40 Glam African Braid Hairstyles 

Trendy, Glam, and Chic African Braid Hairstyles that will make sure you turn heads! African braid hairstyles are one of the most intricate and creative forms of braids there are and we are all in awe of how flawless they look.

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However, there are so many styles and types that it can end up overwhelming someone looking for an inspo. So we got you a curated list of our favorite African braid hairstyles for you to bookmark and try out at your next hair appointment. 

What Do African Braids Hairstyles Mean?

African braids are a way of protective styling for the gorgeous African curls that don’t retain as much moisture. African braids such as box braids or cornrows help the hair stay intact and moisturized while also making the curls easier to manage. 

How much time does it take to achieve the African Braid hairstyle?

It can take anywhere between 2-10 hours depending on hairstyle, hair length, and volume. It also differs according to the size and number of braids. 

1. Freetress Bohemian Curl African Braids 

Credit: _braidedbeauty

Is it curls? Is it Braids? Oh, why is it the best of both worlds! From afar it might look like coiled curls but it’s actually crocheted braids and Woah, such a flair of texture that is also easy to maintain. And what’s better? It looks good in all hair colors. So you don’t have to bleach your hair to make the hairdo visible.


2. Daring Mohawk African Braids 

Credit: africanbeauty_ankara

Want to attempt a Mohawk but don’t wanna commit to the pressure of shaving your head? Try these wild braids that resemble a mohawk. Not only do they look badass, but also frame your face well by giving an illusion of high cheekbones. You can do it on either side or give yourself a faux undercut by braiding hair from side to side near the nape of your neck! Sounds exciting, no? 

3. Two Buns Stitch African Braids 

Credit: fajaraprobraids

Imperfect perfection is the right term for this hairdo because of how well done yet effortless it looks. The four braids coming down to two messy braided low buns are just the right look for a school day when you want to look cute but also like you didn’t put much effort into it– like hey! I woke up with snatched hair.

4. Fanta Jambo African Braids 

Credit: samarithebeautysalon

Take mini sections of your hair and keep braiding to make mini braid locs. But instead of securing the mini braids with a hair tie, leave the ends untied to add a zing of texture and quirk to your hairdo. It not only looks cute but also saves you the trouble of taking off the mini hair ties from what seems like zillion braids! *sigh*


5. Box Rope Braids

Credit: flora_braids65

If you’re tired of doing traditional box braids and want to try something new, go for rope braids. Now, we all remember the initial youtube beauty guru phase where rope braids were the hype for back-to-school hairstyles, but these box rope braids take it to a whole new level as they are intricate, easy to do, and maintain. 

6. Star Curly Cute African Braids

Credit: going_natural_

We’ve seen box braids and while they are a classic that will always stay close to our hearts, these star rope braids are a whole new deal. They look so fun and add a quirky twist to normal braids. You can either do normal star braids or you can go a step ahead and do rope braids. Which one are you going for?

7. Houston Knotless African Braids 

Credit: serenity_african_braiding

Knotless braids are just like normal box braids, but the only difference is that they don’t include a small knot that is done at the root of traditional box braids. This makes your hairdo much lighter and allows for way more styling. Of course, keep aside a few hours to achieve this look but we think it’s worth it!

8. Spring Twist African Braids

Credit: tk_beauti

These fun rope braids are for those days when you don’t feel like going the traditional box braids way and are looking for something more randomized and easy. This hairstyle is perfect to add some volume to your hairdo and you’re sure to keep coming back for more. 


9. Burgundy Box African Braids 

Credit: tk_beauti

10. Textured Cornrows African Braids

Box braids will always hold a special place because of how elegant and sexy they look. They are the go-to braid hairstyle and we aren’t complaining. But if you’re looking to take this hairdo to a new level, consider dyeing your hair in shades of burgundy or maroon. You can either go for an overall color or opt for global highlights. Burgundy is a versatile color and will go well with all seasons and hair types!

Credit: braids.by.matel

These Zig-Zag cornrows are sure to turn heads while taking your hair game up to a new level. It’s so full of texture and is such a fresh take on usual cornrows that you’re sure to gush about yourself in front of the mirror. To add an extra pinch of quirk add some hair rings on random braids and you’re done! 

11. Medium Box African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: deeluxbeauty_empire

Now, we know box braids have different types depending on the size of the box. If you have thin or fine hair with less volume, we suggest going for medium box braids. This is not as intricate as small box braids and gives an illusion of fuller and thicker hair. You can either secure the braids or leave them to curl up for an extra touch of texture that will also add up to the volume! 

