41 Allen Iverson Braids for You to Try-On  

Allen Iverson is a former NBA player famous for his basketball skills and cornrow braids hairstyle. These attractive hairstyles can surely turn heads. 

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Today, you can observe various Allen Iverson braids and opt for the one you like the most. So, what are you waiting for now?

Let’s dig in. 

What Does Allen Iverson Braids Mean? 

Allen Iverson Braids refers to the hairstyle donned by the famous basketball player Allen Iverson, hence the name. 

This hairstyle is cornrows, a traditional braids style in which hair is close to the scalp. The cornrows could be straight, zig-zag, or geometric. You can even adore it with hair accessories, like beads. It’s suitable for both men and women. 

Some styles may take up to five hours, but it depends on the hair quantity.

Allen Iverson Braid Styles Especially for You 

Given below is a list of different Allen Iverson braid styles that you can try. You can also find a professional to help you adorn these styles if you are unsure how to wear them. 

It’s best to wash and condition your hair. When using the styling tools like a blow dryer, never forget to use the heat protectant. 

Consider the following: 

1. Short Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: goldjetski

This amazing hairstyle appears like the classic straight-back cornrows but on short hair. It’s surely going to turn some heads. You can use some gel to get a sleek look.

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2. Cornrow x Fade Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: nohobraids

Looking at the image, you will see how straight-back cornrows appear from the front. It’s spaced out evenly and gives you that classic look you always admired when looking at Allen Iverson while watching basketball. Now, it’s your time to shine! Try this hairstyle today.

3. Wavy Rows Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: propermane

The wavy rows of Allen Iverson’s braid style will look exceptionally well on boys and men. It doesn’t mean girls can’t wear it, but it’s an excellent option for a guy who wants to be prominent. The cornrows are similar to the classic straight version, except they are wavy, hence the name!

4. With Highlights Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: jenn__braidz

Give an exciting look to your stylish braids by adding a hint of highlights to them. It appears unique and amazing. The main braids flow diagonally, and you can even observe two small parting braids in the middle. The overall look makes the hairstyle appealing to the eyes.

5. Like a Ball Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: spiceuphair

These exceptional baller braids will surely be head turners. You can wear them like a crown on your head, except that this crown is full of Allen Iverson braids. In addition, you can observe equal spacing between the horizontal braids while a straight line in the mid-section crosses them. Finally, two diagonal braids in opposite directions act as a boundary. 

6. Zig-Zag Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: babygirl_chynnadoll

You can see a series of zig-zag parts with a straight line in the mid-section. The left side mirrors the right side, making this style unique yet classic. 

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7. Like A Tree Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: mvpbraids

There are three different sections in this hairstyle, each with a sleek fishbone braid pattern. The style resembles not just the fishbone, but if you observe closely, it’s like a sugar pine tree on the scalp. 

8. Freestyle Waves Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: hauseofbeaux

These freestyle waves give out an excellent design and contrast. The waves increase in size as you go from right to left. It sure is pretty and neat. 

9. Swirls Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: hauseofbeaux

A straight line divide hair into two sections. The left side mirrors the right side, giving an interesting geometric look to the overall design. This pattern may make you remember a maze, except it’s neat. 

10. Braids on Braid Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: braidzbyadri

The left side mirrors the right side with a straight line dividing the two sides. The overall design is quite complex; a horizontal line divides it at the backside. Nevertheless, it surely is a work of art. 

11. Side Swept Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: hairby_mardi

Adding a tiny updo and side-swept braids flowing on one side looks incredible. At the back of the head is a simple pattern. But, the overall look is attractive. 

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12. Fish Bone design Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: chanty_crs

This sleek, pretty, and protective fishbone style is gorgeous and stylish. A fishbone design in the middle and two thick chunky braids on top of it would flow on each shoulder. 

13. Curls and Color Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: alumni.status.hair

A lot is going on in this design, yet it’s simple. Two braids arising from the top of the head fall on each shoulder with curls at the ends. Butterfly accessories secure the braids. The head features a vertical line in the midsection, while horizontal lines with the equal spacing flow towards the back.

14. Thick Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: kreationsby_kayla

There is no pattern at the back section, but the rest of the head has equal spacing horizontal cornrows. Two thick, chunky cornrows in opposite directions overflow over horizontal lines and join where the pattern ends. On top of it, a wave cuts through the design. Overall, this design is a head-turner. 

15. Spirals Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: candi_braideditup

There are spirals at the crown of the head while the rest of the cornrows flow in different directions giving this hairstyle a unique look. 

16. Fishbone and Fade Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: regina_1030braiding

It’s a simple yet elegant fishbone style with two braids in opposite directions starting from the midsection of the head’s circumference surrounding the pattern. The left side mirrors the right side giving out a sleek look. 

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17. Like 90’s Style Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: thekenofjames

A cornrow braid in the middle divides the hair into two parts. The zig-zag pattern on the left side mirrors the one on the right. It’s the classic 90’s style adorn by Allen Iverson. 

18. Crown row Feed in Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: _extraordinary_hair

This style uses extensions, but the feed-in cornrows are so neat that it’s hard to tell. The Left side mirrors the right while giving a sleek appearance to the overall look. 

19. Zig-Zag Fishbones Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: braids_by_juju

This protective hairstyle features fishbones, except that the fish bones are zig-zag instead of straight classic. That’s what makes it unique. 

