When it comes to the fashion industry and the beauty world, there are so many things to take into consideration. From the newest hairstyles to the latest fashion trends, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. 

Even so, fashion and beauty don’t have to be something that is alien to you, even if you’re only looking into these types of trends for the first time. If you have a small amount of knowledge, you can then build on this to get a better understanding of both.

Hi, my name is Miranda Cole, and I am the owner of the nail and beauty salon, Fabulyst. I run my salon in Florida, where the sun is always shining and people are always on the lookout for the newest trends. 

My Mission

I have been running my salon, Fabulyst, for over 10 years now. It all started when I had finished college with health and beauty qualifications - and no idea what to do next. 

My friends and family had always loved coming to me for treatments. I was offering nails, hair colors and cuts, makeup, and more. It wasn’t until one of my friends suggested that I start charging them for my services that I considered how far I could take this. 

I purchased a small, rundown salon and worked tirelessly to make it my own. I did all of the interiors myself and stocked it high with makeup, nail polish, and hair styling tools. 

With such an intriguing and colorful salon, it wasn’t too long before my client list was fully booked! 

Now, 10 years and one long waiting list later, Fabulyst is thriving! My blog is to help people further away who cannot get to the salon. Everyone should be able to benefit from styling tips, no matter their location. 

Why Trust Me?

Over the last decade, I have watched as the latest trends change, and have seen the evolution of beauty and makeup in particular. As a result of this, I have a good knowledge of different makeup products and hairstyles that will suit specific complexions or face shapes.

My Fabulyst blog is an extension of my day job, where I can help educate others on everything they need to know about fashion and beauty. From the latest style pieces to wear to the best hairstyles, I will be covering everything there is to know.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, my site is the best place to read all about them! And, if you’re ever in the Brandon, Florida area, pop in and say hello! 

The Team of Fabulyst

Lynn Pearson

Your look is incomplete if you are missing a trendy hairstyle, and MaryLynn could help you with this confusion. She strives to recommend different hairstyles to complement each look. As a skilled hair stylist, she has spent years perfecting her craft and helping her clients enhance their looks, ensuring client satisfaction. With valuable experience, she has reached the level where she can help her readers with many tremendous options. Although hair styling was a hobby to her, it soon became her passion, and passion turned into a profession. Apart from hair styling, she loves to explore new places.

Expertise in topics: Hair Stylist

Tanya Taylor

You love that clean, sophisticated, classy braiding look? But it would be best if you had clarification about which one to choose so as not to get tired of repetitive styles. Don't worry; our hair-braiding expert writer is here to guide you. Tanya has been an expert in braiding for many years, and he's done various styles such as criss-cross, side-swept, asymmetrical, corn-brow, braided ponytail and bun, etc. She's very creative and loves experimenting with multiple looks in the salon and showcasing the latest trends on the blog. Apart from hair braiding, Tanya is passionate about photography and dancing.

Expertise in topics: Hair Braiding

Brittney Scott

With trending and innovative nail art designs, Brittney has acquired a name for herself in the industry. From dazzling nail art designs to classic combinations of different colors, they have years of experience. She loves to explore different nail art designs for her readers. She has something for her readers whether you are thinking of sponge bobbing, stamping, stencil, splatter, gradient, sticker or marble nail art. In her long career, she has worked with many acquaintances with whom she has perfected her craft. When Brittney is not working or writing for our readers, she loves to try different cuisines or stay close to nature while caring for her home garden.

Expertise in topics: Nail Artist

Haley Shaw

With extensive experience in the fashion industry, Haley has turned her passion into a profession. She explored this field on a vast level by choosing different styles and experimenting with her clients. Whether you like classy or casual or looking for inspiration for your next party, Haley has something for all their readers from different age groups. If you are into street styles, you surely will love her trendy and catchy style statements. Haley can help you acquire the style statement, from extensive to minimal insights on various trends. When Haley is not writing, she loves staying home to pamper herself.

Expertise in topics: Fashion

Ariel Adams 

Who doesn't love to look good? You radiate confidence if you look good, but sometimes choosing the right makeup for different complexions could be tricky. That's when you will need guidance, and Ariel is your choice. No matter what makeup style you love, whether air-brush, dewy, matte, or nude, she has extensive experience to help you. Ariel has been passionate about makeup since college, making her passion her profession. She loves spending time with her family when she's not working with clients or writing.

Expertise in topics: Makeup

Address: Fabulyst Hair Salon & Spa, 302 Bryan Road Suite 2 Brandon, FL 33511