The Best Bleach To Suit Your Hair Type

Our hair is one of the easiest to manipulate parts of our body that allows us to express ourselves however we want.

Be it style or color, hair is a fantastic way to show off your individuality, confident in the knowledge that if you don’t like it, you can just wait for it to grow out again.

If you happen to have dark hair of any kind and you’re wanting to go a nice bright color, then you’re going to have to bleach your hair first.

Most professionals recommend waiting until you can get to a salon for a bleach job, as there are plenty of ways that it can go wrong, and it could permanently damage your hair or scalp.

bleached hair

However, so long as you take all the necessary precautions and do your research, you should be more than able to complete a nice bleach job at home - but just be aware that it could go wrong and you may have to end up in a salon anyway. 

So if you’re confident enough to give it a go at home, then there are a few things that you need to consider before buying your bleaching products.

Every different hair type is going to benefit from a slightly different range - darker hair will need a stronger volume, for example. With that in mind, here are some of the best products that we’ve come across for different kinds of hair 


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No doubt about it, the best overall product that you can get to bleach your hair at home is going to be Wella’s Blondor Multi-Blond Powder.

It boasts a fantastic ability to lift, without causing as much damage to your hair or scalp - it claims not to cause burning or irritation.

Many stylists consider Wella to be the best bleach that you can get for your hair, and the quality of the product makes it easy to see why. 


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If you already have light hair, then you won’t have to worry about getting a massive amount of lift in order to get highlights or bring your hair to a color light enough that you’ll be able to manipulate to whatever you want.

For that reason, the bleach will only need to be a low volume. So for this category, we’ve chosen Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener.

This product is said to be able to bring your hair from regular blonde to a shocking platinum blonde.

Although this is great for light hair, if you have dark hair you’ll be able to get a lot of lift as well, as its formula can lift up to 9 levels all whilst promising minimal breakage.

This product also boasts the ability to neutralize warmer undertones and prevent yellow hues or unwanted brassy undertones from becoming too prominent in your hair.


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If you’re starting your bleaching journey with particularly dark or black hair, then first of all you need to be aware that you’re going to need to be prepared to go through the process of bleaching your hair multiple times in order to get it to the level of lightness that you’re wanting.

If you were to go to a salon you’d need to be prepared for multiple trips anyway.

That said, you still want to get a product that’s going to give you as much lift as possible after one process, and with that in mind, the best product we’ve found for dark hair is Clairol Professional BW2, Hair Lightener.

Although it will still probably take you a few goes through, this product is known on the market as being crafted specifically to lift particularly stubborn dark hair. 


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If you’ve never colored or bleached your hair before and have totally fresh, virgin hair, then you’ll need a product that’s going to be gentle enough to keep your hair healthy whilst still giving you the best lift imaginable.

Splat Null Lightening Bleach is going to give you a lot of lift whilst also being gentle enough for natural hair.

This product also comes in a variety of colors so you can pick and choose what kind of result you get - just be sure you know what you’re doing if you have totally virgin hair as there’s no going back from bleaching. 


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If you already have bleached or dyed hair, or if you happen to have a hair type that is more prone to damage, then you need to get a bleach that is going to give you a lift without completely frying your hair.

Because of that, we’ve chosen Wella Color Charm as the best bleach on the market that will protect your hair from the damage that is associated with bleaching your hair at home.

This well-known brand has created a product with natural oils and fatty acids that are able to create a natural barrier around your scalp in order to keep it healthy and to prevent damage. 


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If you have a particularly sensitive scalp then you should try using L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder, which was created to be gentle to your hair as well as your scalp.

This is a great product if you’re new to the process of bleaching your hair or have previously bleached hair already. The more developer that you put on your hair then the more damage it’s going to get, especially with repeat uses.

A product like this one is going to prevent you from completely frying your hair to really damaging your scalp. After using this product, they claim that your hair isn’t going to feel damaged or rough - which honestly is the best outcome. 


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If you’re not looking to invest too much money into your new hair adventure or you just need a  top-up then you might end up heading to the drugstore in order to get the best product.

If this sounds like you then the best that you can do for your hair is to pick up L’Oreal Paris Feria.

This product is well-known for being the best drugstore option, and many people credit it with being the product that got them into the hair bleaching process. 

This bleach has a deep conditioner whilst also being particularly delicate which allows your hair to healthy and strong after the treatment. 


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In order to bleach your hair, you need a bleach as well as a developer, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need both.

In order to avoid this mistake, you can pick yourself up a full kit like this Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit from Manic Panic. This product is available in a variety of different volumes so you can get the level of lift that you need.

Manic Panic is a well-known brand in punk/emo/alternative circles so you can process your hair with confidence that you’re going to get a good result.

And then you can purchase a crazy color from manic panic to go over your freshly bleached hair. 


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Perhaps the idea of bleaching your hair has scared you a bit, and you don’t know if you’re ready to commit to completely stripping your hair, then a way to work your way up to it might be to try something like Sun Bum’s Lightening Spray

This product is a blend of different UV-Ray activated ingredients that can naturally lighten your hair a lot more gently than with others - although you won’t really see a dramatic change.

If you’re already blonde or have light hair, you’ll just need to spray it on your hair a few times a week before you spend time in the sun and you’ll notice a subtle change to the tones in your hair. 

Unfortunately, if you have darker hair, you probably won’t see much of a difference. 

Tips For Bleaching Hair

If you’ve decided on your product and you’re ready to get the process of lightening your hair started, then here are a few tips that should help you get the lift you’re hoping for, rather than a head full of orange. 

The Best Bleach To Suit Your Hair Type

First of all, ensure that you have the right developer for your desired lift. There are 4 different kinds of developers that each lead to a different level of lift.

10 Volume Developer

You’re really not going to see a lot of lift with this product, but it could be great if you already have pretty light hair, or if you’re just wanting to give yourself some natural-looking highlights or just a slightly lighter tone to your hair. 

20 Volume Developer

This developer will give you a little bit more lift whilst remaining gentle, it does however take a lot longer to achieve that lift as it’s pretty slow acting.

Again this is great for giving you a little bit of lift if you’re already blonde or perhaps want highlights without causing too much damage. 

30 Volume Developer

Best for light to medium brown hair, this developer is going to give you a decent amount of lift (around 3-4 shades if left long enough) without causing as much damage.

This is a good middle ground that will ensure that you get a decent lift, however, if you have darker hair, expect to have to go a few rounds with the bleach if you’re wanting to go particularly light. 

40 Volume Developer

This is the strongest, most effective developer that you can pair with bleach, it is also very harsh and can be pretty damaging to your hair.

Even with Dark hair, you should see a dramatic amount of lift with this developer, but be prepared to do some deep conditioning treatments afterward. 

Lynn Pearson