengths and colors.

Whatever style of shorts are your favourite there are countless ways to style them up. Shorts are often quite plain but there are always ways to make them pop. 

What Are Paperbag Shorts?

What Are Paperbag Shorts

One type of shorts that are growing in popularity are the paperbag shorts. The name might not make them sound like the most stylish piece on the market but they are actually really nice. Paperbag shorts get their name from their shape and style.

Each leg fits similarly to a paper bag, it is usually quite loose and gradually gets looser the lower down the leg you go. The main way that they achieve this ‘paperbag’ look is by having a scrunched waistband.

The waistband closely resembles the top of a crumpled paperbag. Paperbag shorts come in a range of colors, materials and styles. The most important thing is that the waistband is scrunched. 

How To Make Paperbag Shorts Even More Stylish?

Paperbag shorts look effortlessly fashionable but if you want to make them look even better then we have some hints and tricks for you. Some of the best ways to make paperbag shorts look even better include:

Add A Belt

How To Make Paperbag Shorts Even More Stylish

Adding a belt to some paperbag shorts can really help to complete the look. There are many different styles of belet, you could go for a traditional leather belt or for a more modern material belt.

Try to go for a color that will compliment the shorts. For instance if the shorts are a plainer and more reserved color then adding a bright belt could really help to make them pop. Similarly, if the shorts are really bright then adding a plain belt could help.

You could also get a patterned belt. It is most important to go with your gut instinct and to try to pick a belt that you love and will feel comfortable and confident wearing. 

Wear With An Oversized T-Shirt

Wear With An Oversized T-Shirt

Some longer shorts can look really good with an oversized t-shirt and paperbag shorts are no exception. An oversized t-shirt can complete that casual look and make it look like an effortless outfit.

Oversized t-shirts come in all sorts of designs. You can get plain bland colored ones, plain bright colored ones, patterned ones, character ones and even slogan ones. It is up to you what kind of top you are after and what look you are trying to create but just try to avoid a clash between the top and shorts. 

Wear With A Vest Top

Wear With A Vest Top

Totally opposing the oversized t-shirt idea, some people choose to wear a vest top with shorts especially at really warm times. A vest top could really help to complete that summer, beach look.

Depending on the color of the shorts you could partner them with a bright and colored vest top or with a plain vest top. It is important to consider whether you want the top or the shorts to be the staple piece of this outfit. You could also go for a patterned vest top if the shorts are plain.

Partner With Some Vibrant Shoes

Partner With Some Vibrant Shoes

It might sound silly but after your shorts the next item down is usually your shoes. Therefore, wearing shoes that go well with your shorts is a big yes. Depending on your own individual style you could go for trainers, sandals, boots or heels.

Trainers can be great for creating a more chilled and laid back look. Perhaps try some bright summer colored trainers like orange, yellow or pink. Alternatively some nice summer sandals are always a win with shorts.

Add A Brooch

Add A Brooch

Adding a brooch to plainer shorts can really help to jazz them up. For instance, if your shorts are a plain color like tan, black, brown or white you might want to add a brooch for that extra pop.

Brooches come in all sorts of styles and colors and you are sure to be able to find one that is perfect for you. Perhaps consider a material colorful brooch to complete that summer look.

Think About Jackets

Think About Jackets

Regardless of the weather or the time of year it is always a good idea to bring some sort of jacket just to be safe. Obviously, in the warmer months you are more likely to want to bring a lighter thinner jacket.

Jackets can compliment paperbag shorts really well. One option could be to wear an open checkered shirt over your top as a jacket as this goes really nicely with the shorts. Checkered shirts come in a range of colors so you will be sure to be able to find one to coordinate with your shorts and the rest of your outfit.

Alternatively, you could go for a thin cardigan or for a blazer. 

Add A Bag

Add A Bag

Accessories can really help to complete an outfit and this is especially true for bags. Bags such as clutches or small hand bags can really compliment an outfit. Shorts are often complimented by a small color coordinated bag.

So, if your shorts are orange maybe consider an orange bag, if they are pink, consider a pink bag, and so on. Also consider the style of bag that you go for and whether or not it will tie in nicely with the rest of your outfit. 

Final Thoughts

Paperbag shorts are traditional and modest whilst still being fashionable and stylish. These all rounds can go nicely for any occasion and can be styled in all sorts of different ways.

You can choose to dress them down with trainers and a vest top or to dress them up with a nice blazer and boots or heels.

It is important to remember that paperbag shorts come in all sorts of styles and colors and that the only defining factor is whether or not they have a scrunched waistband as this is what makes them paperbag shorts.

Be sure to choose some that match your own personal style and that you feel comfortable wearing. Overall, it is important to bear in mind that shorts only make up one small part of an outfit and that you can style around them to create pretty much any look that you like. 

Haley Shaw