12. Most Adorable African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braids.by.matel

Ah! Undoubtedly one of the favorites on this list, these classic box braids look so intricate, and beautiful and are the closest we can get to perfection! They look so adorable and make for a good choice of braids all year long. Definitely, the braids you got to have in your arsenal as they are easy to maintain and again, are a classic we can’t get enough of.


13. Feeding African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: salondubaihairstylist

This hairstyle works for all hair lengths but is an excellent option for those with an undercut and long hair in the middle. The middle braid is the thinnest and it goes thicker as you go out. Now, here it’s five braids but you can always opt for more or less depending on your volume and well, patience! All in all, a hairdo you gotta have at your bay for a quick fix.

14. Glam Pony African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: simply_braidz

In theory, it’s just cornrows spreading out to the sides from the middle partition but hey we appreciate good art and this one can make you feel like a show glam pony which is a look, of course, most of us love! You can either leave your hair down or put it up in a bun– it’ll look fab either way.

15. Flawless Box African Rope Braids 

Credit: braided_tresses_

On days you want to glam up but are lazy to go through a whole process of sitting hours for your braids to get done, opt for these big box rope braids. They are easy to achieve and will save you lots of time for makeup and outfit picking *shush*. If you wanna go extra glam, you can always accessorize with hair rings and we already know you’ll slay it!

16. Passions Twist African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: monnie_hairlooks

Rope braids or just really thick coiled curls? This hairstyle brings both worlds together to create these thick coil curl-looking braids. This adds an instant boost of volume and texture to your hair and we’re sure you’re going to make it a go-to hairstyle because of how versatile and glam this looks. 


17. Flourish Curl African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: africankyl

These intricate french braids merging into a poofy ponytail are just the school cheer girl vibes we love. The braids go along the shape of your head and end up in a voluminous ponytail making this the official hairstyle for fun dinner dates and reunion parties!

18. Wig Lines African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: salondubaihairstylist

Part your hair in the middle and make sections along the shape of your head to create small and intricate braids. Secure the braids into a bun or ponytail and hello! We got a red carpet look that you can achieve in the comfort of your home (or your hairdressers’).

19. Knotless Golden Box Braids 

Credit: dubaisalon_hairstylist

Now, we all know box braids are the deal when it comes to African hair braiding but it’s easy for it to become monotonous. Here, we got you a mini tip that will make your regular box braids fresh and more fun. Add golden hair extensions or book a hair appointment to get golden blonde highlights– now go for a knotless box braid hairdo and well, we got you a hairstyle that makes it look like your hair spins gold! 

20. Thundery Curves African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: adoranunisexstudio

Looking for something to beat the heat? Opt for these rope braids. These braids are perfectly done and tucked in to keep your hair off your face and neck while still looking glam and fab. So, now you can strut about on a bright sunny day or dance the night away while avoiding sweat dripping down your neck *gah*


21. Simple Back Cornrow African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: adoranunisexstudio

Looking for something simple, elegant, and cute? Try these cornrow braids. They alternate between thick and thin thus giving your hair a boost of texture to die for. Like just look at it! So perfect and versatile. From first dates to brunch with the girls, from work meetings to family dinners – this hairstyle will suit it all with ease while making you look like a snatched goddess throughout! 

22. Damn That’s Cool African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: trenzaspunky

Ah, the insta baddie hairstyle, how we love you! This is the African braid version of braids because of the two braids that hang on either side of your face *bad joke, let’s move on*. The box braids, hair rings, and short hair– this hairstyle is all the vibes to channelize your inner fearless and experimental badass self.

23. Doll House Fairy Garden Cycle African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: wholesalesbraidandwig

This hairstyle is perfect, period. The thick braids in combination with thin braids, the golden string going across the thick braids, and the quirky hair ring adorning the whole hairdo, this hairstyle is the epitome of a romantic girl vibe and we are here for it! For an extra touch of romance, you can always use temporary pink or red hair color on some strands so they can shine out in between your gorgeous dark locks!

24. Clear And Bright Heigh Pony African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: jimriette

If Monica from Friends was a hairstyle, this would be it. The perfect cornrow braids alongside the scalp going upwards into a high sleek ponytail is the choice for days you want to glam up to days you want to keep it on the down-low. Either way, this hairstyle is sure to make you feel breezy while keeping your hair out of your face. And did we mention it? It looks amazing, duh!


25. Bonded Backline African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: elelyonafricanhair

Take a break from your usual braids with these bonded backline braids. They don’t have the traditional gaps in between the braids that will make your hair look textured at the roots giving a fresh new twist to your usual braids. They look so out of the box, fun and amusing, no?