20. Patterned Crown Row Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: godsfinestcreationsllc

This style features an intricate pattern on the left and right sides of the head while a straight line divides the hair into two sections. This style will make head turns to observe the overall design in detail. 

21. Space Buns Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: melaninhairstyles

This hairstyle is a combination of a zig-zag pattern adorned with space buns on the two opposite sides of the head. The feminine finish makes it unique and stylish. 

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22. Twist and Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: naturally_tree

This twist and braid hairstyle appears elegant as there is a large fishbone pattern in the middle, while two thick braids act as a frame. It’s a combination of the twists and the braid. 

23. Feed-in AI Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: thebeautychamp

Feed-in cornrows join the fishbone pattern giving rise to this gorgeous style. It is stylish, elegant, and yet appears simple. 

24. Highlights and Big Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: braids_byebee

Those interested in highlights and big braids would definitely like this look. A big chunky braid on a simple pattern appears exciting and stylish. 

25. Crowned Top knot Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: mvpbraids

Thick cornrow patterns join the head crown, and a bun on it is like a cherry on the top. This style is surely a head-turner. 

26. Space Buns and Beads Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: snow_lovely9186

This style features space buns with beads and braids highlighted, and buns look great in red. Cornrow braids also flow on each shoulder, giving it a gorgeous appearance. 

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27. Small Box Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: tori_rxandcutzbyblack_llc

This design is in boxes with braids sprouting from each box. It’s elegant, stylish, and a head-turner in the crowd. 

28. Blond and Beautiful Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: meme_teal

Those wanting to add a hint of blonde in the classic cornrow braids would love this look. The combination braid starts from the head and flows to the shoulder. A classic pattern with lines gives it a sleek look. 

29. Frizzy Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: yevgeshka

The frizzy style cornrow braids flow towards the right giving this Allen Iverson braid a unique look. It appears so different from the rest. 

30. Heart It Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: taylor_cutsbraids

This intricate pattern covers the center of the head. It’s appealing to the eyes because of its unique design and neatness. It’s undoubtedly the talk of the town. 

31. Blue Overlaps Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: tori_rx

It’s easy to spot an eight in the design, but it’s also like a chain on one side. The other side has curved cornrows. The corner of the head is left plain. A straight line separates each design, but interestingly everything meets up in a bun at the head’s crown. 

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32. Asymmetrical Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: hair_by_millie

This gorgeous cornrow design seems inspired by geometry. The intricate design is freestyle and yet complicated. Everyone is going to talk about it. 

33. DNA Patterns Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: hair_by_millie

This style is an inspiration from science as DNA patterns are on the head. It’s also easy to spot boxes. The overall look appears intricate, but it’s a freestyle. 

34. Some Remix Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: naturallybraidedkc

The result is a remix by putting everything fun and exciting in one place. This unique design is a rare thought. 

35. Kids Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: jannahbraids

There are braids on opposite sides and a heart-like pattern on the top of the fishbone style. This hairstyle is great for little kids to keep their hair in place.  

36. Micro Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: tangie_5star_braidshop

This style features a head full of plenty of microbraids in the middle while two thick chunky braids surround the opposite corners. It’s stylish, attractive, and elegant. 

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37. Twists and Braids Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: hair_by_millie

This hairstyle is a combination of twists and braids of different sizes. This freestyle is an intricate pattern that appears attractive to the eyes. 

38. Purple Pallet Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: jannahbraids

This style adds a purple yarn to the Allen Iverson braids giving them an exciting look. Those wanting a hint of purple on the side braids while a fishbone pattern in the middle would love it. 

39. Clean And Neat Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: braidsby_cassie

This braid art is clean, neat, sleek, and a stylish combination of patterns and thin and short braids flowing on both sides. It appears unique. 

40. Weaves and Beads Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: domnicolehair

This style adds weaves and beads, and there are patterns on fresh haircuts. The overall style is so neat that you can’t tell what’s in it. It’s easy and sweet on the eyes. 

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41. Happy Blue Allen Iverson Braids

Credit: braids_by_deeeee

A stylish fishbone braid styled from the front looks great. The two braids flow diagonally, but both are opposite to each other. To give it a lively look, you can add a color of your choice; for example, blue here is catchy to the eyes. 


What is the difference between cornrows and braids? 

Cornrows require you to cross-sections under and make it close to the scalp. For example, while making a french braid, you cross-sections over. Also, if you can see the scalp, that’s a cornrow braid. 

Why would anyone put their hair in cornrows?

It’s a protective hairstyle that keeps your hair in place. It prevents the loss of moisture too. So, those who want to avoid hair breakage consider this style. But, it’s vital to be careful as too tight cornrow braids can cause damage. 

How long can cornrow braids last?

You can expect the cornrow braids to last from two to eight weeks. After that, however, it depends on your care and attention. You can use a satin cloth at night for caring for your hair. 

Are cornrows a protective hairstyle? 

Yes, it’s a protective hairstyle as it would last longer, so you need not touch or style your hair every day. However, you must not tighten the hair too much as it can damage your hair. 

Let’s find out more about this amazing hairstyle that got more famous because of Allen Iverson. 

Here is a video to help you with cornrow braids if you are a beginner: 

Wrapping It Up 

Now that you have seen a wide variety of Allen Iverson braid hairstyles, it’s time to try some of these and see what looks best on you. Of course, you can also share your ideas and spread the good word. 

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