26. Copper Knotless African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: elelyonafricanhair

Knotless box braids are a top choice of course, but again they can get monotonous and boring after a point. But next time you’re planning to braid, go for a color appointment first and opt for copper global highlights. It’ll make your usual knotless box braids more fun. And hey, why should only skin be sunkissed? Let’s popularize sunkissed hair too!

27. Punky Bun African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: trenzaspunky

If you have short hair or are planning to shave your head, here’s the sign you were looking for! This punk-inspired bun is a braided dream to flaunt around. It looks so neat, yet funky with the crazy braids. Nothing short of art if you ask us, don’t you agree?

28. Knitting Brioche African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: softandprettybraids_byvanessa

The only spirals that are allowed in our lives from now on are these! The crazy amount of creativity in these braids along with how seamlessly they keep hair out of your face making for a quirky yet comfortable hairdo is beyond our understanding. It’s so enthralling and a hairdo you must attempt at least once!


29. King Kuts African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsambassador

The overlapping braids, the side braids, and finally the messy poofy buns. Everything about this hairdo screams 00s glam and we love it! There’s such a flair of texture and creativity in this hairstyle that you’re sure to have people swooning all over your hair. 

30. Hair Weaving African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braids.by.matel

The raw, weaved look with perfectly done knotted braids is perfection you’re not ready for! It’s elegant, sexy, romantic and all things girly! Is it just us or are you picturing yourself in a big poofy gown, running across a giant castle room with this hairdo on? Or sitting by the Louvre, sipping some coffee in some lux clothing with this hairstyle. Either way, it’s worth a shot next time you’re planning braids.

31. Street Fashion African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: ellabraidingservices

These street-inspired braids put into a half bun are the braids you gotta give a chance to because of how raw and fierce they look. They suit all hair types and lengths. And what’s better? You and your boo can twin in this hairdo! Couple goals much?

32. Blended African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: styleandsmilewithprincess

These braids melt away into your scalp seamlessly while giving you a pinch of chic and a whole lot of vogue. The transparent hair accessories and the hair rings in between the copper-colored braids are the kind of blending chic we aspire for in our makeup and now in our hair as well, right ladies?


33. Top Bun Cornrows 

Credit: anihairbraiding

Think of your comfort hairstyle but make it chic. Now half buns are a popular choice because of how simple, easy and elegant they are. Pair it up with cornrows and we got the perfect potion for a perfect hairstyle. This hairstyle makes your hair look lustrous and voluminous making it a comfortable yet brilliant choice.

34. Faux Locks African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braids.by.matel

This hairstyle is perfect for those with thick hair to flaunt their volume. This braid is done in the form of a half updo and it is such a fresh take on usual faux lock braids. It helps manage your tresses while making them look chic and straight out of a fashion mag!

35. Mamello Buns African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: angelselah_hair

This new twist to regular space buns with reverse braiding from the crown of your neck is just the fresh hairstyle you were looking for and we know it! The zig-zag partition, the hair sparkles, and the braided space buns make for a quirky and trendy hairdo. 

36. Tightly French African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: kellycharlier

We can’t talk about braids without mentioning the OG french braids. The classic french braids are never out of style and remain a popular choice because of how timeless and elegant they are. So next time you’re looking to braid, make sure to consider these tightly done french braids and you might just end up loving it *duh*


37. Boss Baby African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: african_braids_balsa

One of the main selling points of this hairdo has to be the amazing sound these beads make when put together. It is truly an ASMR video you wouldn’t wanna get out of. The creatively done ladder braids put together into a high ponytail make for a trendy hairdo. You can always jazz up with hair accessories of your favorite color according to the occasion, season, or location. 

38. Stream Werd African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: stylez_by_sorayat

Yet another classic is this multiple braid hairdo. All you gotta do is, divide your hair into vertical sections and braid along with the shape of your head. You can either choose to leave it open or secure it into a low ponytail or bun. Easy to achieve and easier to maintain? Sign us up!

39. Goddess Bun African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: stylez_by_sorayat

Who doesn’t love top knot buns? At the end of the day, when you’re finally ready to hop into your bed, you put your hair up into a bun and experience mini heaven! Wd gets that feeling and that’s why this hairstyle caught our eye. It’s creative, fun and boy does it feel good to have your hair up in a perpetual bun!

40. Cat Styles African Braids Hairstyles

Credit: trenzaspunky

This hairstyle will remind you of the 70s and 80s pop hairstyles. It’s an adaptation of a mohawk and it looks so funky! To make this hair cut up a notch, you can always braid it up with some golden hair rings. This will truly channelize your inner pop star and we’re sure you’d look like one too.

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